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  1. Aklf

    Christmas present ideas 2018

    I have a new online shop full of unique ballet themed gifts, lucky charms, jewellery and stocking fillers! Here it is- https://www.kirstengrace.com/
  2. Aklf

    Xmas! New online gift shop for dancers

    Thanks lovely forum members for signing up to my site! New blog section coming soon...
  3. Hi everyone, I have finally launched my new website right in time for Xmas! I have lots of lovely unique gifts for dancers from my boxes of lucky charms to makeup and dance bags plus ballet themed jewellery. Please sign up to my site for special offers here- https://www.kirstengrace.com/ (Moderators hope this is ok to share, pls remove if not) Thank you!
  4. If anyone has a spare ticket I would love it please!
  5. Bought the wrong size so brand new never worn white Royal Ballet School JA leotard in size 3a. £13 plus £2.50 post.
  6. Aklf

    Secondary school recommendations

    Hi AdageKitty- are you including YDA -Young Dancers Academy in Shepherds Bush in the 5? There is Also St Marylebone girls school who award a scholarship to 4 or 5 dancers each Year to start in year 7. They are a state academic school with a strong arts/drama/dance focus. If not offered an arts scholarship, entry to the school is broadly based on church attendance.
  7. Aklf

    Dance bag recommendations?

    I have just added some fun new tote bags and smaller cosmetic/shoe zip bags to my collection. you can see them on my instagram @kirstengracejewellery or my Facebook page here
  8. Aklf

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Good luck to all still awaiting news! I know it’s agony. Its always hard to not over analyze the outcome but they really are looking for a genuine love of dance and passion at this young age. They take tiny ones, extremely tall ones, athletic build, slim build, banana feet, regular feet, some can do splits, others a long way off! There is no magic physical formula as they will all grow at different rates and change drastically over the next few years. Also, they look for musicality and timing, spatial awareness, creativity etc Remember as lots of people have already said if it’s a no this time it could be a yes next year so keep trying and stay positive.
  9. I have one SCS ticket for tomorrow night D26 left. sadly can’t make it. E ticket £11
  10. I would love 2 tickets to see this show if anyone has any available please?
  11. Aklf

    RB Swan Lake 8 June SCS

    Message sent!