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  1. Not quite "dance", but thought this may be a good Forum to advertise a ticket for the above. I have a ticket for the Gipsy Kings & Chico performing at the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday, 18 November at 7.30 pm. Excellent seat, Front Stalls, Row E, Seat No 14. The ticket is priced at £75.00. If anyone is interested, please pm me. Many thanks Amanda
  2. Sebastian, Many thanks for this information which really sounds interesting - I wonder whether the Seminar in St P will be in Russian - mine is poor! I don't know of any other events, but if I hear of any, will publish on the Forum. Amanda
  3. Thanks for sharing this article about the wonderful Yasmine, Jan. I was at Printworks last night and it was a thrilling and unique experience to see the dancers of the RB and NBC working together with the audience mingling with them in The Dreamers Ever Leave You (I have posted a short video on my FB page).
  4. La Sylphide plus ... ?

    If my memory serves me right, I think when Kobborg mounted for RB, La Sylphide was preceded by either The Lesson or Napoli - which was a charming double Danish!!! Not sure that the Song of the Earth/La Sylphide is a good combo, but one certainly gets one's money's worth for this programme. I think a lighter preceding work works best.
  5. If anyone has 2 tickets for Alice on either Saturday 21 or Saturday 28 October, evening shows, please advise soonest. Many thanks Amanda
  6. Further to my notification of yesterday, D7 Stalls Circle now taken for Alice this Saturday matinee - still have D6 at £8.00 if anyone wants to purchase. Thanks Amanda
  7. I am now unable to make this Saturday's show of Alice - gutted as it is Anna Rose dancing Alice. Please pm me if you would like to buy Stalls Circle standing, D6 and D7, priced at £8 each. Many thanks Amanda
  8. MacMillan's The Four Seasons

    I know, amazing cast, and indeed it was Monica in Summer - Seymour danced at later casts.
  9. MacMillan's The Four Seasons

    Thanks FLOSS for such an interesting and detailed response. I totally agree that the level of choreography requires the highest standard of dancing - the original cast was stellar, including Collier, Ashmole, Eagling, Hosking (Spring); Seymour, Wall (Summer); Penney, Dowell, Sleep (Autumn); Parkinson, Derman, MacLeary (Winter). Yes, indeed, one does think of "Napoli" style designs and costumes for a revival and definitely not the washed out leotards and non-scenery style of Lady M!!!! The fact that I remember the casting and probably only saw the ballet 3 or 4 times, shows what a "whow" impact it had on me!!!! I know that the current MacMillan revivals demonstrate what an emotive choreographer MacMillan was, but I also feel that his brilliance as a choreographer of pure classical style needs to be shown as well. We can but hope .......................
  10. Listening to excerpts from Verdi's Vespri Siciliani last night on Classic FM, brought back vivid memories of MacMillan's The Four Seasons. This ballet had some wonderful inventive choreography - most notable perhaps the Spring section - I can still see Lesley Collier being partnered by Eagling, Ashmole and Hosking - simply ravishing. The original sets and costumes were rather "chocolate box", but when designs were revised by Deborah MacMillan using bare stage and leotards, the ballet really did not work. With so many ballets being revised this year in honour and memory of the great Sir Kenneth, what a shame this choreographic jewel was missed out. I am sure it would work beautifully if costumed well. May be I should put together some designs - would love to!!!!
  11. Many thanks Tykva and noted ))) Oh dear, just investigated and the Mathilde premiere on 26 November is sold out ((((
  12. Does anyone know whether this film is to be released in cinemas in UK or just on u-tube/Amazon? Many thanks Amanda
  13. BRB Sleeping Beauty Casting?

    Just following this thread and have to say, that especially at today's prices for tickets, I think it is essential that principal casting is given ahead. As an example, I have just booked for the RB's Winter Season (public booking opened today). When booking for say, Giselle, having seen the ballet many times before, I booked those casts new to me as I was restricted by budget. I would have been rather miffed if the casts had not been announced and it transpired that I had booked identical casts for the same ballet. Of course, one can never be assured of a certain cast due to illness or injury, but one hopes that the cast booked in advance will be dancing.
  14. ROH - Alice - Saturday 14 October matinee

    Thanks BristolBillyBob - I will move