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  1. @AMP just Mids and I think the application fee is the same regardless I'm afraid. I agree with those who have suggested calling them. I've always found them very friendly and at least you'll know
  2. @AMP I know this won't help but have just checked my email and it also says "White Lodge and/or Mid Associate Programme". Definitely worth contacting them. Good luck!
  3. No question from me, I'm rather too familiar with this process @glissade 😂
  4. Yes exactly sorry if my post read otherwise. As mentioned originally, only raised it because a couple of people had said they hadn't had results yet and it's possible this is because they had only applied for Mids. It happened once before that someone hadn't ticked the WL box when they thought they had.
  5. Yes but if you only tick Mids (and don't get that rare call to Finals even not having done so) you don't get your result for Mids until after WL Finals. So for example, DD2 auditioned on 20th Jan (London 1) and has not had a result and won't get one until March. Others may be in the same boat.
  6. The only reason I thought to ask is I have a feeling someone on here a year or two ago had ended up not ticking both boxes by accident. Hope you can find out!!
  7. Sorry @Katia05 I meant that for @AMP 😉
  8. Was your DD auditioning for both White Lodge and Mids?
  9. Wow Manchester seems to be doing well for WL Finalists 😀
  10. Amazing news! Congratulations!! @Dancer123 isn't it just? Love the good news posts starting to trickle through!!!
  11. Wow what a year he is having! Congratulations to him 🎉🎉🎉
  12. I should imagine that places are so scarce that for some groups from each day not even one lovely dancer will be invited to Finals, especially for Years 8 and 9. Would be lovely to hear some good news though 🤞🙂
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