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  1. I have completely failed to keep on top of this thread so am thrilled to see the news. Also was not expecting that and we are definitely in for some very interesting times - I can’t wait!
  2. They do accept returns. In December, I only found out on the day and spoke to the box office to see if returns might come in. They did. The alternative which I asked about was if I could turn up if no returns came up and pay for a seat if any appeared to be empty once the event started- luckily I only work a 10 min walk away so would have been doable!
  3. The sale only goes up to very early Feb.
  4. I rather like Don Q but haven’t seen this production and am quite excited having watched the rehearsal from the last run where Acosta coaches Akane Takada and Vadream. I really like his philosophy about trying to make it more ‘real’ and human. I also have one cheap seat booking- line of view looks clear and thought it was the best ballet to take my boss to (and based on her budget)- she wants to give it a go before she goes on mat leave and I figured the male and female virtuosity solos would be quite compelling in addition to the more classical ‘expected’ dream sequence. Ideally I would have taken her to Manon but wanted to give her the majesty of the ROH vs Coliseum - and Macmillan’s R&J is sadly too close to her due date.
  5. I got the impression when he was originally taken out that this was because of Cats
  6. Just received an email to say that Alexander Campbell replaces Steven McRae in Don Q, dancing with Akane Takada. Finally! Also particularly pleased to see him as I don’t think I have had an opportunity since Manon.
  7. Fascinating, thank you for sharing!
  8. Having asked a serious question about providing gluten free sandwiches in the bar (to order) so I don’t have to bring my own (I do buy a drink), I have had zero response.
  9. Was at the Coliseum twice this week for Swan Lake. Just want to point out a few comparisons - I know ROH is more premium however the Coliseum has:- -Fewer toilets (ladies at least) to serve more customers, -Smaller bars -Fewer staff from whom to purchase a drink -Considerably less seating outside of the theatre - Cast changes were posted on one A4 sheet pinned up at the entrance near the box office and seemingly nowhere else. No slips or information available where programmes were on sale
  10. If it hadn’t been for internet issues making it impossible to order an Uber, I wouldn’t have seen the cast changes on the wall by the box office. Not surprised to see Saruhashi replaced - he seemed to be struggling a bit at the rehearsal and wondered if he might be injured. Shale Wagman did indeed dance the Neapolitan and did so with flair and seemingly without breaking a sweat! Definitely one to watch. I am really pleased I was able to see Rina Kanehara as Odette/Odile - I have enjoyed watching her at the Emerging Dancer competitions in 2016 and 2017 and her performance during the deliberation in 2018. A lovely, innocence to her Odette and wondered if she would be able to carry off Odile’s more feisty personality and she did not disappoint! Joseph Caley was a thoroughly charming Siegfried too. People’s Choice vote for Emerging Dancer awards is covered on the back of the cast list and it is quite a difficult one this year - enjoyed Kanehara, McCormick and also Alison McWhinney who was delightful in the pas de trois this evening, then appeared as a lead swan and then a princess in act 3. Will have to wait until Manon is over at least to make a decision. A really beautiful, traditional production of Swan Lake, aided of course by Tchaikovsky’s fabulous score. Wonderfully uniform swans, lovely character dancing in Act 3 and beautiful dancing throughout.
  11. I have a friend who is in her mid 40s and has been dancing for a number of years. She has achieved Grade 4 imperial ballet, is about to take grade 3 modern and has also passed grade 2 tap (or possibly 3), all ISTD. Due to a combination of factors, her current teacher no longer has the hours needed to cover more than one discipline with her. Any leads for schools or teachers who can run private classes between the Watford area and North West London? She is very keen to continue graded classes.
  12. I checked this morning and managed to get stalls seats for the 'sold out' Swan Lake on Sat night.
  13. Deleted as just found out that we aren't supposed to post about rehearsals although it was such a lovely evening that it's a shame not to! Thanks BridieM for filling me in! Anyone going on Sat evening?
  14. I haven’t seen in the uk - my shorthand not clear! I saw in New York and felt positively bruised afterwards...
  15. Dances at a Gathering A bit more Balanchine- Agon, maybe Prodigal Son as not seen in UK before Ashton’s Cinderella as an alternative to Nutcracker at Christmas Coppelia - it’s been over a decade according to the roh archive and want to take my girls Sylvia La Sylphide I imagine they will also bring Swan Lake back to recoup some of the investment in the new production.