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  1. Lovely to read. My dd started with them in Halifax about 11 years ago. I have just dropped her at Elmhurst!!
  2. For Sale - Northern Ballet CAT Uniform

    Hi Tutugirl, I have sent you a pm x
  3. I have the following uniform items for sale for the Northern Ballet CAT Scheme Uniform: 1 x Tracksuit Jacket - not sure of size but I think 11-12 1 x Tracksuit Bottoms - size 11-13 2 x Pale Blue Sonata Leotards (Levels 1 + 2) - size XS 1 x Sonata Pale Blue Wrap Skirt - size XS-S Sizings can be found on the Planet Dance website. All items are in good condition, the tracksuit was new earlier this year and the skirt only worn twice. £5.00 each plus postage. I can send photos on request.
  4. Elmhurst Uniform for Sale

    Could I have one of the jumpers if you still have them? Thanks
  5. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    My dd has been offered a place for year 9. So proud of her, She has made finals twice for years 7 and 8. Proof that you should never give up on your dream.
  6. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    My dd has an audition for year 9 entry. Hoping that means there is a place available.
  7. Looking for a blue themed costume to fit a 12/13 year old If anyone has something for sale. She wants blues as it is about the sky (!) and must be a dress ...... the whims of a teenager ?
  8. Wanted - RAD Intermediate DVD

    Hi, Thanks - I will PM you as soon as I get chance x
  9. Wanted - RAD Intermediate DVD

    If anyone has one to sell of the most up to date syllabus. Thanks
  10. Northern ballet school (Manchester) dadas

    My friend's dd has had an offer. On Wednesday I think.
  11. Elmhurst Easter Intensive

    Hi, my dd has been twice but it was a couple of years ago. They weren't allowed ipads and were not supposed to take phones (but they did). They couldn't connect to the WiFi. They did take snacks though. Didn't hear from mine all weekend!! I think the classes were by year group but mixture of all sites.
  12. Elmhurst summer school application

    Nothing here
  13. Elmhurst Summer school

    I was told by the end of March.
  14. Academy of Northern Ballet (Leeds) - Easter course

    I can't help on the content but my daughter is on the CAT scheme at Northern and the timings are usually 09:30 - 17.00 (ish). This will be her first Easter Course but I think content probably depends on age group.
  15. RBS JA Auditions

    Elmhurst associates don't audition until later in the year. Have a look on their website.