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  1. YBSS application 2018

    Sorry to say, whilst dd enjoyed YBSS when she went (3 times in total, 2 with scholarships!) she has preferred other summer schools as not enough classes, class sizes too big and not a lot of corrections either! Don’t know what the class sizes or teachers will be like now that it has all changed. We stopped going 2 years ago!
  2. Overseas summer schools 2019

    First year we went there were 2 boys. Last year there was one young boy! So yes boys do go I just don’t think that many apply! How old is your ds jay jay? X
  3. Overseas summer schools 2019

    Dar Danse in Morocco is AMAZING!! Good food, pool, beach, fabulous rooms, amazing teachers! We’ve been twice now and had an amazing time each time! DD absolutely loves going. They’ve even got their own camel for camel rides!! DD dancing and DH and I watching the whole week! Absolute heaven on earth. We’ve even extended each time by having another week in Essaouira in a Rhiad. Would definitely recommend 🌞💖❤️🐪🌴
  4. Good makeup and foundations for class

    Is this for lower or upper school? My dd at full time lower voc school and tends not to wear full face for classes/ School, just brows and mascara!
  5. How long do your pointe shoes last?

    My dd wears Gaynor Minden extra flex sleek - they last round about 12 months with use every day! Just got a new pair as last pair absolutely dead. She decided to have a change last year as wanted a second make in case schools didn’t like GM’s - tried Freed Studio Hard - they lasted 4 hours and were dead!! Think we will stick to GM’s!! They are expensive but in the long run are well worth the money (only downside is sewing the ribbons on - it’s a nightmare!) There are so many variations as dd has very strong awkward feet - Dancique spent a couple of hours with her to get the right shoe and fit, so it’s worth the trip to get the right shoes. Hope that helps x
  6. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Yeh I’m hoping it’s sooner too! I know RCS were actually still in/working on good Friday, but students now off for 2 weeks but admin should be in!
  7. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    When Dd’s friend got in to RCS last year, results took 2 weeks!!!
  8. Living at The Hammond

    Hiya Welcome to the Hammond family. I think that more refers to auditioning for lower years! All yr11- students definitely audition for other schools for the next stage in their training!! A lot will be staying but there are a lot going too!
  9. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Look in your junk mail!
  10. Artistic Directors (of schools)

    Very much so Pictures! I’m sorry but 2 schools could not be so different!! And I’d rather her be where she is now! We feel like we lost 3 years.
  11. Artistic Directors (of schools)

    Exactly Pictures! The AD at dd’s previous school didn’t even know her name after 3 years of being there!! Every letter we received her name was wrong despite us saying or spelling her name correctly, and at their own Summer school he mixed her up with someone else from her year!
  12. Artistic Directors (of schools)

    No Pictures it doesn’t and it runs perfectly well without one!!
  13. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Yes sorry Pictures I see what you mean now! Sorry x
  14. Questions about Lower School auditions

    I thought it was only ‘normal’ schools that choose options in yrs8/9? Or do vocational schools now choose in earlier years!
  15. Qualifications, Colleges, Schools & Funding

    Royal Ballet is MDS funded in Upper School isn’t it?!