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  1. Indeed, but as has been aired on this forum before, it's not the way someone thinks but the way it's expressed that counts.
  2. OK but perhaps sometimes the vehement reaction is disproportionate to the unintentional offence caused? (Puts on tin hat).
  3. You've lost me - which post are you responding to please, so I can look back at it?
  4. Yes, I remember it well! Incidentally we were very lucky with trains - via Reading, all connections on time and with booked seats for added comfort, all for £19.75 return (with senior rail cards).
  5. Yesterday's matinee at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton was well attended and very much appreciated by the audience, although there were a few sharp intakes of breath at some of the more bawdy moments from the largely mature members, not least the grandmother escorting her little grandson in the seats in front of us. I had forgotten how colourful the women's costumes were and this time I found them a little distracting, but otherwise I quite like the designs. The beggars were excellent and I found their antics entertaining for the first time in ages, and how nice to see Three Gentlemen who could take off and land in unison while still portraying recognisable personalities. James Streeter's vile gaoler was just as vile as I remember (I'll never forget Louise Levene's take on his notorious simulated oral rape: "Most gaolers make do with a modest clench of the buttocks. James Streeter's satisfaction was so complete that it's a wonder he didn't lie down and light up a cigarette.") The orchestra was on fine form - lovely to hear the brass sounding accurate and enthusiastic. Several debuts, not least Lescaut's Mistress (Jung ah Choi) very fetching and obviously a girl who is happy in her work, and Emma Hawes as Manon - mischievous, winning and seductive, which made her ultimate downfall all the more poignant. But I confess that the main reason for making the journey to Southampton was to see Rupert Pennefather, on stage again for his debut as Des Grieux with ENB. Well, he hasn't lost his beautiful line, his fine technique or his secure and courteous partnering. He was never rated as the world's greatest actor, but he convinced me as Des Grieux and I found his sorrow and despair at the end really very moving. I don't know what he's been up to since he left the Royal Ballet, but it hasn't done him any harm.
  6. AnneMarriott

    New book: "Darcey Bussell Evolved"

    Thanks for this - I wasn't planning to buy it but now it's on my Christmas request list!
  7. AnneMarriott

    Room 101

    I knew there was a reason why I liked Sauvignon blanc ...
  8. AnneMarriott

    Room 101

    Aha! Yep, that's the white cells. Things have often moved on since my nursing days! 1.5 litres is a huge amount - I think any reasonable cat would bite anyone with or without a catheter in their hand.
  9. AnneMarriott

    Room 101

    Thanks, Jane. That's a good idea. As a former nurse I know what's normal in human urine but have never thought about cats' urine in that way. A dipstick would show up blood and protein, as well as glucose and bile products but not white blood cells so I've no idea what test the surgery did on the original sample. Incidentally I think anyone trying to catheterise a cat without a general anaesthetic deserves to be bitten!
  10. AnneMarriott

    Room 101

    Vets and their bills. Recently, after receiving two emails reminding me that my cat was due for a routine urine test (which came as news to me) I reluctantly supplied a urine sample, collected with some difficulty, and took it to the surgery. A 'phone call informed me that there were abnormal elements present, namely blood, protein and white cells, probably indicating infection. So I wrestled the poor cat into her basket and took her to the surgery for cystocentesis (taking a sterile sample straight from the bladder using a needle). No luck - she emptied her bladder in the basket and refused to refill it during the day! So the next day, wrestled her into the basket again and took her to the surgery from where she was due to be transported to the main branch for cystocentesis under ultrasound. Surprise, surprise, they were able to get the sample at the surgery, so no transport or ultrasound required. Today a 'phone call from the surgery announced that there were no abnormalities with the urine. No infection, no kidney problems and no presence of stones. Although there's a certain amount of relief that I won't have to try to get antibiotic tablets down her or switch to a (highly expensive) prescription diet, I feel aggrieved, not least at the the £200+ bill.
  11. Well let us all hope that the hundreds of passers-by enticed into the Opera House by the prospect of coffee and tomatoes on toast really are inspired to book for a ballet or opera; but let them beware of falling sufficiently in love with the art forms to become part of the hard core of regulars. They may then find that the open-arms welcome is short-lived.
  12. AnneMarriott

    For sale Mayerling Saturday 20 October

    This ticket has now been sold. Thank you.
  13. AnneMarriott

    For sale Mayerling Saturday 20 October

    This ticket has now been sold. Thanks. No problem!
  14. Stalls Circle seat C36. Classed as restricted view, but in my experience the view is fine! £37.00. Cast change: Ball now replaces Hirano as Rudolf. This is an actual ticket, not an eTicket so I would have to post it. Anyone interested, please send me your full name and address and I'll post it first class.