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  1. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Is it 5 WL girls that made US or just 5 WL students, so boys and girls included? Brilliant news for the 5 but hopefully all the other dancers will be snapped up too x
  2. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Congratulations!! a waiting list place is a huge achievement for white lodge and as I understand it very few go on the list and last year certainly a year 7 girl was accepted off the wait list xx
  3. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    My dd did OPES for the first time last year and absolutely loved it. She was 11 and she made so many friends from around the country and abroad, all of whom she has stayed in touch with (the brilliant side to social media!) She loved every one of the teachers who all gave something different and said they learnt such a lot, which was reflected by the showing of work at the end of the week being exceptional for the short time they had been there. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend xxx She also did the Elmhurst summer school and she thought Opes was better in terms of the amount of dancing they did, the social side in the evenings and fun they had in the dorms. I would agree looking purely at the showing of work, which was better at Opes, but this is of course our experience only. I hope your dd has a great time wherever she goes, once she does one summer school she’ll be hooked however and want to go every year so think long and hard 🙈🤣!
  4. Elmhurst Summer School application

    Im sure I remember wondering the same last year and being surprised that we didn’t have to send any money until we heard about a place x
  5. RBS Summer School

    They generally come out together (yeses and no’s and waiting lists I understand) so hopefully still be good news for you. some come over a couple of days too xxxx
  6. RBS Summer School

    A place for my dd too, week 4 WL! Gobsmacked as she’s going to the spring intensive so didn’t expect both, even though I put the summer school as my preference. Now to decide how to tackle the topic of doubles fees with her dad 🤔 Congratulations to the yeses, my dd went in year 5 and had the best week of her life bless her xxxxx
  7. Degas warm up suit - rubi red

    Thanks for letting me know. Pleased in a way as my non-serious dd tried it on and fell in love with it so she’s wanting to wear it now xx 😊
  8. Degas warm up suit - rubi red

    Hi, apologies for the delay. The suit length, so from shoulder to ankle, is 42” and the inside leg measurement is 20” xxx Just tried it on my youngest dd and it fits her perfectly length wise. Her height is 136cm x

    Wow brilliant!!! Wish we lived near to London!!!!!
  10. RBS Summer School

    Looks like they’re waiting till after white lodge finals again to decide/send offers x
  11. Degas warm up suit - rubi red

    Will do living2dance. Currently away from home for half term But back at the weekend so will send you the measurements then x
  12. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Boys were first last year. Year 7 girls separate for their 2 days. Not sure about the others. And yes, we got the results before elmhurst finals last year x good luck! Oh and book your hotels as they book up fast!!
  13. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Last year at Royal finals they told us they had approx 1000 applicants (including international applicants) which was a record number, which is why they did the audition over 2 days for the first time, as I believe they took approx 60 to finals (and they’d normally only take about 40 I was led to believe) Elmhurst finals there was about 40 invited to finals I believe but perhaps about 35 there on the day as some had already accepted a place at Royal x
  14. Degas warm up suit - rubi red

    Absolutely gorgeous Degas warm up suit with wide black elastic waist band to really show off waist. It is a lovely warm deep red in such soft fabric. Age 10 - fit my daughter when age 11 but she is little, now it’s just a little short in the leg. Had from the wonderful Just Ballet and saved for best (auditions etc) as was expensive so in excellent condition as hardly worn. Paid c.£55 so would like £30 (inc standard postage) ideally to put to a new one!
  15. How did it all start?

    Ahh thank you too, and you’re so right - a shared love of dance is fabulous for that xxxxx