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  1. Hiya, Found myself with a last minute spare. SCS Left D1 for tonight's Giselle with Osipova and Hallberg (face value £10). I'll be there to hand over in case anyone wants it. PM if interested. Linda.
  2. yakinodi

    RB Nutcracker 18 Dec (eve) SCS

    I am interested. Will PM
  3. Super long shot, but looking for a cheapie to this performance as I couldn't make my original date Thanks! Linda.
  4. Selling this amphi ticket for Sylvia on the 30th of November as I am away (sob sob). Cast is Osipova/Bonelli. Amphi Right D79. Ticket is listed as restricted view, but I've sat there before and I'd say it is quite close to full view. Face value was £16. If interested, please PM. Have an e-ticket so can send ASAP. Best, Linda.
  5. Selling this pair of SCS for the matinee of Nutcracker on the 5th - sadly I'm away . Selling these together, so if interested please PM. Have the e-ticket so can send ASAP. SCS D4 & D5 £8 each. Cast: Calvert/Kish/Maguire/Dyer Cheers, Linda
  6. Looking for a cheap ticket on behalf of a friend. Performance is next Monday 6 of November at 7.30PM. If you can help, please PM/email. Many thanks, Linda.
  7. Long shot but have a spare to opening night of Vèpres this Thursday. Stalls Circle Right D48 £12. It is an e-ticket so can forward. Show starts at 6.30PM. If interested, PM. Linda.
  8. In case someone can help, looking for a cheapie ticket to Alice for next Wednesday. Please ping me if you have a spare. Will give it a good home!! Cheers, Linda.