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  1. Tring sixth form dance course

    I think they still do ballet class every day and pointe pas de deux and specified ballet class (might specify on allegro or repertoire) when on the more classical route but also do 2 contemporary classes a week 1/2 jazz classes and 1 commercial class each week. Don’t know all of the exact classes but would say the ballet standard had been high from what I’ve seen.
  2. Pointe Shoe Prep Question!

    I don't think it makes a difference but I normally darn before hand. Never thought about doing it after but might have to try now.
  3. CAT Audition Interview (Birmingham)

    I was given information on levels after I had accepted the place.
  4. CAT Audition Interview (Birmingham)

    I'm starting at dance east CAT in September and was just wondering if anyone knew the average ages for the different levels. Thank you
  5. Cambridge Ballet Academy

    Just wondering what time the classes would be for anyone talented enough to get in?
  6. Tap - how important a part of a dancer's training is it?

    I know at NYB auditions they sometimes ask for tap in the audition but it isn't compulsory.
  7. Questions about Upper School auditions

    It may also be worth asking Moorland school as they take on an individual basis as well. Hope everything works out.
  8. Audition solo advice (Tring)

    Whatever your DD feels the most comfortable doing that shows off her skills. I know someone at the school which did a graded dance and some who choreographed their own so don't think it matters that much especially at year 7 stage. Good luck
  9. Character solo ideas??

    Hermonie from Harry Potter could be an interesting one...
  10. Grade appropriate?

    Also the fact that the older girls don't want her in their class must mean that the teacher has asked them? Surely the teacher should decide rather than asking children.
  11. Central School of Ballet - new home

    They take around 25-30 girls 15-20 boys but obviously just depends on the year and what they are looking for.
  12. Central School of Ballet - new home

    Yes sorry I just meant that an accommodation near takes under 18s so lots of them go there.
  13. Central School of Ballet - new home

    Sorry just read about it in the news and it does mention the accommodation.
  14. Central School of Ballet - new home

    Although it is in accommodation I don't think they are planning on using it at the moment as they already have a deal with another living space and have said in the past that they want their students to be independent.
  15. Grade appropriate?

    I didn't move school until I was 12 and wish I had of a lot younger. I am now much happier and am dancing with people years older than me who are my best friends. By moving sooner it stops there being too many connections however it takes a lot of courage to move dance schools and is a big desision. Good luck to you and your DD for the future