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  1. Small world, I’ve just realised you’ve put your name, she does know you, we saw you at the open day and she has been messaging you about the audition.thanks for all your help.
  2. I think my Dd knows you badballerina, were you at Ballet West Summer school last year ?
  3. No I thought it would be at pineapple studios, not sure why I thought this, it’s was a nightmare trying to find a suitable hotel. Decided not to be in Battersea as going down the night before and didn’t want to have to find our way to Battersea at night. I’m sure they are, you just think have they filled the final so they will be more strict ! Good luck to your dd too.
  4. We opted for the London audition as its much closer but regretting it now as its the very last audition on the 27/2 and think we have the last time time slot, so hoping the panel haven't had enough by then. Dd is desperate to get finals so hoping she won't be too nervous.
  5. My DD is auditioning this year and we went to the open day in November, we both found it very useful, we got to watch a class of each year, there was an informative talk, we were then coached to the main building for a tour and also had a tour of the liberty living recommended accommodation. I presume they will do another one this autumn , we were very impressed and my dd really wants to go. We had to register for the open day and then book once the registration opened.
  6. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Elmhurst told us at audition they had about 400 apply across lower and upper school.
  7. Ballet West (Scotland)

    Can someone from England confirm if they are also entitled to the maintenance loan ? I know the normal loan for fees will be less but wondered if the maintenance loan was the same as if a normal university course. Thanks
  8. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Audtion

    Thanks Dancing Unicorn, Just spoke to my DD she has been told by a friend also waiting that we should hear 3 weeks before, which isn’t great as train and hotel costs will increase. The website did say Saturday 18/2, but that’s a Sunday and looks like it has been removed from the website.
  9. Hi Dd has applied to RCS and sent everything via UCAS around October. We have requested the London audition as that is easier for us to get to. We have been checking the UCAS tracking site but it still shows no audition date. Just checking no one else has heard and I’m looking in the wrong place ! Anxious to hear now as getting close for booking trains and accomadation if needed, depending on audition time etc. Thanks loulou
  10. Central school of ballet prelimary audition

    Ok great will get Dd to check her emails, she doesn’t really use email.
  11. Central school of ballet prelimary audition

    Presume no one has heard yet re audition times etc ? we are due to go down to London tomorrow night but now worried won't make it because of the snow. So thinking may have to travel down Saturday morning, so knowing the audition time would be useful.
  12. Central school of ballet prelimary audition

    No we haven’t, was just going to post the same , thought I’d missed it. Does anyone know if there will be one or two auditions that day ? Just hoping our train home is late enough if there is an afternoon audition
  13. Emma Northmore Audition Workshop

    My dd was there as well and really enjoyed it and thought it was defiantly a worthwhile experience.
  14. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    If you search premier inn Victoria there are a few near, one is actually called London Victoria. The nearest I have stayed in was Holborn which comes up as 2.4 miles away but is walkable to Covent Garden and Holborn stations and also very handy for Central if you ever need to go there, about a 15 min walk.
  15. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    Although for ENB we stayed at double tree by Hilton Chelsea