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  1. Just had an email from the Savoy (perhaps the admins should alter the headline?):--- "rescheduled for Sunday 28th January 2018"
  2. You say the child is 5. That makes a big difference to the reports above re 7 or 8 year olds, but I am sure you already know that. My view re the "treat" element is that at 5 even a much smaller venue (like the Little Angel puppet theatre in London) is a massive treat and a great occasion, so you need not be too concerned about the exact venue. GailR is right to urge thinking carefully about before and afterwards: planning those parts with care will do a lot to make the experience as special as you want it to be. You don't say if this particular 5 year old is a boy or a girl. Having taken a number both of little boys and little girls to the ballet I would say that dressing up is a big factor for the girls, not so much for the boys. Hunger and tiredness need to be avoided (but eating-drinking during the performance are absolute no nos of course). From my comments you will see that the choice of venue and indeed the show itself is in my mind not as important as other factors when it comes to a 5 year old. Shows aimed at children are probably the best choice at 5 (some "fairy story" ballets - supposedly popular with children - can be far too long), so maybe save full-length evenings at the ROH for 7 years old, speaking very generally of course, children are so different from one another. In any case ENB My First is an excellent idea.
  3. For those who have not been able to be there (Kim in 2015):- http://youtu.be/sV8RviYMa2g
  4. Off the point (but continuing the conversation): least favourite danced Carmen was Acosta's. Favourite: the Carlos Saura film from the 1980s.
  5. For those of us who couldn't be there for Yevseyeva, here are some fouettes: http://youtu.be/cdFm94ZURn8
  6. Sorry to see the Lyric only seats 550, my memory was at fault. By comparison, the Cadogan Hall seats 950, which for all its faults makes a difference financially. Maybe not such a good idea after all!
  7. Sorry Beryl (and PasDQ), the venue which was used at the time of the Royal Opera House closure was known then as Labatt's Apollo, formerly the Hammersmith Odeon, and is currently called the Eventim Apollo. It is an entirely different building and has nothing in common with the Lyric (except perhaps a similar postcode). Bruce suggested the Lyric Theatre on King Street, which as he said was designed by Matcham. Well worth checking out. And is a good idea unless you know something we don't.
  8. What a good idea Bruce. The Lyric Hammersmith (not particularly convenient for this Londoner so mine is an unbiased remark) does indeed suit. I happen to have a little private information about this venue's ongoing problems so suspect if a ballet company was to offer pretty much guaranteed 90% houses - and it is a theatre within comfortable reach of affluent west London so why not - then one would be welcomed with open arms.
  9. July 2017 software update

    Hurrah, all clear now (busy liking everyone)!
  10. July 2017 software update

    Thanks for your various comments John. A quick update: try as I might I no longer get the error message, so this must have been some kind of temporary switchover glitch. But the Likes are still odd, in that I still can't seem to get more than one Like (lit up heart) going on any particular thread on my Ips.
  11. July 2017 software update

    A few problems: i) I repeatedly get an error message when logging in (despite the log in seeming to be successful) - the error page asks for an email direct to administrators, so I sent one early this morning, but you ask for postings here, so I repeat. ii) Anonymity of logging in seems not to work (ditto) iii) I can't like any posts any more (the heart lights up but doesn't convert into a like) iv) And when I like a second post, the first lit up heart goes off. None of this happened until today. I should perhaps add that I am doing this on an IPad using not the fastest wifi connection.
  12. Not to be a know all - and of course you are making a slightly different point - but just for those new to ballet, Gloria is of course inspired by a book about the First World War, not the Second World War (Vera Brittain's Testament of Youth). of Youth
  13. I'm living back in a farming community at the moment. When the sun shines, they ask for rain; when it rains, they wish it was sunny. So in a sprit of self-awareness (Maoist self-criticism?) here is a thread from not that long ago:- A year can make a big difference in perception.
  14. Lauren Cuthbertson did Romeo & Juliet in emojis. So a friend who went last night had a go at Swan Lake (and tried to do it without using the swan symbol):- ???‍♂️?☄️????????‍♂️❤️️????????????‍♂️???????‍♂️??????‍♂️????????????????????????????????????????????‍♂️?????????????????????????????????????????
  15. Machiavelli "The Prince". CHAPTER XVII. Whether It Is Better To Be Loved Than Feared. Discuss, in relation to artistic directors of ballet companies...