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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/28/arts/dance/in-city-ballet-shake-up-one-dancer-out-and-two-suspended.html
  2. The Bonelli cast was electric, and I'm gutted they didn't give them the cinema relay. Who knows if Bonelli and Morera will still be dancing next time it comes round. I wonder if Morera is well now.
  3. Not sure about suitability for Don Q but I noticed Ball's comedic ability when he danced Lysander in the Dream, especially when he and Hermia were going to sleep for the night and he tried to kiss her but she turned and gave him her check. He reacted with abject horror and I was really amused 😂
  4. It seems impossible to choose one Two Pigeons cast. A good problem to have I suppose.
  5. I saw his Barbarians in Brighton and wished I had ear plugs. I like loud music but this was unpleasantly loud.
  6. nycitybird

    Dance on Sky Arts

    Yay, it's Nunez/Muntagirov!
  7. nycitybird

    Dance on Sky Arts

    Just went to record it and from the thumbnail it looks like Osipova/Acosta.
  8. I find that I generally get more into it when I can see the facial expressions, so the cinema screenings are great for me!
  9. nycitybird

    How to pronounce Don Quixote?

    Kee ho tay
  10. nycitybird

    Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    I saw both casts and I found Morera/Bonelli more moving, nuanced and absorbing. Plus there's already a Watson DVD, so I'd love to have their performance recorded.
  11. It's that strange wording again and doesn't mention injury, so hopefully Morera is OK.
  12. Just came from this evening's performance. No cast change announcement, so I was surprised to see Hayward as Perdita rather than Takada.
  13. I was moved by how feather light she was in Act 2, especially in the series of lifts. As a cockney geezer near me in the audience said, 'If she jumped in a puddle there wouldn't be a splash!' And Alexander shaking his head no when she started slipping away from him again at the end. I hope they get a cinema relay next time as I'd love to see their faces close up and I think this partnership needs to be recorded. I'll be at today's matinee as well and will try to make it to the escalator.
  14. nycitybird

    NYCB in Copenhagen August 2018

    You can buy tickets from that website but I found it quite confusing. I just linked to it because it showed the programme details but actually i bought them here as it was easier http://www.billetlugen.dk/tickets.html?affiliate=DKA&kuid=542228&doc=artistPages/tickets&action=tickets&fun=artist&language=en