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  1. Eugene Onegin

    A friend of mine was at the same matinee you must have been at, ninamargaret, judging by the time stamp on your post. You must have seen Lucy Hall as Tatyana. I ran into the other Tatyana, Alexandra Stenson, at an event last week and she was telling me about it. I would like to see it (and I do like the Arcola) but fear I don't have time between now and Christmas. I understand that the character of Gremin doesn't feature at all... that must mean there's barely any of Act 3 Scene 1 in the adaptation.
  2. They did the same with the Opera North Ring cycle.
  3. Talking of pendants... Zenaida Yanowsky at that moment in Winter's Tale when Paulina spots Perdita's emerald.
  4. Audience Behaviour

    Yes... I don't suppose I ever realized how strong a smell red wine has until theatres started letting people take it in with then!
  5. Prince Harry engagement

    Me neither! Reason 1, I suspect.
  6. Apparently I’m going to The Nutcracker tonight, then...
  7. Is anyone still looking for a cheap ticket for tonight's Nutcracker? I nabbed one this morning (Balcony Standing C64, £10) with a view to offering it to one of the forum members on the Wanted thread, but neither of them now needs it. Please let me know if interested; if nobody wants it I'll happily use it myself, despite the fact that I wasn't planning to go to any Nutcrackers until much nearer Christmas.
  8. Nick now doesn't need it either. I'll start a new thread saying I have a spare, and then if I can't shift it, it looks like I'm going to a bonus Nutcracker I wasn't expecting - oh what a terrible hardship!
  9. Nick, looks like you might be the one in luck. DM coming your way now!
  10. I spent many years living on the Hayes and Dartford/Bexleyheath lines and am very glad I "got out" before any of this started!
  11. Funny... Marianela Nunez's Tatyana in Onegin was probably the most I've ever cried at a ballet. Her Giselle made me cry too.
  12. John, I'm about to DM you as I had a stroke of luck on the ROH website this morning.
  13. Prince Harry engagement

    They could do what Prince Edward did, and get married on a Saturday (like most normal people do!) and then a Bank Holiday would be immaterial. I only remember that this was the case because I was in Windsor that weekend visiting my father, and we left town early in the morning to avoid the palaver, and didn't come back until quite late.
  14. I'm not sure I fully agree; if the doc had been solely about the Sugar Plum Fairy, yes. But they were covering so many angles - the White Lodge students auditioning for children's roles, Upper School students filling in in the corps and so forth - that there was a huge amount to cover in a relatively small amount of time. I can see why Hayward would be chosen as *the* example of a new Sugar Plum Fairy (because at the time she was one of the company's newest Principals and the highest-ranking dancer of the four available) but I thought the other three should have been at least mentioned. (I also thought the doc infantilized Hayward a bit; focusing on her grandparents and her old local ballet school and talking about her upbringing, as if she were still a dependant. I suppose perhaps that's unavoidable when that's the aspect of her private life about which she's always been prepared to be most open in interviews, whereas she seems to be very clear the rest is nobody else's business, and good for her. But partly because she also looks very young, I watched it thinking that if I didn't know she was an independent professional woman of 24 I would have taken her for a lot younger, and the angle the doc chose to take with the footage of her family didn't help. Edited to add: in some ways the doc actually made Nadia Mullova-Barley and her RBS cohort seem more sophisticated, as we only ever saw them in a professional context rather than round their grandparents' house...)
  15. Actually, when Hayward was promoted to Principal last year one of my first thoughts was "I do hope that doesn't mean they feel they have to stop casting her as Clara". I'm very glad to see this hasn't so far been the case. (As I think I probably said at the time of its broadcast, I wish the 2016 documentary had mentioned that Hayward was dancing Clara, a role in which she was already very experienced, in certain performances as well as preparing to dance her first Sugar Plum Fairy. I also wished it had been mentioned that she was one of four dancers (along with Calvert, Naghdi, Stix-Brunell) preparing the role of the SPF for the first time.)