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  1. I know of 2 on wait list. Im guessing after the ones that got in the ones in the recall were next in line xx
  2. Does anyone know how many will be at girls White Lodge year 7 finals next week? One person heard 53 and another heard 66. x
  3. My dd auditioned Friday 11th January and the Head of dance was not at the welcome or in the audition class.
  4. My dd has a yes to finals for entry to White Lodge year 7. Quite shocked as she has always had no's to JA's for year 4,5 and 6! No wait lists. Plus no summer or easter school offers. In fact I was not thrilled about her wanting to go but as she proved you have to be in it to win it!
  5. Is it just birmingham and year 6 London to go?
  6. Yes and funding final letter today!!!! To say we are over the moon is an understatment YAY!!!!!!!
  7. We are still waiting for a letter. Heard of quite a few people having good news today but know of at least one other still waiting. Fingers crossed it is Monday. The wait is horrid!!!
  8. Still know of lots of people waiting on results from a couple of weeks ago. Really horrible!
  9. I am after Gamzatti (in pineapple) for my dd age 11 in great condition from Claudia Deans previous collection please!
  10. So when do we think these Tring letters will Arrive?
  11. They did say they are seeing all the children auditioning for the musical theatre next week. Some were going for the dance and musical theatre courses so they were going to see everyone then start making decisions.
  12. Yes same! My dd enjoyed the day. Really hope the wait on results is sooner than 3 weeks!
  13. The BRB Nutcracker Hippadrome run the children were from Birmingham Royal ballet associates or Elmhurst Young dancers and selected by Marion Tait in September. xx
  14. Thank you Valentina! I have heard there is not a huge amount of funding available. We really love the school so want to try our best! My dd attends the Tring CBA but I think she will wear her own leotard. Its so hard deciding what is best!
  15. So my dd has been offered a place at Hammond so will go back in March for funding finals! She has Elmhurst finals the same week as well. Great start to prelims! Next will be Tring Park dance prelims next week. Does anyone have any top tips or advice please for the audition day? xx
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