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  1. I can’t - enjoy bubblebuddy! I had tickets for the rehearsal to take my daughter and a friend of hers but thanks to my job I can no longer take the day off. Thankfully have someone else to take her!
  2. It seems like a rather apologetic excuse for a non-review to suit the 21st century liberal values of the newspaper rather than making good use of column inches to actually review the ballet. Not everything they write about needs to be political.
  3. Are these still available? I know I missed your box office deadline!
  4. Not the best choice of word I agree but the poppies really made it feel like a special occasion. And I have no idea how to edit the post!!
  5. Wasn’t sure where to mention this as don’t think it warrants a new thread. I think this is a suitable place. Some friends and I took our daughters to today’s Remembrance Sunday ‘Month of Sundays’ event and was very impressed. It was a great example of how the ROH is ‘opening up’ and engaging with a more diverse audience (although thinking about it, there is still room for improving this)- and just generally being a very welcoming space. Every non-auditorium space was busy with arts and crafts activities - we made poppies from upcycled programmes, there was fan making and a lucky few got to decorate some used pointe shoes with fabric odd and ends from the costume department. The Linbury foyer, main foyer and the ‘level 5’ restaurant were busy with musicians and opera singers, the Paul Hamlyn Hall was opened up (assume the bar was operating at the sides but don’t recall if they were) and there were dancing and big sing activities. Various things were going on in the Clore Studio- there was a mini version of the rehearsal /insight for Unknown Soldier which we saw with Matthew Ball dancing and Alastair Marriott and Jonathan Howells coaching as well as answering questions and explaining how they have brought this idea of soldiers not returning from the war to life. The cafe area downstairs was decorated with bigger versions of the poppies we crafted and they looked really festive. A great use of all of the space and nicely heaving. Kevin O’Hare was very much present throughout the afternoon too. I think the cleaners will have quite a job tomorrow though!
  6. But on the other hand, this could genuinely reinvigorate audiences though and bring new people in and raise the profile of key dancers. A great opportunity for Cowley. Do we have any news yet on her role or McRae’s
  7. Also had the email and have passed on the details to some friends who are dabbling with ballet at the moment - great low cost idea. None of the dates work for me - would have liked to have taken kids to Alice. BUT I still think ROH is missing a trick in terms of their provision for children. Why no actual performances at the Linbury tailored to children? ENB and BRB have my first ballet/first steps and tour these works. ENB's version (can't speak for BRB's) makes use of their students who get performance opportunities as a result. With the upper school next door, would love to see them bring kids into the building for shorter performances.
  8. Do you mean an existing DVD of Makarova's production? If so, this version has Marianella Nunez as Gamzatti, Tamara Rojo as Nikiya and Carlos Acosta as Solor.
  9. Have watched the DVD since seeing Gartside on Monday and this is definitely the comparison in a nutshell.... I definitely prefer Avis' take!
  10. Me too! I decided to buy a programme afterwards as I don’t have one for Bayadere yet. I don’t mind taking changes from a board and taking a quick snap with my phone but they should have it in a more prominent place.
  11. Fumi Kaneko replaced by Mayara Magri as D’ajampee. Itziar Mendizabel and Beatriz Stix-Brunell replaced by Fumi Kaneko and Julia Roscoe in the pas d’action. Beatriz Stix-Brunell replaces by Elizabeth Harrod in the Shades. i spent a lot of time trying to work out who the changes were having not seen the replacement sheet when I picked up a cast sheet from a busy programmes desk. I noticed on our way out - having realised there were changes while watching. It looks like they might have moved things around so much to replace Stix Brunell specifically so hope she is ok! More than suggests that he is very much respected and liked by his peers. Would love to know where the much deserved cheers were coming from! Have followed Corrales since his spectacular Emerging Dancer win and delighted to see such a successful first night.
  12. I was also worried that Corrales would look like a mere boy on the stage alongside the current superstars of the Royal Ballet but he was phenomenal and very much up to the task. It must take a lot of confidence to get on stage with Nunez and Osipova and dance the male lead, but there were definitely lots of Corrales fans in the audience - and perhaps many who were new to Corrales but simply wowed by his performance. His jumps and turns were explosive, he is a unique addition to the Royal Ballet and i feel guiltily greedy that London now has him completely to ourselves!!! I do agree however on the emotional front, particularly in the ealier scenes of the ballet, that Corrales still has some room to mature his performance. Osipova was spectacular, her whole body mourning as she danced at the engagement party (??) of Gamzatti and Solor. What always impresses me is the power of her jump and also her speed- her turns at the end of the shades scene were very nippy indeed. Nunez is well practiced in the role of Gamzatti and delivered an excellent and consistent performance. Her virtuosity piece was wonderful to watch. I actually think that engagement party scene is my favourite for many reasons. Yuhui Choe (hope my spelling is correct) was highly dependable and lovely as the first of the solo shades - I adore her in the classical roles. Stix Brunell was supposed to be one of the lead shades but noticed she didn’t make an appearance. There were quite a few changes actually to the soloist roles this evening but I didn’t get a change sheet till after the performance. Elizabeth Harrod was one of the fill ins and really enjoyed her performance. Not sure how my next visit will stack up next to this despite the fact that I will have a superior view! A truly wonderful lead cast although am looking forward to Matthew Ball as Solor in just under a fortnight.
  13. Someone (Ruth?) gave me a tip a while back to just keep checking regularly. Since then I have always managed to book a ticket for the insights. Not sure if they just release tickets slowly or if they are returns- often it’s only one or 2 tickets at a time.