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  1. I enjoyed this interview so much Sim, thank you. It brought back so many memories and taught me a lot. I loved watching him dance and how lucky we are he has passed on so much skill and wisdom. Made me wonder who is dancing now will follow his great example when they retire from performing. Suggestions?
  2. Yes, we are all so different! Thank you Penelopesimpson for making me feel happy about my view of the triple bill and O’Hares leadership. I had a great evening seeing ballets that were new to me. Loved the Insight of Nutcracker night before and then a second journey to see such different ballet. I enjoyed music of Illustrated Farewell and the dancing of Lamb and McRae. Mayara Magri was so different in this ballet from the Rose Fairy of the Insight night before. I shall enjoy watching out for her in the future. Not a great ballet,disjointed but easy watching. Can’t see too much of McRaes brilliant batterie. I really enjoyed The Wind. Amazing use of fabrics and wind. So many comments say it could do with extension and I do agree. All crammed in and lacking detail. Loved the music/sound, didn’t expect to. The Insight demo by Ed Watson of signs and gestures added to my enjoyment. What an amazing, versatile dancer he is. Loved his make up and costume. Didn’t like McRaes pants by the way! Pity wagon had a hiccup but didn’t spoil anything. I felt really lucky to see Francesca Hayward, what a moving performance. Can’t wait to see more. untouchable was a real contrast. The rhythm caught me and my wheelchair was rocking, I longed to join in! Lighting, costume and angular movement and contrasting movement round the stage were visually stimulating. However it did go on a bit too long for me. Maybe I was tired but I was ready for the end. A good evenings entertainment for me, ok not groundbreaking but what is ballet for? To entertain, challenge and give pleasure. I give no apologies for having had a really good evening with very talented versatile dancers.
  3. I must be a bit odd but I was ok with Judas Tree before Elite. We had a half hour interval and time to reflect and discuss. I was much happier going home with Elite in my mind. The man in front of us who was writing during ballet on Tuesday was a critic, probably not appropriate to say his name. He nearly had a punch up with people in front of him over a lady with a cough. That helped transfer from Judas to Elite. Gloria was amazing, I don’t recognise dancers from Northern but all were brilliant, especially the two main men and the glorious main girl.stunning music. Another special evening. Thank you to all. PS I agree about the kiss!
  4. Riveting programme on Tuesday. Judas tree amazing, how Cuthbertson has progressed since her early appearance in a ballet about the seasons. What was it! Then her first Juliet with Ed Watson and problems with her health. Such a mature Juda Tree, to me she did appear provocative and then showed in a vivid way the physical after pain of the rape. For me Soares danced powerfully and showed the effect of the drama on him. Looking forward to different cast tonight. I have to show my ignorance and ask why the men don yellow coats near the end and before the group rape. Some great dancing in Song of Earth but I find music not of my taste although I found the end moving. Sensational bourres, interesting to have heard Tamara talking about them and how hard it is to bore forward. On my last two visits I have been fascinated to see the elderly man in front of my wheelchair taking notes during the performance. Is he one of us? If so I’d love to say hello! i am so looking forward to tonight, I love Gloria and enjoy seeing dancers from other companies. I must get more adventurous and go to Coliseum and Sadlers Wells more. I am really dependent on my wonderful chair pushers! I am so lucky!q
  5. Good Lunches in Covent Garden

    I always go to Tuttons in the Piazza next to the transport museum. Excellent food and service. You can use a taste card here. It is not cheap but location, atmosaphere and staff make it worthwhile.
  6. Such a great evening. Just touching on audience behaviour we couldn’t have had a more joyful and enthusiastic audience then we had last night at Covent Garden. I enjoyed every moment, what a brilliant idea to celebrate the work of such a gifted choreographer. So much variety. I don’t think I have ever really appreciated the breadth Of MacMillans talent. I loved concerto, so impressed by the beautiful duet of Jenna Roberts and Tyrone Singelton with the great globe behind them and at times dancers mirroring their movements. Not so keen o Delia Mathews, can’t put my finger on the reason. However what a talented company. Enjoyed seeing the Scottish Ballet but Baiser will not be a favourite of mine. I am glad to have seen it and loved the girls skirts with petticoats of 1960’s. Would have loved to have seen Beriosova and Collier in these roles. How did I miss it? Beriosova was so statuesque and Collier so dainty, such contrasts. Elite Syncapations was a joy, I can only agree with previous posters about Yasmine and Ryoichi, such skill and talent. Alaskan Rag such a tribute to Sleep and Derman, I do remember this! The Company worked so well, how on earth did they rehearse it and make it so cohesive? I enjoyed the lack of leotard costumes, ugly over extensions , frequent body ripples and the purity of line, the crisp batterie, the sheer technique and the varied choreography. Great musicians too. So looking forward to next Tuesday! I loved being part of last nights audience.
  7. Haven’t shouted for a number of years. How sad! Must get back to responding when it is really deserved. I think it got a bit habitual at one point and should be kept for really special performances. Anyone else remember when we used to drum our feet on amphi floor? That was for special performances, I expect health and safety preclude it now!
  8. How wonderful to watch ballet through the eyes of a child! I can’t assess performances because to my eight year old it was all perfect. He did find the music a bit loud at times and covered his ears! Anna Rose was a delightful, magical Alice and we loved her relationship with Campbell’s white rabbit. I felt that McCrae was a bit mature for the knave but he danced beautifully. Overall a wonderful mix of drama, dancing, music and technology. A perfect introduction to the world we love so much for such a mixed audience. Jacob enjoyed it more than Nutcracker but he is a year older. I really enjoyed Laura as Queen of Hearts, I do think she deserved a bouquet! This was such a special day for three generations in my family. Looking forward now to mixed bill next Wednesday, alas no children!
  9. Very excited great grandson and great grandma polishing the wheelchair for Alice Matinee tomorrow!
  10. I had a wonderful day! My grandson managed to link my iPad to tv so I had a big screen to sit in front of and I made a day of it! Unfortunately I didn’t get to it until start of Bolshoi class. Such an energetic teacher and challenging exercises. Then the girls being disciplined into such perfect lines, they must dread hearing their name called out. What a search for perfection. I love the class outfits having grown up where class wear was so strict. Anybody else go to Ruth French’s classes in Bayswater, she was so strict? i loved Royal class, so liked Olga, lovely clear exercises, I found myself getting up and joining in, great as I can barely walk. Such a mix of corps, soloists and principals. Olga was on the ball giving corrections to all. Nobody pulled rank! Good to see pregnant dancer in class, as we saw Elizabeth Harrod last year. I hope I got that right! Pianists at both classes were so stimulating, lovely music. My mum was my accompanist and she was brilliant, I didn’t appreciate her at the time. Alexander Campbell did great job as presenter and performer in rehearsal. So glad he emphasised need to go to class and to warm up. Kristin good too. Lovely to see Belinda Harley teaching pointe work. She was a lovely dancer. I agree it was all a bit disjointed and I hated the Little Mermaid costumes! Such funny headdresses, like old fashioned shower hats. Seems strange to create a ballet about mermaids with no feet. Some exciting new works to come so many talented dancers, we are so lucky. Had to stop watching after Royal, three boisterous great grandsons came home ! Loved world ballet day!
  11. Thank you Capybara, thought I recognised two from Insight evening but I had forgotten my long distance glasses. I knew I was looking at quality!
  12. I enjoyed the dress rehearsal but have not commented on it as it was a rehearsal. However I would love to know the names of the three gardeners, they really impressed me. Now, having read forum comments I am really looking forward to seeing Anna Rose Sullivan and so many of my favourite dancers in the matinee on the 14th and watching my eight year old great grandson being lost in a magical world. He enjoyed Nutcracker last year so I know he will take in a ballet where he knows the story. I love the music, it tells the story so well. Overall my personal view is that the ballet could benefit with a little pruning, but that is a very minor criticism! Love the dress rehearsal photos, thank you.