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  1. Best: Francesca Hayward in "Manon" Worst: Harlequinade, ABT
  2. Thank you. I am looking at last-minute flight deals from Houston to London around Oct. 20, before the half of Liverpool buy up the remaining tickets.
  3. Will Matthew Ball become the youngest dancer to perform Rudolf at ROH?
  4. Crown Prince Rudolf. With 6 ladies. Need I say more?
  5. According to pre-curtain announcement, Reece Clarke was out for "injury" tonight. I have a ticket for Monday matinee.....
  6. I happen to have Manon tickets on May 1 (Campbell/Lescaut) and May 5 (Campbell/Des Grieux), so it will be "Campbell week" for me. I am very much looking forward to it.
  7. As a Texas resident, I have seen both Bintley's Aladdin and Welch's La Bayadere; both were performed at Houston Ballet in the past. While the funding issues at BRB is very unfortunate, I am not sure whether BRB audiences would be missing much as a result of this production change. I found Welch's La Bayadere very frustrating. While he did not change the Shade scene much, the rest of the ballet is a strange combination of neoclassical ballet and Bollywood dance. The jumpers' scene was replaced with four male dancers jumping around for no reason. I felt his version of Nikiya/Solar PdD was rather dull. It will be staged in Houston again in June 2017, and I am not looking forward to it.
  8. It is rather painful for me to write this, but something was off with Alina on Saturday as well. In June 2015, I saw her in La Bayadere at American Ballet Theater, and she went off point with a noticeable noise. NY audience, who had come to expect only perfection from Alina, seemed quite surprised. One year later, I went to her Swan Lake at RAH, hoping that what I had seen in NY was an isolated incident. Unfortunately, her black swan was sometimes less than perfect. Her grace, her beautiful arm movement, and her strong leg extension were all there. But overall, it was not what I had expected from her. With other Odette/Odile dancers, I would have come home perfectly satisfied with what I saw. However, with Alina, I have been scratching my head since last Saturday as to what was exactly off, and why I could not indulge in her magic as I used to do. I have always loved her performances since she was 19. I hope she will work another magic on me next time.
  9. Cinderella by Stanton Welch In this version, Cinderella doesn't marry her Prince......
  10. I was at the first NY preview of “An American in Paris” last Friday, March 13. I am not sure whose idea it was to start the preview period on Friday the 13th. I am still in a dream state with Wheeldon’s ballet scene. We, on the US side, always knew how good Fairchild is, but we are very lucky to have Cope in NY. She is cute and looks innocent, but somehow manages “femme fatale” look from time to time. She can make you believe how 3 guys (1 French and 2 Americans) would fall for her. I certainly did. Particularly with her use of arms in the ballet scene. For Wheeldon, this will not be another “Sweet Smell of Success”. He has created something new from this very traditional American musical story. I felt that the book needed some tightening (some jokes were not working, and there were some awkward silences), and I am sure they will continue to work prior to their opening night. During curtain call, the first preview audience went wild, and Cope was in tears. She really looked overwhelmed. I hope her decision to take a leave from Royal is paying off for her.
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