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  1. Colman

    RAD Intermediate Exam

    It doesn’t sound excessive, if she can handle it. Our ten year boy was doing more than that a year or two ago. He’s down a few hours at the moment, but only because of how classes have fallen.
  2. Colman

    Pointing toes in ballet

    I’m inclined to plead for either tights or shorts on dancers. There’s nothing quite like coming out of a forward port de bras a bit early behind a lady with a leotard and no tights or shorts. Dance skirts don’t help the situation much. 😱😳 (I mean, look, I’m as professional about the whole being-surrounded-by-scantily-clad-beautiful-women thing as possible but really …)
  3. Colman

    Demi pointes for auditions at Royal.

    Yup. The problem is that perception matters, that there is a certain amount of subjectivity involved and all you need is one or two people on a panel that are annoyed by sloppy presentation to make the small difference between yes and no. The Osipova look doesn't work unless you're Osipova … in which case, carry on!
  4. Colman

    How to find a good school for a boy

    Yes, I’m getting to a stage where I’m feeling that myself. One of my ballet todo items at the moment is “learn to walk like a boy” 🙄. In the short term I’d be inclined to do the pointe classes for the strength and versatility, sort out some strength and fitness training for the extra weight and just raw strength and figure out what extra occasional boy training he can get from whatever is within reach if there isn’t a suitable local school. Then I’d try to get into an associates programme again. I know the RAD do some boys events - there’s one in January in London our son is doing - and day/weekend courses often have boys taught separately.
  5. Colman

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    That's a big difference for that age group though. Being the 7 1/2 year old in a class of six year olds is a big deal.
  6. Colman

    Taking Ballet Exams as an adult

    "Pretty Happy"? Good grief. I'm officially in awe. You should be delighted, even adjusting for understatement!
  7. Colman

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    Throwing a seven year old into grade 2 seems like a bit much. I’d be happier with her at primary as a parent - I think that’s what our 7-8 year old who’s been dancing for a few years is doing* - than at grade 2, especially if it’s very exam focused. I’m pretty sure grade 1 is where our ten year started when he started around that age. Are the primary students very much younger? (* There are four of us going various dance exams. I can’t keep track. Also, Irish students tend to do exams a bit later than in U.K. )
  8. No choreographers … Unknown Soldier seems to be getting an at best lukewarm reception with very few enthusiasts, and I'd argue it's for relatively objective reasons rather than the normal "down with that sort of thing" cohort. It's a badly constructed piece of dance and dancing it well doesn't save it. Woolf Works, for instance, had its haters but it had a good number of people who loved it. I don't think I'm seeing that here.
  9. Colman

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    It does seem a bit weird. Are you sure it's doubles (50ml) as opposed to large singles (35ml) (which would still be a sneaky change)? Though I suppose if they're technically considered as cocktails then the rules for spirit measures might not apply? Don't drink and drive.
  10. Colman

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    Different setups. ROH likely has the advantage of incorporating new surveillance tech into the rebuild. The museums use the security checks and queues as crowd control measures too: they deter people from entering when the queues are long and allow them to throttle entry.
  11. I imagine roughly the same as my seven year old creating a sundae: “More raspberry syrup, more chocolate syrup, more meringue, more cherries, do we have any of that weird green syrup”.
  12. Colman

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    Having spent a good chunk of yesterday in the ROH I think the criticisms of their security are naive. Seemed to me that there was a pretty professional security presence. There’s lots of CCTV, a good number of staff on the floor and bigger bags being checked. One guy started being half interested in why my boots weren’t properly done up after the class when I headed to the bathrooms, so they’re awake too. Big queues are targets. They’re not a sign of good security, especially since most recent attacks I can think of wouldn’t be disrupted by bag checks at all, you’d have to do airport style security (and then they’d just attack the queue).
  13. I’m afraid I think you’ll need to bring the emotional charge with you. At least Infra (which I hadn’t seen and hadn’t read about) made sense, was more affecting and was technically interesting.
  14. I’m afraid Unknown Soldier is a big “Huh?” from me - and I haven’t seen Gloria. Completely failed to connect emotionally for me. I wonder to what extent that is due to my being connected neither to the myth of WW1 - the Irish relationship with that war is complicated, despite up to 50,000 dead - nor to the myth of an afterlife. I did learn that the afterlife is an Ancient Greek gymnasium though.
  15. Colman

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    No, we did one of the “Dance with the Royal Ballet” classes for a bit of fun. A bit of barre and the party dance from nutcracker. I promise to stay in my seat quietly tonight.