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  1. Agree entirely, a wonderful evening and from the video clips, what a superb and beautiful dancer. The clip from Scenes de Ballet was amazing - an exemplary rendition of the Ashton style. I l also did not see her dance but do remember the beautiful photograph in my first ballet book by A.H.Franks.
  2. As a Friend+, booking opened for the summer season yesterday. Sadly, both Fonteyn insight evenings on 5th and 6th June were completely sold out at 9.00 am yesterday. It is a shame that such unique evenings have already been snapped up by those Friends able to pay more for their membership. This inevitably means that for many balletomanes, such evenings are not accessible - a great shame. One hopes both evenings may be recorded - I do hope so. As for the Celebration Evening on 8th June, very few seats left, but managed to purchase one within budget. Again, by the time general booking opens for balletomanes not on the Opera Houses's Friends scheme, I should think this evening will be sold out. I understand the ROH needs funds but such a shame that tickets are sold on a hierarchical system, which very often omits the afficionados.
  3. My error - and of course. However, there should not be the need for today's choreographers to rely on animated projections. The inventiveness should be in the choreography.
  4. I did not realise. Did the funds completely cover the cost? If so, rather a coincidence that sear prices have increased with the opening of the "Open Up" project - and it does therefore result in the ROH not "opening up" the auditorium to new audiences !!!!
  5. I must agree with my other ballet "buddies" on the Forum, that The Cunning Little Vixen was very disappointing. No inventive choreography and a lot of repetition and langours. The stage was also badly and dimly lit and I am fed up with the way Scarlett relies on animated film (as he did in Alice) - I come to watch the ballet and not an animated film projection. That said, I think the RBS students did their best with the material provided, but it was poor material with no memorable choreography. It was a welcome relief to watch the beauty of Ashton's choreography after the weak opening to this double bill on Saturday afternoon. I know the Ashtons of the ballet world are a rare breed, but what a beautifully constructed ballet and inventive choreography. Yasmine Naghdi was absolutely superb, as was her "opponent", Kaneko. I felt that Hay was a little dull and that he needed to project more. However, he partnered Naghdi beautifully and the whole company really shone in this ballet.
  6. I think Magri is exceptionally talented, however, it is a fact that she is of a "heavier" build and not particularly petite - I say this without any malice, just stating fact.
  7. I think it may be due to very steep prices. There are quite a number of performances of each ballet but at the high prices, probably too expensive for most people to afford !!! At one time, I would have booked one of each cast, but now impossible budget wise. I think the increase in prices this season is to cover the cost of the "Open Up" project - which is rather ironical, as due to the rise in seat prices, the ROH are not achieving "opening up" the auditorium to those people visiting the "open up" areas at front of house !!!!
  8. Dear Sim, your words echo my thoughts entirely. Although it is very encouraging that the RB are trying to promote new works and choreographers, what is disturbing is that there does not appear to be any "control" on the level/standard of what is shown to the public. I really cannot understand why the general theme seems to be one of agonised movement (rather than dance) set against a badly and gloomily lit stage with unimaginative and unflattering costumes. I found the programme (apart from the pas de deux with Lauren and Marcelino), totally boring and monotonous. This causes deep concern for the future of British choreography.
  9. Just noticed this on ROH website - will take place on Tuesday 12 March in Linbury at 6.00 pm.
  10. I think the ROH is outpricing themselves hence the slow take-up of tickets. R&J is usually a fast seller but plenty of seats still available - I booked as Friends+ and noticed that it is the chepaer seats that have sold. I really do believe the hike in prices is paying for the "Open Up" project - this is ironic as "Open Up" is certainly not taking place as expensive seats are keeping people away !!!!
  11. Just checked the ROH web site and nothing at all posted as yet. Really do think they should update!!! I am a Friend+ so hopefully can catch up with the ROH magazine when it arrives.
  12. I have 2 tickets for sale for this film featuring Thiago Soares to be shown at the Linbury Theatre on Monday 21 January at 7.30 pm. The film is 2 hours in length (no interval). Seats are A 27 and 28, Upper Circle and priced at £17.00 each. Please message me if you would like to purchase. Many thanks Amanda
  13. Wishing the dedicated BCF Mods a very Happy New Year and a huge thank you for the sterling and amazing work you all do in running the Forum. It is a unique platform for us balletomanes to share and learn from. You all do a marvellous job and I look forward to reading and contributing to posts during 2019. To the Mods and the ballet devotees - Every happiness for 2019 and enjoy all your ballet outings in 2019! Amanda
  14. I will be interested to learn if you do receive a response from Mr KOH. A couple of years ago, I wrote to him regarding a day to pay homage to the Vaganova School (we were campaigning for the school at the time due to change of management) - all that was asked was if the company could remember the Vaganova at a rehearsal or in class. I received some lovely responses from ballet directors. The response I received from the director of our "home" company was:- ? x I was shocked and saddened.
  15. Indeed, very excited at all the new casts - start saving now. Agree, R&J will take precedence over Frankenstein!
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