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  1. Pax de deux and boys’ technique classes would be something that would make me much more interested in an intensive. Not that it would help in this case, since I’m pretty sure I have our local adult summer camp that week, but *in principle*.
  2. Unfortunately the free image hosting sites are rapidly disappearing, which means people will need to pay up. I don’t know what the constraints are with the system here but it might be worth allowing useful members a larger allowance on a case by case basis.
  3. 80% of everything is rubbish. Always has been. We bin the 80%, keep some of the 20% and move on. And the bits of the 20% that we consider worth keeping change with taste too. (Actually, sometimes we keep some of the 80% too, because the composer is famous or the choreographer was powerful or whatever) There is a general, long-standing tendency to confuse great art with being very serious and intellectual and to downgrade anything frothy and happy. See discussions about Fille.
  4. Even something listing dancers in order of appearance or whatever if you really don't want to assign them names. But I'm sure there were cast lists at the time.
  5. The relationship between the ballets and the writing is pretty tenuous (to invisible) a lot of the time, so I can sort of see why he might not be enthusiastic about making too direct a link.
  6. In this case I think the appropriateness of the usage would have been unquestionable. Whooooooeeeeeeee.
  7. That makes it look like a single ballet, which would certainly be an interesting piece!  Sounds like a more interesting plot than Romeo and Juliet.
  8. Yes, I'm afraid that's another school as soon as possible - it's not even a matter of looking for top-up classes or workshops, which it might be for a recreational dancer who wanted extra challenges if the school was otherwise satisfactory. Other kids complaining she's showing off for knowing what she's doing, mixed level classes, inappropriately putting people on pointe are all red flags.
  9. By that standard I’ve danced with the Royal Ballet. (I mean, I did a whole class in the Floral Hall with Bhavnani and Thomas Whitehead taught a class in a workshop and …)
  10. He might do very well do better as a choreographer for a smaller company, in fact. Though I liked his Carmen.
  11. Or lions. Or wolves. Neither species actually works like that.
  12. Colman

    Raw eggs

    There is the point that mixing in sugar, alcohol and other preservatives tends to reduce the risk too. The one that gives me pause is using eggs in an uncooked mascarpone mix where there really isn’t anything around to kill pathogens. I wouldn’t serve that one to anyone that might be immune compromised.
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