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  1. Miko Fogarty

    Oh wow. I would like to see the social media site. Would you mind sharing where you saw it? Thanks!
  2. info john cranko school

    My dd did end up going to JCS for her upper school training and just recently graduated from the Academy. There was no problem with the language as an English speaker. In the first year, Academy B, they are required to take German language class in addition to other classes in German. My dd came from Russian training so the style of teaching was very similar.
  3. Hi. I'm looking for two tickets but am willing to just take one if available. Thanks!
  4. Hi Eva. Do you have two tickets for the 29th July show?
  5. Royal Ballet Summer School.

    I know this year may be a little different, however I was wondering if anyone had an idea about the first day for RBS Covent Garden. I'm wondering what time the DKs are expected to check in. I believe I heard the first day of class will be Tuesday, July 24th. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. Royal Ballet School SS

    So, Dd got housing however it just states Floral Street. Can anyone comment on the proximity of Jebsen House and Pimlico to the ballet school? I'm assuming those are the housing options for Covent Garden?
  7. RB SS Payment

    Nothing yet!
  8. RB SS Payment

    We are waiting for Covent Garden and since housing isn't guaranteed, I'm getting kind of anxious about not being able to find anything.
  9. RB SS Payment

    Still waiting...
  10. RB SS Payment

    We have not received the bill yet either.
  11. Would love to hear feedback on how the gala went. Bruce, understand you are super busy. Anyone else able to see the performance?
  12. Royal Ballet School SS

    Thank you! Haha, yes I am from the U.S. My dd however is in the EU so she's used to walking the city miles!
  13. Royal Ballet School SS

    Thank you Kate_N. Do you know how far that is from Covent Garden?
  14. Royal Ballet School SS

    My dd will be 18 and traveling alone.