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  1. I thought about asking this question on the Broken Wings thread but thought this one was probably more appropriate. Do we know if we're getting another Grayson Perry curtain design as we did with "She Said"? It really added to the mixed bill and went especially well with Broken Wings.
  2. Vixen never used the full depth of the stage, did it? The screen was only part way back. I wonder if that's a clue that it might have been created with the shallower Holland Park stage in mind (I believe it IS still relatively shallow even though for the RBS performances they extend the normally very shallow stage by covering the pit, as well as putting down an appropriate floor covering).
  3. Yes, I had that about an hour ago but it all looks OK now.
  4. That reminds me, have they sorted out the issues with the flooring in this production now? I think it was the first time I saw it (in the original run) that I saw Yuhui (in this role) slip and fall and have to be replaced for the last act. There were other reported similar mishaps throughout the run.
  5. I don't hate it, but neither do I love it enough to care about missing even some of the most promising casts. Seeing Nunez/Muntagirov and Kaneko/Bracewell next week, and then right at the other end of the run, Magri/Campbell*. In between I seem to be keeping myself very busy with opera, not at the ROH (ENO, ETO, WNO, UCO and the RCM, among others!) *I'm a bit sorry to miss Naghdi/Sambe, but one of their dates clashes with ETO and the other with ENO...
  6. I remember when the season was announced and I looked at this whole month of Don Qs and Frankensteins - and Royal Opera Cosi fan tuttes - and thought, "Wow, maybe I'll get an actual break from the ROH!" (I am seeing a couple of Don Qs, next week, but then have a gap of almost 4 whole weeks prior to the first night of Forza when I'm not scheduled to be at the ROH at all...)
  7. Hope you'll pardon the ad for an opera ticket rather than a ballet one, but I've a spare Secret Seat (that is, £30, seating won't be allocated until 48hrs beforehand but is likely to be Stalls or good Dress Circle) for ENO's Merry Widow on Wednesday 6th March at the Coliseum which is in need of a good home. Please let me know if interested. It'll be an e-ticket when the seat gets allocated, so will be easy to pass on. (I mixed up February and March when I booked, and forgot when Ash Wednesday was, and now I have choir commitments that night. I was fortunate to find one equivalent ticket available for an alternative date, but I'd hate for this one to go to waste.)
  8. I am double-booked and therefore have Stalls Circle Standing D26 available for the (evening) performance of Don Quixote on Saturday 2nd March which is the Yasmine Naghdi/Marcelino Sambe debut performance. Face value, £10. PM and post here if interested. I'm sure this one won't take long to shift...
  9. For those familiar with the world of opera auditions, this Twitter account is a mine of endless gems: https://twitter.com/overheardatnola?lang=en
  10. I was struck by this tweet yesterday from HRH The Prince of Wales's official household Twitter account (shared by the RBS account, which I follow), which (I'm sure unwittingly) implies that the RBS actually stopped producing outstanding RB dancers in the 1980s...
  11. Indeed, I'm now wondering whether nights when (for example, but I'd say the most likely candidate) Hayward is not listed in Symphony in C might mean she could be Vera in Month on some of those dates...
  12. I'm probably the umpteenth person to say this, but the casting for Symphony in C looks very muddled (I'm assuming it is correct) with dancers never appearing alongside the same line-up twice. By the looks of it, just depending on which principals have or haven't been in Month in the Country on the same night...
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