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  1. I know that Campbell will be amazing and I was surprised he wasn't cast in the first place, but I was intrigued to see Sambe in a dramatic role I hope he's back onstage soon.
  2. And opening night as well so they'll be reviewed. Can't wait to see this partnership again!
  3. The Royal Ballet's put the whole thing up on YouTube now in 2 parts. Nearly 5 hours. I know what I'll be doing tonight!
  4. No casting for Hilarion though 😔 I'd love to see cesar corrales.
  5. That's a shame. I always wished to see more of him outside of the contemporary reportoire.
  6. Dance on terrestrial TV

    Can't wait to sob to this in the privacy of my own home!
  7. Agree about Titania's wig. All three Titanias this run had darker features and didn't suit the wig. I also thought Princess Stephanie's wig in Mayerling didn't look good on anyone, even Hinkis, who is already blond. Yellow hair is not easy to pull off!
  8. I don't get the Ore Oduba hate. He's professional, natural and enthusiastic and actually pronounces all the names correctly! What's the problem?
  9. Matthew Ball gets the award for best comedic acting tonight! His reactions were hilarious. On the other hand, now I know what people meant by Roberto Bolle's gurning. Wonderful farewell for Zenaida. I think I'm dehydrated now. The only other farewell I've seen was Roberta Marquez's and she got a flower through but that's all. This was epic! Do they usually have all the principal men etc bring flowers? It was so touching.
  10. I've done my knee in but I'm literally limping to London for the matinée today when i should be at home icing it. I couldn't bear missing it as I've so been looking forward to this bill and have never seen these ballets live before. I think it's safe to say that I'm ballet mad.
  11. RB Summer Season Casting

    From what I've seen on dancers' Instagrams, Naghdi, Choe, Katsura and Dyer are cast in Symphonic Variations.
  12. Brill, I just got one! All performances except Wednesday have tickets available.
  13. I went on opening night and was disappointed to feel a bit underwhelmed. I enjoyed the performance in an objective way but I wasn't emotionally involed. My experience last night was completely different. Based on the reviews by forum members I decided to go for the Bonelli cast and found it entirely gripping and emotional. I agree with previous posters that Bonelli's vulnerability made the character more sympathetic, and it made me more invested in the story. In particular, the scene with the mother made more sense to me. I also totally agree with others on the chemistry between Bonelli and Morera. The first pdd was so sexy and the final one felt reckless, desperate and inevitable. It literally gave me an adrenaline rush. Bonelli was so broken at the end and had been on such a journey that when Morera gave him a nod to do the deed I was in tears. I do still think the ending is a bit anticlimactic after that amazing scene and it feels like a long time for the scene to change. However, after being left a bit cold by the first performance I LOVE this ballet and haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I only wish this blistering performance was recorded for DVD.
  14. I was so excited about seeing Mayerling for the first time and despite the stellar cast it didn't move me and I'm trying to think of why. Although the characters are interesting I didn't really care what happened to them. Also the music wasn't memorable to me and I only noticed it being beautiful in a soaring moment of the final pdd. One of the highlights was Watson and Hayward's pdd and it made me hope they're paired for Manon again as I didn't see it last time. They were never just dancing, they were acting at every moment. Campbells solos were another highlight. Such assured technique and so much character. I'm pleased to read a couple of comments on twitter from people who were also unmoved amongst the rapturous ones, otherwise I'd worry that I'm dead inside!