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  1. Pointetoes

    Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    Off to Queens tomorrow, Centre Court 😀 The order of play is fantastic.
  2. Pointetoes

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    They can change very quickly. DD was certain Ballet/Contemporary was the way she was going to go with a very small blip during yr9 when she started thinking about MT. After a conversation with her teacher she was advised against MT. She is now coming to the end of her first yr in a Voc 6th form doing level 3 Extended Diploma and it has completely changed. She has spent hours researching all the various courses for 18+ and her first choice is actor/musician followed by MT. She has realised that although she loves Ballet she would miss all the other disciplines within in the performing arts world. So my advice is do the research etc but more importantly keep an open mind because you just don’t know.
  3. Pointetoes

    RAD exams at vocational school

    DD has taken exams this year, in her first yr of vocational 6th form but at a cost to me ( exam fee, travel to RAD HQ ) She is also doing ISTD exams also at cost to me but thankfully without the travel.
  4. Pointetoes

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    The t-shirt for the photos is not one they keep.
  5. Pointetoes

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    You find out on the day of casting what part you have.
  6. Pointetoes

    Boy cut dance shorts

    Another vote for plume here.
  7. Miss Lewis does not mess around with her words, she is brutally honest. Granted there may be others who twist the truth but the dance world is such a brutal and harsh world I doubt there are any professionals who offer help and support who aren’t honest. I certainly know of a few.
  8. Pointetoes

    EYB audition

    They now say don’t bring pointe shoes to the audition.
  9. Pointetoes

    One last post ....

    Our children’s mental health is quiet possibly the most worrying thing for us as parents. Both mine have had mental health problems, they are both the other side but I am incredibly thankful that they felt able to talk to me. The most important think as Kat09 says is we know our children better than anyone else ( most of us, sadly there are some parents who don’t) talk to them, watch them and support them. As a headmaster of my daughters once said “We only have one shot at this “ Thank you both of you for sharing this. Take care
  10. Pointetoes

    Private coaching in Cecchetti ballet

    Mine also moved from Cecchetti to RAD, she was Grade 6 at the time. She also prefers RAD but loves the grounding Cecchetti gave her and is now at vocational 6th form.
  11. Pointetoes

    Repeating the year at vocational school

    I do know children who have repeated yr 7, including my nephew ( August birthday ) but they have moved schools to do this.
  12. Pointetoes

    Repeating the year at vocational school

    I have no experience in this but it does sound like “starting again” would be a good thing for her. She doesn’t need to worry about catching up with her peers, I know plenty of students who have started at different ages for various reasons. By repeating the year she will start with a new group and they will work their way through together.
  13. Pointetoes

    Repeating the year at vocational school

    That’s a tough one and I really wouldn’t to be you. Having said that could you look at this year as being a foundation year ? Obviously that doesn’t solve the friendship issue but it might help her get her head around it. I am guessing they must have good reason for this.
  14. Pointetoes

    Anyone got dc who love tap?

    TBH I didn’t search them. DD only wears Bloch, she would love a Chloe and Maud pair but she needs to wear her current pair out 😀
  15. Pointetoes

    Anyone got dc who love tap?

    If they are black and white with the red heart they Chloe and Maud made by Bloch - two incredibly tap dancers.