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  1. Dancing unicorn


    Totally agree angel! Wish we could turn back the clock and first 3 years at one School may have been better than they were! Listen to your child and if you need to visit more often then just do it! I’m sure the houseparents disapproved of us visiting every Sunday in last school but it had to be done! Dd now away at upper school, is much happier and we’ve hardly heard from her these last 2 weeks 😞
  2. Dancing unicorn

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    JA’s usually get s visit to White Lodge for a look around. Still remember our day ❤️
  3. Dancing unicorn

    RBS JA Insight Days 2018

    Haha I wish!!! We don’t have the money for Royal upper school!!!
  4. Dancing unicorn

    RBS JA Insight Days 2018

    Thank you but that was 8 yrs ago 😳 Dd then went on to do 3 yrs JA’s, 5 yrs lower school and starts new upper school Sunday 😂 Time flies 😞
  5. Dancing unicorn

    RBS JA Insight Days 2018

    I really don’t think it matters. We did London insight day and auditioned and got a place in Manchester! Not all centres do insight days anyway! It’s a really lovely day whatever the outcome.
  6. Dancing unicorn

    Best toe pads for pointe shoes? Help and advice anyone TIA

    I second wear moi - only toe pads dd will wear!!!
  7. Dancing unicorn

    Make up at Upper schools

    I think it would depend on whether it was a Ballet or MT type course you were doing! As I also have heard people say some MT type upper schools ask them to wear full makeup (sorry don’t know which ones!). Dd starts at a Ballet school come September and is not planning on wearing full makeup everyday! Ie no foundation but just eyebrows and mascara! A. Don’t think it’s good for the skin, B. The time it would take in the morning to put it all on and C. Imagine the cost!!!! 🤪🤪
  8. Dancing unicorn

    Dance forward

    We stayed at Battersea when we did dance forward a few years ago. Cheap and cheerful and so handy for RAD x
  9. Dancing unicorn

    UK v’s US. Help !

    What an amazing experience she has had and something she will remember for ever 😘❤️
  10. Dancing unicorn

    Living at The Hammond

    Dd used a plain black shoulder bag for academics and a navy blue Jack Wills bag for dance! Hope that helps x
  11. Dancing unicorn

    UK v’s US. Help !

    I really don’t envy your decision. Huge congratulations to your dd, very well deserved 🎉🌹❤️😘
  12. Dancing unicorn

    When to go for associates?

    That’s not what I meant vonrathbart! What I meant was I would wait til 16 to go to a vocational school and miss out associates and lower school altogether and just do good classes with good teachers if we had lived in London or Birmingham! As it was our dd absolutely loved her JA classes it was her first 3 years at vocational school that was the problem. The last two years have been better but the damage has already been done!
  13. Dancing unicorn

    When to go for associates?

    I think it depends on where you live too! We live in the country and for us going to JA’s and then vocational school was our only option! Were as if you live in an area where you have the option of excellent training on your doorstep ie London or Birmingham then I wouldn’t bother with associates or vocational school until 16! I really wish we had had this option.
  14. Dancing unicorn

    Living at The Hammond

    Yeh dd initially had brogues when she started at Hammond in yr10 but after a few months we ended up getting DM’s as she was getting pains in her calves from trying to keep shoes on, they kept slipping off her heels! So I would go for lace ups or a t bar straight off!!
  15. Dancing unicorn

    What do people do when dance classes clash with school?

    Yeh I should point out that dd didn’t miss every Friday but every one or two weeks as it alternated with Sunday’s! Dd’s School weren’t very supportive of her doing JA’s so don’t know what would of happened if it had been every Friday!