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  1. Ms Sunshine

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    My 10 year old dd will be doing it for the 2nd year. We are both very pleased x
  2. Ms Sunshine

    National Youth Ballet - junior final auditions

    I think my dd said she was a sailor last year. Just tell her to move and not freeze. She will have a great time <3
  3. Ms Sunshine

    National Youth Ballet - junior final auditions

    Last year we went in with them. They gave them a number and I walked my dd up the stairs in central to a waiting room then waved bye. They did a normal ballet class and improvisation. Nothing tricky. At the end they photograph them in different groups. Yes, no's and waitlist maybe. You then pick them up at the time organised at the main entrance of central. Hope that helps x
  4. Ms Sunshine

    Elmhurst young dancers audition

    My dd has been offered a year 6 place. We are delighted x
  5. Ms Sunshine

    Coping with disappointment

    My dd got a no one year for an associate's but a yes for the same one the next year. The yes was so lovely so keep going
  6. Ms Sunshine

    Associate classes - increasing number of hours of ballet pw

    Hi. Where about are you based? A few I can think of are Royal ballet associates, (centres all over the UK) Tring Classical Ballet Academy (6 Sundays a term) Young Dancers Academy (10 Saturdays a term) Elmhurst Young Dancers (3 centres) plus loads more.
  7. Ms Sunshine

    RBS Summer School

    Is anyone else still waiting on an email? xx
  8. Ms Sunshine

    National Youth Ballet auditions - main company

    My dd was in the juniors so cant help with main company, sorry. I do remember girls of 12 in the juniors. I think they will juggle kids to fit where they want them. Best of luck! x
  9. Ms Sunshine

    Has anyone tried any other dance styles?

    In greek my dd has been asked to study animals or nature and try and dance like they are that thing. Interesting! Last week she came out with a piece of paper asking for them to bring slime or putty to class this week. To analyse the feel, appearance and consistency, and try to incorporate this into the dance movements. See how she gets on
  10. Ms Sunshine

    Has anyone tried any other dance styles?

    My dd does ballet, tap, modern, greek and theatre. Ballet and greek are her favourites
  11. Ms Sunshine

    National youth ballet 2017

    NYB was more effort with 2 auditions before she got a place. We had a long way to travel and hotels before the summer school and while she was in theatre in Birmingham and Sadler Wells. She had the time of her life and we met friends for life. Opes was simple was no auditions with a lovely end of week show. But nothing compared to how grand and special NYB was if you can afford the extra's. x
  12. Ms Sunshine

    National youth ballet 2017

    I think its in the next few days the audition dates and applications are announced. They have a facebook page. Hope that helps. I'm still undecided about the a summer school for my dd. NYB was amazing last year but said she would be happy to do OPES again as she loved that the year before.
  13. Ms Sunshine

    The Canterville Ghost 2018 by LCB

    I hope mini PV has a wonderful time today. Everything crossed for her. So exciting for all those involved. Lucky kids
  14. Ms Sunshine

    National youth ballet 2017

    Last year I think we sent the application mid December and the 1st audition was February. Hope that helps x
  15. I think your dd was on a waiting list for that recall in case children could not make it. That is one stage better than lots so she should be very proud! One girl is amazing going and the other two I have just heard about. x