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  1. Restarting dance as an adult after a break !!

    I’d vote for spending limited time on core (though I’m becoming enamoured of weights too: raw strength is really useful).
  2. Junior boys doing ballet

    I can send my not at all subtle six year old to sort out anyone who expresses THAT opinion!
  3. Restarting dance as an adult after a break !!

    Yup, take it easy going back: you're still young, but you're still in danger of pushing muscles and joints that aren't as strong as they were when you danced. You'll remember your technique but you may not be strong enough to execute it.
  4. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    Try it when you're trying to fit the parents' dance classes in too! We've got two times in the week where we need to get three different groups to three different places at the same time. The ten year old is going to be learning to take the bus.
  5. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    The recommendations to drop tap are based on tap being least favorite rather than any bias (starting tap proeporly myself in September 😂). Personally I think you're best off with a primary style and secondaries on top of that. Getting to know the primary style in a little more depth seems like a good idea.
  6. Simply Adult Ballet

    Why on earth would that make you uncomfortable?
  7. Still Problems!!

    Who knows: different bits of the internet and bits of software trying to be clever. Trying to work it out just leads to madness. I'd counsel waiting another 24 hours or so before investing any significant time in it. Yesterday my phone worked and my computer didn't.
  8. Still Problems!!

    Depending on the details of DNS caching and such things, it can take up to a couple of days for things to settle down, especially for the people who use the site most. This sort of madness doesn't surprise me in the slightest!
  9. Still Problems!!

    Also seeing similar.
  10. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    I'm sort of inclined to say three styles at an hour each is too much. My 9 year old is doing three styles, but he's doing one hour tap, one hour jazz and up to six or seven hours ballet If she's not that into tap I'd drop it and do a bit more ballet. I feel that you need to get a bit of depth in one rather than spreading oneself too thinly (speaking as the guy doing ballet, tap and three martial arts ?).
  11. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    A nice breakfast roll at 10am! I wouldn't suggest stretching hard in the down time, just nice gentle range of motion stuff. I'm pretty sure the strength research is on heavy stretching to increase range, but I may be wrong.
  12. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Two good workouts a day maybe, morning and evening, a few days a week? But whatever you do, don't sit around for five hours! I'd plan a good breakfast after the first exam - I certainly wouldn't want to eat much immediately before either exam - let that settle and then gently run through stuff and stretch on and off for the next couple of hours. I'm inclined to think a swim, a good stretch and a bit of barre work in the morning on days you have ballet classes would be a good plan, working up the intensity of the morning workout gently. Doing things like horse-riding for a few hours and then doing a karate class on the same day, or weights and stretching/strengthening in the morning and a few hours ballet in the evening I've learned I need to ease into doing two sets of work in the one day. [I'm saying swimming here because dance teachers I know seem to think it's relatively unlikely to do you any harm as a supplementary exercise. I hate swimming.]
  13. Is anyone here a software developer/ computer programmer?

    Also, there's the hazard pay for working in C++ and C#. :-)
  14. Room 101

    How does that work? Surely you just move the damn towels and plead innocence if challenged? "Nothing here when I got here!"
  15. Is anyone here a software developer/ computer programmer?

    Well, I wouldn't call ASP a classic … there's probably still jobs in it though. Although if Brexit goes bad those jobs might move elsewhere since they'll likely be in big corporates with high technical inertia, maintaining stuff they can't be bothered bringing into the 20th C. :-) What level are you looking for, in what area?