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  1. Royal Ballet School SS

    Thanks celb! Do you remember if there was any requirement regarding leotards?
  2. Royal Ballet School SS

    Hello, My DD are attending the White Lodge SS. I have a few questions about attire. Can any color or style leotard be worn? Regarding the National Character skirt....We have only taken Russian character dancing. (We are traveling from abroad). Is the National Character skirt black with 3 various colored stain ribbons sewn onto the bottom? I've seen some online for sale with ribbon colors that are blues, pinks, etc. Is this the correct skirt? We own plain solid black character skirts, but not a "National" one and I wasn't exactly sure what that was. Also, our character shoes are Russian style. Would this be acceptable? Thanks!
  3. RB SS Payment

    We received the invoice today! Whew! DD also attending WL week 4 -- See you there!
  4. RB SS Payment

    We haven't received anything either....also making me nervous I missed it!
  5. Paris Opera Ballet School Audition Question

    Hi Sam. Thanks so much!! I guess we would need to plan on being there the whole week until the 2nd audition - if she made it that far. I did contact them and there are no exceptions!! We would be living in the area so she would live with us and not board likely. I hope you daughters' friend enjoyed her training there and thought it was beneficial! I wonder how many students are allowed to return after 6 months? I also wonder how many in the upper levels originated at the school and did most of their training there?
  6. Hello, Does anyone's children have experience auditioning for Paris Opera Ballet year round school? If so can you share your experiences? We received a letter for an invitation for 2 separate dates. The first date is a first round and the 2nd date is a week later for the 2nd round (assuming the child passes the first round). Since we are traveling out of the country for the audition, it's fairly difficult to arrange travel for both dates. Do they ever make accommodations to allow a student to attend just one audition? We did submit a video of my dd and she was accepted to the summer school, so they do have a record of her dancing in a video format. Any suggestions? This is a strong first choice school for her and she would love to be considered. Also - she just turned 12 years old. I believe they only audition up to age 13. Thanks!
  7. Paris Opera Ballet School Summer Intensive

    Hello balletAJ - I read a post of yours from a while ago -so not sure if you are still active on this board? However, if you have any reviews of the POB SS 2 weeks - would you care to share? We are doing some research on POB & RBS - WL summer schools and trying to find some first hand information on the quality of training. Also, since you have experience with other SI programs how does the training intensity compare? Most of the US SI's run for 3-6 weeks, so they are offering much more hours of dancing. Did you find that the US SI were able to compete with the level/quality of POB or RB (I believe you also attended RBS)? Did you feel that your DD was much improved after the courses? Would you return again (to POB)? Were you aware of any year-round offers made to SS participants at POB? Unfortunately, we are not in a position to do both SS and realize they are both highly regarded companies. Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Royal Ballet School SS

    Our acceptance deadline is March 20th. Good luck and fingers crossed!!
  9. Royal Ballet School SS

    Hello, Can anyone who has attended before comment on the quality of the program for the White Lodge 10-12 age range? Is it challenging, pointe work every day, etc? Also, is the summer school used to sometimes extend offers for the year round program? I realize there have already been year round auditions/offers - just wondering if the summer offers this possibility. Thanks!