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  1. Noobag06

    RBS Spring Intensive April 2018

    Hello Your post was looking a little lonely out there! My DD(12) is going, and will be residential too. I would say an important thing is that your DD can manage her own bun. Make sure she has a few tries beforehand, and has enough nets, pins etc for the course. It won't matter if it's not immaculate, as long as it stays up. Not long now! I'm sure it will be a lovely and exciting week for them all.
  2. Noobag06

    Vocational school transport assistance

    Just to let anyone who's interested know, we had our appeal this morning and they have decided to uphold it. So it is worthwhile applying, as it seems that it is a discretionary award. It will run until DD reaches the end of year 11. This makes a big difference to us! I also felt that the members of the panel who heard our case were sympathetic towards talents in the Arts (as they should be).
  3. Noobag06

    Vocational school transport assistance

    Hello Thank you for your replies. It would have been a 400 mile round trip for us, had we taken up her other vocational school offer, so this was a better option for various reasons. She has to return home at weekends as it is weekly boarding only. The school isn't part of an MDS, hence the exploration of other funding options. DH spoke to the decision making department at the LA on Monday, who confirmed that this is something we CAN apply for, on the grounds that it is the nearest school to us that meets her needs. I just wanted to share that, in case it helps others in similar situations or anyone who is thinking of applying this year, and I will update after the result of the appeal as well.
  4. Hello everyone Does anyone know about or have experience of Local Authority travel assistance for vocational school? Our LA (Kent) has a duty to pay travel costs to the nearest secondary school, which is not a specialist classical ballet training centre, so I was hoping to explore the "gifted and talented" angle, as advised by one of her vocational school ballet teachers. As we understand it, this situation comes under the SEN umbrella. We live roughly 80 miles from school, and travel up and back to drop off and collect her by train twice a week, as she comes home at weekends. Any thoughts or experience would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  5. Noobag06

    For sale: YDA Associates leotard

    This has now been sold.
  6. Age 10-12 YDA Associates leotard. Excellent condition, £15 including postage.
  7. Noobag06

    Anyone get No for JA's but make Elmhurst or WL

    Thank you, Dancer123. She's chosen YDA. Elmhurst is lovely too, so it was a tough choice, but we feel that YDA is the best "fit" for her right now.
  8. Noobag06

    Anyone get No for JA's but make Elmhurst or WL

    My daughter was turned down for JAs two years ago, but this year got to finals for WL (incl. callback), Elmhurst and YDA, and had offers from both Elmhurst and YDA. She is currently on the waiting list for MAs in London. I know of several JA children who didn't make finals for any of the lower schools, including WL, but who have graduated to MAs. Good luck with it all-not only do schools seem to look for different things, children change and improve over time as they develop and grow.
  9. Noobag06

    RBS Mid Associates Auditions

    SWL for London yr7 for us.
  10. Noobag06

    RBS Mid Associates Auditions

    Mine was. She's also a non JA, and we're waiting for London results. Just trying to fathom RBS!
  11. Noobag06

    RBS Mid Associates Auditions

    Skintdancemum and RichieN, Were either of your DDs in the callback at finals?
  12. Noobag06

    Elmhurst or YDA

    Hello all My DD has been very fortunate in receiving an offer for year 7 for both YDA and Elmhurst. I'm interested in hearing as many opinions as possible regarding which school you would choose, and why. I'm particularly interested to hear thoughts from anybody with experience of either. Thank you.
  13. Noobag06

    Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Thank you, Happymum. I'll look on the website.
  14. Noobag06

    Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Thank you. So all of those are MDS? The bit I'm confused about is that the means tested forms aren't required til May or June, yet the offer is open for a week. So we are potentially accepting places without prior knowledge of how much we have to top up the fees by? Excuse my naivity.
  15. Noobag06

    Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Does anybody with experience know how many MDS places are awarded to y7s?