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  1. Balletmum1704

    What do people do when dance classes clash with school?

    My DD was given permission to attend a private ballet lesson once a week in her last term of primary school in preparation for attending vocational school the following September. We timed it to coincide with PE/Games lessons so that she was not missing important academic lessons. School were very happy to authorise it. I think it was recorded as either ‘educated off site’ or ‘sporting activity’.
  2. Balletmum1704

    Dance physio

    Have sent you a pm.
  3. Balletmum1704

    Age 10-12 Wear Moi and other leotards and warm ups for sale.

    Everything gone except the peach Flora, age 10-12. PM if you want to see a photo. Link below shows the style. https://www.planetdancedirect.co.uk/MobileDetail.php?Prod_ID=9431
  4. Balletmum1704

    Age 10-12 Wear Moi and other leotards and warm ups for sale.

    I have the lilac and peach Floras still and the So Danca Turquoise leotard. Everything else has gone to new little Dancers. PM me with email address if you would like me to send photos
  5. Balletmum1704

    Age 10-12 Wear Moi and other leotards and warm ups for sale.

    Could you PM an email address to me and I will send over. I only have: 3 x Flora (peach, lilac and one other either turquoise or fuschia) Pink Abbie So Danca Turquiose Sansha warm ups left.
  6. Balletmum1704

    Age 10-12 Wear Moi and other leotards and warm ups for sale.

    The three black leotards and the mint green one are now sold. Others still available.
  7. Balletmum1704

    Age 10-12 Wear Moi and other leotards and warm ups for sale.

    Thanks. I’ve resorted to email!
  8. Balletmum1704

    Age 10-12 Wear Moi and other leotards and warm ups for sale.

    Trying to figure out how to send the photos to you! Just one photo is too big to attach here!! Anyone know how? Sorry, first time doing this!
  9. I have been clearing out my daughter’s dance wardrobe and have the following leotards for sale, all in good condition, some hardly worn. Wear Moi Flora in lilac , turquoise, fuschia and peach. All age 10-12. Like new. £15 plus postage. (£33.45 new) Wear Moi Abbie in pink. Age 10-12. Worn about twice! £8 plus postage (£18.95 new) Wear Moi Duchesse in mint green. Age 10-12. Worn about twice! £15 plus postage (£31.95 new) Wear Moi tank style with lovely rosette pattern around neck line front and back in white (sorry couldn’t find the style name!) Age 10-12. Never worn. £15 plus postage (was around £30!) So Danca R45 in Black, size 2A. Tank style with ruche front neckline and pretty lace detail on straps and back. Worn once. £10 plus postage (was around £25) So Danca R16 in dark turquoise/blue, size 2A. Plain cami front with patterned strap back with a few diamantes. Slight bobbling but very wearable. £5 plus postage (was about £25). Mirella cami with cross back and lattice pattern lace at neck line and back. Age 12. Worn about twice! £10 plus postage (was about £25). Basilica Lachelle, Black with floral print at neckline. Floral printed back with key hole opening. Age 12 ( though small fitting so would probably fit 9-11 year old). Worn about 8-10 times, very good condition. £8 plus postage (£30 new). Sansha Gaby Fleece Warm Ups, Black bottoms, red top. Size P2 (my daughter wore them age 9). Worn for 1 summer school! £8 plus postage. Please let me know if you are interested. I am happy to supply photos!
  10. Balletmum1704

    YDA y11 leavers destinations

    Especially given that the year groups at YDA are quite small, around 12 students per year.
  11. Balletmum1704

    National Youth Ballet auditions - main company

    JAs dance in one piece which is a mini ballet. It does seem expensive for the amount of stage time but it is a Summer School aswell. They are kept really busy with daily ballet class, rehearsals, other classes eg acting, Evening activities, Choreo Competition, etc. The cost covers 10 days full boarding at Elmhurst so when you work it all out, it’s actually not that bad!
  12. Balletmum1704

    National Youth Ballet auditions - main company

    My DD has done NYB a couple of times as a JA including last year at Elmhurst. Cost of Summer School this year is £850 I think. On top of that, depending on where you live, you need to factor in: Travel/accommodation the night before Summer School. Travel/accommodation, food, etc during dress rehearsals and performances at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham. Most stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn or Novotel which are really close to the theatre. Travel/accommodation for Sadlers Wells performance. Tickets for the shows you wish to watch. I think Crescent tickets were about £30 and Sadler’s Wells a bit more (though testing my memory now!) Mandatory purchase of an NYB leotard and T Shirt (about £30). A new pair of ballet shoes and tights/socks for each role danced. Last year we had to buy black leather split sole shoes and black ankle socks for JAs. It is not a cheap Summer School experience but my DD has loved it both times.
  13. Balletmum1704

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Results for ENBS Course B are on their way out. A yes for my DD for Week 2. Good luck to everyone waiting.
  14. Balletmum1704

    YDA auditions

    As far as I am aware, YDA don’t have a set number in each year. They seem to offer to those they really want, not to fill places. The maximum in a year group is about 14 (mix of boys and girls) but can be as few as 8/9.
  15. Balletmum1704

    What warm-ups / extras do the cool tweens wear?

    Try the Adult size P if available. My DD wore this size for her Associate class when she was 9. It was a bit big but I adjusted the shoulder straps a bit and, given that it had elastic around the cuffs and a drawstring waist, it was fine.