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  1. ponklemum

    Ip and Cloudfront

    Thank you, that's worked and I'm now back on using wifi.
  2. ponklemum

    Ip and Cloudfront

    Hi, yes it just happened last night. It comes up on my phone and MacBook but I can access the site on my phone with 3G. I’ve had the same bt WiFi for a few years. It’s Cloudfront not storefront, my phone must have changed it.
  3. Hi, I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place. I’m having trouble accessing the site from home. I’m using 3G now to post this but as soon as I switch back to WiFi it says that “request blocked by storefront” does anyone have any experience of this?
  4. ponklemum

    National youth ballet 2017

    Same here unfortunately.
  5. ponklemum

    National youth ballet 2017

    Hi, I messaged them on Facebook and they said nothing has been put out yet and they’re hoping to do it this week.
  6. ponklemum

    For Sale. RAD Grade 6 DVD

    Hi I've sent you a message.
  7. ponklemum

    Hammond Easter school

    Can anyone tell me how long he hammond Easter school is for and roughly when the applications for it come out please? I’ve been on their website and had a look on here but can’t find anything. Thank you
  8. ponklemum

    Pointe shoe shops in Newport (Wales)

    Thank you, I was only looking in that area I’ll be down there anyway on Sunday. Dancique is arroind 3 1/2 hours drive from me and Newport 2. I’ve managed to book in with A and A in Barry on Saturday afternoon, so I can drive straight from dance to the shop.
  9. ponklemum

    Pointe shoe shops in Newport (Wales)

    Thank you. It's Newport, Wales. The children will have to miss a few lessons on a Saturday for me to get them.
  10. Hi, my dd needs to be re fitted for pointe shoes. Are there any shops around the Newport area that are open on Sundays?
  11. ponklemum

    Leotards for Sale

    I've sent you a message regarding the leotards.
  12. ponklemum

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    Thank you
  13. ponklemum

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    I can see that a lot of the audition dates are weekdays. Does anyone know what time the auditions have been in the past? (For juniors). I have to factor in travelling time, the other children etc before making a decision.
  14. ponklemum

    Ballet Skirts recommendations

    Hopefully this link will be a collection of skirts https://www.lovelilydanceandleisurewear.com/florals-classic-prints