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  1. Elmhurst yr6 associates - observed by Mrs Whiteman?

    Not directly from Miss Whiteman but indirectly from the regular associate teacher.
  2. Elmhurst yr6 associates - observed by Mrs Whiteman?

    My dd was an associate in Manchester and Miss Whiteman used to come about twice a year to watch class.
  3. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Definitely not all adults as I know one of the girls!
  4. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    B&M Bargains do a pack of 3 nutcrackers for £3.99 in 2 different colour ways. Also Adsa have some large nutcrackers for £10 - I got conned into buying one this morning!!!! They are quite nice though 😃
  5. Leotards for Sale

    Will reply shortly, been busy clearing out the attic 😂😂
  6. Leotards for Sale

    I have the following leotards for sale. I have pictures if you would like me to send them. Wear Moi Espoir Lace in Rose age 10-12. £5.00 + postage Wear Moi Icone in Rust age 10-12. £5.00 + postage Wear Moi Passion in White age 10-12. £7.50 + postage 2 x Sonata Camisole in ballet blue size XS. £2.50 + postage each All are in good condition. The white one has only been worn a few times. PM me for more info.
  7. Lovely to read. My dd started with them in Halifax about 11 years ago. I have just dropped her at Elmhurst!!
  8. For Sale - Northern Ballet CAT Uniform

    Hi Tutugirl, I have sent you a pm x
  9. I have the following uniform items for sale for the Northern Ballet CAT Scheme Uniform: 1 x Tracksuit Jacket - not sure of size but I think 11-12 1 x Tracksuit Bottoms - size 11-13 2 x Pale Blue Sonata Leotards (Levels 1 + 2) - size XS 1 x Sonata Pale Blue Wrap Skirt - size XS-S Sizings can be found on the Planet Dance website. All items are in good condition, the tracksuit was new earlier this year and the skirt only worn twice. £5.00 each plus postage. I can send photos on request.
  10. Elmhurst Uniform for Sale

    Could I have one of the jumpers if you still have them? Thanks
  11. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    My dd has been offered a place for year 9. So proud of her, She has made finals twice for years 7 and 8. Proof that you should never give up on your dream.
  12. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    My dd has an audition for year 9 entry. Hoping that means there is a place available.
  13. Looking for a blue themed costume to fit a 12/13 year old If anyone has something for sale. She wants blues as it is about the sky (!) and must be a dress ...... the whims of a teenager ?
  14. Wanted - RAD Intermediate DVD

    Hi, Thanks - I will PM you as soon as I get chance x
  15. Wanted - RAD Intermediate DVD

    If anyone has one to sell of the most up to date syllabus. Thanks