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  1. DancingShoes

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    On a similar note can anyone who did NYB last year help with timings? I could do with booking hotels and trains 🤔
  2. DancingShoes

    Travel to and from vocational school

    They have RAD classes on a Saturday morning but Y7s don't start them until after Christmas.
  3. I've just checked and it was a Tuesday, the results came in the post on the Saturday. At least you shouldn't have to wait too long 😁
  4. Last year we heard on the Saturday following the audition.
  5. DancingShoes

    Feet supination

    I have just shown your post to a friend in a similar position, she has said you need to ask your doctor to refer you to a podiatrist which can be done on the NHS. Hope that helps.
  6. DancingShoes

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    We've had our results today.
  7. DancingShoes

    Elmhurst year 9

    There's a year 8 page, I know one of the Y8 mum's- will ask her to add you x
  8. DancingShoes

    Elmhurst year 9

    The leotards change colour each year and the formal uniform top is pink Y7 & 8 then blue for 9 and 10. If you pm me your email I can send you the lists x
  9. DancingShoes

    Elmhurst year 9

    My dd joined last September in Y9. DB weren't at the induction day they did a separate visit but we didn't go as it would have meant another day off work. I would try and buy the formal uniform 2nd hand as they hardly wear it. I had lots of help from other mum's over uniform - especially dancefanatic 😁
  10. DancingShoes

    Wanted - Black Practice tutu

    I would second the Just Ballet tutu. We have 2 now!
  11. My dd auditioned late last year for Y9 and was awarded an MDS.
  12. DancingShoes

    Wanted - Boys Ballet Costume! 👍

    Just Ballet? I think they have some boys costumes. You could try IDS if your dance teacher has a catalogue. There's also a couple of Facebook groups selling costumes.
  13. DancingShoes

    RAD DVDs - For sale/wanted

    Yes, of course - I'll send a PM when I get home this evening. Peanut68 - sorry just the DVD. Not sure about the syllabus - I'm no expert!!!
  14. DancingShoes

    Elmhurst ballet timetable

    My Y9 does 2 hours of ballet every day including Saturday. There's also another 2 hours of dance on weekdays which can include Pointe, jazz, contemporary and Pilates. I can't help on your 2nd question but I'm sure someone else can point you in the right direction.
  15. DancingShoes

    Barefoot or Pumps

    Move Dancewear are also very good. They were great at sizing some shoes when my dd needed then urgently for an audition. They came next day too.