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  1. So sad didn’t see Hayward and Campbell so many thanks to all the vivid descriptions of Fridays performance. I feel so lucky to have seen Naghdi,Ball ,Kenaco and Kirsty on Saturday. Sorry don’t have programme on me at the moment so names and spelling may be unreliable. Yasmine’s beautiful arms and expressive face made a real impression on me and Kirsty’s mime was so clear, a convincing performance. I won’t repeat the impressive comments of other forum members. I must Thank forum members for assembling at foot of escalator it was so good to meet some of you and put faces to names. Sorry didn’t stop to say hello to Janet but my companion was worried we might not get my chair into the lift and up to our space before Act 2. Glad I was able to say hello to Sim and tell her how much the forum means to me. lots to look forward to, especially Swan Lake. Well done our lovely dancers.
  2. Wonderful MargaretN7! Thank you so much.
  3. Would be great to meet/ see other posters and will be at Giselle Sat matinee. Will try to get to bottom of escalator in interval but not sure how feasible from Grand Tier left B3 in a Wheelchair.. If I don’t get to meeting point and you can see me in auditorium give me a wave! Will try and do a dummy run before performance. So excited to be seeing such young talent. I have been so lucky to watch talents emerging over so many years.
  4. Was there, beautiful work by all involved. It is a privilege to be so close and to see how the dancers absorb and reproduce the slight nuances the choreographer gives.
  5. I had a perfect day on Saturday at the Coliseum. Thank you to dancers for allowing us to watch company class in the morning. Then the breathtaking Corrales and Zhang in Jeune Homme. Drama, technique and stunning music. The table and chairs seemed like members of the cast. Corrales tortured eyes reached the back of the Stalls, Zhang sneer was chilling. La Sylphide was a true period piece, full of the charm of Bournonville choreography. Loved Arrieta as James, such elevation and crisp batterie, hands in low bras bas bit wooden but beautiful en l air. I enjoyed the swirl of the kilts and the lovely children. I enjoyed McWhinneys Sylphide but felt the corps of Sylphides were lacking magic, a couple of stilted dancers and bright lighting didn’t help. I am only nitpicking it was a great afternoon. Really enjoyed meeting LinMM and Lizbie1. The forum gives me so much. Wonderful to be able to share our feelings even if we don’t always agree. Looking forward to Winters Tale Insight on 30th and Giselle matinee Feb 10.
  6. Wheelchair to seats in row N Stalls for matinee tomorrow and in Stalls bar before performance. Sorry can’t get up to upper circle! Very excited first trip out for pleasure for a while.
  7. It worked well on Coliseum stage. However like idea of it in round.
  8. So many promising male dancers I would love to see a Royal production of Spartacus. Was blown away many years ago one summer by Mukhemedov in Spartacus. He would be a brilliant coach and we have a choice of men for the role of Spartacus. I can dream, would also like to see Winter Dreams again.
  9. Thank you so much! Anticipation is part of the joy of ballet. Thrilled with cast I will see but equally happy about company class. Royal don’t seem to offer class anymore or perhaps my friends membership is too lowly.
  10. Just booked for company class at Coliseum on January 20th and matinee performance of Jeune Homme and La Sylphide. Very thrilled as mid unpleasant chemo and it is something to look forward to. Coliseum access brilliant, in stallsand can transfer from wheelchair to seat. Very helpful box office and I get two seats for price of one. Can anyone tell me who is dancing at the matinee? I know I will enjoy it whoever it is.
  11. Merry Christmas - Goodwill to all

    Thank you all for a great year, Happy Christmas. Looking forward to next year on the forum and on the stage.
  12. Oh Lin thank you for writing what you have about Margot Fonteyn, you have expressed my feelings entirely! I am glad you mentioned her eyes. Her Ondine could be heart breaking. Rojo is the dancer who has got closest for me, especially the eyes,
  13. For me Margot Fonteyns final performance of Juliet. Then big contrast Edward Watson and Alina Cojacura at the opening of my first viewing of Chroma! Eyes always fill up as the orchestra plays its first notes. Magic moment.
  14. It was a really enjoyable evening. The Opera House was packed with happy people and there was such an atmosphere of support for the cast. Reece Clarke was superb, beautiful lines, terrific elevation and lovely ports de bras. He was a real character too and worked beautifully with Lauren who made a convincing huntress. Loved her when she was getting Orion drunk. Enjoyed the slaves too, am enjoying following Calvin Richardson’s progress. Hinkis and Kay were delightful goats! Poor Valentino was trembling a bit at the start when he was a statue, perhaps he was cold! However lovely neat feet as the cloaked figure. What a silly plot but such fun, Ashton created such beautiful choreography and used the leitmotifs so well. I wish the last Act was still in Greek costume but the tutus are so pretty! Sets magnificent and really worked so smoothly. Thanks to all the company and musicians for giving me a magical evening.
  15. I preferred Magri but Christopher Saunders did point out that Heap was suffering from a bad cold and she was replaced in next days performance.