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  1. This is really bad Bluebird. Might I suggest you send you a quick email to the new and supposedly wonderful Customer Services E-Mail (customerservices@roh.org.uk)? Just a link to your comment should be enough to make the point. As you probably know there is another thread on here for feeding back what - if anything - you get by way of response and action:
  2. Might it be relevant to point out that anything Osipova does is bound to be interesting?
  3. For anyone who didn’t get tickets for the long-sold-out Insight on the new Forza, new seats for sale just popped up on the website. Currently four available.
  4. On Wednesday 6 March Alex Beard, Chief Executive of The Royal Opera House, is the guest speaker at a meeting of the Ballet Association in London. He will be answering questions, which need to be submitted in advance. 6 March should leave enough time for anyone not already a member of this excellent organisation to join.
  5. Just to say, a few tickets for this just popped up on the website
  6. Geoff

    David McVicar's Adriana

    This is still online, for those who want to see for themselves: https://youtu.be/NnT4QTdzP_I
  7. I was just asking about the Festival in general terms. Sometimes shows are streamed,, sometimes not, and perhaps someone knows if there are any plans. It would be good to be forewarned.
  8. No chance this might be streamed internationally, I suppose?
  9. Just in case anyone wandered in here thinking this might be a historical discussion about great dancers, this thread (slightly oddly titled, maybe a mod could adjust?) is concerned with an allegedly popular BBC television series called “The Greatest Dancer”. As I am currently out of the UK I had to look this up to work out what people are talking about.
  10. This BBC4 film about circus (available on IPlayer for another fortnight) has a sequence with Gandini juggling: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0001jfn The relevance for the Forum is that Gandini - who I first became aware of as the best part of the recent ENO production of Akhnaten - collaborate with choreographers. From the lively and enjoyable snatches of work shown in this film, there are a couple of current RB choreographers who could usefully benefit from considering joining this trend.
  11. Geoff

    Mime in Swan Lake

    Well the pictures come up fine on my IPad, just needed a bit of patience. Great details, eg the mime for “lake”. Many thanks DQFan!
  12. The Daily Telegraph reports on events coming up in 2019 at ROH:- https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/25/royal-opera-house-join-metoo-era-challenges-misogyny-stage-asking/
  13. I have hugely enjoyed the first two episodes of this well-made series (last one coming up on Friday). McRae can certainly tap dance but it struck me that his style is quite a long way from what Astaire did (never mind his use of what looked like heavy off-the-peg shoes) so I would be interested to hear from someone who knows about the history of tap. Are the differences a function, for example, of where one learns, or from whom, or the era, or simply personal style?
  14. Any chance of a live stream or whatever, for us elsewhere?
  15. A bit more here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b088n7s9 Looks good: Neil Brand’s previous series have been authoritative and interesting.