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  1. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    The ribbon is for bows for the hair! I know for Manchester JA's we had cross plaits with 2 bows 1 each side - so cute. But I know other centres just did a bun with 1 bow at the back. Which centre and teacher will you be having? If Miss Agar then probs the cross plaits!!

    Hi No sorry only cardy left

    I have some of dd's warm up wear for sale as follows Pink Bloch shorts age 8-10 £5 Pink Bloch cardy CHM (8-10) £5 Pink Intermezzo shorty warm-up (hardly worn) age 12 £10 Black Intermezzo long warm-up age 12 £10 plus p&p Thank you
  4. Living at The Hammond

    Hiya your dd will love the Hammond it's a fabulous school! My dd uses 2 bags - 1 for dance and 1 academic, they have so much stuff that yes they do need the 2! My dd's academic is black and dance is navy but that's because that's what she liked! Hope that helps.
  5. Hammond School uniform for sale

    Hiya Please can I have the 26 w 20 length skirt! At performances all week so can pick up anytime! Thank you
  6. Living at The Hammond

    Just got back from watching the Gala performance this evening. It is absolutely phanominal. The music, the dancing, singing, acting, choreography and costumes absolutely superb. Well done The Hammond in your Centenary production a fitting celebration of a fantastic school. Can't wait to watch again.
  7. Elmhurst Uniform for Sale

    Now just 1 V neck sweater left everything else sold - thank you x
  8. Elmhurst Uniform for Sale

    Hiya janjas/dancing shoes Still got polo shirts and v neck sweaters. Also noticed zipped hoodie in bag too!! Dm me which ones and I'll get back to you both. Thanks x
  9. Elmhurst Uniform for Sale

    Hiya Sorry been out all day! Yes both still available - will message you Saturday x
  10. Living at The Hammond

    It's after last performance Saturday evening!! So late night home!!!! Xx
  11. Living at The Hammond

    To all those going to Induction Day at The Hammond tomorrow have a fabulous day. It's truly an amazing school. All the staff, academic, admin and dance are fabulous dedicated people. The Boarding houses are fab friendly places and more like a home than a boarding house and the children are well looked after. Our dd is so happy here. Enjoy and Good luck for September.
  12. Happy 100th Birthday to The Hammond School

    Haha would have loved to have gone today but had a prior meeting to attend! Hopefully hear all about it from dd later.
  13. Happy 100th Birthday to The Hammond School

    Just wanted to say Happy 100th Birthday today to all at The Hammond School Chester. They've celebrated today with a beautiful Birthday Cake. Hope they've all had a brilliant day. A fantastic achievment. Can't wait now for the Summer Production. Here's to the next 100 yrs ???
  14. Living at The Hammond

    How lovely Ballet4Boyz I'm reading your post with tears in my eyesI couldn't have said it better myself! We can't believe 2 schools could be so different! Our dd's confidence is growing week by week, we're not there yet, but the Hammond with all its staff, admin, academic, dance and especially the house parents are building that confidence back. Its going to take time but we know we're going to get there. This thread is an absolute godsend - its so open for anyone to see which I think says alot about the school - its an open friendly and nurturing school with helful and friendly parents and pupils. To any new pupils joining this amazing school in September good luck you are going to be well looked after ??
  15. TUTU HELP - Top layer creased

    Thank you annaliesay will do x