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  1. I don't know the answer to this, but I think I have said before that I would like to see it run along the lines of the Wales Millennium Centre, where there is a space at ground level which is open to the public at all times, but the majority of the building is restricted for use by ticket-holders only from an hour before a performance.
  2. Hi Lizbie, I have somebody interested. I’ll get him to email you - I have your email address from a recent ticket exchange you & I did via PM on this forum.
  3. I'll post a link to this thread on Twitter, as I imagine the number of budget opera-ticket seekers among my followers exceeds the number on this forum.
  4. ISTR that the Milton Keynes buses website makes it almost impossible to find out the fares. But I remember two useful things from my last couple of visits (for Welsh National Opera): - if you ask the driver for a return fare, this is significantly cheaper than an all-day saver type ticket, though this does not appear to be advertised anywhere - on the outward journey, do make sure you know which stop to get off at, because it doesn't feel that near the theatre, but miss it and the next stop is a LONG way past the next junction! I blooming hate Milton Keynes but the theatre is SUCH a useful place to see things on tour.
  5. She may not have been cast in many of the "tutu ballets", but this discussion is currently about R&J, and unless my memory is failing, she has danced the lead roles in all of the "big three" Macmillan ballets for the RB in the past.
  6. I was going to say. Isn't the Bolshoi Bayadere the one with the blacked-up children?
  7. Just to confirm that thanks to ajf's offer I have now acquired a ticket for this.
  8. Glad to see they are bringing Bright Stream. I saw it when it was done in the Shostakovich centenary year (2006) which was back in the days when I only used to go to ballet very occasionally if the score or storyline was of interest because I had no interest in dance! Maybe this time I'll have slightly more idea of what I'm watching!
  9. I've responded to your PM about the other ticket, afp!
  10. I would be very surprised if Bonelli wasn't cast, but think you may well be right about the other two.
  11. Whereas the thing I liked least was La Trovatiara. You have to bear in mind that I know a lot more about Verdi than I do about ballet (in fact, Verdi would probably be my first choice of specialist subject if I ever were to go on Mastermind). I thought the concept in the programme sounded pretty plausible, though if I’d written that blurb I’d have said the ballet was added to the supposed opera when Verdi rewrote it for a Paris premiere. But the problem I had with the piece itself is that Verdi opera ballets don’t take the form of a standard grand pas. So it just didn’t feel like it fitted its supposed purpose. Also... the music wasn’t what I expected. I thought it would be something from which I could pick out tune after tune, like Pineapple Poll or the Act 2 pdd from Fille. But with the exception of a couple of bits of the Anvil Chorus, all the snippets of tunes were shoe-horned into waltz tempo or whatever, and barely recognisable. So Trovatiara didn’t work for me. But hey, what do I know? I’m somebody who only goes to Song of the Earth if I know the singers are good...
  12. Just out of my first-ever live Trocks show. Patterns in Space was the funniest thing on the programme, though I got the impression a large sector of the audience weren’t really getting it as they weren’t familiar with the sort of thing that was being sent up.
  13. I never notice any coming up in the Grand Tier (perhaps they are in highest demand and therefore usually sell out to wheelchair users) but I often see ones becoming available at the edges of Stalls Circle B-C at the same time as those in Balcony B-C.
  14. Yes, I was talking about the row B seats personally. I love them. It's depressing to note that in the ROH's recent pricing structure review, the fixed seats next to them (B32-34 etc) have become the same price, even though they are far worse seats with poor sightlines. (Edit: not sure if I've got the numbers right here as I was talking about the Balcony and I just noticed that at least part of the preceding discussion was about the Stalls Circle. The seats I especially like in this category are the Balcony row B ones.)
  15. Is it usual for the Trocks to have trouble selling tickets in London? I have never seen them live, and had always got the impression that they had the sort of cult following that would make their shows an automatic sell-out (especially as the Peacock Theatre isn't particularly large). But there are plenty of seats left, being discounted at TKTS... (Now, debating whether to catch their mixed bill on Saturday afternoon...)