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  1. Friends membership invaluable for me with Access membership too. I got all my first choices in both Main house and Clore. It is expensive but well worth it for me. Hope you all get what you want. Maybe it’s the weather but I keep thinking of Les Patineurs longingly!
  2. Thank you LinMM for your review of RBS performances, I agree with all of your comments. I also enjoyed the variety of styles and although I would not rush to see some of the pieces again it is good to see the students being prepared for so many styles of dance. I had such a wonderful afternoon with my ex student Andrew Warth now director of Zama Dance School in Cape Town and previously dancer with Cape Ballet. He introduced me to so many interesting members of the audience. I felt very honoured. Auroras Wedding was a great start, I especially enjoyed Yu Hang and was impressed by Taisukes Bluebird and later Crinoln. Loved Tori Forsyth Hecken (crystal Fountain) Yu Kurihara (Songbird) and Lor e Zonderman (lilac fairy). I enjoyed Toot and the contrasting flow of Sea Interludes. So many talented dancers, such a promising future for us! Looking forward to following progress of Rebecca Blenkinsop.The Grand Defile moved me to tears, such grace, virtuosity and discipline. Sorry, typing makes me tired, so I may have missed out some things I would like to say. I so enjoyed my day. Now to look forward to a big contrast Tommy Steele Glenn Miller story. Keeps me positive.
  3. I will be in Stalls circle left B 28 and pleased if I bump into any forum friends. I am fairly recognisable due to wheelchair. Thank you all for information about programme and dancers to look out for. The forum, dancing and support of access scheme and box office means so much for me.
  4. Looking forward to Sunday as my ex pupil is coming with me. He is director of Zama dance school in Cape Town and I am so proud of him. Really looking forward to seeing all the young dancers who will give us so much joy in the future.
  5. Tessie there were no lighting problems in the little arts centre we saw live screen showing. Problems seem to vary from cinema to cinema. What a shame. However glad you enjoyed it!
  6. On holiday in North Wales we were welcomed in an Arts Centre in Holyhead. £8 per seat in a beautifully restored chapel in a former convent. Full house of a very appreciative audience. I saw Takada and Bonelli live and loved the production but saw so much more at a second viewing. Nunez and Muntagirov on top form, I did see real contrast in O/O I thought Nuñez facial expressions showed well thought out and considered character. Everybody else has commented on production so I won’t repeat only to say at the end of Act 3 my non ballet regular husband sighed and said to me ‘ I call that perfection’ and that made it so for me. What a season it has been.
  7. How I loved Brian Shaw and Graham Usher! Lovely to see them mentioned.
  8. I really enjoyed Tuesday evening despite being disappointed not to see Lauren Cuthbertson. I agree Kevin O’Hare did the right thing to,address the audience before the performance started. Akane Takada was lovely, as mentioned in previous posts her arms ,neck and head are so graceful and really tell a story on their own. Wow, what magnificent sets and costumes. My only slight quibble was the Swan tutus. I seem to be alone in this. For me they were too stiff and modern, too much buttock on display. I would have preferred a softer look and more feathers than sparkle. Can’t really explain because I do like swans in tutus not longer costumes. I do prefer old ending but not enough to let me disagree with Liam. He did a great job, I loved the pas de deux in Act 4. I admire his passion and talent and look forward to seeing it next time round. I do,however, wish the audience didn’t feel the need to clap so often and break the continuity. It just happens too often. So much talent in the company and so many good performances. It was also good to briefly meet some forum members, I was sorry to rush off but if I don’t get wheelchair in the busy lift I will miss the dancing. Again thanks to all who make the forum happen!
  9. So disappointed not to be seeing Lauren tomorrow. However probably not as disappointed as she is! Grateful to Takada for stepping in, so still looking forward to seeing this new production. Have enjoyed all the forum contributions so far. Will ask my wheelchair pusher to take me to bottom of escalator in case a friendly face is around in the interval.
  10. Thank you all for such interesting comments. So looking forward to next Tuesday when I get to see it!
  11. Ondine her waterfall costume. My current figure and age not suitable for wearing it, just admiring it!
  12. It was a wonderful evening for me. So good to be close to the action. Even at a rehearsal the eye contact and emotion between Vadim and Marienella was palpable! Liam is clearly still a talented dancer, despite his claim of not going to a class for a number of years. His appreciation of the former history and choreography of the past and his respect to his former character dance teacher was evident. I am so looking forward to reviews of the opening and seeing it live on May 22nd. Good to meet Blossom last night another great joy of this forum.
  13. Looking forward to Insight eve on Thursday. Great way to celebrate reaching 82! Big thank you to Access for getting my wheelchair in and thank you to lovely lady on camera who is always so considerate. Must be about 75 years since my first Swan Lake, looking forward to learning about new production.
  14. Wish I had seen it! Campbell is a great favourite of mine. I did admire his Lescaut, a really unpleasant character or was he a weak character?
  15. Terrific performance last night. I won’t repeat previous views just say Hayward was amazing. Bonelli such a safe partner their confidence in each other gave us some heartbreaking moments. However no other Des Grieux has performed his solo before Manon as well as Ed Watson. The Demi point balance needed has caused some unsteadiness. However Bonellis lovely line and expressive face, especially in act three compensated for any wobbles. Maybe I was a bit tired but Act two seemed to go on a bit, not the dancers fault. Hayward seems to wear quite soft pointe shoes and her feet are beautiful extensions of her legs and seemed noiseless. So much talent in the company ( loved David Yudes beggar chief) so much to look forward to. Looking forward now to Swan Lake Insight on May 10th!