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  1. Audience Behaviour

    I agree; I enjoy drinking red wine (though am more of a white wine drinker) but it's one of those smells which is never welcome when unsolicited!
  2. Audience Behaviour

    I'm glad somebody posted this here - I was going to do so myself this morning and then got sidetracked!
  3. I find Alice *much* more earwormy.
  4. First Operas

    I’m sure that nearer the time of the ROH Ring, returns will be available and not just for a 4-opera package. But yes, building up over a few years is a nice way to discover the Ring.
  5. First Operas

    I can’t speak for Geoff, or for you, but I have a feeling that if Lohengrin had been my first Wagner opera I’d have found it rather boring. Nowadays I like it. It’s a new production, so I can’t advise you whether that’ll be to your taste or not. My usual recommendations for a “beginner’s” Wagner opera are either Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) - because it’s short, tuneful and dramatic - or Das Rheingold, because being the first opera in the Ring cycle, it kind of ends on a cliffhanger and, if done well, will leave you keen to know what happens next.
  6. ROH Surtitles

    The 2018 Ring was cheaper than this on a per-night basis. I think I paid £78 for a cycle in the best spot in Balcony Standing, or was it less? Seventy-something, at any rate. I think the justification is that that is a revival and Lohengrin is a new production. The "hot tickets" of the last couple of seasons have been £20 (Rosenkavalier, Otello).
  7. I'm sad for myself that I didn't get to see Lauren do it, particularly as it changed minutes after I booked specially! But I'll never complain about extra Marianela.
  8. (It did! I still had the page open on my phone from when I was booking and it still said Cuthbertson... then I refreshed it and it changed.)
  9. I haven't seen an announcement, but it looks as though Nunez is replacing Cuthbertson again in next Wednesday's Giselle. Could've sworn it still said Cuthbertson half an hour ago when I was booking a ticket. http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/giselle-by-peter-wright
  10. In - I *think* - the last few minutes, the Giselle casting page has changed to show Marianela Nunez dancing next Wednesday in place of Lauren Cuthbertson. I'm sure it still said Cuthbertson when I was booking my Friday Rush ticket only half an hour ago... http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/giselle-by-peter-wright
  11. Mine neither - in fact I think I've directly agreed with you twice.
  12. And I'm guessing that any of us who've been hoping some returns will pop up will have to wait until they've re-fitted-in all their existing audience members before they release anything else!
  13. I agree, and about how they look in relation to one another; not "comparing", but for example, I commented yesterday on the additional dimension added to the relationship between Leontes and Polixenes when they were played by Soares and Hirano looking very, very alike indeed. And I don't think I passed comment on it here, but I remember seeing a pair of mismatched (in terms of body type) dancers in something a couple of seasons ago where I enjoyed watching each dancer individually but the visual effect would have been more satisfying if they'd been more alike in appearance. It might have been After the Rain - does that have a section for two women side-by-side, in the first section? Edited to add: mismatches like that seem to stand out at the RB as they're comparatively rare; I don't think I'd have noticed to the same degree at for example ENB which has a much wider range of body types. Whereas the RB in most respects seems to match people together well; for example, when Genesia Rosato was still dancing she'd play the mother roles opposite the shorter male dancers and Elizabeth McGorian would play the same roles opposite the taller ones. And I can't imagine ever seeing a set of RB Mirlitons or Cygnets in which one dancer is two inches taller than all the others.