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  1. I got the impression that the golden age of British ballet came out of exposure during the war and purposeful attempt by the government to civilise the people in an attempt to stave off imperial decline.
  2. It depends on the associations and politics too. There’s a good amount of low level ballet for little girls in Ireland, not so much support at a higher level. Partly to do with the legacy of generations of little Irelanders and their vision of ruddy faced peasant girls dancing a gelded version of Irish dance at the crossroads. Despite De Valois’s attempts.
  3. As someone one who has run comment sections on a political blog for quite a time, I am hugely sympathetic to and appreciative of the moderators, even when I disagree strongly with some of their moderation (though I'm sure they disagree among themselves just as strongly) It's a very difficult job to get even roughly right, and there are a lot of things to balance. In the end of the day it's impossible to keep everyone happy: generally you end up leaving pretty much everyone unhappy when you have to intervene except in the most clear-cut cases of abuse.
  4. Varies between tea and champagne here, I think depending on how badly our teacher needs each.
  5. RAD Grade 4 Exam - etiquette advice please

    We do a walk through and a mock even for our adult class. Though we might be more nervous than the kids!
  6. Censoring Victorian art

    It strikes me that there's a difference between funnelling money and acclaim to a living artist who has or quite possibly is engaged in abuse and a long dead artist who isn't going to get any benefit whatsoever from the acclaim and certainly has no use for the money.
  7. Has anyone tried any other dance styles?

    I've started tap, which I enjoy, but it's a different energy to ballet, frothier, maybe more fun but less engaging and satisfying. Good exercise for my woeful sense of rhythm though, the beats and responses to them are much clearer than in ballet.
  8. RAD Grade 4 Exam - etiquette advice please

    The teacher really should rehearse that - is she the only one in the class doing it for the first time?
  9. Audience Behaviour

    Someone who believes vaccination is a big lie and refuses to vaccinate themselves or (more usually) their kids. Cf measles epidemics in rich places.
  10. Barefoot or Pumps

    I think you’ll just have to accept that the muse of dance has ordained you’re dancing barefoot tomorrow!
  11. Censoring Victorian art

    Well of course not. The tabloids have made a good living from manufactured outrage, why wouldn’t the Guardian want a slightly higher brow slice of that?
  12. Censoring Victorian art

    In fact, far from censorship, they’ve probably brought the painting in question to the attention of far more people than would otherwise have seen it unless it features in a secondary level art course or something. It’s an interesting study in provoking outrage.
  13. Censoring Victorian art

    Did you read the article? It explicitly says it’s performance art.
  14. Censoring Victorian art

    I am sort of interested by your reaction to a picture being taken temporarily off exhibition. (Not to mention the hilarity of this comment from the article "I don’t like the replacement and removal of art and being told ‘that’s wrong and this is right’. They are using their power to veto art in a public collection." What on earth does he think curators and galleries do, have always done?) Do you see yourself as a participant in the art piece, acting out your assigned role?
  15. Censoring Victorian art

    It’s performance art by the gallery, pretty much for publicity. Not worth getting worked up over.