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  1. There are always the online programmes which have video content which you can keep in your online library. Agreed that programmes are for new work/production or for me, something I haven't seen before. But it's possible that prices have to rise if fewer people are buying or if editorial/production costs (of the programme) are increasing.
  2. Blossom

    Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    From memory, having joined a grade 7 class for 2 terms before the teens did their exam (I joined as a 36 year old just for fun then went onto grade 8 with them), one of the character exercises was particularly tricky!! It's a lovely syllabus though, Romantic style and music from La Sylphide.
  3. 2 new 'Ashton Revisited' masterclasses were announced last night on Instagram. 28 October - Fille and Rhapsody with Carlos Acosts 24 Feb - Enigma Variations with Lesley Collier and Wayne Sleep
  4. Shame about Nureyev- would be happy with a live cinema screening though. Won’t be seeing Swan Lake or Bayadere but pleased with the rest.
  5. I thought that too, but happy to get Two Pigeons in anyway.
  6. So I actually found the family tree quite confusing previously because you can’t look at it as the ballet is running. I think I need to pick up a dvd to truly swot up! thanks for the plot summary links!
  7. Can anyone recommend a helpful and detailed plot summary which includes which women are which by the order on which they come on stage? My first Mayerling was last season and I was quite confused for a good stretch... As a result, can’t say I loved it, but I won’t be beaten!
  8. Bit late to the thread here but I like DQ although it isn’t in my top 5 at least! Loved the version with Osipova at La Scala on DVD (it was on YouTube for a while) and like the Dutch version which I have on DVD with Matthew Golding- sets, costumes..... I suppose the main issue that I have is the name of the ballet- the story mostly isn’t about him at all and I believe is only a snippet of the book. What i like - versions with slightly more ‘authentic’ Spanish dancing, the big pdd, the dream sequence (what is a ballet without one) which fulfils every little girl’s desire for pretty dancers. Combining that with the comical moments, it is actually an ideal one to take my daughters to, even if the Acosta production isn’t the best (not seen it before), however, prices are so prohibitive- significantly more than Autumn, I assume to help recoup costs on the production as it’s still quite new. Hoping for a family package but assume this won’t be available till well after the main packages go on sale so will prob have to choose which daughter to take this time!!
  9. If you are thinking of returning your ticket(s), please let me know! Thanks!
  10. Bruce you beat me to it- just saw it in the Times!
  11. I would have assumed that Osipova was partnered with Ball and Kish with Naghdi for security for their debuts - to work with someone who knows the role. If they are partnered next time around, they will be sensational.
  12. Professionally speaking, it must be nice to be based in one place at this point in her career and to have the opportunity to perform so many different ballets over a single season. It's a shame she is leaving but if I was her mum I'd say her decision is probably the best one she can make for herself!
  13. Just back from tonight’s performance. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well at all in Act 3 so had to duck out during the big pdd. I missed both Ball and Osipova’s solos and was in a cab by the time Act 4 began. While I was getting some fresh air I heard that Osipova again broke convention and didn’t go for the fouettés. My take outs outs from this run: I don’t usually see more than one performance in a run but it definitely had its benefits - I discovered more of the storytelling on a second viewing and a completely different seat gave a wonderful view of all the floor patterns in the big corps de ballet scenes of Act 1 and 2. My favourite Odette /Odile would be ranked as follows:- Naghdi Nunez (Insights rehearsal) Osipova All 3 have something special to offer and I feel very spoilt to have seen them all. Glad that I saw Naghdi’s debut - plus the only one I have seen from beginning to end. My order of preference for Siegfried:- Ball Muntagirov (Insights rehearsa) Kish (a great, supportive partner but did not really get him in the role otherwise) Ball’s stage presence and quality of dancing were fabulous and he is definitely Principal material. I was thrilled to see him with Osipova having seen him save the day when Hallberg was injured in the Giselle run. Fingers crossed for promotion news. Gasparini is a joy to watch. She has a smile which no doubt projects to the back of the amphi. Hope she is rewarded with a promotion. Tierney Heap is an excellent Dancer in the right role, but playing the ‘leaping’ sister in the 2 x pdt just didn’t suit her. Would love to see her play soloist roles in some Macmillan ballets. Hard to choose. Benno, loved both Ella and Sambe!
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    Audience Behaviour