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  1. valentina

    Height for girls in Year 11 - restricted?

    If it’s any help, there is a HUGE range of height difference in the year groups at White Lodge (13-15 yrs) from extremely teeny weeny to extremely tall. At that age there is still time for growth though so don’t think it’s very helpful to you.
  2. valentina

    ENBS 2019 Summer School

    Sorry, just to add - there is some quite advanced pointe work during the course. My daughter is the same age and found it challenged her at times despite having been on pointe for 2 yrs and at vocational school.
  3. valentina

    ENBS 2019 Summer School

    You will really need to speak to the teaching staff regarding the pointe work. They may be willing to let her do the more basic exercises at the barre but not the centre work. I am sure, once you manage to make contact, they will be willing to assess on the first couple of days. I have always found it easier to make contact by phone and ask for Colette Murray. Whatever answer you get, I would also remind them at registration on the first day of the course so that everyone is quite sure of what is happening.
  4. valentina

    Unqualified teachers

    Even if you have been through a full training at RBS and followed through with a career in a company, it doesn’t mean you will be a great teacher. Being a good teacher takes specialty teacher training and that special ‘gift’ of teaching which many dancers simply don’t have.
  5. valentina

    Royal Ballet Associates starting in Dundee

    About time too!!
  6. valentina

    Unqualified teachers

    Found this article very confusing! Have always believed that teachers who use unqualified students to teach the youngest students are making a huge mistake as those tiny tots are the most challenging in many ways. However, teachers in the article are complaining that they have received young children who have little or no technique due to being taught by unqualified students.This is completely contradictory! Young children should not be trying to master technique! Developing musicality, storytelling through movement and a sense of poise is the way to go with small dancers. It is not until a child is around 8yrs old that their brain maturity can begin to understand the complex nature of the classical technique.
  7. valentina

    Elmhurst tomorrow ? (8th January 2019)

    Totally agree with Tutugirl. The classical tuition is very good indeed. Both boys and girls, over the years have been accepted into RBS upper school and ENB. Both winners of Phyllis Bedells last year were from Tring.
  8. It really depends on the QUALITY of training your Dd receives from her local dance school rather than the quantity. Are there lots of older students at her school who are doing very well in exams/ associate schemes? I remember reading a few years ago about a girl in UK who got a place at RBS upper school ( incredible achievement) by taking private lessons each night. It was, however, with a world renowned teacher. You would also need reassurance that more lessons/ private lessons could be added as time went on. Associates, whoever they’re with, are always just a compliment to weekly lessons. DSS do their training after school and finish late. The difference then is that the academic homework is tailored to the training. Does your Dd manage the homework easily or does she struggle to fit it all in? The homework only gets heavier the older they get. Also, there is no wasted time travelling to and from classes. The big plus for opting for SB must surely be that she comes home every night and all the benefits that has!
  9. valentina

    Tips for Tring dance prelims

    Tring is a very happy, vibrant school. The accommodation is not the best, but with the new building work taking place, should improve. Academics are good with lots of enthusiastic teachers. Good Luck!
  10. valentina

    Tips for Tring dance prelims

    Sorry, forgot to mention a short jazz/ stretching class after the ballet.
  11. valentina

    Tips for Tring dance prelims

    Be nicely groomed. Miss Rist is a stickler for clean shoes and neat hair. There’s a short talk by the Directors. Then a tour of the school. Miss Rist usually speaks to each dancer individually about where they have traveled from and how many classes they do. Ballet class, solo ( you can add a skirt or belt to your ballet leotard), lunch - the food is good at Tring, then short academic test done on computer. It’s a lovely day and the dancers all come out smiling.
  12. Not sure why they put so many on wait list when so few places actually become available. But even if a place doesn’t materialise it does mean that they are still interested and your photos will be recorded for future auditions/ intensives. As we’ve heard before on this forum, dancers have been turned down for summer school and gone on to get a full time place at White Lodge or been lucky with future intensives.
  13. valentina

    Counting music when dancing

    If you can download some ‘ music for ballet class’ from i tunes, it will usually tell you if a piece is 2/4, 4/4 12/8. etc. By listening to the music over and over, you will get to familiarise yourself with the different time signatures and the phrasing and style. You could also check out some classes on ‘ you tube ‘ such as Royal Ballet on World Ballet Day and notice how the teacher counts through the exercises. Usually, dancers count in threes for time signatures with multiples of 3’s - 3/4, 6/8,12/8. So, 1&a 2&a 3&a... up to 8&a, It makes a nice continuous feeling like little circles if you do them with your finger. The heavy beat is usually the 1st beat of the bar( but that can sometimes change depending) For 2/4, 4/4 - dancers would count 1&2&3&4... up to 8. It is a more decisive beat and can best be described by moving your finger straight up and down in a straight line. Apologies for the very basic explanation but it’s a very complex question!! The counting usually becomes intrinsic to the dancer, but is more conscious for the teacher/ choreographer. You may not be interested in ballet, but it’s a good place to start as all styles follow a similar pattern.
  14. valentina

    Adding emotion to a solo

    I don’t know how old you are, Aixsta, but just thinking in terms of sad and happy ( smile or no smile) is fairly bland and won’t necessarily bring maturity to the piece. Sadness and happiness are made up of many emotions, so by researching what these actually are and what they mean to you personally, and through the words and music, will bring a greater depth and emotion. Goid Luck.
  15. My Dd got a place at Summer School from wait list. Email came at the end of May.