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  1. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    It was last week and sadly she had a horrible bout of tonsillitis and was just not well enough to go and was still asleep when the class would have started! She was absolutely gutted but thankfully she's over it now and will be there with bells on next week πŸ’— Xxxx Thank you for asking xxx
  2. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Def need a mat or towel. We were Birmingham and most girls took a mat as there are a lot of floor exercises. There were only a couple that took a towel instead. I think you'll probably find that each JA teacher has their own preferences about a lot of things xx
  3. Audition Courses

    Yes, I thought that was you @ArucariaBallerina but didn't like to be too specific just in case! I could see how much joy dancing brought you and it was infectious so I'm sure any panel will see the same. Wishing you all the best xxx
  4. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Some make very small bows with theirs and some are huge so I'd say it was personal choice as there are no instructions and various takes on the bows that I've seen! I went with medium size for the first term (so about 5/6" bow) and then we went gradually smaller as dd got older x eventually we saw that dancique in Birmingham made pre-made blue bows on a clip in the royal blue ribbon so we changed to those and saved a good 10 minutes each Saturday trying to get it 'just so'! All the teachers I've come across at JAs are extremely friendly and relaxed with the children and the parents so don't worry xxx Hope all the Dc have a fabulous first class xx
  5. Audition Courses

    Good luck Arucaria ballet xxxx I think I may have watched you at OPES week 1 as I remember you saying you were going (my dd was in the inter group, I'm thinking you were the next group up and one of the smallest from what you've said?) anyway if I did you certainly had a special quality that stood out and looked like you were loving every second, so wishing you all the very best for audition season xxx
  6. RBS National Skirt desperate plea

    Rant still in date sarahw πŸ˜‚ But totally agree the blue skirt does look beautiful against the white leotard and it does feel special. I paid for the shop to make mine save sourcing my own dressmaker (as absolutely no sewing skills myself!) and it has last her her whole time at JAs so the price per wear was not too extortionate in the end x
  7. Your thoughts - lightest possible high waisted dance shorts

    I'd go with seamless black underwear. At my dd dance school they recommend buying Tesco (or other) seamless black shorts underwear instead of dance shorts for over their black modern tights because they're so well fitted and no bulky seams etc, so something like that could be an option! Oh and they're considerably cheaper than dance branded shorts. Theyre not a high waist as such tho but sure some of their options will be x good luck finding something appropriate x
  8. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    Ha ha yes! She got one before opes with some bday money, then I was too tempted while we were there and she conned her dad into another, and so did youngest dd who doesn't really have chance to wearr one but they were so pretty! πŸ˜†
  9. Normally they take 4 boys and 4 girls from Elmhurst associates, and 4 boys and 4 girls from royal ballet associates, to make up 2 teams for their Birmingham production. They get auditioned on their first day back in September as associates. This is the first time BRB have performed Nutcracker at RAH i understand so I presume they want more local children to that theatre. They'll continue to take the children from the normal route I presume for the longer Birmingham run of the nutcracker, but this will be a separate opportunity. My dd was lucky enough to be a party child in the Nutcracker with BRB last year when she was a JA (and is on the photo ☺️) and it was the best experience of her young life. (Lots of travelling for all the performances and LOTS of rehearsals tho,, and for the Birmingham one you had to commit to every single one or couldn't take part) - exhausting as we don't live in birmingham, but in hindsight it was totally worth sitting on the m6 every night xxx
  10. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    Love lily skirts are beautiful!!! ?
  11. Opes summer school

    I had to blackmail my dd into contacting me yesterday and then I got approx 90 seconds of her time at lights out. Not a peep today all day today. So no more info I'm afraid so nice to hear some news from other dds ?
  12. Opes summer school

    Great news! Xxxx
  13. Opes summer school

    My daughters there now and is 11. She is absolutely loving it and says everyone is so so friendly! All the teachers were there welcoming students and parents when we arrived and it was very reassuring. After the drop off I haven't heard much however as she's having such a good time, so in terms of atmosphere it sounds great. (The food being prepared for them also smelt amazing , a big plus point!) Groups - I can see there is intermediate for the younger students, then senior b and senior a. I've guessed that senior b seems to be for 13/14+ from the girls I saw who were in it and senior a I presume is older students but sure someone else will correct me if incorrect. The standard I would say would be slightly mixed, as it's non-selective, but I would imagine you only go if you have a real love for dance as it's intensive. But there was a good range of associate and vocational students there too. I'm sure you'd be made extremely welcome whatever level you're working at, it seems like that kind of place xxxx The timetable - 2 x 1.5 hour sessions each morning with a 15 min break between. An hour lunch. 2 x 1.25 hr sessions each afternoon. These are mainly ballet and repertoire classes and it seems to be 1 session per day of contemporary this year although last year I think it might have been jazz? Approx hour break then evening meal and activity. They have commercial and musical theatre workshops, bbq, band, pas de deux demo etc in the evenings. Hope that's helped Xx Oh and an hour performance for parents/guardians on the last day, which I hear is always excellent.
  14. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Tracksuit definitely is optional. They're never worn into class so purely for travelling in. I'd say 90% had the zip up top in my dd JAs throughout the years. With regards to the bottoms, about 60% had them in yr 4/5 but only about 10/20% still wore the bottoms come year 6. Most wore leggings, other tracksuits, jeans, shorts, or other ballet warm up stuff.
  15. Totally agree re Brandon Lawrence!