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  1. Emma Northmore Audition Workshop

    My dd was there as well and really enjoyed it and thought it was defiantly a worthwhile experience.
  2. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    If you search premier inn Victoria there are a few near, one is actually called London Victoria. The nearest I have stayed in was Holborn which comes up as 2.4 miles away but is walkable to Covent Garden and Holborn stations and also very handy for Central if you ever need to go there, about a 15 min walk.
  3. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    Although for ENB we stayed at double tree by Hilton Chelsea
  4. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    I’ve always found premier inn the best value in London
  5. Questions about Upper School auditions

    I’m awaiting the reference from dd school but would be very surprised if they told anyone, it’s being done by her head of year. Her close friends know about her Ballet and her Ballet ambitions , they are intersted and supportive whilst not fully understanding, so if she didn’t get in anywhere I doubt they would react either way, except I would hope to offer sympathy if dd was upset. Anyone outside her small friendship group wouldn’t know or care. Dd does a fair amount of dance at school and wants people to know it’s not just a hobby. She actually did a Ballet solo in the school annual eistedford completion just so everyone had an idea of what she does and how hard it is.I would also add she very shy and quiet at school and only has 2 close friends.
  6. Questions about Upper School auditions

    My DD has had to give an academic reference for Central and RCS . Her school are aware of her plans due to missing school for dance related activities and I wanted them to know it wasn’t just a hobby she was missing school for.
  7. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say, they were all great and were clearly loving the experience. Hope your DD enjoyed the class on Sunday xx
  8. Yes ! Although she is auditioning for a couple of others as well. It was my hubby you were talking to.
  9. Hi Yes my DD was , it’s the second time she has performed with them and loved every minute both times and didn’t want it to end, there were lots of tears after the last performance, especially as she knows she won’t be doing it again as she’s going away to vocational school next year.
  10. Questions about Upper School auditions

    At the Easter school they told us the walk from their current location and to the new one is roughly the same from liberty plaza where most of them live. No idea if this is accurate.
  11. Living away from home at 16 upper schools

    It was liberty place at liberty plaza that they told us most students lived in and I think all the ones who were at the q and a. That's interesting if there's some reasonable priced in the same building , that's cheaper than liberty plaza if on your own but not if sharing. As you say when they realise Central have 16 year olds maybe they will change their policy . Wonder why they don't stay at a herbal Hill one if closer. https://www.libertyliving.co.uk/student-accommodation/london/
  12. Living away from home at 16 upper schools

    When DD did the Central Easter school , in the Q and A they told us the accomadation in the building where they were moving was more "high end" private apartments rather than student accomadation, they anticipated most students would still be accomadated in the liberty living where they are now and thought the walk would be roughly the same. If it is to be student accommodation that would be great.
  13. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Thank you, I really appreciate it.
  14. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Hi Would anyone kindly be able to send me the Central audition photos please. I noted them all down from last years forms in preparation and now I need them as DD photos are being taken on Sunday I can't understand my short hand for one of them, and neither can DD, I've written " second position on full pointe " !! Central website said yesterday application forms would be available today, but it's now saying 18/9. Thanks in Advance
  15. I think the problem with arranging own accomadation for a central is most are only 16 so will struggle to rent privately. Whilst what they recommend is private it's all student accomadation in a block so presume ok with 16 year olds.