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  1. Pointetoes

    Beginning to panic now!

    So sorry to hear your news Pictures, what an awful time you must be having. There must be something they they can do or emergency cases like this.
  2. Pointetoes

    Beginning to panic now!

    Even if she passes her test quickly that’s a huge amount of driving to do after a full day. Personally I would phone the school on a daily basis, they must have some kind of provisions for this kind of emergency.
  3. Pointetoes

    Capezio Leotards for Sale

    Sorry Only just seen this will send them now.
  4. It should be remembered that it does work both ways, in that UK students do audition abroad. I know 2 current US students who didn’t get into WL for yr 7 but are now at US . One did get in into WL Yr9 but the other didn’t they both auditioned abroad at 16 and got offered several places as well as US.
  5. Pointetoes

    Dance forward

    When DD did they wore the same colour leotard for all 3 days. It’s the way they divided the groups up.
  6. Pointetoes

    Capezio Leotards for Sale

    I have 2 Capezio Bratek black leotards for sale, both size Small. One has never been worn but has DDs name written on the label and the other has been worn 4 or 5 times. They are one of two styles of leotards she has to have for college but she doesn’t like this particular style. £10 for the new one £5 for the worn one they retail at £20 Happy to send photos.
  7. Pointetoes

    YDA summer school 2018

    DD did it last year and throughly enjoyed it and still talks about it a year on.
  8. Pointetoes

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    I spent years hiding the fact that I have a hearing loss, continued hiding it until I started wearing hearing aids. I now find it is an awful lot easier to tell people especially when I have to make phone calls. Fully understand why you didn’t say anything but push to get an appointment. Once you know what you are dealing with I promise you it will make you feel so much better. Great news about your job.
  9. Pointetoes

    Dance forward

    DD did it a couple of years ago, throughly enjoyed it and totally exhausted at the end of it.
  10. Pointetoes

    Floor recommendations

    DDs dance school were laying a new floor and we were lucky enough to buy the off cuts which now reside on the playroom floor.....one v lucky girl. It isn’t a huge amount but enough especially as we have wooden floors throughout the house.
  11. Pointetoes

    Oliver’s story

    Heartbreaking that’s all I can say, absolutely heartbreaking.
  12. Pointetoes

    UK v’s US. Help !

    No experience but congratulations to your DD
  13. Pointetoes

    When to go for associates?

    DD did exactly that and is now at Vocational 6th form BUT going down the MT route because she has decided she can’t live without all her music so she will be applying for MT degrees course at the end of the year. She loves classical and contemporary but knows she doesn’t want to specialise in them. There is is no right or wrong way. Everyone follows their own path, working out what is best for them as time goes by.
  14. Pointetoes

    Where to shop in London for child’s leotard?

    Echo taxi4ballet
  15. Food for thought, very interesting. Thank Yuit for posting.