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  1. RAD DVDs - For sale/wanted

    Yes, of course - I'll send a PM when I get home this evening. Peanut68 - sorry just the DVD. Not sure about the syllabus - I'm no expert!!!
  2. Elmhurst ballet timetable

    My Y9 does 2 hours of ballet every day including Saturday. There's also another 2 hours of dance on weekdays which can include Pointe, jazz, contemporary and Pilates. I can't help on your 2nd question but I'm sure someone else can point you in the right direction.
  3. Barefoot or Pumps

    Move Dancewear are also very good. They were great at sizing some shoes when my dd needed then urgently for an audition. They came next day too.
  4. RAD DVDs - For sale/wanted

    I have the RAD Intermediate DVD for sale £10 + postage. Also looking for the Advanced Foundation if anyone has one they would like to sell.
  5. Wear Moi Leotard for Sale

    I have a Wear Moi "Passion" leotard for sale in white age 8-10. Only been worn a few times so in perfect condition. It's the one in this link only in white not blue. https://www.dancewearcentre.com/products/passion-flocked-detail-camisole-leotard-wear-moi-adult?variant=13215003587 £7.50 + postage
  6. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Good luck Danceintherain, I'll keep my fingers crossed for her. I think we met at WL finals - which seems like a lifetime ago now! X
  7. Northern Ballet (Leeds) Associates and others

    Hi, can't help on all your questions but as regards Northern Ballet I believe everyone who applies gets an audition. Also compulsory attendance at the summer school is for the CAT students not the associates. If you have any more questions about Northern just give them a call, they're very helpful x x
  8. Wanted Fleece all in one

    We might have one. I will pm you x
  9. National youth ballet 2017

    Does anyone know if photos are required for the application?
  10. Elmhurst yr6 associates - observed by Mrs Whiteman?

    Not directly from Miss Whiteman but indirectly from the regular associate teacher.
  11. Elmhurst yr6 associates - observed by Mrs Whiteman?

    My dd was an associate in Manchester and Miss Whiteman used to come about twice a year to watch class.
  12. Rad discovering repertoire classes

    Definitely not all adults as I know one of the girls!
  13. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    B&M Bargains do a pack of 3 nutcrackers for £3.99 in 2 different colour ways. Also Adsa have some large nutcrackers for £10 - I got conned into buying one this morning!!!! They are quite nice though 😃
  14. Leotards for Sale

    Will reply shortly, been busy clearing out the attic 😂😂
  15. Leotards for Sale

    I have the following leotards for sale. I have pictures if you would like me to send them. Wear Moi Espoir Lace in Rose age 10-12. £5.00 + postage Wear Moi Icone in Rust age 10-12. £5.00 + postage Wear Moi Passion in White age 10-12. £7.50 + postage 2 x Sonata Camisole in ballet blue size XS. £2.50 + postage each All are in good condition. The white one has only been worn a few times. PM me for more info.