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  1. dancefanatic

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    My DD is auditioning next week in Bath for year 4. Think she will breeze through it on the day but I'm nervous about how she'll do, what the panel and teacher will make of her having had her elder sister successfully audition for Y6 JAs a few years ago in Bath etc. And then the inevitable 2+ week wait for results! Will have to put it completely out of my mind and try to concentrate on other things!
  2. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst year 9

    Absolutely! I thought DancingShoes might be able to help 🙂
  3. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst year 9

    You’re welcome
  4. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst year 9

    Thanks and yes, my DD is currently Y9. In turn, I found other mums really helpful when doing my rushing around! There is probably a private FB parents page set up for your year which you will also find useful. Unfortunately I don’t know any of the parents outside my DD’s year so can’t point you in the right direction. But think they’ll be someone who can!
  5. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst year 9

    Unfortunately we didn’t get to do an induction day as my DD’s place came after summer school 😞 I have a feeling Dancing Boutique didn’t attend last year’s induction though think they have in previous years. There is a closed second hand uniform group on Facebook as find most of the formal uniform is passed along as worn so infrequently! The bits I bought new I did over the phone with DB (I had 3 weeks to get it all ready in!).
  6. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst year 9

    The current Y9 are doing Advanced Foundation but I know they go up to Adv1&2 plus Solo Seal so don’t worry on that score. I know of girls who joined in Y7 at a higher level than their class mates so they went to the higher level class with other year groups. My DD hadn’t done any RAD when she joined in Y8 but was allowed to move up with the rest of her year group that Christmas even though she hadn’t done the Intermediate exam - being new she didn’t want to do class with the Y7 as she felt out of place anyway having joined at half term etc. So I feel sure Ms Whiteman will put your DD in the class she’s already working at. Just let the school know your concerns. I’m not sure what the difference in the two classes as I understand Advanced Foundation is a new class in the RAD syllabus anyway...
  7. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst year 9

    Yes it will. She will be put with the appropriate group as RAD classes are not run by year group if that makes sense. And question away! There are a few Elmhurst parents on here and we’re all happy to help as wasn’t that long ago we were in your shoes.
  8. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst year 9

    Congrats to your DD. The normal Y9 timetable includes 2 hours ballet Mon-Fri, 4 hours academics every day plus a further 2 hours dance Mon-Tues. Friday afternoons they have enrichment time & non-leave out weekends RAD class on Saturday mornings. Classes start 8:30 and finish around 6pm except for Fridays when they finish at 2:45 for leave out weekends or 5pm otherwise. Hope this helps.
  9. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst young dancers audition

    We’ll see you there BalletShoes5 as my DD has a Y4 place! Congrats to your DD too
  10. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst young dancers audition

    Thanks Tatasmum and I'm sorry your DD had a No but equally pleased that she's taken it well. As we all know, No's are more the norm and really only mean not yet. Good luck for the rest of the journey!
  11. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst young dancers audition

    Results from last Saturday’s auditions are filtering out. Amazed that my younger DD has been offered a place, particularly as I felt she is rather young & perhaps not ready yet! But what do us parents know? Do hope there’s more good news for forum DC coming out
  12. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst young dancers audition

    My younger DD also auditioned yesterday. She’s 7 and first ever audition. Super proud of her as she went off happily with the rest of her group and came back still happy. Like your DD Tatasmum she thought the session was only about 25 minutes, certainly not longer than her usual class length! She’s now anxious for the results whereas I am in denial about them. Just hoping she’s done well but also not sure following her elder sister’s path is what she really wants, even though she says it is. Oh well, time will tell. Just happy to see Elmhurst showed their usual level of warmth & care to the little ones that i’ve seen at vocational level auditions & summer school in the past.
  13. dancefanatic

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Elmhurst senior summer school emails are on their way for all those waiting.
  14. dancefanatic

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    My DD got a straight No from Y7 & Y8 finals, only to be offered a Y8 place from summer school at Elmhurst - she’s now Y9. So yes it definitely does happen. Sorry, meant to quote Balletboy3’s post!
  15. dancefanatic

    Artistic Directors (of schools)

    Moneypenny I do agree but an AD forging connections with worldwide companies does, provided he/she also spends sufficient time within the school with all the students to ensure their training meets, if not exceeds, industry standards/requirements/etc, will help graduates as ADs from the companies will have a good knowledge of the school and the standard of its training. I feel a good AD needs to do a bit of both, external promoting plus internal promoting/encouragement and so on. An AD who is completely inwardly focused on a school and students with no industry connections is not serving his prospective graduates well. Likewise an AD who is completely outward forcusing to the detriment of the school's students and graduates is not serving the school's best interests either. An interesting conundrum really. Glad I don't have to do it!