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  1. Room 101

    More likely they felt it's a high risk for bogus orders.There's a surprising number of those. Or people doing stupid stuff like sending ham to synagogues.
  2. And they’re coming to Dublin!
  3. "Filming" ballet

    It depends what your aims are. When I'm recording school shows I stick a camera on a massive tripod (I rent a Manfrotto 161) at the back of the hall, behind the audience, which puts the camera well above the raised stage and mostly above the heads of audience members. A step ladder is required for access. This gives me a front-and-centre-and-slighly-elevated view which is good for documenting the dance - which is my aim here. Many cameras that aren't sold as video cameras restrict recording times to a certain length, for reasons to do with file size on cards and possibly to do with complicated import duty rules in some markets. Explanations vary, but you should experiment with the settings you're using to check when they stop - at full resolution my one stops after 21 minutes I think. Ideally I'd have a second camera with a nice zoom on it somewhere closer to the stage to pick out solos and the like, though in my case I'm pretty much publishing on Facebook so a modern camera gives me lots of cropping space. If I was documenting something important I'd like a camera above the stage.
  4. BBC "Eat Well for Less"

    It makes sense in the short term at the beginning - I didn't see the piece - and then it never gets revisited because you're too busy changing nappies or doing school runs and it becomes normal. Easy enough. (Also, TV show likely to exaggerate for effect.)
  5. BBC "Eat Well for Less"

    Self-employed single parent, especially one who must work when school is out? I can tell you exactly how she got into those habits: no time and no brain space. Something has to give, especially when the child is younger and needs lots of direct attention. I'm a very good, very knowledgable cook, but we're both self-employed and we've used a lot of pre-cooked meals over the last decade. Now the boys are a bit older it's a lot easier to find the time and space to plan and cook. I might even be able to find the time to make some proper patisserie again soon.
  6. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    RAD run a boys associate class in Birmingham, in Elmhurst. Basically one Sunday a month. Might be worth it for the experience of dancing in a room of boys.
  7. Lots of men in class

    For some reason I expected tap to be a bit more balanced since it wouldn't have quite the stigma of ballet. I don't know why. Apparently a lot of ostensibly heterosexual men are uncomfortable being alone with rooms of women. (That roomfuls of sweaty men are entirely suitable mystifies me even more.) The nasty side of my personality wonders, given recent headlines, whether they're afraid they'll be treated the way a roomful of men would treat a lone woman.
  8. Lots of men in class

    Our teacher had two or three men sign up for class this year - some or all paid deposits. None actually turned up. Much the same in tap class - three men started a course, only I turned up for more than one class. <shrug> Come to think of it, I still haven't physically met any recreational adult male ballet dancers. I think there's been two different guys turn up for class once.
  9. Plus size ballet wear

    Dance belts start at a S - suitable for a big nine year old, apparently - up to an XL, suitable for big forty six year old. I have no idea what sense that makes. Does women's stuff use the same convention?
  10. Room 101

    I haven't fixed that yet. I did just fix the hole in the plasterboard beside the door where idiot lurcher boy scratched through it in less than an hour.
  11. Room 101

    Our St Bernard managed to knock/drag my wife over into the bumper of a parked car and - horror of horrors - hurt her back badly enough that she had to skip ballet class for some weeks.
  12. Room 101

    Oh dear. We have a pup of similar antecedents and it sounds exactly like something he’d do.
  13. Simply Adult Ballet

    Only 20?
  14. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    What age of boy are you thinking about?
  15. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    Good luck with that. DVDs of ballets maybe? Military style dance bags? Those little keyring ballet shoes in manly colours like red, black, yellow? A nutcracker for the tree?