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  1. Really looking forward to tonight! So enjoyed dress rehearsal different cast tonight. Saw Lauren and Matthew working on M and A at Insight so looking forward to performance.
  2. Thank you Jan, this information is a life line for me.
  3. Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    Ninamargaret do you belong to the Access scheme? The help for people with mobility problems is wonderful! Without this scheme my life would be so different. Box office staff helpful and thoughtful.
  4. Got it but not a clue how to forward it! So sorry.
  5. Much to my surprise I enjoyed Yugen, I am not a McGregor fan but it really worked for me. Costumes worked well and added to the swirl of movement. The ending with Ben Ella for some obscure reason brought tears to my eye. I shall watch out for this young man! It was a few nights ago so some memories dimmed a bit, wasn’t up to writing straight after performance. Age of Anxiety felt very long, no criticism of dancers but not something I will rush to see again. Corybantic Games had its moments, I quite enjoyed something new. I agree with many posters costumes a bit strange, I liked the skirts, men’s leg wear rather unflattering in some cases and very irritating black ribbons. Why does Wheeldon make dancers slide around,I always think they are going to fall. His signature I suppose like McGregor head bony roll? As always I had a good evening and benefitted from the wonderful Access programme. Looking forward to Saturday Dress Rehearsal.
  6. Audience Behaviour

    Last night packed house at Opera House, Stalls circle standing behind us breathing the most offensive smell of strong, strong garlic over our heads. It really was unpleasant. Also front row man with violent attack of heavy, loud coughing with whispering and loud unwrapping of cough sweets. They did the job. Then gentle, beautiful orchestral opening of next ballet immediate second attack and long search and rustling for sweets. Again worked well. Why didn’t he keep opened sweets handy. The music and dancing terrific.
  7. The Insight rehearsal for Marguerite and Armand was such a special evening. Alexander Agadzhanov was an amazing, inspiring coach. I felt more appreciative of the beautiful choreography than I have ever been. I saw one of the earliest Fonteyn/ Nureyev performances and have been unrealistic about my appreciation of performances since then. Last night I really felt the passion and was amazed by howAgadzhanov managed to perfect every nuance of the relationship. Lauren Cuthbertson and Matthew Ball worked sensitively together displaying some impressive technique. I am so thrilled I have a space at a performance! I know this is my opinion and I would hate to offend anyone but for me last night was a special privilege!
  8. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Heartbroken as woke up with streaming cold and had to miss the dress rehearsal. Never mind I have tickets for 1st May, same cast I think. Meanwhile I can enjoy the photos and reviews to come.
  9. I thought they matched curtains too. I am remembering 60s and 70s but can’t trust my memory! Pleased the cast change in programme as not in loose cast sheets. It is so good to share memories. Blue or red they gave a great feel of a special occasion!
  10. Thank you JohnS you leave little for me to say! Great review of such an enjoyable evening. We had a bad start as the demonstrators outside was alarming and noisy and my wheelchair pusher lost concentration and made a good effort of tipping me out. So many kind people came to help us, I am so grateful. All forgotten when ballet started. The blackness, choreography and music of the opening were riveting for me. I was caught up straight away. I know my next observation is silly but I was drawn to the crowns of the two kings. They were like Christmas cracker crowns, once I thought that I couldn’t get rid of the thought. I know the crowns are symbolic and important. The weakness was mine. So glad to have seen Bennet Gartside as Antigonus - no recognition in our cast sheet, he is a fine dancer and actor as well. I benefited much from Insight evening, picked up so much more than my last viewing, good to see Christopher Saunders in the audience, what a great coach/teacher he is. I endorse all JohnS said about individual performances. I would like to add that the great appreciation of the orchestra was well deserved. What a great evening ( sorry about the crowns). Another unnecessary comment I do miss the red suited footmen presenting the flowers. Doesn’t look the same in suits!
  11. Nureyev remembered

    1963,I was 9 months pregnant and the smog was horrendous. My husband drove me to London, helped by flares in Streatham High St and we went to the Stoll Theatre (I think) . Then Nureyev erupted onto the stage as the Corsair, and I was spellbound. I will never forget that performance and what it did to male dancers. I was sad to see one of his last performances at the Coliseum, my Nureyev was gone despite his continued magnetism. However what a heritage he left us. I think I was lucky to be around when he exploded onto my ballet world.
  12. Apologies

    So sad to read these posts. The forum is such a source of enjoyment to me,I love sharing and agreeing and disagreeing with peoples opinions. Thank goodness we do feel passionately about the arts! I love to mentally disagree with some posts but don’t like offensive or hurtful remarks. There was a time I worked with interesting colleagues and we had some wonderful agreements and disagreements but now due to age and Ill health my social life is limited. I’m not complaining but trying to say home much I appreciate the views of everybody on the forum. I am always nervous about posting,afraid of saying something silly due to some memory problems but trust the moderators to look after us all. I am really excited looking forward to Winters Tale next Wednesday and reading all the comments. To the offended people please stay with us, I value all contributions as long as they are not hurtful or offensive. Like Janet says ballet keeps me sane!
  13. Can’t find it! Was it filmed?
  14. End of Les Patineurs many years ago during spectacular pirouettes at the end the dancers shoe flew into the audience! Brian Shaw springs to mind but my memory is very unreliable. There was much laughing and applause.