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  1. Dancing unicorn

    Missing ballet through illness

    Fabulous news good luck to her 🍀
  2. Dancing unicorn

    A friend needs help with an application photo

    Hiya yes Basically stand facing the front in first position Right or left leg to the side (depending which leg she can get highest!) Then lift (develope) leg to side turned out from hip arms in second position Hopefully the child should be able to follow those instructions too 😳
  3. Dancing unicorn

    Company auditions 😱

    Good luck to your ds🍀🍀
  4. Dancing unicorn

    Ballet schools with Boarding facilities (Upper Schools)

    If thinking of home stay then try Hammond in Chester. Sorry just realised you want ballet as main focus!
  5. Funny but Hammond in chester celebrated their 100th in 2017!!!!! 😁😁
  6. Dancing unicorn

    Happy New Year from The Mods

    Happy Dancing in 2019 to everyone 🎉🌟🎉
  7. Dancing unicorn

    How to find a good school for a boy

    Sent you a pm
  8. Dancing unicorn

    Seasons Greetings

    Happy Christmas everyone and here’s to a happy and healthy 2019 🎄🌟🎄
  9. Dancing unicorn

    Demi pointes for auditions at Royal.

    How you present yourself for audition absolutely counts! I remember watching RBS summer school classes at white lodge and a girl there had absolutely filthy pointe shoes. She was really told told off about it! I know it’s not an audition, but neatness, clean shoes and immaculate hair are all part of the audition - sorry 😁
  10. Dancing unicorn

    Audition leotards/What to wear

    I honestly think it depends on which centre you are with. We were with Manchester and the teacher there liked them to wear their JA white Leo for first auditions and then any colour for finals! When we got to Elmhurst there was a mix of JA’s and Elm associate Leo’s!
  11. Have you looked on the Just Ballet website? They hire costumes for around £45 per costume. They may have what you are looking for
  12. Dancing unicorn

    JA insight days - Leeds

    One of my pupils (and I) have just booked for Birmingham which is on a Sunday! Can you not do that one instead? Just a thought x
  13. Dancing unicorn

    A Level Dance or Dance BTEC

    I really love your enthusiasm! I would suggest firstly getting yourself to some proper classes. Just doing after school clubs just isn’t enough! Being in London this shouldn’t be too difficult to find some proper tuition. And then take it from there. That way you will see the level you need to be at to get onto any courses! Lots of children/teens spend years getting to a level to get into dance college and still never make it having had proper training!
  14. Dancing unicorn

    A Level Dance or Dance BTEC

    Hi Zelda and welcome to the forum. You say you’ve done after school clubs! Do you mean clubs that your school runs or do you mean a ‘proper’ ballet/dance school? Have you taken any exams and what genre of dance are you hoping to pursue? Ballet, contemporary or commercial?
  15. Dancing unicorn

    QE Hospital Birmingham - Sport & Excercise Medicine Clinic

    Fab to know pictures thank you. Hopefully we’ll never need it, but you just don’t know 😳😳