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  1. Additional needs/special consideration.

    As you said in your post, being on the autistic spectrum will make your son very socially vulnerable .... which I believe is the most important part of your dilemma. If you are up front about his additional needs, then all adults working with him will be aware of how he may need extra support in peer group contexts, as well as in academic contexts. Personally, I would put his emotional wellbeing first and let RBS know how they can help him to shine :-)
  2. RAD Grade 4 Exam - etiquette advice please

    For a tongue-in-cheek version of exam etiquette .... https://youtu.be/cQskb7Ug-n4
  3. Looking for a copy of the film Polina

    I bought it from amazon.fr https://www.amazon.fr/gp/aw/d/B01N2VY9B2/
  4. Sourcing Ballet Music

    If you search for 'fete de ballet bonynge' in Google Play Music, you can buy track 1 of Disc 9 for £1.99. The tambourine bit is at 6.44 .... perhaps you could cut it from the whole track? Edited to add: the CD is called 'Fete du Ballet', but Google Play Music only seems to find it if you search for 'fete DE ballet' .... !
  5. Just to suggest a wider perspective that face and hairline spots (at least in my experience of having daughters!) are often signs of the beginnings of puberty/menstruation .....
  6. Questions about Upper School auditions

    I can't imagine that it woud have any effect whatsoever either way ..... but the belts are always too large for my daughter, so I cut them to size and sew them together again. I have zero talent in sewing, but it seems to work!
  7. Olivia Cowley's make up recommendations

    It's a shame that 'busking' isn't always so recognised on this forum! Puts me in mind of Joshua Bell - https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/pearls-before-breakfast-can-one-of-the-nations-great-musicians-cut-through-the-fog-of-a-dc-rush-hour-lets-find-out/2014/09/23/8a6d46da-4331-11e4-b47c-f5889e061e5f_story.html
  8. Cecchetti and RAD??

    In my experience, it's always a good idea to be honest with your current teacher - I always 'request permission' for my daughter to have a lesson with someone else. It's never been refused so perhaps we're lucky, but still .... it would open up interesting discussion if her teacher ever did say she wasn't happy with the idea.
  9. New to the ballet world and have some questions.

    It's funny, but a lot of your concerns are also raised in a previous thread. It might be an interesting read for you .....
  10. Pointe Shoe Prep Question!

    My daughter dances with them as they come .... no darning or sticky things or anything. She trims the satin when it frays.
  11. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    I should also add that the tracksuit bottoms leave navy fluff all over tights and socks, even after multiple washings! That's why my daughter prefers leggings.
  12. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    As far as I'm aware (well, my daughter certainly hasn't been told otherwise in the 3 years she's been an RBS associate!) the tracksuit is entirely optional. My daughter usually wears black leggings and a bright red t-shirt over her leotard. Her t-shirt even has 'RAD Associates" printed on it!!
  13. RAD grade 5

    Target dates for RAD Exam results are here: https://www.rad.org.uk/achieve/exams/more-information/exam-dates In my experience, the results usually arrive a day or two before their target date. Hope that helps!
  14. Loop resistance bands

    Many thanks, trog! That's exactly the info I needed
  15. Loop resistance bands

    Thanks - it's just very helpful to know that she shouldn't be expecting to be able to use it as per the images on Google. And that she shouldn't be disappointed with herself for not being able to use it as per the images on Google.