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  1. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Birmingham yr 6 JA timings have been - 24 weeks - 3.15-5.30pm 32 weeks I believe were a slightly later start either 3.30-5.45 or 3.45-6.00pm Whether that’s changing from September I don’t know but hope that helps a little x
  2. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    That’s right Myballetboy, certainly at Birmingham in regards to spaces in year 6. There are 2 year 6 classes so there are generally a good number of spaces available for new JAs going into year 6 as only the year 5s from the 2 joint 4/5 classes move up, so about half of each class is new students in year 6. So fingers crossed Tiredtoes xxx
  3. Balletmum55

    Errol Pickford RIP

    Incredibly sad news. Rest in Peace Errol 💙
  4. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Congratulations bluebird!!
  5. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    I don’t know her personally but she looks little - so I’d say year 4 or 5 xx good luck, when my dd auditioned results came out over quite a good time spacing (some the next day) and it wasn’t in any results order (yes/no etc), maybe it was age or surname who knows xx
  6. Balletmum55

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Just seen a Birmingham yes on fb x good luck to everyone waiting x x
  7. Balletmum55

    RBS Summer School

    Ha ha pictures! Popular yes, that’s a word 😂 🙈 Ahh bless him, glad he’s enjoying it so much, he really seems to have found his passion x
  8. Balletmum55

    RBS Summer School

    I had to let RBS know today that my dd can’t attend the week 4 summer school anymore as my husband has unwittingly booked us a surprise holiday FOR THE SAME WEEK 😫 !!! It only came to light when I gave him the bill to pay 😳 Luckily for my dd, she already did the spring intensive this year so she took it pretty well xxx hopefully a lovely year 7 dd who applied for week 4 will get a happy email soon, hope it’s someone on the forum xxxx
  9. Balletmum55

    JA Auditions... flexibility

    If it’s the same as the MA audition then it would have been in age order x Best of luck to all the children auditioning xx
  10. Yes my dd was in her old full sole satins, class leotard (but we put her on a contrasting colour belt) and socks. She also got a place. That was back in the good old days before I used to stress over colour of leotard etc! But in the end I suppose it doesn’t make a jot of difference! Xxx
  11. Balletmum55

    Starting Year 7 at Hammond this September

    My friends dd, who isn’t on the forum, is starting too, and would love to connect with other girls in advance x Can someone send me some info please that I can pass on to her? Xx Thanks x x
  12. Balletmum55

    JA Auditions

    It’s a couple of years ago that my dd auditioned as she is now an MA, but my dd said in her audition they didn’t massively look at their feet (shoes off, show you can work through your toes etc but no individual examination etc) - she hadn’t got great arches at the time (she still hasn’t really although the exercises they are given have helped). She also couldn’t do any of the splits at her audition (still isnt quite in box) and really was not the most flexible child to be honest (lots in the audition were competitive stretching beforehand, even to the point of a flip!!! Standing casually with leg next to head etc for photos, you get the picture, while my dd was too intimidated to even warm up) and she said in the audition there was a fair bit of stretching in ther class (splits, head on knees touch toes, frog etc) and she was in the bottom half of flexibility at least, but she just did her best and planted a smile on her face! And she surprisingly got a place and absolutely loved her years as a JA. So what I’m saying is, don’t be put off auditioning. It is a mystery what they look for. My dd’s JA teacher on leaving told me they always liked her because she had that quality that you can’t teach, something that makes you watch her. What that is I don’t know, other than I think she always looks like she’s loving it. So don’t be put off by not ticking every virtual box. Tell your dd to go in and love it. Love the experience, the opportunity to dance in fabulous studios with amazing teachers and a pianist, show them how thrilled they are to be there, look interested and engaged and willing to learn, and breathe. And smile. And perform. And have no expectations xxx good luck xxx
  13. Balletmum55

    RBS Summer School

    Yes tights. Unless your dd is one of the youngest (year5/6) then I think that they can wear tights or socks, but you’ll receive a handbook with lists of what she’ll need a little closer to the time xx Like snowflake my dd took a leotard for each day, with either a belt or skirt to wear with it. She’ll probably need a character skirt and character shoes (although if she doesn’t have the shoes they do say not to buy them, but in reality all the girls on my dd course had them) Snacks - she won’t need - they’re very well fed, in fact they encourage you not to take them. A named water bottle is a definite, and my hint is a portable mirror. My dd was fine at her last RBS summer school as she was in a twin room, but this time at the spring course she was in a larger dorm of approx 15 girls and there was only 1 mirror! (imagine the ocd of Ballet girls trying to get their buns right in limited time in the morning 😆) She’ll have an amazing time, they do activities in the evening so perhaps an outfit for a disco, but generally it’s quite casual clothing of an evening and they like them to wear sensible flat shoes in the evening (probably to prevent any injuries) xx
  14. Balletmum55

    Are there some people who just can’t do ballet pirouettes?

    Ahh that’s a shame pictures, sounds like she needs a private rather than a class environment then to help her xxx Good luck x
  15. Balletmum55

    Are there some people who just can’t do ballet pirouettes?

    How about a lesson with Nicky Henshall? She runs privates occasionally around SYB classes and sometimes does a full day of them. She’s been great when my dd had them in the past and will spend the time focusing on a particular issue or goal if you like. Local too so definitely worth a try xx