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  1. Ballet West' s Winter Tour

    Great review Jane - I’ll be in Glasgow too - looking forward to it! Any other Ballet Forum members going to be there?
  2. Deciding whether to apply for RBS junior associates

    I can sense from your posts you are frustrated proballetdancer but please have patience with many of us as this ‘ballet world’ is like another planet so we are still adapting to the new ‘landscape’! Getting selected into WL and having a rich and varied dance career are two separate things. The former does not guarantee the latter. WL may assist you with an easier passage to US and the RB company that’s for sure. There are beautiful and talented dancers training in the UK right now who may never have been selected into WL when they were younger just as there are dancers who did get selected who are no longer in training and have left ballet all together. It is a tough road but no one should give up before they have begun just because they didn’t get into WL.
  3. Balletdadblog

    Sorry Nicola H but I was inferring more around knowledge and skills rather than qualifications per se. My job at a Russell group institution is to support new academic staff be better teaching practitioners. They cannot seek promotion until they engage with this. I want to know what pedagogy around learning and how to create learning environment for learning to flourish is taught to 'qualified' ballet teachers. I know that ex-dancers are recruited for their dancing excellence. Getting the piece of paper or qualification is just the entry to the room really... just seeking information really...
  4. Balletdadblog

    I would like to know how much formal teaching training is required of ballet teachers in vocational school. I know that these 'experts' are wanted for their ballet knowledge but is there a requirement that they have knowledge of how learners learn and be aware of relevant learning and teaching theories. Also, how are the evaluated? Do students provide feedback on their teaching effectiveness? At least the university sector has got onto this and is making progress. Perhaps some of the vocational schools fall through the cracks depending on which organisation oversees them (OFSTED, QAA or other).
  5. Balletdadblog

    I thought the teacher in question was not a native speaker of English and even though they may have lived in the UK a long time may have learnt English informally and as an adult. The nuances of 'I love you' may not have been fully understood. I worked a lot with adult migrant and refugees teaching English in my 20s and 30s and I worked with extremely skilled men in particular who felt like a child and quite foolish when speaking in English as they were learning it as an adult. I know it was not the best word choice but perhaps their intention was not how it has been construed. Maybe this teacher learnt English listening to the Beatles? I am not excusing the teacher at all however, I think that if the teacher, the child and the family had sat down and talked about this we might have got more information from all of those involved and the teacher would have had an English lesson in the process.
  6. UCAS Tariff Points

    I attended dd’s school HE fair this week and asked each advisor about this exact question, in light of this thread. Each university has their own take on it and with the new A level and GCSE landscape they are looking at a range of options to address ‘widening participation’ so there is no one answer. One point that came up from advisors from top Russell group unis was not include much in the personal statement (less than 20%) but get the school to write something in their letter especially around juggling competitive dance and school studies. It also depends what degree your are applying for and how competitive the entry requirements are. ... just read previous posts sorry for the repetition ...
  7. Full day of Classical Greek @ Milton Keynes Sunday 12th Nov - ISTD Ruby Ginner - be there or be square...
  8. A friend's daughter was at Durham at their open day recently and the tutor talking to her on the liberal arts degree was extremely interested in her classical greek dancing and wanted to know more and thought it sounded like a great hobby to have. It will become in the new edge in personal statements!
  9. Ballet West School

    When looking at your options for USs remember that all USs are not the same. Some are audited by OFSTED and others by QAA. Some are boarding school like and have been around for more than 50 years whilst others are much newer. In the case of BW as a fairly new institution (especially when it come to offering degrees)it is obviously from this thread needing to improve its pastoral care services/provisions. As someone who works in a Russell group university the services at universities are being improved all the time due to political pressure and the introduction of fees and competition. This is not something that the universities are necessarily doing voluntarily but the league table pressure means that they are having to listen. There are services but not all students use them and they will vary depending on the institution. I think what is important to think about for parents with 16 year old dc is to be wary of their readiness to take on the rigours of a full time ballet training at an US that offers a university degree as there are temptations when living independently and being away from home that will challenge them personally. The rigours of the training do not really allow for the party lifestyle. Many a dc can get involved in risky behaviour outside the classroom that will affect their performance in the classroom especially if an injury is sustained through misadventure. Having said that I am interested in finding out why the reputation of USs in the area of pastoral care does not appear to be particularly positive. Food for thought...
  10. Ballet West School

    I am sure balletjack you have got sufficient information from others on the forum around the potential costs etc. The distance can be a real issue and travelling there for performances/visits adds further costs to the 3 years so take that into account. As the mother of a current 2nd year student at BW, I am satisfied with the pastoral care. When my dd had an injury last year, staff in the office booked her an appointment with the local GP and drove her there at very short notice. She was able to rest and still attend classes and mark things out. One of the physiotherapists that goes there also contacted me personally which became a good 30 min telephone conversation about my dd injuries and this was in her own time. Each year has a student rep who goes to scheduled staff meetings so if there are issues the students need to contact their rep and tell them about it. I do think that there is room for improvement and the mental health issue (especially around dealing with injuries and rehabilitation and responding to critical feedback from teachers) are two pertinent ones. I am interested in reading Yasmine Naghdi and others such as Sarah Lamb, Darcey Bussell, Melissa Hamilton talk about their struggles as students and how they had to build up a 'resilience' in such a competitive and subjective field and move on from setbacks. Really sorry to hear All4dancers and KCoom75 that your DCs did not receive pastoral care whilst at BW, it seems like there is still work to be done in this area...as a relative 'new' higher education provider they are still developing their support systems. The QAA report is freely available on the QAA website if people are interested: http://www.qaa.ac.uk/reviews-and-reports/provider?UKPRN=10042364#. As for the ballet training, I am absolutely satisfied with the quality of the training and the range of excellent and committed dance teachers at BW that have come from a range of training backgrounds and different nationalities. I would say that for my dd BW has been an excellent choice.
  11. Anybody heard of Ajkun Ballet Theatre

    You also have to know that you can 'buy' followers. I am not sure how it works but there are ways...
  12. Anybody heard of Ajkun Ballet Theatre

    Welcome to the new world of instagram! Not sure how odd it is that a ballet company approaches dancers in training. We know an extremely talented dancer who was invited to the Adjkun summer school in Italy which he found to be hard work but fabulous. He is off to be an apprentice with them in the US very soon. What concerns me more is these dance brands who use preteens and teens to do free advertising for them by getting them to post pictures and tag them as part of an ambassador search. Very few get the ambassador role and those who don't can get confused.
  13. Genee 2017

    Thanks pas de quatre for the info. I am familiar with requirements. Though is there a time limit on how long ago you did your Adv2 exam? Or how many times you can compete in the competition?
  14. Genee 2017

    Dear all Without going into the Aussie/Brit issue which is complex I want to know if the judging panel have the following information when they are judging or is it just the number of the dancer only. Country of dancer, school attending and dance teacher's name. There are news articles currently stating that many large companies including the BBC, omitting school and university details from job applications as a way of avoiding conscious or unconscious bias. Do you think that bias has crept into the Genee? Do you think this may result in perhaps a less rich final from an artistry point of view? Do certain schools or teachers hold sway with the RAD? Your thoughts please.