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  1. Hammond Centerary Concert 9th Feb

    Just got back after an amazing performance by all of the Hammond students yet again! I was in tears half way thru the first song! It was truly amazing. For a school to put on a performance like that at such short notice, perfectly sung, perfectly danced, perfectly staged is unbelievable and the final performance of O Fortuna from Carmina Burana (dh’s all time favourite song!) was simply stunning. Thank you Hammond for yet another fantastic evening!
  2. Hammond Centerary Concert 9th Feb

    What a shame you can’t go. Getting excited here! Can’t wait x
  3. Audition Solo questions (Lower School)

    So I’m assuming you have put in application form, got audition date and now sorting solo! How long have you got til audition? As I think you might be better just doing a dance that he already knows, ie an exam dance, a show dance he’s already done. Rather than choreographing a brand new dance that would stress him even more!!
  4. Audition Solo questions (Lower School)

    What year is he now then 5 or 6? Sorry I always get mixed up with years!
  5. Audition Solo questions (Lower School)

    Can his teacher help him? Or is there a dance that he does at his dance school that he really knows that he could use. It might be better to do a modern, contemporary or tap solo which ever he is best at rather than doing a ballet solo. Unless it’s only Ballet he really knows. You’d be surprised how much you can get in a 1 minute dance! Good luck 🍀
  6. RAD Grade 4 Exam - etiquette advice please

    Haha the older they get the worse they get!!!
  7. RAD Grade 4 Exam - etiquette advice please

    When is the exam? How old is your dd, could she and the other girls ask the teacher what happens on exam day! I know my girls ask me what happens if they haven’t done one before and we go thru the process. We even get a parent to sit behind the desk to pretend to be the examiner, go outside the door and get in line and do the whole process. This then puts the girls at ease, especially my younger ones.
  8. RAD Grade 4 Exam - etiquette advice please

    Hiya her teacher should really rehearse this with her but just in case! She’ll have 3 things to carry in, her skirt which is folded and draped over her arm, her character shoes in same hand/arm as skirt and her report slip that the teacher will mark (unless that is already with the examiner!). She walks over to the examiners desk, bows and says either good morning or good afternoon. Waits for the examiner to acknowledge her and then the examiner will ask her to put her skirt and shoes to one side and take her place at the barre. Hope that helps xx Good luck to your dd 🍀
  9. Importance of Summer Schools

    If she’s yr5 now (yr6 next yr) and still 9, when will she be 10? I know it’s too late now but RBS take from yr5. My dd was 10 the week before she did RBS SS. She was lucky to get a place that year (only 1 in her JA class) and we did it to see how she coped away from home for a week knowing that auditions would be the following year. That way you will know how much she really wants it! YBSS occasionally take 9yr olds, and also Opes I think! Both of which have fabulous pastoral care in place. I wouldn’t worry about not doing anything in the hols at this age as there’s an awful lot of kids that don’t do anything in the hols, but don’t over do it either as she does need a break from dance too!
  10. Apply for a reference from current vocational school

    I have pm’d you
  11. Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    I would say definitely change to another date as she won’t give her best if she’s that unwell! Take care x
  12. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    That’s fantastic news! What year is your ds? They are auditioning for full time spaces at the moment!!
  13. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Audtion

    I think that was the date for last year. DH guessed it might be Sat 17th Feb - hoping it is as already in London for following day!
  14. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Audtion

    Hi we’re also hoping to do London Audition. DH has contacted RCS numerous times and still no date for London has been set!
  15. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    I would go adult small rather than children’s size!