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  1. Feet Rolling In

    Ohh ok! Another exercise RBS teacher got them to do to help balance, exercises the arch in the feet and is fun to do is, when brushing teeth balance on one leg on demi pointe as high as she can with the other leg in retire! (Rather than using a balance board - saves money too!!)
  2. Feet Rolling In

    Hi Princessballerina You say her associate teacher has also mentioned this! I am assuming you mean RBS Assiciate teacher? If so, your dd will have daily foot exercises given by her associate teacher that she does with a theraband. Is she doing her exercises as this will strengthen the feet and therefore help with the problem!
  3. Audition disaster!

    Wow that’s fantastic news!!! Hammond is an amazing School, fabulous dance staff and academic too! Not forgetting the caring boarding staff! Wish we had of been there from year 7!!
  4. Spring/Easter dance intensive course for 9 year olds

    Malvern Ballet Seminars I think are from 9 yrs! Brilliant 4 day course, very friendly.
  5. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    I found some lovely gift bags with a nutcracker doll on in Home Bargain last week! Different size bags, and also Nutcracker Christmas cards! Going back tomorrow to see what else there is! We’re Nutcracker mad in our house!
  6. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    Would definitely recommend trying for Hammond. Its a fab school and only an hour or so away from North Wales! Try this year, if offered a place and it doesn’t work out fees/MDS wise you can always say no thank you!
  7. Audition fees

    Has anybody already applied for ENB and had a reply? As originally there were 2 dates for London - 20th January and 10th February or is 20th Jan now full and have you sent in a DVD as well as photos!! I'm confused!! 🙄🙄
  8. Another audition leotard post

    Hiya the black cap sleeve they wear for ballet will be fine! And you can get that style in different colours. It doesn't have to be strappy! So if she's comfortable in that one then go for that but in another colour. Ask Stardust !
  9. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    We used to just take it on a hanger! But then parking was right outside studio in Centre Pointe for us! Good luck to all JA's starting, a very special time xx
  10. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Just booked our seats too can't wait! Not even told dd yet haha!
  11. Competition team or RBS associates?

    JA's every time! We still miss our classes even now - in fact it only came up in conversation today. Happy carefree times!
  12. RBS National Skirt desperate plea

    I really wouldn't worry about having the skirt on the first day. I'm sure if you explain to the teacher that its being made and will be ready asap that she will understand!
  13. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    The ribbon is for bows for the hair! I know for Manchester JA's we had cross plaits with 2 bows 1 each side - so cute. But I know other centres just did a bun with 1 bow at the back. Which centre and teacher will you be having? If Miss Agar then probs the cross plaits!!

    Hi No sorry only cardy left

    I have some of dd's warm up wear for sale as follows Pink Bloch shorts age 8-10 £5 Pink Bloch cardy CHM (8-10) £5 Pink Intermezzo shorty warm-up (hardly worn) age 12 £10 Black Intermezzo long warm-up age 12 £10 plus p&p Thank you