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  1. In the 1950s my high school class was joined by a girl from an Air Force family who had spent some years in Germany. Despite all efforts to dissuade her, she persisted in leaping to her feet and bob-curtseying when addressed by a mistress in class. We made her life rather difficult, I confess.
  2. Saw it on Friday. Nice programme - Polish Pieces (music by Gorecki) and Andante (Mozart) by Van Manen plus Kylian's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Mahler) in the first half and Nils Christe's Cantus (Arvo Part) after the interval. The only piece I had seen before was Andante and I had never seen anything by Nils Christe so it was all quite novel. The first half was long - especially since there were quite lengthy pauses between pieces, for costume change and a breather for the dancers in the small company, Introdans - but it didn't drag. Excellent dancers. I have always enjoyed Van Manen's work and this programme certainly didn't change my mind, but as a hardened non-fan of Kylian I was rather dreading his piece. In the event I surprised myself by enjoying the choreography despite German song cycles being a pet musical hate and if all Christe's work is like Cantus I should certainly be in the queue for tickets again. Highly recommended.
  3. Ticket now spoken for by Clara_f. It's yours, Claire. I've sent you a message.
  4. Thanks to a careless duplicate booking I can no longer use the above ticket. Stalls Circle Standing D2 £10 - not the best view and unsuitable for those of short stature for those unfamiliar with this position. Cast: Naghdi/Sambe/Ball/Stix Brunell. It's an actual ticket, not a virtual one, so anyone interested please message me with full name and address for posting.
  5. Christopher Bruce CBE, Mark Baldwin OBE and Didy Veldman in conversation with Amanda Britton, Principal and Artistic Director of the Rambert School, at the South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell. The conversation will include experience of working with Marie Rambert. Berkshire County Dance Company Youth will perform a short piece choregraphed by Dane Hurst during the evening. Tickets £20.
  6. I'm sill chuckling an hour after reading this. The music actually reminded me of the sustained high-pitched drone of the massed pipes of the Scottish regiments before the chanter comes into play, endlessly extended. But then I hadn't read the programme notes and the piece actually convinced me it was about some men trapped in the lowest level of an underground car park gradually becoming overcome by exhaust fumes - unfair of course because from seat BB1 I could only see a fraction of the action.
  7. I sat in BB1 - Left Side Stalls. Not only was there at best a one-third to half view of the stage, but a column divided that poor view into two parts, a sliver to the left, in which I spotted the odd hand or foot, and the rest to the right. I could not see any of the back of the stage so if I hadn't had sight of a programme I would have had no idea of what piece I was seeing - others had the benefit of a back-projected title with names of choreographer and composer. BB2 and BB3 can't be much better and assume the same is true for the matching seats on the opposite of the auditorium. The view from AA1 is not obstructed by the column but of course I can't say how much of the left-hand side or the back of the stage is visible from there. I would never book BB1 ( or 2 or 3 for that matter) again even if I were desperate to see a programme and nothing else were available.
  8. Yesterday evening we went to an Italian restaurant in Old Windsor that we hadn't tried before. Small, unpretentious and busy, with four attentive waiters on duty. There was a large party of young women celebrating a birthday - helium balloon and bunting etc - and out came a parade of waiters, one leading with a birthday cake with candles and one carrying a trumpet. "Oh dear", I thought. But he played Happy Birthday (admittedly not a demanding piece of music) so well that the entire restaurant burst into applause. A silly moment, perhaps, but rather life-enhancing.
  9. Yes, we booked for Zamora too - it was her debut. Very confusing when Sandra Madgwick popped out for the balcony scene, with her blonde hair in a ponytail. Nothing against Sandra, of course - lovely dancer - but we were terribly disappointed about and for Zamora.
  10. The relentless perkiness of delivery people. Smiling youth at 8.10 am : "Hello there and how are you today?" Me: "Fine, thanks". Broadly grinning youth: " How has your morning been?" Me: "Well so far so good but it's early yet". And while on the subject of relentless perkiness, how about this? Email in response to an online purchase: " Thanks, Anne, you're awesome". Me: (thinks) "No I'm not, I've merely ordered some wild bird food". Perhaps the Christmas spirit hasn't hit me yet ... (Sorry - I meant to post in Room 101.)
  11. I've had an email reminding me that I'm attending the first night on Tuesday 18th December. It says "for running times, refer to the website." I have - and I'm none the wiser!
  12. Absolutely - and I have been disappointed in the past to find that the view of the stage with the curtains open is nothing like as good as I expected from the "closed curtain" picture! Relative bargains are subjective, but if you like Stalls Circle, C36 and C77, classed as restricted view because of a pillar, are brilliant - no craning required - and far cheaper than the seats either side. Others will have more to say about balcony and amphi, I'm sure.
  13. Yes, I remember it well! Incidentally we were very lucky with trains - via Reading, all connections on time and with booked seats for added comfort, all for £19.75 return (with senior rail cards).
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