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  1. glissade

    Dance physio

    I hadn't seen it before - thanks for the link 🙂
  2. I can't get the vimeo link to work at all, either by copying and pasting or trimming ... but I think this is the same video on Youtube (?) -
  3. Yvonnep ... the link https://vimeo.com/138445109 didn't work for me. Did I get it wrong? Would love to watch it!
  4. glissade

    When to go for associates?

    It is possible to get anywhere doing anything. And nowhere doing everything. There are no guarantees. If 'dance' is a 1mx1m square, then your chances of securing a permanent contract in a classical ballet company are perhaps a 1cmx1cm square within it. And that's before you look globally. I seriously wouldn't worry too much at this point of your journey. Just enjoy the ride.
  5. glissade

    Oliver’s story

    Just wondering if Carly Jones might be able to help? Website with contact info at http://britishautismadvocate.simpl.com [edit to add - I know the focus of her work is on autism in women and girls, but she has a lot of advocacy experience]
  6. Nicola, if you knew that Arucaria is still only a teenager, then your comment shows an outstanding lack of moral kindness and empathy. To accuse a child of this is abusive in the extreme. If you didn't know Arucaria's age when you wrote this comment, then your readiness to attack a stranger is disturbing and bordering on sociopathic.
  7. glissade

    When to go for associates?

    It is certainly a journey, yes - but it might be more helpful to think of it as a journey to an unknown destination ...... Enjoy the sights, but be prepared to explore every diversion, every potential change of track and every other holiday brochure along the way. Above all, don't drive if tired and watch out for travel sickness.
  8. glissade

    Opinions on Ballet Boost Associates?

    The organisational problems in Devon don't have anything to do with BBA - it's the centre that has been double-booking etc. All BBA classes have been run, even when the venue has needed to be changed (apart from when unavoidable because of the snow) and the teaching is exceptional!
  9. glissade

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    When it comes down to it, RAD results are only a snapshot of a particular child on a particular day. My daughter is 12 and has passed both her RAD Grade 7 and RAD Intermediate exams with distinction (I can't remember the exact marks but both were in the 80s). Whilst obviously nice to know, it says more about the quality of the teaching and the opportunities she has had than it does about her absolute ability in relation to any other 12 year-old in the country.
  10. I honestly don't think it matters a jot. They're more interested in what the feet look like without anything on at all than they are in what's covering them. Perhaps just make sure that whichever shoes she wears aren't too smelly as they have to take them off!
  11. glissade

    Coping with disappointment

    Handy quote from The Good Place: "I wasn't a failed DJ - I was pre-successful"
  12. glissade

    Additional needs/special consideration.

    As you said in your post, being on the autistic spectrum will make your son very socially vulnerable .... which I believe is the most important part of your dilemma. If you are up front about his additional needs, then all adults working with him will be aware of how he may need extra support in peer group contexts, as well as in academic contexts. Personally, I would put his emotional wellbeing first and let RBS know how they can help him to shine :-)
  13. glissade

    RAD Grade 4 Exam - etiquette advice please

    For a tongue-in-cheek version of exam etiquette .... https://youtu.be/cQskb7Ug-n4
  14. glissade

    Looking for a copy of the film Polina

    I bought it from amazon.fr https://www.amazon.fr/gp/aw/d/B01N2VY9B2/