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  1. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Thanks NaiveDad, I enjoyed reading your post and the advice you gave. My dd is only 8 and dancing for enjoyment at the moment but I do love to hear other people's experiences and stories.
  2. Technique - Can it always improve?

    I feel so sad for your daughter reading this. Isn't it all about the enjoyment and pleasure of dance at this age? My dd is a bit younger but for her she loves dancing, loves the people she dances with and idolize's her fantastic teacher who encourages her every step. What area are you from? Other people on here can recommnd a dance school worthy of your daughter x
  3. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    Is it? Oh that's fab. Didn't read it properly as I don' have a dancing boy, just saw it on facebook.
  4. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    Northern ballet are doing a boys open day ages 9 to 12 yrs on Sat 10th Feb for boys who love to dance
  5. Feet Rolling In

    Thanks so much. I have just read out all the responses to my dd and she feels a bit more reassured. We will concentrate on the exercises mentioned and hopefully it is a strength issue that will improve and will have a chat with her teacher tomorrow.
  6. Feet Rolling In

    Dancing unicorn, she is with Elmhurst Associates. She gets different homework each week which she writes in her book. She doesn't use her theraband regularly, we will start to do that. One of the Mums at ballet said a balance/wobble board might help?
  7. Feet Rolling In

    Thanks for all your replies, will have a word with her teacher about it. Can anyone recommend a dance physio in the Manchester/Cheshire area?
  8. Feet Rolling In

    My dd is 8 and for the past few months she has had corrections by her regular dance teacher and her associate teacher that she has a tendency to roll her feet inwards. This is happening most classes. Although she says she understands what the teacher is teaching her and tries hard to do it correctly in class, she says it hurts her feet, is uncomfortable and feels off balance. Could it be a problem with her feet or is it likely to be that she just needs to perfect the technique? Has anyone else's child been told this? I think she is feeling a bit disheartened with being told the same thing each lesson when she is doing her best to correct this without success.
  9. Thank you

    Fantastic news for your dd richieN There are so many ups and downs along the dance journey, we are just starting ours but it gives me great encouragement to share with my dd to never give up your dream. Please let us know how she gets on. Best of luck.
  10. Present for new boarding dd

    TK Max or Homesense had some. I bought one for my Son going to Uni, £9.99
  11. 2 years between exams???

    I can recommend Centre Pointe. It is in Stockport, Manchester. Just off the motorway in Denton but traffic is heavy getting to classes after school.
  12. 2 years between exams???

    All the ballet classes at Centre Pointe are during the week. Maybe Miss Wright organises the classes that way to avoid clashing with associates as mentioned she is an RBS teacher. My dd is 8 and has been doing 1 grade a year getting a high distinction. 2yrs does seem a long time to spend on a grade if your dd picks it up pretty quickly babyballerina.
  13. Beginner ballet boy - how to find more boys?!

    Totally recommend Centre Pointe which is in Denton near Stockport.
  14. How did you choose schools??

    I was in the same position this time last year. I spoke to her old teacher and decided to look elsewhere when she confirmed there wouldn't be any other classes she could do to increase her ballet hours. I asked on here for recommendations for my area and then booked her into the summer school to see how she felt. I instantly saw the difference between the schools. She loved it and moved there from the September. We haven't looked back and she has come on so much in her new school and my dd is very happy.
  15. Elmhurst Associates/Young Dancers

    Is anyone's dc starting at Manchester yr4 in September? Does anyone know the times of the classes? My dd has just been invited into the festival team and waiting to give them an answer depending on Elmhurst times.