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  1. Balletmum55

    Beginning to panic now!

    Please do XX enjoy the rest of your holiday xxx
  2. Balletmum55

    Beginning to panic now!

    Sending love to both @Picturesinthefirelightand To you @Snowflake xxxx hope your husbands both get some answers soon xxx And fingers crossed for your lovely dd pictures, what a stressful time she must have had xx
  3. Balletmum55

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    A Mid associate (of the Royal Ballet) is the next stage from JAs (junior associates) - for academic years 7-9 (then they may wish to audition for senior associates ... There are fewer places than for JAs and classes take place at fewer centres around the country, and the class tends to be a mixed year group class for years 7-9 (may be different in London?). Places are offered to children following an audition and are generally taken up if they don’t get a vocational school place of their choice or if they had chosen not to go away that age, but still wish to continue or start training weekly with the Royal Ballet School associate scheme (as although a lot of places are previous JAs, children who have not been JAs also can apply and get places on the scheme)
  4. Balletmum55

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    I don’t think it’s irrelevant at all. It shows in a very rough manner, as originally highlighted by the poster, that although WL takes a large number of youngsters who have been through their training programme from an early age, either at year 7 entrance from JAs, or year 8/9/10 etc from MAs, that they do not necessarily stay for the whole time at White Lodge, and then fewer still are selected for upper school, I thought it was an interesting observation which shows how tough the training programme is as more international students (plus students from other Lower schools / different training routes etc) aim to join the Royal Ballet as they get older.
  5. Yes they do wear them but I know what you mean! I also got my dd some alternative nude pants from a dancewear shop that have a discreet waistband and has a little more bottom coverage 🙈 and she mainly wore those though - I think basically as long as they’re nude (you couldn’t wear anything else with that white leotard!! - the teacher doesn’t mind what they wear as long as she can’t see them x (I’ve just looked at them and no labels in them as they’re seamless so can’t tell you the brand I’m afraid) xx
  6. Every child bar one in my dd class has a mat, mostly in a separate bag with a shoulder strap for ease of carrying x
  7. Balletmum55

    Oliver’s story

    I’m so sorry for your loss xxxxxx signed xxxx
  8. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Birmingham yr 6 JA timings have been - 24 weeks - 3.15-5.30pm 32 weeks I believe were a slightly later start either 3.30-5.45 or 3.45-6.00pm Whether that’s changing from September I don’t know but hope that helps a little x
  9. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    That’s right Myballetboy, certainly at Birmingham in regards to spaces in year 6. There are 2 year 6 classes so there are generally a good number of spaces available for new JAs going into year 6 as only the year 5s from the 2 joint 4/5 classes move up, so about half of each class is new students in year 6. So fingers crossed Tiredtoes xxx
  10. Balletmum55

    Errol Pickford RIP

    Incredibly sad news. Rest in Peace Errol 💙
  11. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Congratulations bluebird!!
  12. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    I don’t know her personally but she looks little - so I’d say year 4 or 5 xx good luck, when my dd auditioned results came out over quite a good time spacing (some the next day) and it wasn’t in any results order (yes/no etc), maybe it was age or surname who knows xx
  13. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Just seen a Birmingham yes on fb x good luck to everyone waiting x x
  14. Balletmum55

    RBS Summer School

    Ha ha pictures! Popular yes, that’s a word 😂 🙈 Ahh bless him, glad he’s enjoying it so much, he really seems to have found his passion x
  15. Balletmum55

    RBS Summer School

    I had to let RBS know today that my dd can’t attend the week 4 summer school anymore as my husband has unwittingly booked us a surprise holiday FOR THE SAME WEEK 😫 !!! It only came to light when I gave him the bill to pay 😳 Luckily for my dd, she already did the spring intensive this year so she took it pretty well xxx hopefully a lovely year 7 dd who applied for week 4 will get a happy email soon, hope it’s someone on the forum xxxx