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  1. Siblings

    Having spent years nursing our DS back to health with lots of time spent in hospital , followed by years taking him back & forth to dance lessons - he now attends vocational school. Our non dancing daughter who is three years younger, never once complained or showed any jealousy even though we would have understood if she had. We've always told her what an amazing and selfless daughter/sister she is but also worried that silently she may have felt in DS's shadow. Thankfully - she has found a passion for badminton & is currently training to represent our county. We now ferry her around constantly to coaching and although I was hoping for a bit of a rest from taxi duties - we are so pleased to see her gain in confidence at something & to devote more of our time to her ....... finally ! 😊
  2. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    Gulp 😫😫
  3. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    Thanks Balletjack ...... I know - it all looks so expensive !! I wonder how many students just can't afford to continue with their training post 16 due to this . 😟😟
  4. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    So, have I got this right ..... if your DC starts a three year diploma course at 16 with a dada award. Parents are required to pay their contribution towards the course fees + entire living costs (if you don't qualify for any help from the dada) whilst losing child benefit if they aren't taking an A levels ?? Also - I take it if they study for a degree ie at Central - your DC can then access a tuition fee loan + maintenance loan ? Can anyone tell me if there are other ballet schools which offer the same course as Central with access to student loans ? Do many students at this age tend to find part-time work to help out financially or does the physical demands on them from the training tend to make this just too tiring .Thanks in advance .
  5. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    Is Central planning to have their own student accommodation soon? If so - I wonder how the cost will compare ? Do they have the means to introduce prospective students to each other so that they can share accommodation slightly out of central London & travel in together - so reducing the rent a little ? maybe not an ideal situation for a 16yr old though. It just seems financially crippling !!
  6. Living at The Hammond

    Truly blown away by the centenary gala production. I had high expectations but the exceptionally high standard of all the students totally surpassed them. Wow - amazing energy, choreography, costumes, music, staging & sheer talent !! Our DS loved every minute - a wonderful way to end his first year. Congratulations to everyone in the cast, crew & teaching staff . ??????
  7. Living at The Hammond

    Sooooooo excited now - Saturday can't come quick enough, DS has been saying for weeks how good the show is.....(possibly a bit biased lol) Well done everyone ??????
  8. Happy 100th Birthday to The Hammond School

    Happy 100th Birthday to all past & present students and teachers of the Hammond - a truly wonderful school. Miss Irene Hammond would be so proud, I'm sure !!!
  9. Living at The Hammond

    Sarah - we will no doubt reach that stage when our non DD is quite happy for DS to pirouette-off to boarding school !! ??? x
  10. Living at The Hammond

    Yes, you're so right Boogalou - we underestimated the affect not only on ourselves but more so on our 9yr old daughter. Bless her - she has steadily learnt how to cope but still finds it hard. This is balanced by how proud she is when she watches him dance. Yes, Pictures, I agree, the people who occasionally look down on the Hammond - more than likely will be unaware of the high standard of training given in all genres including classical ballet & the talent of the students being nurtured in a friendly, encouraging environment. The students I feel benefit from this approach. Our DS feels the training is constantly challenging & pushing him to improve ......but in a nice way !!?
  11. Living at The Hammond

    ... well, I'd just like to say - wow !! How fast has this year gone ??only a few more weeks and our DS has finished his first year at the Hammond !! A few bumps in the road (who doesn't have these when starting a new school ?? - even more so with being a boarder at age 11 ) - but he's really found his feet & is loving the training ! He's changed - more confident & independent, more aware of the needs of others & more appreciative of us and his sister . The way his dancing, singing & acting skills have improved is so apparent even to us as parents with little knowledge & experience. Speaking for us as a couple (and every parent will have different views & experiences) - nothing really could have prepared us for our child leaving for boarding school at 11. Despite being incredibly lucky to attend such a school & knowing now that he's happy & flourishing - the other side of the coin is that when the original dust & euphoria settles - the feeling of simply missing our child was all-consuming for all of us !! Watching him dance and him feeling so happy & settled now at the school - for us is the tonic we needed as parents . Id like to thank all the parents/carers on the forum, but especially on this thread for the never-ending friendly support, information & guidance, all of which has really helped us through this last year.... ?????? and to all new Hammond parents/carers who may be reading this with worries & questions etc ahead of September - I'm sure all the lovely people on this thread will be more than happy to help. It's a lovely school, with fantastic teachers !! ?
  12. OPES summer school 2017

    That's great, thanks Pictures ?
  13. OPES summer school 2017

    Don't suppose you know about the boys uniform pictures ? ? ......or anyone else in the know ! Thanks
  14. Considering giving up vocational school

    Very well said Jane !! ......... and I'm hoping everything was resolved for your DC in the end & he/she is now flourishing x
  15. Considering giving up vocational school

    ............yep, mine too please !! ???