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  1. ponklemum

    Easter courses 2019

    Thank you, however, I don’t think the Easter course is reaidential which is something I need.
  2. ponklemum

    Easter courses 2019

    Thank you Jan.
  3. ponklemum

    Easter courses 2019

    Hi I'm looking for any residential Easter courses suitable for 9+ and due to travelling distance, from Chester down to Bristol. Birmingham is fine also. TIA
  4. ponklemum

    Tutugirl's summer school

    This summer my dd (age 10) attended tutgirls summer school for the first time so I thought I'd write something about mine/dd's experience of the course.. The summer school was 13 days long and dd stayed with a host family who also had children attending the course. I was put in touch with the family a few weeks before the course started and the family phoned me, gave me as much information as they could and made sure they answered any questions I had. Once I arrived at the venue, dd was immediately introduced to the children/family she would be staying with and that was the last I saw of dd - she barely even gave me a goodbye. I barely heard off her for the entire duration of the summer school other than texting me to say she was having a fabulous time, On the first saturday there was a little show (which unfortunately i was unable to attend) but I was told by other parents it was brilliant. I did however manage to see the final show of the course and what can I say. It was absolutely amazing - it was a 2 act swan lake and what the children achieved was amazing. I would never have thought so much could be achieved in the time they had. After coming home, dd is still taking about the course and telling me what they did. She said they were in 10-5 (apart from the middle Sunday which was their day off). The first week she did ballet, jazz, tap and stretch classes and she even sang in the first show. The second week she did ballet and got to experience Polonaise and Czardas too. Dd has been to a few different courses and summer school and this one is her favourite by far - she has already decided she wants to go back next year. From a parents point of view I can say that my dd was the happiest she's been whilst away, she wasn't too tired as staying with a family ensured she rested and went to bed at a reasonable time. I had to travel quite a distance to get there and I will happily travel that distance every year. In fact, next year my ds (8) wants to go. I can highly recommend this course.
  5. ponklemum

    Various leotards for sale

    Has anyone bought any of these leotards and received them please? I paid for 2, they haven't arrived and I'm getting no response to my messages. Thank you.
  6. ponklemum

    cecchetti associates

    Today I took my ds to audition for Cecchetti associates in Newport as he's been wanting to try an audition for the last 18 months. (He is still 7 and this is the first time he has ever done anything like this). I did manage to look through the window and I felt for him so much. He looked terrified and froze during parts of it. He really wants to get in but I think he was overwhelmed. Im so glad he's done it as at least his first ones out of the way and he knows what to expect but even so I feel for him so much.
  7. ponklemum

    Ip and Cloudfront

    Thank you, that's worked and I'm now back on using wifi.
  8. ponklemum

    Ip and Cloudfront

    Hi, yes it just happened last night. It comes up on my phone and MacBook but I can access the site on my phone with 3G. I’ve had the same bt WiFi for a few years. It’s Cloudfront not storefront, my phone must have changed it.
  9. Hi, I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place. I’m having trouble accessing the site from home. I’m using 3G now to post this but as soon as I switch back to WiFi it says that “request blocked by storefront” does anyone have any experience of this?
  10. ponklemum

    National youth ballet 2017

    Same here unfortunately.
  11. ponklemum

    National youth ballet 2017

    Hi, I messaged them on Facebook and they said nothing has been put out yet and they’re hoping to do it this week.
  12. ponklemum

    For Sale. RAD Grade 6 DVD

    Hi I've sent you a message.
  13. ponklemum

    Hammond Easter school

    Can anyone tell me how long he hammond Easter school is for and roughly when the applications for it come out please? I’ve been on their website and had a look on here but can’t find anything. Thank you
  14. ponklemum

    Pointe shoe shops in Newport (Wales)

    Thank you, I was only looking in that area I’ll be down there anyway on Sunday. Dancique is arroind 3 1/2 hours drive from me and Newport 2. I’ve managed to book in with A and A in Barry on Saturday afternoon, so I can drive straight from dance to the shop.