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  1. Loulou

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    We have had main cast audition results today as well
  2. Loulou

    Elmhurst young dancers audition

    My dd is an extended ass year 11 and we had an email earlier in the year to say this was the first year they were assessing them and we would get an email advising if they were being offered a place next year. We only had the email this week apologising for the delay and offering dd a place next year. We had to confirm if she was taking it up. Dd is going to vocational school so is not going to be continuing. Thought this might explain the delay in places on the extended scheme as they are clearly waiting for the current ass to confirn if they are continuing.
  3. They run in blocks , current one is until May but if you contact them you may be able to join mid way through, my dd went to the the grade D ones and there was never many in the class , they are once a month on a Sunday, currently at Elmhurst , think this can vary it’s sometimes at Birmingham Royal Ballet. Leona Locke at midlands RAD was who we got the emails from, you pay through eventbrite. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rad-associate-classes-spring-2018-birmingham-registration-39475746019 <LLocke@rad.org.uk>
  4. Elmhurst Extended Associates is on a Saturday but starts at 12.45 so maybe too early. There are also RAD associate classes on Sundays in Birmingham.
  5. If you can get to Birmingham you also have Elmhurst Associates nicholson school of dance Associates- Annette is an rbs mid ass teacher and very well regraded midland theatre ballet midas HTH
  6. Loulou

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    I know someone who did ENBS finals and had the result email on the following Tuesday evening.
  7. Loulou

    Children Blocked from Dance Exams?

    We have never encountered a problem with any of the 3 schools my dd has attended, my understanding is exams are classed as educational activity and coded as such on the register, nothing to do with aurhorised or unauthorised holiday or exceptional circumstances. This has been the same for auditions/ open days and summer schools which started before term ended.
  8. Loulou

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Hi My dd is also starting at Ballet West, if you email Heather she will send you the term dates as I've had them today. My dd hss done 2 summer schools and loved it, and the teachers. If you put Ballet West into the search there is a long thread with lots of information, i think there is details of a typical day buti could be wrong.
  9. Loulou

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    I was just looking for the exact same thing, fed up of refreshing my emai !
  10. Small world, I’ve just realised you’ve put your name, she does know you, we saw you at the open day and she has been messaging you about the audition.thanks for all your help.
  11. I think my Dd knows you badballerina, were you at Ballet West Summer school last year ?
  12. No I thought it would be at pineapple studios, not sure why I thought this, it’s was a nightmare trying to find a suitable hotel. Decided not to be in Battersea as going down the night before and didn’t want to have to find our way to Battersea at night. I’m sure they are, you just think have they filled the final so they will be more strict ! Good luck to your dd too.
  13. We opted for the London audition as its much closer but regretting it now as its the very last audition on the 27/2 and think we have the last time time slot, so hoping the panel haven't had enough by then. Dd is desperate to get finals so hoping she won't be too nervous.
  14. My DD is auditioning this year and we went to the open day in November, we both found it very useful, we got to watch a class of each year, there was an informative talk, we were then coached to the main building for a tour and also had a tour of the liberty living recommended accommodation. I presume they will do another one this autumn , we were very impressed and my dd really wants to go. We had to register for the open day and then book once the registration opened.
  15. Loulou

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Elmhurst told us at audition they had about 400 apply across lower and upper school.