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  1. YDA auditions

    As far as I am aware, YDA don’t have a set number in each year. They seem to offer to those they really want, not to fill places. The maximum in a year group is about 14 (mix of boys and girls) but can be as few as 8/9.
  2. What warm-ups / extras do the cool tweens wear?

    Try the Adult size P if available. My DD wore this size for her Associate class when she was 9. It was a bit big but I adjusted the shoulder straps a bit and, given that it had elastic around the cuffs and a drawstring waist, it was fine.
  3. National youth ballet 2017

    From memory, NYB last year was about £830 for Residential Summer School (10 Days) and performances. Additional costs were Uniform (minimum a cast T-shirt and NYB Leotard), travel to/from Summer School and theatres and hotels/meals for the evening before SS drop off day and during the performances. We ended up needing 5 nights in hotels. Then there are tickets to see the shows. It does add up but my DD enjoyed it immensely.
  4. National youth ballet 2017

    Auditions are 25th Feb in Birmingham and 4th March in London. The dates were in an ad in the Jan issue of Dancing Times. Not much detail beyond those dates.
  5. I have 2 good seats - Right Amphitheatre K59 and K60, face value £40 each - which I can't use now. Anyone interested before I return to ROH? The performance is sold out on the ROH site.
  6. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    Another vote for Love Lily. My DD has a growing collection as all the materials are so beautiful.
  7. NYB

    I just asked DD and she said that last year there were always 2 houseparents and 2-3 older students who came to the JA dorms to help those that needed hair assistance!!
  8. NYB

    My DD is also doing NYB. She is 11, so one of the older JAs, she is very proficient at buns and loves helping others!! I'm sure that many of the older girls will be happy to help if the houseparents are too busy!
  9. YDA Ofsted

    YDA has just received the report from its recent Ofsted inspection and has been awarded 'Outstanding' in all areas. Very pleased for the team there who work so hard to provide great vocational and academic training and pastoral care.
  10. National youth ballet 2017

    Yes, I booked on the day that I posted above and have received my tickets. I just looked on the SW website and couldn't see the show listed either (I originally went onto What's On, then September). Maybe call the box office and ask?
  11. National youth ballet 2017

    Gala tickets are now on sale on the Sadler's Wells website.
  12. National youth ballet 2017

    Junior Company results are out. My DD got a yes and is very excited! Hope others got good news.
  13. YDA Associates Audition

    Good luck to everyone. YDA is a lovely school and their Associate classes are fantastic.
  14. National youth ballet 2017

    How did everyone find the audition yesterday? My DD loved it and said that they were told that results could be with us this week. I hope so as it would seem a long wait until the week of 22nd May which is what the email originally said. I was surprised that there were so few at Finals this year. Last year there looked to be about 70, this year about 40.
  15. National youth ballet 2017

    My DD is very excited too. Good luck to everyone.