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  1. My bf has expressed an interest in seeing Nutcracker over the football game, so I am trying my best to oblige! Please message me if you can help. Thank you!
  2. https://www.gramilano.com/2018/11/another-royal-ballet-dancer-joins-the-cast-of-cats-the-movie-olivia-cowley/ Congratulations to Olivia Cowley too!
  3. £8 ticket for this Saturday afternoon (McRae/Takada/Naghdi), Stalls Circle Standing. I will be at the ROH this evening and can pass the ticket to you then. Alternatively, I can leave it with the Box Office in your name. Please PM if interested. Thanks!
  4. Unfortunately I can no longer make the show. The seat is First Circle 2 - SG6 (£45). The ticket confirmation says 'restricted view', but I can't remember what the restrictions are. If you're interested, please PM asap. I think I've opted to collect my ticket at the box office and will need to ring them up to transfer the seat to you.
  5. Student tickets are only held for one week after the student priority booking date. 10 standing tickets are held (I think), but they are not all SCS.
  6. I rarely post in this section of the forum but I just wanted to say that there was something very special about the Takada/Campbell Rubies pdd last night. I've now watched every cast from this run and the 2013 season, and they've displaced the McRae/Osipova pairing for me. Takada was perfectly sensuous and slinky and I am now a Campbell convert! Completely electrifying when they looked into each other's eyes at a still point in the Stravinsky.
  7. Returning to the Box Office in 2 hours if no one wants it!
  8. For sale: Upper Slips Left, BB-16 Will send e-ticket immediately after receipt of payment. Please note that this was purchased with student membership, but I don't think you will have any issues getting in.
  9. Just checked: standing places in slips and some seats on the far left and right at the end of rows in the student amphi (2nd May). I was trying to make the general point that student tickets are released after a week's holding period and it will be worth trying again in future instances
  10. Thanks to all — will investigate these options
  11. Thirded! As Tatiana says, there were very few options for affordable seats left when student booking opened on Monday. I could only afford one ticket to Jewels. I can also see why management chose to reserve the Watson/Osipova cast for students: if you really want the younger generation to keep coming back to the ROH, wouldn't you want to entice them with the most exciting cast? The student amphi seats for Mayerling are held for a week, so there may be more tickets available next Monday.
  12. I wear Grishko 2007s with a lowered vamp and the shanks refuse to come out!
  13. Hello, I am planning to take my Intermediate exam and am on the look-out for soft blocks with a very low vamp for my short toes. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!
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