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  1. Please advise if you have spare tickets (ideally 2) for next Monday's Swan Lake at 7.30 pm. Many thanks Amanda
  2. fashionista

    ENB Ballet in the Square 27-29 July

    Lynette, apologies, I have misquoted phone number for Grosvenor - it is 020 7408 0988 - Best, Amanda
  3. fashionista

    ENB Ballet in the Square 27-29 July

    Hi Lynette, I think this is part of Summer in the Square events which are organised by Grosvenor (only know as I worked there for a number of years). I think you are best to contact Grosvenor direct - perhaps their Marketing Department - to see if they have further details, which I believe they must as they own the Square and would be responsible for any activities held there. Their switchboard number is 020 7629 8171. Hope they are able to throw more light on this. Best Amanda
  4. Without any shadow of a doubt, Prince Siegfried should be able to partner his ballerina strongly and impeccably. However, his function is not based on that alone. In order to give the ballet dramatic integrity and balance, it is essential that he should convince us all through strong and convincing acting and dancing. I regret to say that at Monday's matinee, the balance between Naghdi and Kish was one-sided - it should not have been!!!! Naghdi's performance was a dazzling and moving interpretation, but sadly, Kish was no more than a cypher figure. I do not want to criticise unduly, but judging by Monday's show, he was miscast as he showed us no emotion at all. Yes, he was very supportive of Naghdi, but his own acting and dancing was not of a standard one would expect from a Royal Ballet principal. As has been said countless times o the Forum, what a pity the lovely Naghdi was not partnered by Ball. It is so surprising and perplexing as they have debuted together in R&J, Beauty and Giselle - why, oh why, not for Swan Lake?!!! Mr KOH, please think again !!!
  5. Dear Myddle, I could not agree more. My first viewing of the new production yesterday afternoon. Thrilled by the wonderfully talented Yasmine Naghdi, but totally disappointed by the production, for many of the reasons you cite. I will be writing a more lengthy insight into my thoughts on this production.
  6. fashionista

    Good makeup and foundations for class

    I would recommend MAC - it is the preferred make-up brand for the Royal Ballet company - therefore, assume it does the right job!
  7. I will message you - I do know someone who may be able to give you information - Best, Amanda
  8. Good morning balletomanes If anyone is interested, I have 1 ticket for this Thursday's matinee (Hamilton/Kish) - it is Stalls Circle A97 and is priced at £49.00, but will take lower offers. Many thanks Best Amanda
  9. fashionista

    Royal Ballet School Matinee - 8 July

    Can you tell me price and if ok, am willing to buy both sets. Many thanks Amanda
  10. Looking for 1 ticket for RBS matinee - any spare, please private message me. Many thanks Amanda
  11. I would certainly agree that Sleeping Beauty should be revived. Ondine also. As Fonteyn was Ashton's "muse", it would possibly be very much a Fonteyn/Ashton celebration. The RB's repertoire is so rich and it is time to revive gems such as Facade, A Wedding Bouquet, Symphonic Variations, Scenes de Ballet. Even more so, whilst they are dancers who were actually coached by Ashton and who were in the company whilst Fonteyn was there. The legacy needs to be handed down "personally" by dancers who understand the essence of the English style. I am aware that one must look forward and nurture new works, but the RB has a wonderful legacy of superb works, and these must not get "lost". And as a "party piece", how about Birthday Offering, aptly named, and whow, they could showcase all the fantastic burgeoning talent they have in the company!!!!
  12. fashionista

    Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    I think Nutcracker is a guaranteed "crowd pleaser" and it does bring in new young audiences. Considering it is Petipa's bi-centenary, it may have been good to revive The Sleeping Beauty rather than Nutcracker over the Xmas period (another "crowd pleaser"). On the Petipa/Tchaikovsky theme, after spending a huge budget on the new Swan Lake, am surprised that it gets no performances for the 2018/19 season. Admittedly, is scheduled for many performances this summer, but a big new piece like this usually has a further run the following season.
  13. From personal experience, I would recommend Freeds, Emma Amanda
  14. fashionista

    Who will follow Bintley?

    Totally agree that it should be somebody from the RB cradle - may I suggest Bruce Sansom or Adam Cooper?
  15. Hi Sim, that is strange, as when the seat issue came up a few weeks ago, I phoned the Box Office and they told me that my seat was the same and just to go to the Box Office on the day. Particularly bemused as we are sitting next to each other??!!