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  1. Censoring Victorian art

    Well that is a very good point, and I personally think it might have been more effective to have a smaller print and explanation on the wall if they wanted a debate. However it is all over social media so I think people have accessed it in other ways, or have responded to the principle of its removal.
  2. Censoring Victorian art

    In an interview with the curator on the radio this morning she described the temporary removal and the leaving of the space on the gallery wall as an opportunity to provoke a conversation about the piece. She was wanting visitors to the gallery to leave a post-it on the empty wall with their thoughts on the picture, its subject matter, and its removal. As a counterpoint to that a 19th century historian responded that whilst the project has provoked a response it may not be a terribly helpful one in terms of a conversation about the objectification of women in art, media and society compared to curating the picture in a different context or provoking a conversation about its subject matter set against historical perspectives. Still... we are all talking about it and we wouldn't have been otherwise. I can't get too outraged about deliberate curatorial provocation though. Seems to me that if people engage with art as being relevant to them (even if they do so in a negative way) the curator may have achieved at least part of her objective.
  3. Summer School - Swan Lake - West Yorkshire

    Is there an option to do only one of the two weeks tutugirl, or is it all or nothing? Week 2 is a no go for us unfortunately.
  4. Summer school 2017

    Hi. Any news on likely dates for next summer tutugirl? I know it is planning ahead but DS wants the entire summer schedule organised to try to accommodate summer school!
  5. Only so many nuts to crack.....

    Come to Leeds. We have Northern Ballets Little Mermaid and West Yorkshire Playhouse doing the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Not a nut to be cracked at all round here!
  6. I went on Tuesday night with DS (8) who had begged to go having read the book. I was a bit hesitant but he was transfixed, his only wriggling being to pat me on the knee to make sure I had spotted each character as they were introduced. I totally get the criticisms of the plotting of the original book voiced above, but I think the underlying themes of the child who looks unflinchingly full square at horror yet without understanding, and the adults who understand the horror and yet look away, came over very clearly. The music was discordant, as others have said, but seemed to work effectively for both me and DS. It's not an 'enjoyable' night out given the subject matter, but I thought it was powerful and certainly worked for DS who was transfixed by the male leads in particular.
  7. Summer school 2017

    Ditto from my little DS. Had a fab time (thank you tutugirl) and in awe of your bigger DSs. Amazing show. DS already bemoaning the fact he has to wait a WHOLE YEAR to do it all again!
  8. Beginner ballet boy - how to find more boys?!

    Thank you Sophie-Rebecca looks interesting. Yes he is dancing, and is looking forward to the Northern Ballet open boys classes starting in September, although lack of boys in normal dance school classes does not seem to deter him at all.
  9. New Thread

    Whilst I agree that the debate is no longer on the original topic, I for one have found the robustly held, and well argued viewpoints from all on here who are far better informed than me, very enlightening and informative. It is difficult to convey nuance and tone online and a passionately held opposing view does not necessarily mean antagonism is intended by anyone. I know it is the right thing to pull the topic back on course, but one of the delights of a diverse community is the knowledge that can be gained during a diversion, so from me, a thank you to those who have contributed. I for one am now much more aware of the issue and therefore better educated and better able to treat everybody as they would wish to be treated. As an adult learner of dance myself I applaud anyone who puts themselves in for examinations or commits themselves to education. Bravo Dormouse, Sophie, and everyone else who is continuing with lifelong learning in whatever form.
  10. Standing ovation tonight too, with Javier Torres as Casanova, and well deserved. It was simply breathtaking at times, and there were audible gasps both arising from the audience's emotional connection to the story and also at various points from the sheer sensuous and sensational artistry on display. See it if you possibly can!
  11. I'm sneaking off to see it on Tuesday all by myself. Can't wait!
  12. I took my 7 year old DS to see this today. He loved it and was definitely in awe of the male dancers. He followed the story very clearly and it was a perfect next step after having seen the Nutcracker as his first ballet experience. I loved it too and thought the music was wonderful. Highly recommended!
  13. I saw it at the weekend having not seen the film. I enjoyed it but was a bit perplexed as to exactly who all the chaps were... there seemed to be a lot of largely indistinguishable men in suits of varying black or stripiness and I wasn't always clear if it was the same cast member playing a different part with a different coat on, or the same character doing a different thing. My ignorance I'm sure, but I thought the music was wonderful and the dancing exquisite.
  14. Socks going grey

    Oh I'm so relieved it's not just me... that sinking feeling when you smugly pull the leotard out of the bag for a swift change, only to find it looks like DS has mystically played rugby, or made tomato soup in it since last time...
  15. BBO Auditions

    We've just had a notification from DS's dance teacher about BBO Dance Days 2017 with reference to as yet unspecified 'eligibility criteria' The dance days dates are 11th - 13th April at Elmhurst School Might it be these that you are thinking of rather than scholars auditions?