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  1. Hi BalletBear - hope you enjoyed it on Sunday? My dd had a really positive audition experience. Now just the waiting game to see about finals. Good luck! :)
  2. We've got the same problem. Can't see Associates anywhere, but we definitely ticked that box as well. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place..?
  3. I'm sure you could leave the glasses with your water bottle etc. and then you'll have them nearby if you need them. You could always ask one of the people in charge maybe when you sign in and get your numbers to pin on - they were really friendly and approachable at last year's auditions. Two of my dd's friends were at the London auditions in the 14 year olds class, and they are working at RAD Intermediate level too, if that's any reassurance. The standard of dance is high, but just be confident and give it your best on the day.
  4. Hi BalletBear! My dd auditioned last year for NYB prelims and will be there on Sunday as well . In terms of glasses, I can't remember if anyone wore them to the audition, but it's a very friendly set-up and I highly doubt you'd be rejected just for wearing them to the audition. They are looking for technique and performance. The audition is run as a class where the teacher walks you through and then in lines you dance, so maybe 8 at a time. That's after warm-up as a whole group and some barre work. If you didn't catch what to do, there's probably chance to ask at certain points. As for pointe, it depends which age group you are in. 13+ need to bring their pointe shoes, though last year they didn't actually put them on in the first audition class. If you have Instagram, you might see some photos of the London auditions a couple of weeks ago. Good luck for Sunday!
  5. whoops sorry, yes I see that now!
  6. We had a no last Tuesday for the same auditions, so you might be lucky!! Fingers crossed!
  7. That's fantastic news, richieN! Very well done! Do you mind if I ask, has your DD been going as an Associate? My DD was at the same prelim audition and said there were a couple of Associates who knew the teacher and one in particular really stood out - maybe it was your DD! Good luck!!
  8. Firstly, congratulations to your son on his achievements and determination so far. There's probably no clear answer as to whether the money you pay out is worth it to give him a step up and greater opportunities. He will undoubtably enjoy training full-time with like-minded students and get intensive tuition and improved confidence etc. On the other hand, he won't have your close everyday parental support going through adolescence with all its challenges, and the balance of 'normal' life at home with friends who maybe have very different hobbies and interests. The Royal Ballet company is incredibly hard to get into - see other discussions on this forum as to how few British students are actually selected - but I guess being at vocational school might give some perspective on the range and reality of opportunities, as well as expert help preparing for auditions. A lot would depend, as Pas de Quatre says, on the quality of his current dance school and whether they could provide similar support. Have they advised him one way or the other? It's easy to get caught up in the dazzle of future ambitions and hopes, but lose sight of the long-term benefits of solid, regular practice, exam work and performances, along with solid academic qualifications for later life, if the dance career is shorter than expected due to injury or change of plans. Good luck with some difficult decisions!
  9. That was my dd's group. We got a no at about 9.30am. Fingers crossed for you!
  10. Or year 9?! Seems as though everyone got a 'no' so far. I wonder how many got to Finals from the group of about 30 in London?
  11. Thanks, Tiaramum! I think my dd will take it fine. She knew the chance was extremely slim for year 9. Still, the audition itself was lovely and she'll probably go back next year for more! Good luck to all those still waiting!
  12. Email arrived - it's a no for dd from London 1.
  13. I think London 1 came next. Maybe emails will fly out tomorrow.
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