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  1. I have to confess I am thrilled that this was our last Move It. As much as I love watching DD perfom at Move it I am very relieved her next college/ university don’t go to Move it. She finds the whole thing exhausting. Her current college have a stand there and the students take turns in being on the stand over the three days. Personally I didn’t think it was as good this year there were some big names missing, it that’s just my thoughts I know it’s a very popular event.
  2. Just confirming I am not reporting hearsay as l know families involved. They are all moving forwards.
  3. There are 4 from year 8 and 5 from year 9 assessed out this year. They have not necessarily been assessed out because of their talent some of them it is for other reasons. Some of the yr 8s have been offered MA places and as far as I know they all have auditions arranged for other vocational schools. It has been a tough time for both year groups.
  4. DD was one of Cinderella’s Friends 😀 She had the black polka dot dress. There were a lot of tears on the Saturday night but the Friends plus the Wardrobe Master are in constant touch with each other, which is lovely. Good luck with casting.
  5. Good luck. DD did a total of 6 productions ( all senior) and loved them all, especially her last one. Sadly she is now 18 and all though Miss Lewis said she could still audition with auditions for September going on we decided that Cinderella in Hollywood last November would be her last one. We will miss it, we have both made some wonderful friends.
  6. She loved both however she is glad she did the friends first.
  7. Hi my DD has danced both the parts of Swanhilda’s friends and the doll. As the doll she was in all 3 acts, which included a sole ,she was also a lead dancer with the Czardas when she was the doll. Hope that helps.
  8. Sorry I should have been clearer, They have been told to have plan B in case they some of them don’t do well enough in their assessment. This is across year groups, not just the year group who know international students have been offered places. Tbh I don’t know how they all cope with being assessed each year, I really admire the children and their families.
  9. White Lodge current students have their assessments next week. Some year groups do currently have spare beds but as has already been said they don’t mix year groups. One year group has been told places have already been offered to international students for September and to that they should think about plan B. It’s just as difficult time for those already there as for those auditioning. Apologies because this is off topic but hopefully confirms some of the questions being asked. Good luck eveyone.
  10. Good luck everyone. We are at the 18+ but have had a complete change of direction, still in the world of performing arts but going down the Actor Musicianship or MT route rather than dance. It’s been an interesting 18mths and thankfully she already has 2 offers. So happy days in this house, more auditions to go.
  11. Height is a problem in not only dancers. I know of students who have applied for acting and MT who haven’t been offered places because of their height. Admittedly they are just under 5ft, they resorted to saying they were 5ft to simply get auditions. Having said that DD auditioned at a college last week for MT and the principal made a big thing about accepting all heights etc Helped by the fact that she herself is 5ft 2.5 in trained classical 50 years ago but she appreciates how hard it is for small people to break into the world of performing arts.
  12. Happy Christmas 🎄 to you all. Here’s hoping 2019 will be a wonderful year.
  13. Just want to seconded this. DD has just started her auditions for 18+ and is extremely grateful to all the experience she gained over the years with auditions. She had pleanty of nos but she never gave up, often re applying to the same company. Every audition she took something away with her. Congratulations to those who got a yes, I am sure they will have a wonderful time. To those that got a no remember it just means not this time and to keep going.
  14. Dancia International have a wide range. You could also visit Bloch and Capezio. Don’t be afraid to ask each shop to put aside any ballet flats he feels comfortable in, they are always happy to put shoes to one size. Allow plenty of time and don’t feel pressurised. Over the years we have spent hours in all of the above stalls, trying on a wide variety of styles and different sizes.
  15. I do know one girl who had to have a full assessment by one school to see if she would ever hit 5ft if the answer had been no they wouldn’t have taken her, the answer was yes but not any taller.
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