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  1. Pointetoes

    WANTED: English Youth Ballet T-shirt

    Are you still after one ? DD has rehearsals in half term , happy to get one and post it to you.
  2. Pointetoes

    Too skinny (age 8)

    A Mother’s gut reaction /thoughts are usual the correct ones. My DD is in full time 6th form, she is tiny (5ft3) but is incredibly strong, it has taken years but she has got there. She simply grew and developed at her own rate. My musical DD is stopped from playing the flute age 8 because she simply didn’t have the strength, she played the Recorder beautifully, and went on to play the Oboe and Sax. Please don’t worry.
  3. Wow it’s so easy to forget that this is a public forum especially as everyone is so caring. Harwel I hope you are ok, what an awful thing to happen. Let’s hope she gets some help.
  4. Pointetoes

    Non-syllabus Boys Ballet classes - Portsmouth area

    I have messaged you.
  5. Pointetoes


    Please listen to your child. If I hadn’t listen to my non DD last weekend I dread to think what would have happened. If they want to and need to come home let them or as others have said go and stay near by. Some children adapt and take it all in their stride others simply don’t. As others have said there is no right or wrong way but you know your child and it isn’t for ever.
  6. Pointetoes

    EYB Swan Lake Wimbledon 2018

    They don’t acknowledge orders, DVD usually arrives 4-8 weeks after the performance.
  7. Pointetoes

    News of non-dancing children.....

    Good luck to everyone who has non DD off to university etc. Our spare room has reappeared but the exciting the house is rather difficult, somehow it will all fit in the car tomorrow and musical DD will be off on her next adventure.
  8. Pointetoes

    Private Health Insurance

    Thanks to this thread I checked our private health insurance which we have through OH work. Thankfully both non DD and DD are fully covered where ever they are whilst they are still dependants. Non DD is off to university tomorrow and DD is still at home both still financially dependent on us, so that’s both of them covered.
  9. Pointetoes

    One Year Ballet Course - any out there?

    Have a look at foundation courses, they are one year courses but I can’t think of any that are purely ballet ( neither can DD and she is about to start applying for 18+
  10. Pointetoes

    Dance bag recommendations?

    DD has used a sports bag from Under Armour for the last two years ( including a year at voc 6th form). It is like a tardis in the The amount it holds but as a shoulder bag it isn’t too big especially as she is tiny. We gave up on “dance bags” years ago, they tend to be expensive and not particularly user friendly. As Cara said sports bags seem to tick all the boxes.
  11. Pointetoes

    News of non-dancing children.....

    Another proud house here of a non dancing but musical DD. After 3 years in 6th for various very unpleasant reasons DD went out on a high with her final result in Biology ( an A in AS ) The best thing is she didn’t even need to turn up to the exam because she has a unconditional based on her audition and her results from the year( only 2 A levels and one was below the minimum requirement) So a very happy house here and a spare room slowly filling up with university necessities.
  12. Pointetoes

    Beginning to panic now!

    So sorry to hear your news Pictures, what an awful time you must be having. There must be something they they can do or emergency cases like this.
  13. Pointetoes

    Beginning to panic now!

    Even if she passes her test quickly that’s a huge amount of driving to do after a full day. Personally I would phone the school on a daily basis, they must have some kind of provisions for this kind of emergency.
  14. Pointetoes

    Capezio Leotards for Sale

    Sorry Only just seen this will send them now.
  15. It should be remembered that it does work both ways, in that UK students do audition abroad. I know 2 current US students who didn’t get into WL for yr 7 but are now at US . One did get in into WL Yr9 but the other didn’t they both auditioned abroad at 16 and got offered several places as well as US.