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  1. Hi Scottishballetmum congratulations to you dd, may I ask were you also offered a bed and what year has she been offered? my dd has also been offered a day place for year 8 without funding but we are on a waiting list for a bed. We do not live close enough for a day place so still not sure if she will be able to accept?!?! So frustrating πŸ˜©πŸ€”πŸ€—
  2. Which centre are you attending? Birmingham x
  3. Hi all, Desperate for some advise, my dd is in y6 Elmhurst associate with Miss Howarth's and was asked last week to make a shopping list for this weeks class but as she was not on last years course she no idea what it is she should be doing? Is it a list of technique she would like to have, corrections she would like to fix, ingredients for a lasagne? Help please if anybody knows she's a little stressed to say the least! ????
  4. Hello everyone, my dd had her first year 6 lesson at Elmhurst associates today and absolutely loved it. We couldn't be more pleased or proud of her ???? So excited to watch at the end of term ????
  5. Well done to auntienora, and MAK that's an amazing achievement so well done ???????????? the wait continues for us! ????
  6. Hugs to your daughter, I'll probably see you there with my DD! ????
  7. Congratulations Twinklesmum, what a fabulous position to be in ????
  8. Oooo good luck for the ballet exam ???? ????
  9. Thank you, it's so lovely to hear news, even if it's not mine/daughter's hehehe. ???? Well done to your DC Tiaramum that's the way to start a weekend! ???? Katia05 please to know I'm not the only one tormented by the waiting ☺️
  10. Any more news anywhere? I feel like I'm possibly the only one still permanently refreshing this feed and my email account! ???? Please RBS put me out of my misery! ????????
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