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  1. could you be more explicit please ? why did you think Six years later was poor and uninspired lizbie ?
  2. MAX

    Miko Fogarty

    much ado about nothing to my eyes ! the life she wants yes, that's wonderful... but was it really necessary to work so hard all those years to finally figure out it is not for you ? no if you are well guided...
  3. MAX

    Miko Fogarty

    Concerning Fogarty remember her mother in the movie First position... The ballet mum cliché ! Awfully ambitious for her daughter, terrible result at the end !
  4. Mary Vetsera would be a perfect role for Hayward ! Very weird she is cast as a first soloist or even as a soloist not as a principal next season.... Kevin O'Hare seems to be disapointed...
  5. Just received from ENB : Lead Principal Aaron Robison has decided to leave English National Ballet at the end of the current season. He returns to San Francisco Ballet where he danced as a Principal from 2016-17. We wish Aaron all the best for the future and look forward to welcoming him back as a Guest Artist in the future. Sad
  6. Enemy in the Figure too contemporary ? Premiere by the Frankfurt ballet, on May 13rd 1989 Almost 30 years ago
  7. No Precious Adams, Aitor Arrieta or Daniel McCormick on the list... Surprising !
  8. Living in France, I was in the Coliseum last week at the opening night. Alina Cojocaru is really a wonderful ballerina who knows to always try new things with a wonderful musicality. Joseph Caley was a wonderful prince with beautiful legs and feet. Strong partnership. But I was disappointed by the company in this kind of production. Fairies variations were uneven, very nice Rina Kanehara but quite weak Begona Cao. Sad to say that Shiori Kase does not do it for me, feet seems to be a major problem with her. I wanted to go back the next day as there were many empty seats but was so bored at the end of the evening (despite wonderful Cojocaru and Caley) that I sadly changed my plans. To me the Royal Ballet production and dancers in Sleeping Beauty are the best !
  9. Does anyone know if Lauretta Summerscales is going to be back at ENB next season ?
  10. We often forget that... dancers are GREAT, what a commitment they show, they give everything to their art and we, as an audience, receive that ! They are strong and fragile at the same time. Congratulations to Claudia Dean to tell us this story, her story. Many times things seem easy from an outside point of view but we can see here how difficult and competitive things can be.
  11. and what about english dancers in russian companies ?