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  1. Katia05

    RBS Mid Associate Training.

    Great to hear how resilient your dd is, and how positive the experience still was for her. Yes, plan B, C and D at the ready!
  2. Katia05

    RBS Mid Associate Training.

    Ah that's so interesting to know! Thank you for giving some insight. We have no idea how it all works! Well done to your dd getting to finals - what an experience!
  3. Katia05

    RBS Mid Associate Training.

    The Finals do sound pretty intense!! How many get through for this stage, and I can't imagine there are more than a couple of places available?
  4. Katia05

    RBS Mid Associate Training.

    Thanks for the encouraging comments! Sounds like a great experience, whatever the results. I'll tell dd about the stretching! How many approx. were in each class for the audition? Hopefully it will all be good audition practice at least and a tiny taste to savour of the RBS!
  5. Katia05

    RBS Mid Associate Training.

    Can anyone tell me if the Mid-Associate auditions are similar or different to the JA auditions? (Obviously a higher standard by now, but I wondered if the format is similar?) Do they do some pointe work too? Also, from anyone's experience, how many girls audition? My dd hasn't been a JA, so it's a very long shot, but she's keen to try so we applied. Now feeling a bit out of our depth for the January audition, so any tips or advice very welcome!!
  6. Katia05

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    Hi, is it RAD or ISTD syllabus? If following the RAD grades, children have to be 7 years old before taking the Grade 1 exam. The benefit of doing Primary is that it gives chance to develop a bit more musicality and appreciation of rhythm, types of music and how to respond to the music artistically, before the technical details take more concerted effort, but I can imagine she's keen to progress, and I would expect that a competent teacher could see her potential and how best to progress. Above all, though, I would make sure the technique is being taught correctly, as you can't easily 'unlearn' bad technique and even worse, it can lead to injury. In our dance school, new children who join at a higher grade are offered extra coaching lessons besides the main classes so that they can catch up and not suffer lack of confidence in their peer group. Perhaps that's something available to your daughter? Or maybe it's better to look at another dance school. Some schools put on shows or take part in festivals, where they learn performance skills as well as taking exams, and taking part together often draws the students together in a wonderful way. We changed dance schools twice over the course of Pre-primary to Grade 3, before finding the best school possible where my dd has really flourished, though had to relearn some basics in her technique as things hadn't been taught correctly at the first two places! Good luck, and I hope you can find a way to keep your dd motivated and enjoying ballet!
  7. Katia05

    Being muslim at ballet

    Nadya, I really hope you can find a way to enjoy learning ballet and feel part of a group. Thank you for drawing our attention on this forum to the issues of being a Muslim and participating in ballet. For the clothing, I imagine it is something you would both need to feel modest but also enable you to cope with the physical exertion of ballet - girls often come out of class sweating as much as if they'd run 5,000 metres! As for the attitude of other girls in class, I would trial some classes first and see where you felt most comfortable. Feeling accepted and encouraged by the others in the class will really add to your enjoyment of ballet. I wish you all the best and please let us know how you get on!
  8. Katia05

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    My dd auditioned and didn't get through, but she's been invited to a Masterclass just for the auditionees on 3 Feb with Fiona Chadwick (former RB Principal) - very exciting!
  9. Katia05

    RBS Mid Associate Training.

    Does anyone know which year group is MA2?
  10. Katia05

    JA Auditions

    My DD really enjoyed her auditions for JA though her feet are also not well arched. She didn't get in, but it was a great experience. They do look at feet carefully in the audition. But bear in mind that feet are only a small part of what they look at, and it's hard to know in the end exactly how they differentiate between the many very talented, beautifully musical and passionate young dancers they see on the day They also look very carefully at turn-out, arms, neck, their line, shape and musicality. Realistically we found there is a very slim chance of getting through, but go in with the idea of just enjoying every minute of the day and shining as best you can. Good luck!
  11. Katia05

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Thank you - this is such a reality check for those of us with younger dancers!! It's easy to get carried away with dreams about White Lodge and finding a way into the RBS, à la Darcey Bussell route, when in reality there is a much bigger picture and such slim chance of making it through to the Upper School, let alone the company! Like you say, dreams count, but mental stamina and stability is helped sometimes by a realistic grasp of the situation.
  12. Katia05

    National Youth Ballet auditions - main company

    Ah, looks like up to another whole week to wait then!
  13. Katia05

    National Youth Ballet auditions - main company

    In London they told DD's class it would be about a week before they sent out results. Not sure if that means today, or Monday, or later next week if they're still looking at videos too ... Good luck!
  14. Katia05

    RBS Summer School

    Thanks, she's disappointed of course and RB remains the mysterious place it always has been! Fingers crossed for your DS getting in - looks amazing if they can do it.
  15. Katia05

    RBS Summer School

    A no for my DD. But she hadn't got her hopes up thankfully. Our photos were very amateurish. I do wonder how they can choose from just photos! But huge congratulations to all the yes-receivers!