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  1. No - which is why I never use ENB early-bird offers...
  2. ENB do often offer "early-bird" discounts way in advance (though £18 down to £10 seems like a lot).
  3. Maybe now that it hasn't been what seemed like a million years since any internal RB promotions to principal, as was the case prior to Hayward/Takada/Campbell/Hirano, the non-ballet-focused media aren't as excited about it any more...
  4. Thanks, BBB. The official photos used from previous years on the booking page for the showcase always look much more even than that!
  5. Question about the Grand Defilé. Presumably you need exactly the same number of dancers to end up in each row of boys or girls from each year group. So what happens if, as is inevitable, there are a number of students out with injuries and the absentees are not evenly spread between rows?
  6. Jules_skichick, I can now help you with this; I sent you a private message yesterday but you haven't read it yet!
  7. Well I suppose that answers the "are they still together" conversation I was having in person the other day with another forum member!
  8. The characters' names rather suggest it's France as well...
  9. Forgot to say anything else about the performance; I absolutely loved Multiplicity and now want to see all of it. I see the Mikhailovsky have performed it in London, so hope they may do so again...
  10. I was rather disappointed to see Harrison Lee's main "featured" role (that is, other than the Larina Waltz which I think he appeared in if memory serves) being Florimund. I mean, I know it's the male lead, so perhaps it's a "mustn't grumble" situation. But that style of classical ballet is just so much more interesting to watch the women in than the men... I mean his variation was FINE. And he put out a good solid partnering-arm for Yu Hang's fish-dives. But having seen him in the last two years' shows I wish they'd given him something a bit more lively!
  11. Thursday cast for these roles was: Aurora: Yu Hang Florimund: Harrison Lee Florine: Amelia Townsend Bluebird: ....can somebody else please fill this gap in as this is the name that escapes me and I don't have the list in front of me?
  12. Just a note to say - and I think I mentioned it elsewhere on the forum last week - the RBS will be returning to Holland Park next year even though the Linbury will no longer be out of commission. Like the RBS ROH matinee and the whole Opera Holland Park season, it all jumps "back a week" next year, with performances from 4th-6th July. (Source: marketing material in this year's OHP opera programmes.)
  13. I remember speculating last year after the Holland Park shows that he could be a candidate to go straight onto a full contract. Am I right in thinking that the last person to do so since the Aud Jebsen scheme came into being was Chisato Katsura?
  14. RuthE

    Where to Eat before the Proms

    I was walking from South Kensington tube up to the Royal College of Music a couple of days ago and there seems to be a new bar/restaurant on the premises which used to be Hugo's some years ago. Its website looks a bit sketchy at the moment about what they actually sell, but hopefully it'll provide another convenient option in the Royal Albert Hall area. https://www.berlininkensington.stein-s.com/