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  1. dancefanatic

    Audition leotards/What to wear

    My DD’s RBS JA teacher told her class not to wear their JA uniform as she felt it was particularly unflattering, plus she said the panel knew which candidates were associates anyway. Her preference was an Arabesque Carla leotard it any other high legged one in a colour that suited child. She’s in her third year at Elmhurst now.
  2. dancefanatic


    Thank you Arucaria, much appreciated. Sounds like it should fit my DD then, she'll be happy 🙂
  3. dancefanatic


    Hi Tops, Is the leotard still available? I've just shown it to my 14 year old and she would love it if it is. She's a petite 14, wearing a Ladies size 4 - do you think it would fit her? She does wear a C3/large child in her school leo and, if wearing an adult size, we tend to go for XXS but I'm not familiar with Degas' sizing! Thanks,
  4. dancefanatic

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    Re the Elmhurst dancer in blue body stocking, I watched the summer show this year a couple of times and it was definitely the costume that was pulled down over the shoes (during the course of the piece some costumes rose up over the shoes a little so you could see the normal pink pointe shoe underneath). Was effective though.
  5. dancefanatic

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    Elmhurst auditions usually start in early November & I would expect dates/forms etc to go up in early Sept once term starts again. Most if not all who apply get an audition at both Elmhurst & WL. Think WL closing date is usually late October with auditions starting in early Jan.
  6. dancefanatic

    When to go for associates?

    Yes Elmhurst does. Year 4 up to year 11 I think (on the Extended Assocs as well as the Young Dancer)
  7. dancefanatic

    Ballet skirts

    Thank you Jan ☺️. I'll get that sorted now as I had a feeling I needed to do something like that.
  8. dancefanatic

    Ballet skirts

    I also make chiffon ballet skirts to order (Gloriosa Tutus on instagram) and have been thinking of making something similar to the bullet pointe design in as much as a short chiffon circle skirt on an elastic waistband with the dipped hem as I quite like doing a skirt with a difference. I’ll try to get a prototype up online this week for those interested.
  9. dancefanatic

    Oliver’s story

    I, too, am so sorry to read this and have happily signed the petition. I really hope it helps make both the Governmwnt and, more importantly, doctors and consultants be more responsible of their actions and caring of their individual patients.
  10. dancefanatic

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Thanks Hazel. And yes, she auditioned in Bath.
  11. dancefanatic

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Bath results are filtering out. It’s a No for my DD but that’s a relief as we’d already accepted her place at Elmhurst Associates and didn’t want to be having to make a choice. She also got her Grade 1 ballet exam result at the weekend - her first Distinction - so we’re already super proud of her. Hope there are some yes’s for Bath on their way. Simply fab teacher there who taught my elder DD who loved her classes so much.
  12. dancefanatic


    No idea but they had a minor flood again only a couple of months ago so personally I think it probable!! I was only driving along Pershore Road on Friday afternoon and couldn’t believe the photos I saw yesterday.
  13. dancefanatic

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Mr Annear said results will be out by early July unless they get a chance to look at things over half term, in which case late June. Best to try and forget about them as the time really will drag otherwise. My younger DD was there this afternoon & really enjoyed the class. Managed to avoid seeing all the ‘bendiness’ thanks to being later arriving than planned (over- turned car with caravan on the M4) but really don’t let that worry you. My elder DD auditioned four years ago & came out saying she wouldn’t get a place as she couldn’t do the splits whilst others could. A couple of weeks later she was offered a Y6 place and is ending her second year at vocational school. The bendiest DC may not have the elusive factor that RBS are looking for and JAs really is about potential plus aptitude for their style of training. Big well done to all those DC auditioning as you’ve had a fab day out doing class with an exceptional teacher and hopefully made some fantastic memories.
  14. dancefanatic

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    My DD is auditioning next week in Bath for year 4. Think she will breeze through it on the day but I'm nervous about how she'll do, what the panel and teacher will make of her having had her elder sister successfully audition for Y6 JAs a few years ago in Bath etc. And then the inevitable 2+ week wait for results! Will have to put it completely out of my mind and try to concentrate on other things!
  15. dancefanatic

    Elmhurst year 9

    Absolutely! I thought DancingShoes might be able to help 🙂