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  1. Super long shot, but looking for a cheapie to this performance as I couldn't make my original date Thanks! Linda.
  2. Selling this amphi ticket for Sylvia on the 30th of November as I am away (sob sob). Cast is Osipova/Bonelli. Amphi Right D79. Ticket is listed as restricted view, but I've sat there before and I'd say it is quite close to full view. Face value was £16. If interested, please PM. Have an e-ticket so can send ASAP. Best, Linda.
  3. Selling this pair of SCS for the matinee of Nutcracker on the 5th - sadly I'm away . Selling these together, so if interested please PM. Have the e-ticket so can send ASAP. SCS D4 & D5 £8 each. Cast: Calvert/Kish/Maguire/Dyer Cheers, Linda
  4. Looking for a cheap ticket on behalf of a friend. Performance is next Monday 6 of November at 7.30PM. If you can help, please PM/email. Many thanks, Linda.
  5. Long shot but have a spare to opening night of Vèpres this Thursday. Stalls Circle Right D48 £12. It is an e-ticket so can forward. Show starts at 6.30PM. If interested, PM. Linda.
  6. In case someone can help, looking for a cheapie ticket to Alice for next Wednesday. Please ping me if you have a spare. Will give it a good home!! Cheers, Linda.
  7. Bummed that I can't make the matinee (so wanted to see Batoeva's Gamzatti), so hoping this ticket goes to a good home. La Bayadère - Mariinsky Saturday 12 August 2017 2:00PM SCS Right D48 £15 PM/Email if interested. I'll be there tonight so can hand in or leave at the BO.
  8. I'm interested. Will PM
  9. Unfortunately can't make this performance so hoping the ticket goes to a happy home. Mariinsky Swan Lake Cast: Skorik / Kim Stalls Circle Right D29 £15 If interested, please PM/Email. I'll be at tonight's performance so could hand it over. Otherwise we can organise ourselves.
  10. Have a spare ticket for Swan Lake on Monday 7 August 2017. Cast: Osmolkina / Repnikov / Stepin SCS Left D21 £15 Please PM/Email if interested. Linda