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  1. Amphi B 81 £16 yasmin as sugar plum I believe i will be there this eve to hand over the ticket as it’s on an electronic group booking and this one is spare Pls send a message if you would like it
  2. 3 tickets available 2 together one alone £16/38 both amphi seats
  3. Please message me if you have any unwanted tickets to the 730pm show on 2nd Jan. Thank you
  4. This ticket for tonight is still available and can be sent over instantly on email if anyone fancies it?
  5. Sadly can’t make tomorrow evenings show at roh at 730 ticket is £10 upper slips DD11. e ticket so can mail it over.
  6. Posting on behalf of a friend. She can’t attend the performance of Project POLUNIN this Saturday 9th Dec 7.30 stall k4 and k5 £80 each face value. Please private message if interested. Thanks
  7. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    Hi all, I make lots of ballet themed gifts perfect for Xmas and stocking fillers! Plenty of lucky charm boxes, ballerina Xmas baubles, nutcracker gifts and Alice in wonderland. My Facebook page is here https://m.facebook.com/KirstenGraceJewellery/?locale2=en_GB
  8. Would love 2 tickets to Alice in Wonderland on sat night if anyone has them? Thank you.
  9. Present for new boarding dd

    Hi Lemongirl, just read your post. I make little boxes of lucky charms for dancers and also ones I made especially for children going away to boarding schools. All the best to you and your daughter X
  10. Would love 2 tickets anywhere for the performance on 10th June at ROH please.
  11. Three cheers for the lovely ROH staff

    Agreed! I also had a health issue during a performance once and the staff were exceptional. Absolutely can't fault them, they really do go above and beyond to take care of their patrons. All the best and hope your dd is much better now Amos73.
  12. WL auditions for 2017

    Congrats to those with exciting news, best of luck for the final audition! Last year there were 40 girls invited for WL yr 7 and 13 places given. It does vary year to year depending on who they see. Never give up those with a 'not for now', you never know what opportunity may be waiting just around the corner. Fingers crossed for those still waiting on news, hope it arrives soon.
  13. Hmmm mysterious, sorry if that didn't work? Try my page here- https://m.facebook.com/KirstenGraceJewellery/?locale2=en_GB