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  1. AnneMarriott

    Room 101

    Good grief!
  2. AnneMarriott

    Old coins - what to do with them?

    Lots of charities take old British coins and foreign coins. If you can't find any collector shops, try googling "old British coins and foreign coins for charity".
  3. AnneMarriott

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    I believe Specsavers in Newry have a hearing centre. Your GP could refer you to them for NHS hearing tests and the wait is unlikely to be more than a couple of weeks. Or if you could consider "going private" you can simply make an appointment with them direct. Just a thought ...
  4. AnneMarriott

    Rain - at last!

    Not the promised deluge, alas, but enough to clear the air and moisten the tinder-dry ground. First since May and very welcome. More please!
  5. AnneMarriott

    Wildlife in heatwave

    I have several open water containers in my front and back gardens. They are very popular with the wild life (not to mention one or two cat visitors). However we have found several dead frogs and toads in the garden and in the fields across the road - presumably the heat is killing them because we're not short of water here with the Jubilee River and the Thames nearby as well as various garden ponds.
  6. AnneMarriott

    ROH ticket exchange fee increase

    You beat me to it, Lynette - was just about to post this up myself. Sharp intake of breath when I read it!
  7. AnneMarriott

    Audience Behaviour

    I noticed him first - very fidgety, changing his mind about where to stow his bag and so on. Then I noticed the binoculars and couldn't fathom out how they worked - did they have a nifty device like a sort of horizontal periscope that allows the user to look through them without blocking the view of nearby audience members, for example? So glad I know the true story!
  8. AnneMarriott

    Audience Behaviour

    Was this the matinee? And were you sitting in Stalls Circle C36? If so you have explained what I took to be eccentric use of binoculars by the lady in front of me - I was standing in D9.
  9. Yes, it was loud, wasn't it? However it was worth it for the sight of a leather-clad Miyako Yoshida bumping and grinding enthusiastically, and the steady trickle of elderly people, fingers in ears, tiptoeing up the aisle to the exit within seconds of the start.
  10. AnneMarriott

    Post Offices (or lack thereof)

    That's really weird!
  11. AnneMarriott

    Post Offices (or lack thereof)

    I have just learned that the Post Office in Eton (actually it's a counter in the local Budgens) has closed "temporarily due to operational reasons". As far as I can tell the operational reasons are that it had never operated properly since it was moved three years ago to Budgens from Eton Stationers, where we enjoyed excellent service for decades. When it moved to Budgens we were promised extended opening hours and additional services. Out of four attempts to carry out a transaction there I succeeded just once, to post a card to Australia. The extended opening hours remained a pipe dream, ("we're trying to work towards it", said the manager) the computer crashed and "there's no-one who knows how to do that" were reasons for the three unsuccessful attempts. The post office in Datchet is now closed for the second time in three years. The one in London Road Langley closed months ago and there's no sign of a replacement. So now residents of Eton have the choice of Windsor, Eton Wick or Slough High Street. None of them far but only Windsor is walking distance and only that for the very fit. Public transport thin on the ground and parking a nightmare everywhere. Not happy!
  12. AnneMarriott

    I have a dilemna with a friend. What would you do?

    As far as punctuation is concerned, it may be that your friend's keyboard has the apostrophe on a different page from the comma. She may use the comma to avoid the inconvenience of navigating between pages. Is that the only punctuation error? Or does she use a comma where there should be a full stop or put an apostrophe before the 's' in a plural? 'are' instead of 'our' sounds like a different matter - more a question of mentally "speaking" what she is writing. Whether you should speak to her about this is a tricky question, but I'm a bit surprised that the education authorities are not overseeing this home schooling to ensure that the educator is suitably equipped to do the job.
  13. AnneMarriott

    RB Swan Lake stalls circle standing wanted

    Saturday 2 June SCS D3 any good?
  14. AnneMarriott

    RB Swan Lake Summer 2018

    Apologies - I was logged in as a Friend and forgot public booking wasn't yet open. And all the SCS tickets disappeared pretty quickly in any case. Hope you are lucky on April 4th!
  15. A tiny sprinkling of Stalls Circle Standing tickets have appeared on the ROH website for some dates, mostly Osipova/Ball. Other lower-priced tickets tickets also available.