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  1. Roles in The Nutcracker

    Just to add I watched the other day and they are now using the angel who drives the sleigh (a student) at the end of the Ballet too. But the Angel in the party scene is a company member.
  2. Roles in The Nutcracker

    Really with the driving licence??! 🤣 that’s a great bit of trivia to know I shall remember that 😀 Yes corps made up of company dancers of course I was just referring to what the students did as that was the question of the topic.
  3. Roles in The Nutcracker

    This year 6 of the angels are danced by second year US girls. The other two and the cover are first year upper school. The lead angel is from the company. There are third year girls in snowflakes and covering flowers and two second year girls are on standby for snowflakes. WL is as said above.
  4. Exaggerating Festival Results on Facebook!

    Annaliesey ????????
  5. RBS Upper School Finals 2017

    There are currently 14,6 ex WL, 1UK, 1 Norwegian, 2 American.. 1 of which is repeating first year as she started a year early (age 14), 4 Australian. 3 Australians have already been offered a place to start in September plus a Japanese girl and I think one of the Prix winners from America too. But as VR quite rightly says every year is different and thee are some beautiful girls in year 11 at WL.
  6. RBS Upper School Finals 2017

    Yes there were total of 32 girls incl WL and overseas last year at the final audition and they took 7 overall..5 WL, 1 UK non vocational, 1 Australian.
  7. Exaggerating Festival Results on Facebook!

    Oh dear. Gosh we wouldn't dare... but we are aware of it happening. All the reports have the marks written on and the festival keeps a copy so we wouldn't dream of exaggerating any marks. Often the adjudicator announces the mark anyway. There is some real cheek that goes on! ????
  8. Three cheers for the lovely ROH staff

    Hello. Does she wear glasses? My migraines started when I was on a run of shows and in the theatre a lot and i realised it was my eyesight. I still get them occasionally certain makeup and perfume trigger them but glasses were my answer. Here here for ROH staff I was also there with my daughter and I won't go into details but they kindly moved us and we were fortunate to get much nicer seats too! Health first always, I am sure there will be further opportunities to watch the up and coming starlets of RB! Hope she is on the mend.
  9. Prix de Lausanne 2017!

    There may well be one or two students who would have a chance over a span of years, but I think they need to be committed to one place of training, which was the fortune of last years student who had all she needed on her doorstep to train for PDL. I would like to reiterate it is the learning opportunity of a lifetime for a ballet student.
  10. Prix de Lausanne 2017!

    Yes I think we were informed that it was all taken into account, however the solos were the clincher with regards to a place in the final but being a finalist did not denote popularity with ADs as I know CeliB definitely experienced and we also found this to be the case. Incidentally the AD of one popular school doesn't make a decision on who he will interview until he has watched the final whereas the others had already made their decisions. He only chose to interview 5 girls and two boys and only three of those were finalists, one of them had already been offered a place at another competition, they are all now at the school.
  11. Prix de Lausanne 2017!

    Most of the overseas students by age 13/14 are at full time at academy's etc. They then do government funded correspondence schooling at home. Our student was the only non full time candidate last year and it was a huge juggle. It is an accessible competition for the right candidate but the selection process is very much who fits the criteria the most starting with physique. They need to be at a certain level within themselves if that makes sense. All of the female class of 14-16 year olds were very much on a par with each other in class but the advantage the other candidates had was time. Some had been preparing for two years choosing and perfecting classical solos before they even knew they would be selected. And they are like machines! The selection is competitive too so it really depends on who else is applying. They only take the ones who in their eyes will make it. They have to get a unanimous yes from every person on the selection panel. And all of them wanted RBS! Except one boy. But once the offers start coming in the game changes as some of the European and international schools have bigger scholarships whereas RBS doesn't.
  12. Prix de Lausanne 2017!

    Incidentally LinMM I think many of the students last year had received funding of some sort to assist them to be there... there are a lot of scholarship and sponsorship opportunities outside of the UK which the students then reinvest in the next competition. We have it very tough here ????
  13. Prix de Lausanne 2017!

    It is quite a big outlay BUT when you add it all up it's the equivalent of doing a big two week summer school or other short courses or a year round associate course and the experience and benefits for a classical ballet career are second to none. We felt it was a risk worth taking to apply last year and it payed off big time for said student. Looking forward to following the 2017 selected students they will have the time of their life.
  14. Jet Glue

    Just Ballet .co.uk sell Daniels pointe shoe glue which is the same thing.
  15. Consequences for the arts

    Yes I'm expecting it to be locked and won't be offended in the slightest so please just do that admin if you need to. That's a very useful insight thank you. I will look at that article, I've been googling but nothing came up specifically. No nothing is for certain in any area and most opinions I've read are just speculative which is all they can be. Thank you for your reply.