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  1. Going on past experience, results usually come out in order of audition date. So if Bath was the first audition centre, results will have come out from that audition first regardless of where the training will take place. London auditions are, I believe, usually last to take place. I expect results will be soon though, this week I would have thought as there are fewer audition centres for Mids/SAs than there are for JAs, where the results can come out over several days.
  2. Also do bear in mind that the Associate schemes run in term time only (sometimes through half term) so 6 lessons a term works out as every other week in reality.
  3. Wow @Tiaramum that sounds like you have news worth celebrating?? (Whatever you decide to do). If I'm understanding right then huge congratulations to your DD ๐ŸŽ‰
  4. MAK

    Move It 2019

    Our girls really enjoyed it but had no experience of what it was like before which may have helped. They would be happy to go just to be able to watch all the showcases and use the Acropad. They weren't too worried about the shopping side or queuing for autographs or talking to schools. I was surprised not to see more recognisable brands there, but relieved not to be getting my purse out every five minutes ๐Ÿ˜‚.
  5. MAK

    Move It 2019

    We saw him briefly. He was billed to be on the main stage session at 3.30pm so we were having a little break and wandering around the stands, returning at 3.25pm only to find he was already dancing and they'd started the session a fair bit early. The twenty seconds or so we caught was beautiful though! It was our first experience of Move It and I doubt it will be our last. Like @Clarkd3 we will try to book classes next year.
  6. Central Preps now get two reports a year which include written feedback from both ballet and contemporary teachers as well as "scores" (off the top off my head ranging from very good to weak with good and satisfactory in the middle) for technique, musicality, performance, etiquette and attendance. Face to face meetings with the teachers are offered to pupils that after the assessment haven't been asked to move up the following year, i.e. those who are reauditioning or repeating.
  7. @sunrise81 we are in exactly the same boat (not RBS but other good Associate schemes). I think it's just that competition for places is so tough. There are lots of other good summer intensives to try for so hopefully you will still get a great one. I'm hoping we get a holiday! Commiserations though, sounds like your DD is a brilliant dancer.
  8. I saw a post on social media today stating results would be out a week today. Good luck everyone.
  9. @AMP just Mids and I think the application fee is the same regardless I'm afraid. I agree with those who have suggested calling them. I've always found them very friendly and at least you'll know
  10. @AMP I know this won't help but have just checked my email and it also says "White Lodge and/or Mid Associate Programme". Definitely worth contacting them. Good luck!
  11. No question from me, I'm rather too familiar with this process @glissade ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Yes exactly sorry if my post read otherwise. As mentioned originally, only raised it because a couple of people had said they hadn't had results yet and it's possible this is because they had only applied for Mids. It happened once before that someone hadn't ticked the WL box when they thought they had.
  13. Yes but if you only tick Mids (and don't get that rare call to Finals even not having done so) you don't get your result for Mids until after WL Finals. So for example, DD2 auditioned on 20th Jan (London 1) and has not had a result and won't get one until March. Others may be in the same boat.
  14. The only reason I thought to ask is I have a feeling someone on here a year or two ago had ended up not ticking both boxes by accident. Hope you can find out!!
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