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  1. I' m so grateful to the Royal ballet and especially to Natalia Osipova and Vadim Muntagirov for a most delightful performance yesterday! Such performances are much worth of travelling a long way to witness them! To my mind it was a beautiful dancing, great partnership and perfect acting! I was also charmed by Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, impressed by Reece Clarke and Claire Calvert and practically swept to the heaven by Fumi Kaneko and Isabella Gasparini! And what a fun it was to watch Thomas Whitehead as Gamache! All in all, a perfect performance !
  2. Unfortunately I can't go to the evening performance of Frankenstein tonight (23/3) as my cat got ill, so my sister has an extra ticket available for the person who wants to attend. It's the front row of the amphitheater, seats A47 and A48 ( but just one of them is for sale). The price of the ticket is £66,50 but it's negotiable. If there is somebody interested, please send me a personal message and I will give you the phone number of my sister. It will be necessary to meet with her before the start of the performance at the ROH to get the ticket.
  3. Sorry, the post was placed here by mistake and is moved now to the separate topic.
  4. I would love to see about anything in the ROH, but my major wish is to plan the ballets in such a way that one could watch different ballets in one weekend ( or several days). This season I was lucky enough to be able to see the triple bill and " The Nutcracker" ( plus Matthew Bourne's " Swan lake") during one long weekend and am looking forward to the end of March when I should see both " Frankenstein", " Don Quichote" and " Victoria" by NB ( but actually it could have been " Romeo and Juliet" instead of " Victoria" - only having to choose, I preferred to see "Romeo and Juliet" in June, with Osipova and Hallberg). Also, I really want to see " Victoria". That is, it would be lovely to take into consideration those of us who live far away from London and would like to enjoy the beauty and ability of RB during the few days we can manage to spend here!
  5. First of all I would like to thank somebody from the forum who suggested the visit to London precsely in these dates to see both the mixed bill and "The Nutcracker", I took this great idea and am spending a marvelous weekend here ( and looking very much forward to Matthew Bourne's "Swan lake" today). I can just say that Sara Lamb made my weekend ( I was lucky to see her in "The Nutcracker" yesterday as well). She danced beautifully as Masha on Friday ( I liked the whole ballet and would love to watch it again, though it surely seemed to be a bit gloomy to me). Thiago Soares didn't impress me much. I also liked a lot Yasmine Naghdi who created a beautiful image of a young woman, and, actually, Bennet Gartside as Kulygin. I was a bit shocked at the beginning of this ballet as the opening scene ( with a drunken servant girl) differed quite a lot from my ideas about Chekhov, but then I read in the programme that it wasn't thought as a reconstruction of the play, and, well, it certainly helped to create the atmosphere ( and all the participants of the scene acted quite well, especially the girl). " Les Patineurs " was wonderful and a pure joy to see the winter evening. Marcelino Sambe was superb and I liked everybody, I believe, including the romantic white couple... A pity one of the ensemble girls fell down, but she continued quite professionally afterwards and she probably felt more embarrassment than pain. "The Concert" was also a great piece to watch, and again - Sara Lamb in a completely new image, and she was so good! All in all, a brilliant programme!
  6. I have just once had a chance of seeing Hikaru Kobayashi dance - at the summer concert of the Verdensballet in Denmark in 2014, she was performing by the side of Federico Bonelli and I remember the wonderful solemn dance from "Tais". Good luck to her in the future and a lot of thanks for her beautiful dancing!
  7. Great news! That means I can plan a trip to London in August to see both "Bolshoi" and New Adventures!
  8. I'll go tomorrow to Gala performance, shall try to write about it as well!
  9. For a week ago I was lucky to be at " Napoli" performance. It was a glorious evening, with the Queen Margrethe and her sister Benedicte present and a speech of Nikolaj Hubbe opening the ballet festival. I personally was very glad to see Ulrik Birkkjær ( Gennaro) back; I believe he looks and dances more self confident and sure even though he was away from the company for almost a year. He and Amy Watson ( Teresina) made a beautiful couple and she danced and acted very well but sometimes there was a lack of coordination between them - like for example she was sending him a kiss while he wasn't looking and vice versa. In the first act there were a lot of people on the stage, and even a dog ( accompanying a blind person), quite cute, but sometimes distracting from the actual performance. A lot of different characters, each one with its own story, everything quite amusing but probably creating a feeling of overcrowdedness sometimes. Besides Ulrik Birkkjær ( Gennaro) and Amy Watson ( Teresina), I liked Alba Nadal ( Teresina's friend Giovanina) who had been quite noticeable on the scene as well as Jon Axel Fransson and Tobias Praetorius ( Gennaro's friends). If it depended on me, I'd promoted Alba Nadal to soloist ages ago, but alas! Evidently Nikolaj Hubbe is of different opinion even though he constantly gives to this ballet dancer significant roles and engages her a lot in the performances ( in " Napoli" she danced in every act, and it was a pure delight to see her dancing and acting)! I liked more the second act now than when I saw it for the first time several years ago. The corps danced beautifully, and Jonathan Chmelensky created a convincing image of a sea king Golfo, who seemed to be both dominant and sensitive to the beauty of Teresina. Two of his assistants - Corella ( Alba Nadal) and Argentina (Emma Riis-Kofoed) danced perfectly well, I was quite impressed by the ability of Emma Riis-Kofoed who graduated from the RDB school only last year. The third act was an ultimate pleasure to watch. Here we could see practically everybody , and everybody did its best in delivering the genuine Bournonville spirit of this ballet. As now we are blessed with a truly Italian summer weather, Nikolaj Hubbe suggested to the spectators to continue the evening outside the theatre dancing to the 50s music, it was very tempting but unfortunately I had to hurry home as I live quite far from Copenhagen. I'm certainly looking forward to the "Napoli" in the coming season!
  10. Probably because of the coming ballet festival in Copenhagen that starts in the end of the week, the Danish television decided to show the film from the British series "Artists in love" from 2015 about Rudolf Nureev and Erik Bruhn: https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/artists-in-love-eps-1-10/-/en-kaerlighedshistorie-erik-bruhn-rudolf-nurejev# The film can be seen until the 6th of June, 2018.
  11. Today at the press conference Nikolaj Hubbe announced the plans for the coming season 2018-19. Here it's possibly to see all the items: 2018-19 season I believe, it' s just in Danish right now, but the titles of the performances don't need translation. Personally I'm quite content with the coming season and plan to visit Copenhagen as often as my finances and work schedule will permit it.
  12. Thanks a lot, Jane S, indeed a very good article with the beautiful photos! Good luck to Kizzy tomorrow! I'm sure Eva Kistrup will write about the performance in her blog (http://danceviewtimes.typepad.com/eva_kistrup/ ).
  13. I'm looking very much forward to the 15th, though I'd love to see Kizzy Matiakis, Andreas Kaas and Ida Praetorius. But J'Amie Crandall is always very good, and there are quite some interesting dancers in the cast for the 15th of April -should be fabulous!
  14. I have a ticket for the 15th and if it's true Tobias Praetorius will be Hermann and Alexandra Lo Sardo Liza in the second cast, I'll be more than happy! I missed Alexandra Lo Sardo for quite some time, actually since the birth of her child. Of course I would love to see Kizzy Matiakis as the old countess as well but it will probably be impossible, if she's a member of the first cast. And, well, probably Kizzy hadn't counted with being a principal of RDB for 5 years ago, but she always was very noticeable on the scene, even in some insignificant roles, so she surely deserves that position and I'm glad Hubbe made this decision last year!
  15. Actually it's not that difficult to get tickets for Nijinsky Gala. I tried it once and got two tickets no problem ( of course, it' s probably important to send the request in the indicated dates. My friend also got a ticket without problems - we both were sending requests from different countries - Denmark and France.
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