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  1. I think the ROH is outpricing themselves hence the slow take-up of tickets. R&J is usually a fast seller but plenty of seats still available - I booked as Friends+ and noticed that it is the chepaer seats that have sold. I really do believe the hike in prices is paying for the "Open Up" project - this is ironic as "Open Up" is certainly not taking place as expensive seats are keeping people away !!!!
  2. fashionista


    Just checked the ROH web site and nothing at all posted as yet. Really do think they should update!!! I am a Friend+ so hopefully can catch up with the ROH magazine when it arrives.
  3. I have 2 tickets for sale for this film featuring Thiago Soares to be shown at the Linbury Theatre on Monday 21 January at 7.30 pm. The film is 2 hours in length (no interval). Seats are A 27 and 28, Upper Circle and priced at £17.00 each. Please message me if you would like to purchase. Many thanks Amanda
  4. Wishing the dedicated BCF Mods a very Happy New Year and a huge thank you for the sterling and amazing work you all do in running the Forum. It is a unique platform for us balletomanes to share and learn from. You all do a marvellous job and I look forward to reading and contributing to posts during 2019. To the Mods and the ballet devotees - Every happiness for 2019 and enjoy all your ballet outings in 2019! Amanda
  5. fashionista

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    I will be interested to learn if you do receive a response from Mr KOH. A couple of years ago, I wrote to him regarding a day to pay homage to the Vaganova School (we were campaigning for the school at the time due to change of management) - all that was asked was if the company could remember the Vaganova at a rehearsal or in class. I received some lovely responses from ballet directors. The response I received from the director of our "home" company was:- ? x I was shocked and saddened.
  6. Thanks for this information. I have never once received an email despite the fact that I am a Friend Plus. I think it is far better to announce on the ROH web site. Oh dear, more changes and not cast changes !!!!
  7. Thanks for confirmation - much appreciated Amanda
  8. I notice on the ROH web site this morning under La Bayadere casting/dates, that this week Magri is down for Gamzatti - is this an unscheduled debut? I am sure she was not scheduled to dance this with Cuthbertson/Ball. I checked ROH news, but no mention of cast change. If anyone can elucidate that would be appreciated. Many thanks Amanda
  9. Indeed, very excited at all the new casts - start saving now. Agree, R&J will take precedence over Frankenstein!
  10. I am so pleased you were impressed by the Ural Ballet in Ekaterinburg - they are an excellent troupe. I will be going out next week to see the premiere of Slava Samodurov's latest full length ballet for the company, By Order of the King (part of the Petipa celebrations). I am glad the company participated this year as they need to be known outside of Russia. Slava has now been their Artistic Director for 7 seasons and the troupe has improved greatly over this period.
  11. Hi All, I will be booking as Friends Plus member today. However, unless I am missing something, casts have only been announced for Don Q and not for Two Pigeons, Patineurs programme or Frankenstein. Am not very happy in booking not knowing casts and wondered if anyone knew the casting. Many thanks Amanda
  12. The seating plan gives blocks of prices but it is not coloured so you can see precisely which seat costs what - I think it needs to be more specific.
  13. I have to agree Bruce, I think charging £60 is way over the top, and sadly, as such, I will not be attending the October or February masterclasses. The Masterclasses should not be a "fund raiser" and I think to charge £30 would be adequate. Shame.
  14. The Ashton Foundation is holding two further Masterclasses at the Royal Ballet School in Floral Street on Sunday 28 October 2018 and Sunday 24 February 2019, as follows:- Sunday 28 October with Carlos Acosta - La Fille Mal Gardee and Rhapsody Sunday 24 February with Lesley Collier and Wayne Sleep - Enigma Variations Timing for both is 2.30 to 5.30 pm (introduction, masterclass, drinks reception). Tickets are £60 for each event and can be purchased by emailing ashtonevents@yahoo.com or 020 7212 9627. Both seem well worth attending. Amanda
  15. fashionista

    New Nureyev documentary

    Thanks for this information - have just booked - look forward ))) Amanda