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  1. I have spent no more than a couple of hours over a couple of sessions in the new Opera House (which I think is a huge improvement) and have ended up giving ladies directions to the toilets every time while I waited near the gents for one of the boys to return from a trip. I'd swap "essential" for "useful" there - people see the obvious toilets in the corner and don't see the ladies at all even outside busy show times when the sightlines are clear.
  2. I’m sure I’ve heard of her making similar remarks before but I thought it was more in the sense of the boys catching up with the girls after an era in which they had been very much secondary (apart from a few famous standouts) rather than assuming the lead in some sense. Perhaps that the pace of improvement in women’s technique has been slower than that of the men’s (which is inevitable if you think the men started from a lower base).
  3. It's a question of how sure are you? We were pretty sure, but not sure enough to not have a contingency in case he couldn't handle it. It was a great experience for him though. Early in the week he was sending us messages in the evening, by the end he didn't bother …
  4. If you're close enough, and you think you might be being over-cautious - you could send her residential and rescue her on the off chance she can't handle it. That was certainly our strategy last year.
  5. My wife took the week in London while he was in residential as a holiday so she’d be nearby if there was a problem: we really weren’t 100% sure how he’d deal with it. (She spent the week wandering around museums and ballet classes and apparently is doing the same thing this year even though there’s clearly no need at all …) (The Battersea TravelLodge is cheap and nearby.)
  6. Our just-eleven year old boy did it last year and enjoyed it immensely. They’re looked after pretty closely. First thing he said when he came out was “can I go for two weeks next year?” Depends on the child of course: I’m not sure we’d have sent him the year before, but purely because of his personality and emotional development.
  7. Yep, slow and methodical is the way to go. (My spotting problem is that I learned to do it in karate, where you’re moving your head sharply to acquire your next target, so it’s too violent a movement. Inhibiting that on slow movements makes me forget to spot and/or fall over. So I can spot pretty well on enchaînés or fast diagonal turns and fall over on pirouettes. <le sigh>)
  8. I suspect that you’re probably right and there probably isn’t a user story in there for the balletomanes unless there happens to be one in a senior position on the development team. Even any ROH reps aren’t going to represent those users, because they won’t have experience there.
  9. I believe that going as far as you can with good form, hold it there, slowly increase over time is pretty much the only solution to that one. Currently starting doing something similar to try and stop overusing my quads. <le sigh>
  10. Yeah, I’ve had to order Grishko’s biggest size (on advice of a fitter, obviously). If they don’t work out I’m planning to follow up with the Siberian Swan lot and see how that goes.
  11. @BeaverElliot I’m doing ISTD grade 3 & 4 (one class) which I’ll do the exams in, RAD Grade 5 and RAD Intermediate Foundation, which I won’t. There’s a non-curriculum class too and a two hour practice session in studio, which makes four hours class and two hours practice in studio. All in the local ballet school, not aware of a lot of open classes in Dublin. Generally end up travelling for workshops and the like to get that sort of thing. For my impressions of the differences between the curriculums, see my comments in response to the OP.
  12. Yes, having made the mistake of getting a Blu-ray player recently it turns out that it does and I need to replace my DVDs. You tend to watch a laptop much closer than a big TV, so you’ll see the detail level.
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