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  1. Recommendations for foot stretchers

    I found out from my elder DD (at vocational school) that she'd used one of her class mate's a few times as I refused to get her one. When I told her a few of the things learned from Lisa Howell's blog that particularly apply to my DD who has hypermobile joints, with a particular weakness in her ankles, she has finally seen that she's better off just working with her theraband. She's also going to talk to staff at her school for more advanced exercises to help strengthen her ankles and even admitted that she now wonders if the recent level of weakness in her right ankle might be due to overstretching ligaments when using the foot stretcher! As she's also had those wonderful (but horrible) banana feet since she was tiny, I don't think she needs a stretcher for her feet anyway! So thanks to all for the advice and links, really helpful
  2. Ballet Summer Schools End of August

    Elmhurst Junior SS is usually in late August for 11-13 year olds. Not sure if that is too young for your needs though.
  3. Questions about Lower School auditions

    My DD was one of those who didn’t get WL finals in Y7 and waiting list for MAs. She got an MA place offered in the June and then WL Y8 finals the following year. So don’t give up just yet, lots happens once all the finals take place, subsequent offers & acceptances. Good luck to all.
  4. Has anyone tried any other dance styles?

    I used to do Scottish country dancing when I lived in London some years back - joined the Wandsworth Reels Society. You should find similar for adults in most towns & cities across the UK though so don’t need to go to children’s classes.
  5. What is a 3/4 Shank Pointe Shoe?

    You can buy pointes with shorter shanks as my DD wears them. She naturally has very flexible feet that make that banana shape curve when pointed which results in a lot of extra fabric bunching on her heels. The 3/4 shank lessons the bunching, if that makes sense.
  6. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    My DD auditioned last year (2016). She turned 12 in the June, auditioned a month later almost to the day. I expected her to be put in with the Senior group, particularly as she was also at the end of her first year as an RBS MA but Miss Lewis put her in the Junior group. One of the other girls from her MAs class auditioned, same year as my DD but birthday at the beginning of the academic year, and she was put in with Seniors. Both girls were pulled out for the scholarship group although neither were awarded one. I also felt that the parts were allocated on casting day irrespective of who won a scholarship or which group they auditioned in, as my DD got two lovely duet/feature parts in Sleeping Beauty and her MA friend got one of Aurora's friends. But if you're still unsure, I'd suggest you include a letter to Miss Lewis with your concerns and see what she comes back with.
  7. Daughter in wrong class?

    My younger DD has done the opposite in that she’s moved from IDTA to ISTD for both ballet & tap. She had completed her IDTA Primary exams in the June, just before her 6th birthday and started at the new school the following September, going into Grade 1 for both. She was then entered for her Tap Grade 1 exam in March, going into Grade 2 in April. She is now 7trs 4mths and Grade 1 still for ballet, Grade 2 for tap and the youngest in her tap class & spent all of last year as the youngest in her ballet class. I was told by her previous teacher that Grade 1 takes longer to learn/master than the primary grades and certainly my elder DD was in Grade 2 IDTA when she started RBS JAs in year 6 (she’s now at vocational school). So I would say your DD is probably fine where she is.
  8. RBS applications

    Also the holiday schools are selected purely against the photos. Associate & full-time places require attending a preliminary audition in the first instance.
  9. New school year

    Happymum I've been thinking of you and wondering how you are. Big hugs are all I can send at this point. I know it will be hard but look forward to DS's extra weekend home this month that our girls won't get. And do lots of salsa!! Xx
  10. Hair products that work but don't irritate the scalp?

    I sent my DD off to vocational school last year with the gel spray as not allowed spreay only to find she doesn't use it unless they are doing a show or something. She just wets her hair down when she puts it into a high pony tail every morning but used two hairbands on it and then just does the hairpins and bun net before ballet classe. So I'd suggest sending you DD with gel spray anyway and maybe also practice putting it in a ponytail when dampened a little.
  11. The Hammond - success!

    Congratulations! What a fantastic call to receive and an amazing opportunity.
  12. WANTED Elmhurst formal uniform for girls

    Have you joined the Elmhurst Ballet School Uniform Buy and Sell page on Facebook as you might get more response there?
  13. Questions about Upper School auditions

    My Dd's JA/MA teacher is a fan of the Carla Arabesque Leo, although with the straps shortens & some of the front ruching removed. Beautifully high legged which helps make those with the long legs short bodies have incredibly long legs & those that don't look longer legged. She hated the children to wear their associate Leos as she suits the panel know who they are already.
  14. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Schools are odd. My DD got a Y6 JA place and, because a younger child failed to get a Y5 place, my DD's achievement wasn't acknowledged publicly within the school at all in case the other girl was upset by it. Now I understand that but was upset on my child's behalf that nothing was made of her success. Still feel that way now as her dance teacher also has never publicly congratulated her on any of her achievements but shouts out about other girls (my DD is her only former student who made it to a vocational school & got got an IDTA Ballet Theatre Awards nomination, as well as MAs, finals at WL & Elmhurst etc, not that I'm at all bitter about it). My DD doesncare as she's where she wants to be & is loving it!! Just make the most of her achievements yourself as you have every right to be proud of her. And we'll all join in too!
  15. Changing dance school

    Also, the vocational schools tend to offer 2 hours ballet Monday through to Friday, plus an additional 2 hours dance Monday to Thursday (this will include pointe, tap, contemporary, jazz etc). My DD goes to Elmhurst who offer a further 1.5 to 2 hours RAD class on a Saturday. Nothing on a Sunday. And Friday afternoons they have 2 hours enrichment instead of dance were they have a number of things offered over the course of a term from makeup, nutrition, circus skills, swiming and other more normal PE options. As others have said, it really is important to ensure your DD has rest time as well as time to do homework and catch up with her friends to do more normal teenager activities. It really is more about quality of teaching rather than quantity. Good luck to your DD, she sounds very determined which can only be a good thing.