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  1. Thanks so much JohnS for sharing - I have not seen this before - its great!!
  2. I always feel very moved and shed a tear when I see the Royal Ballet School matinee, especially for the final Grand Defile - a very emotional and moving climax every year.
  3. Indeed, it was Slava Samodurov who danced with the Nunez/Pennefather cast.
  4. My pleasure dear Sim - perhaps we can include with our visit to V&A for Opera exhibition x
  5. Just noticed that an exhibition of Anthony Crickmay's wonderful photographs are on display at the V&A until 21 June. Attach link giving more details. https://www.vam.ac.uk/event/d6YkyyOa/anthony-crickmay-photographing-people-and-performance-2017-2018
  6. ROH Open Up changes

    I most certainly agree that it does seem rather a waste of money to be closing and refurbishing both the Amphi Bar and Restaurant which seemed pristine. My thought since the ROH re-opened after the huge refurbishment works 20 years ago, was that the "non-use" of the former "Crush Bar" was a total oversight. It has always meant that the large proportion of the audience struggle to enter, obtain drinks and circulate in the Floral Hall. When the House re-opened after the major works, there were a number of audience surveys, and I always mentioned that not using the Crush Bar was a huge mistake as there is always a bottle neck of people scrambling to get served in the Floral Hall. Although the former Crush Bar has reopened as the Dorfman, it is not the same as in former days. I know one should always move forward, but sometimes, change is not always for the better. Similarly, all toilet facilities are located on one side of the house since the refurbishment - again causing too much time wasted in getting to these facilities if sitting on the opposite side of the House - I always prefer getting tickets on what I call the "user friendly" side!!!! Surely an Opera House of this size, can manage to allocate facilities on both sides of the theatre thus easing congestion? In summary, it is rather bad planning that after only 20 years, such a major refurbishment is necessary - one hopes that we will all benefit and reap the results of the time, money and inconvenience which is going into the "Open Up" project.
  7. Thank you so much for your guidance in tracking down when this film may be shown. I should imagine the 26 November screening may be sold out, but I will try. I did google cinema listings, but to no avail, but I will explore further - many thanks. A friend of mine in St Petersbury saw the film last week, so it is on general release over there. Despite the propogranda surrounding the film, she was very enthusiastic about the production.
  8. Mathilde had its premiere last night as part of the Russian Film Festival - all tickets were sold out. I have tried to find out when and where it will be on general release in London but cannot find any information. Can anyone shed a light on this, please? Many thanks Amanda
  9. Not quite "dance", but thought this may be a good Forum to advertise a ticket for the above. I have a ticket for the Gipsy Kings & Chico performing at the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday, 18 November at 7.30 pm. Excellent seat, Front Stalls, Row E, Seat No 14. The ticket is priced at £75.00. If anyone is interested, please pm me. Many thanks Amanda
  10. Sebastian, Many thanks for this information which really sounds interesting - I wonder whether the Seminar in St P will be in Russian - mine is poor! I don't know of any other events, but if I hear of any, will publish on the Forum. Amanda
  11. Thanks for sharing this article about the wonderful Yasmine, Jan. I was at Printworks last night and it was a thrilling and unique experience to see the dancers of the RB and NBC working together with the audience mingling with them in The Dreamers Ever Leave You (I have posted a short video on my FB page).
  12. La Sylphide plus ... ?

    If my memory serves me right, I think when Kobborg mounted for RB, La Sylphide was preceded by either The Lesson or Napoli - which was a charming double Danish!!! Not sure that the Song of the Earth/La Sylphide is a good combo, but one certainly gets one's money's worth for this programme. I think a lighter preceding work works best.
  13. If anyone has 2 tickets for Alice on either Saturday 21 or Saturday 28 October, evening shows, please advise soonest. Many thanks Amanda
  14. Further to my notification of yesterday, D7 Stalls Circle now taken for Alice this Saturday matinee - still have D6 at £8.00 if anyone wants to purchase. Thanks Amanda