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  1. Questions about Lower School auditions

    I was advised against it last year. If you’ve put it on the form, they’ll know what associate scheme she is with. Plus it’s not the most flattering leotard. However a couple of girls did for Elmhurst last year, but the vast majority of JAs didn’t, they wore something they felt most comfortable in and what flattered them best xx good luck to your dd x x
  2. Associates in London and the SE

    I think photos also help the panel, in advance, to highlight those that they feel might have a particular body type that they like and the facility for Ballet. You will note that many photos that are requested are done so as to show the legline and turnout of the child, which may help the panel with a large group auditioning to double check their preconceptions. However I don’t doubt that they can spot who they want in the room as soon as the children start dancing, so I’m sure they’re also needed for memory purposes too. Plus there is often a dancer without their perceived look may have something else, a special something maybe, that draws their eye more than the desired swayback knees and flat turnout etc. There was certainly a couple of those special ones in my dd’s associate classes xx
  3. Technique - Can it always improve?

    So sad to read your post and that your dds dance journey has not been a happy one. It’s sounds to me that your dd has been pushed a little too quickly (my dd is almost 12 so not that much younger) and is a royal MA, and is studying G4 Ballet (about to take her exam), plus inter foundation and grade 6 as her stretch class. Im not saying that’s standard, as every dance school is different, and I don’t s doubt there are girls at higher levels in her associate class, but my dd teacher says grade levels and exams really aren’t massively important, it’s what you learn as you progress through them at a steady pace and getting the basics correct is what is important. And I do tend to agree. I do believe that taking 3 RAD grades within 12 months is hugely ambitious for anyone, especially the incredibly hard grade 5 which is apparently a bigger leap than grade 6. She cannot possibly have done anywhere near the recommended hours to perfect all of the steps and technique and I can imagine it’s been extremely stressful for her and you to race through them, and must’ve taken some of the enjoyment away. (Never mind the other exams she has Been taking and preparing for at the same time!) I would agree that she might be best placed to take a small step back from the number of hours she’s doing for a while and if changing dance schools is an option I’d defintley look at it. Good luck with building her confidence. She is clearly a talented dancer but just needs some gentle guidance to fulfil her potential xxxxx
  4. Rbs spring intensive London

    If anyone is still to book a hotel for the night before the spring intensive at WL, just a heads up that you may want to do it soon. Loads of the hotels nearby are either full if you want a family room, or have very few rooms left, prob with more organised parents than myself and also the coinciding with easter hols!
  5. Rbs spring intensive London

    My dd has a place too. Year 7. So excited to tell her!! Perhaps more uk dancers at this one with it being earlier in the year x
  6. Tiredtoes my dd is 11 and watched the pre-general. She thought both The Illustated Farewell and Untouchable were amazing in different ways. They went as a group of Mid associates, and they, along with the WL students, were taken out for The Wind, as we were told by the RBS team that it wasn't appropriate for children in years 7,8 and 9 to watch. I haven't seen it so I can't comment on my opinion, but they may have been airing on the side of caution as I understand the storyline is very adult in theme, however the ROH website gives it a 12+ rating. You know your dd better than anyone however, and if it was me I would have probably let my dd watch it with some discussion, so hope you have a fabulous time (and good luck to her for her audition ⭐️).
  7. Winter training

    Pictures that's so weird! Posting at the same time!!
  8. Winter training

    Malvern ballet seminars, ran by the same people as OPES, which is a brilliant summer course. I've heard equally excellent reviews of MBS for Easter and the venue looks beautiful and can be residential. Hoping my dd will go next year if our dates work out ok x Ballet boost also do an Easter course at pineapple studios in London - that's only 3 days and non residential. Teachers are fabulous tho! I think at Christmas Olivia Pickford does a few days of classes in Birmingham. Pictures might know more about this???
  9. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    It was last week and sadly she had a horrible bout of tonsillitis and was just not well enough to go and was still asleep when the class would have started! She was absolutely gutted but thankfully she's over it now and will be there with bells on next week 💗 Xxxx Thank you for asking xxx
  10. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Def need a mat or towel. We were Birmingham and most girls took a mat as there are a lot of floor exercises. There were only a couple that took a towel instead. I think you'll probably find that each JA teacher has their own preferences about a lot of things xx
  11. Audition Courses

    Yes, I thought that was you @ArucariaBallerina but didn't like to be too specific just in case! I could see how much joy dancing brought you and it was infectious so I'm sure any panel will see the same. Wishing you all the best xxx
  12. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Some make very small bows with theirs and some are huge so I'd say it was personal choice as there are no instructions and various takes on the bows that I've seen! I went with medium size for the first term (so about 5/6" bow) and then we went gradually smaller as dd got older x eventually we saw that dancique in Birmingham made pre-made blue bows on a clip in the royal blue ribbon so we changed to those and saved a good 10 minutes each Saturday trying to get it 'just so'! All the teachers I've come across at JAs are extremely friendly and relaxed with the children and the parents so don't worry xxx Hope all the Dc have a fabulous first class xx
  13. Audition Courses

    Good luck Arucaria ballet xxxx I think I may have watched you at OPES week 1 as I remember you saying you were going (my dd was in the inter group, I'm thinking you were the next group up and one of the smallest from what you've said?) anyway if I did you certainly had a special quality that stood out and looked like you were loving every second, so wishing you all the very best for audition season xxx
  14. RBS National Skirt desperate plea

    Rant still in date sarahw 😂 But totally agree the blue skirt does look beautiful against the white leotard and it does feel special. I paid for the shop to make mine save sourcing my own dressmaker (as absolutely no sewing skills myself!) and it has last her her whole time at JAs so the price per wear was not too extortionate in the end x
  15. Your thoughts - lightest possible high waisted dance shorts

    I'd go with seamless black underwear. At my dd dance school they recommend buying Tesco (or other) seamless black shorts underwear instead of dance shorts for over their black modern tights because they're so well fitted and no bulky seams etc, so something like that could be an option! Oh and they're considerably cheaper than dance branded shorts. Theyre not a high waist as such tho but sure some of their options will be x good luck finding something appropriate x