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  1. Pointetoes

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Just want to seconded this. DD has just started her auditions for 18+ and is extremely grateful to all the experience she gained over the years with auditions. She had pleanty of nos but she never gave up, often re applying to the same company. Every audition she took something away with her. Congratulations to those who got a yes, I am sure they will have a wonderful time. To those that got a no remember it just means not this time and to keep going.
  2. Pointetoes

    Buying ballet shoes for boys.

    Dancia International have a wide range. You could also visit Bloch and Capezio. Don’t be afraid to ask each shop to put aside any ballet flats he feels comfortable in, they are always happy to put shoes to one size. Allow plenty of time and don’t feel pressurised. Over the years we have spent hours in all of the above stalls, trying on a wide variety of styles and different sizes.
  3. I do know one girl who had to have a full assessment by one school to see if she would ever hit 5ft if the answer had been no they wouldn’t have taken her, the answer was yes but not any taller.
  4. Pointetoes

    Killing Eve.....

    Throughly enjoying it.
  5. Pointetoes

    A Level Dance or Dance BTEC

    DD is currently doing Level 3 Extended Diploma, it is most certainly not the easy option. It is fully time and hard work. All of the students on her course have come from a performing arts background. By this I mean they were all at dance schools or stage schools after school, where they have taken recognised grades in a combination of dance, acting and singing. Some had no ballet background but they had a strong commercial and musical theatre background. They all have to take classes in ballet, tap, commercial, modern, acting and singing along side the theory. It is the equivalent of 3 A levels and you do have to pass all aspects. Can I suggest your draw up a chart. In your chart put all your options, where you can do them, what you will get at the end and where this will lead you. Then sit down with your parents and talk all your options through. Also contact colleges, find out when their Opeb Days are and see if you can get a prospectus. Again talk all of this through with your parents. As everyone has said if you really want to go into the world of performing arts you really need the help and support of your family. It’s tough out there. Good luck.
  6. Pointetoes

    QE Hospital Birmingham - Sport & Excercise Medicine Clinic

    That’s really useful to know, thank you Pictures
  7. Pointetoes

    choices at 16

    Oh that makes sense, I must confess I am always on my phone or a tablet. Have a great half term 😀
  8. Pointetoes

    choices at 16

    I read that as meaning they are all different. Someone being homesick may make others feel homesick or it may make others determined to be ok. Some may catch every single illness going and where as some may ignore being ill etc
  9. Pointetoes

    choices at 16

    I will just add that at 16 she was looking at ballet/Contemporary ...........she is about to submit applications for actor/musician and musical theatre. Yes it’s been a bumpy road and thank goodness she was at home but we have got there and her mental health is in relatively good shape. Plus her course is fantastic and that is what has kept her going. In all all of this whether they are 11,16 or older it is really important to remember they are all different.
  10. Pointetoes

    Best Ballet Pumps

    If you can get to a shop which has a wide variety of makes and styles I would advise you to do that. It really is the best way to get a shoe that you like and fts well.
  11. Pointetoes

    choices at 16

    DD is at a local vocational 6th form, she didn’t feel ready to go away at 16 so we felt this was the best of both worlds. However, the following was drummed into - now you are at college they don’t need to bother your parents with any problems Basically the staff wanted to freeze us out. Thankfully DD wasn’t having any of that and continued talking to us about everything. I have had some truly awful meetings with the heads of the college and often found myself pointing out that she was only 16/17 and lived under my roof, relied on me to get her there etc. We are now in year 2 and applying for degree courses, things aren’t great but they have accepted that some students need and want help and support home as well as college. On the plus side if she had gone away at 16 she would have been doing the wrong course. As parents we we know our children better than anyone. There isn’t one path that suits all, there are many different paths we just need to help them find the path that will work for them.
  12. Pointetoes

    WANTED: English Youth Ballet T-shirt

    Are you still after one ? DD has rehearsals in half term , happy to get one and post it to you.
  13. Pointetoes

    Too skinny (age 8)

    A Mother’s gut reaction /thoughts are usual the correct ones. My DD is in full time 6th form, she is tiny (5ft3) but is incredibly strong, it has taken years but she has got there. She simply grew and developed at her own rate. My musical DD is stopped from playing the flute age 8 because she simply didn’t have the strength, she played the Recorder beautifully, and went on to play the Oboe and Sax. Please don’t worry.
  14. Wow it’s so easy to forget that this is a public forum especially as everyone is so caring. Harwel I hope you are ok, what an awful thing to happen. Let’s hope she gets some help.
  15. Pointetoes

    Non-syllabus Boys Ballet classes - Portsmouth area

    I have messaged you.