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  1. For sale..Degas leotard age 10. £20

  2. Degas pale blue leotard style 9501 age 10.. bought for lower school finals, very flattering on. Very fitted with high cut legs and quite low back with Degas logo. Gorgeous leotard just now too small. Sorry not able to upload a photo on my phone. Pm me for more info, maybe i could email a photo if interested? £20
  3. Wanted degas leotards

    I have a 10 in pale blue bought from Just Ballet . Its beautiful on, very fitted and high cut. Worn for 2 final auditions and maybe couple of times after. She was age 10 and above average height. I could try to send a photo if interested.
  4. Compulsory PE in School

    When my oldest DD got to yr 10, I emailed the head and asked permission to take my DD to her dance school for a private lesson during the double PE afternoon lesson. Luckily I work from home so was able to do this. I explained she would be auditioning for dance colleges so needed the extra ballet training. To my surprise she agreed and was supportive. Other children in year 10/11 go 'off site' to the gym etc. As long as they are doing some kind of excercise although I don't think they let them drop PE lessons. My DD also has a single PE lesson, she gets out of running as she has suffered from shin splints in the past. She lets the teacher know if they are hurting and because they know she is serious about her dancing they leave her alone. She enjoys netball though!
  5. Hair products that work but don't irritate the scalp?

    My daughter uses Vo5 gelspray (pink bottle) at her vocational school. Also if you get a small waterspray bottle she can spray water on her hair the next day which works the gel again.
  6. Elmhurst 2018

    Oh yes the late auditions! Makes sense now
  7. Elmhurst 2018

    Hello antm, where did you read this? I can't see this info on the website or the form? Have I missed something?
  8. Elmhurst summer school application

    Received a yes for my DD1 on Friday. Seniors
  9. WL auditions for 2017

    Thank you Newbiemum..She was offered Ma's but she was also offered an Elmhurst place and we took that one and she is very happy there. Once we'd made up our minds to go to Elmhurst she was so excited we put the waiting list to the back of our minds it was less stressful. Its also nearer for us which makes a big difference ????
  10. WL auditions for 2017

    Hi, no, last year my daughter was in call back and made it on to waiting list, her Ja friend didn't get call back and got a place at WL. Think they had already decided that they wanted her..hope this helps
  11. New boy in class

    344 Dance School, Fishponds ,Bristol. Definitely have a man in their adult ballet classes! Established and welcoming school.
  12. Elmhurst uniform

    Are these still for sale Balletnovice?
  13. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Anybody else apply late and waiting for an Elmhurst lower school audition date in Jan? I've had an email saying thanks for your application, date to follow
  14. Regional Youth Ballet Auditions

    I emailed but didn't get a reply :-(
  15. RBS Junior Associate (JA) Questions

    Hi im new on here...but have been stalking since the JA audition! My dd got a place in the Bath (well, Radstock really!) centre for yr6 ! Her first time auditioning so v proud :-) Just wanted to say I got my email at 4pm ish ysday. Didn't know till hour later cos I'd nodded off on the sofa!