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  1. so happy DD got yes for week 1&2 - will be her first time at YBSS - very excited!
  2. Just got results, my DD is on the wait list. Anyone know how likely spaces open up?
  3. I recall their audition email ended with 'You will be emailed the results of your audition within 14 days' ?
  4. We've not either. Best of luck!
  5. sadly my DD got a no too. Dancingdolally, do let me know if you hear back...I was hoping like you we'd know at least if they got a fee paying place. So happy for you Dancefanatic!
  6. We just got ours too! Quality is great!
  7. That's very helpful, thanks so much Chantelle and Tess! much appreciated!
  8. Hi did you end up going to the summer intensive? I am considering signing our daughter up as sadly didn't make YBSS this year, but watching the video on their website looks like the classes might be very large! Anyone have any experience of their summer weeks?
  9. Recall from my dd for junior company too! Do we know how many get recalled vs places? Good luck all
  10. thanks for flagging!!! good luck junedancer!
  11. anyone heard back yet re. recalls? wondered when we're likely to hear...
  12. Hi, thanks so much both! We're in Wimbledon so might check out Katherine Watkins first - what did you think of her, did she manage to sort your injury?
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