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  1. Please can anyone offered Birmingham contact me please Trying to work out if my dd is able to take her place offered x
  2. We walked from Angel tube station last year
  3. Ms Sunshine

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    YAGP 2019 PERFORMING EN POINTE We are strongly committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all dancers, and especially of our youngest participants. Please make sure that you adhere to the guidelines set forth below: - For Participants under 12 years of age: performing en pointe is strongly discouraged. - For Participants under 11 years of age: performing en pointe is prohibited.
  4. Ms Sunshine

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    I pads and phones are handed back to them an hour in the evening I think. Wifi was a bit dodgy last year if I remember correctly xxx
  5. Ms Sunshine

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    Hi Mummy2BalletFairies, My dd went last year at 9 and going again this Sunday! They wear what they want in the evening if not dancing. I have packed today a few jumpers, t shirts, shorts and trousers. Also a dressing gown and slippers. Maybe a bit OTT but its all in a suit case and her dance bag. Think 10 days is a long time with only a few belongings. Also book, colouring stuff, few little bits from her room so she has that connection with home. My dd has chosen the 1 1/2 min music today so is going to do a solo for choreo comp and work on it this week. She is taking a festival outfit. Not sure how much time the little ones would get to do something at Elmhurst. I know they are kept busy in the evenings with lots going on according to my dd last year. Think the juniors last year that wanted to take part did solo's and maybe one or 2 did duets but they knew each other before hand xx
  6. Ms Sunshine

    Leotard advice

    'Just ballet' website is great and arrives very quickly. The lady is very helpful if you call and ask for advice as well x
  7. Ms Sunshine

    Ballet West -New Lower School to open

    Does the new lower school start from Year 7 English school age please? x
  8. Ms Sunshine

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    I think its 12 midday collection on the Tuesday from Elmhurst then 11am into theatre on the Wednesday x
  9. Ms Sunshine

    Any advice for a newbie?

    My advice would be to try everything and see what she gets. We have had 3 years of no's for royal ja's and summer school! But she has had a yes for Elmhurst Young dancers associates, Tring Classical Ballet Academy, Hammond associates, YDA associates, 2 years of National Youth ballet summer school and done very well in ballet exams. I am very happy with our little journey so far and made so many friendships along the way. Good luck with your journey xxx
  10. Ms Sunshine

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    Hi, We took part last year and will my dd is a junior again this year. Lots stay at Hilton Garden Inn in Birmingham as its next door. I paid £256 Tues-Saturday but with no breakfast included. Anything in that mile radius would be walking distance. So many restaurants in the area its really lovely. I could not find cheap accommodation at all around Sadler Wells for the Saturday and Sunday night. Angel tube is 10 minutes walk so I am doing a couple of stops and staying at Ibis at Shepherds Bush as I know the area next to Westfield and its very close to the tube when you get off. That was £150 for the two nights. Hope that helps xxx
  11. Ms Sunshine

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Best of luck to all the hopeful dancers and parents for London x
  12. Ms Sunshine

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    All ages. My dd is one of the oldest in Year 5. I don't think age means much to them. x
  13. Ms Sunshine

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    I think it will depend on movement into group 2 (from group 1) and dancers leaving. Quite a few have full time places for September lined up at schools. x
  14. Ms Sunshine

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    This is my dd's 3rd year of auditioning and like lots of others it does not get any easier this waiting game. x
  15. Ms Sunshine

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Hi Silver. 4 joined the group last September and another 4 after Christmas I think. My dd was a no first audition but got in the second. Best of luck x