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  1. Le Royal Ballet à Paris au Festival d'Automne ! https://sceneweb.fr/un-portrait-merce-cunningham-au-festival-dautomne-2019/
  2. Has someone noticed Fumi Kaneko seems to have false "cou de pieds", she has weird things on top of her feet but it might only be an impression...
  3. I am afraid I don't agree with you Sim ! I think Fumi Kaneko is an extremely elegant and beautiful dancer, she has a strong and complete technique but she seemed miscast as Kitri. Incredibly boring ! She made nothing of the part ! Daniel Camargo is a bit in the same situation which means Espada and Mercedes were much more exciting tonight ! Kaneko and Camargo are very beautiful and lyrical dancers but not for Kitri and Basilio ! And on top of that they had absolutely no connection.
  4. The Royal Ballet School ! In order to hire a teacher (if no one of the current staff is leaving).
  5. He should say : This is what Wayne McGregor does to your body.....
  6. Well... if someone else has taken over his official account he should be quicker than that to react ! Even Ludmila Pagliero one of the étoile of POB wrote a message yesterday on her instagram yesterday...
  7. sergeipolunin (today on instagram) Have suggestion let’s slap fat people when you see them it will help them and encourage them to loose some fat. No respect for laziness. Stop sitting on your ass and start exercising. Do you see lions or Lioness being fat??? It’s not healthy it’s ugly It’s Lazy. Stop waisting food get your ass up go to nature and start exercising or get slapped.
  8. Did you know Sylvie Guillem never danced Monotones because she did not want to look like a spermatozoid ?
  9. Very nice premiere of Swan Lake yesterday evening ! Jurgita Dronina was very experienced and strong and I liked Isaac Hernandez's prince very much. What a clever dancer ! Beautiful work as well from the corps de ballet and a special mention to Daniel Mc Cormick in the pas de 3 !
  10. Concerning Hirano I was yesterday in the Orchestra stalls, row E... Even from there he was uninteresting ! What Kevin O'Hare sees in that dancer is a mystery....
  11. Very nice Les Patineurs tonight, David Yudes started slowly but was getting better and better ! Very nice jumps and turns ! Winter Dreams ? Come on, impossible to believe that Calvert, Morera and Takada are sisters ! Nice dancing from Akane Takada but she seemed miscast to me. Same for Ryoichi Hirano. By the way it seems we can expect much better from a Royal Ballet principal, he even seems to be marking at some point ! In the future I will just avoid to buy a ticket when he is dancing. I had the images of Mukhamedov and Bussell during the whole ballet, where was the passion with tonight's cast of principals. Laura Morera is trying her best but has problems with the jumps and... she needs a partner ! What an intelligent ballerina. Claire Calvert, Tomas Mock, Theo Dubreuil all very good ! Great fun with The Concert, Thomas Whitehead is just perfect !
  12. Yes they removed the list a few hours after they posted it.
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