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  1. Bumpity bump... I'm still looking for this, if anyone can help. Although next week is quite busy enough as it is, and my world will not end if I don't see another Alice, I'm really quite keen to see Tierney Heap's Queen of Hearts.
  2. Well, on World Ballet Day we saw an Elite Syncopations rehearsal with Yuhui Choe, Melissa Hamilton and Laura Morera. So we can infer something from that, if not which date(s) they might be on.
  3. And Nuñez as Marguerite... a real dilemma for me... I love her with all my heart but can't imagine her (or indeed most other people) in the role.
  4. But on the plus side... I'd earmarked three dates as my ideal three dates to see it, and I find that not only do those three dates give me three different casts - they give me the three different casts I'd have chosen!
  5. No Thiago Soares. Not even as Lescaut...
  6. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    I took it to mean "a voice which doesn't have a problematic passaggio in exactly the place where all of 'Now the Great Bear and Pleiades' sits". As in, something that Kaufmann has in common with Pears, despite the nature and timbre of their instruments being very different. I'm no superfan either, but I'd love to hear Kaufmann sing Grimes. (I'd sooner hear his Ghermann in Queen of Spades, mind.)
  7. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    Whereas I've started booking only for first nights and broadcast nights if I'm particularly keen to have her turn up...
  8. This issue has always seemed more of an opera convention than a ballet one. I'm not much of a shouter at curtain calls in any case, but I would certainly distinguish between "bravo", "brava" and "bravi", in writing. For some reason "brave" in particular would seem terribly artificial and pretentious to me, even though I understand the distinction from "bravi". I suppose it's perhaps because it'd be quite rare to find a context in which one would need to use it - "bravi" is, after all, applicable to a mixed group as well as an all-male one, whereas "brave" would only be (theoretically) used in the case of an all-female group - which if you're applauding a full-company curtain call, is almost never going to be the case. I'd definitely always address a group in the plural rather than the singular. There's also the issue that, in writing, it looks to an English reader like an entirely unrelated English word, which none of the others do.
  9. Quite frankly I wouldn't have been unhappy with either of those Song of the Earth casts! But I'm getting Tamara so will be especially happy to see her back on the ROH stage. Is Elite Syncopations a cross-company production, then? I'm afraid I've lost track of who's doing what! I was watching that rehearsal on World Ballet Day with Yuhui Choe, Melissa Hamilton and Laura Morera from the RB, so I'd been thinking that one must be an RB performance. Concerto is BRB on their own, isn't it? I'm confused now!
  10. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    There is also a Travelodge at Vauxhall station, which although not on a direct railway line into Victoria, is about 10min away on a choice of 3 bus routes (2, 36 and 185).
  11. This is quite usual. The ability to book for individual operas will probably open later, though by then it'll probably be returns-only anyway.
  12. Indeed, the Ring is in Autumn 2018, and we opera-lovers have to book for it before either BP3 or BP4 of the 2017/18 season. Still, I suppose the imminent financial hit will be balanced by fewer other operas in Autumn 2018 and therefore a cheaper BP1 next year... Just waiting for the Manon casting now. Last run I saw almost every performance.
  13. I have SCS D42 for sale for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Saturday 21st October at 7pm at the ROH (that's the Stix-Brunell/Muntagirov cast). £10. Please enquire by PM and acknowledge here. I originally booked this for a friend, who has the ticket, and I won't be seeing her on or before the day of the show, but she's told me she can't use it and asked me to find it a new home. So if the lucky purchaser PMs me their address, she will post it straight to them.