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  1. Dancing unicorn

    Living at The Hammond

    Well we said a fond farewell to The Hammond today and an amazing 2 years it’s been our dd has grown in confidence so much since being there and we will miss being so close to home but onwards and upwards! Good luck all those starting in September 🍀
  2. Dancing unicorn

    Graduation musings

    😁🤪😁 I thought it was bad enough with 5 years of vocational training at a boarding house! We’ve just had our list for upper school yikes!!!!!!! 🤪🤪 Boxes, bank balance and finding the room at home to store it all between holidays is already giving me a headache, and we only received the letter last night! Paracetamol and a lie down in a darkened room in order I think 😰
  3. Dancing unicorn

    Living at The Hammond

    That’s such a shame pictures 😢 Yeh - pick up from house before 12 noon Saturday. Can’t remember where I saw it! X
  4. Dancing unicorn

    Living at The Hammond

    Just thought I would post about the Hammond show tonight. Yet again an outstanding performance by all of the Hammond School pupils. From Mr Needhams spectacular tap routines, to the settings, choreography and stunning costumes. But my favourite has to be Miss Brockway’s yr11 ballet in memory of Errol Pickford, a fitting tribute to a wonderful friend and teacher - it was simply beautiful 💙💙
  5. Dancing unicorn

    When to go for associates?

    Totally agree with Angel above! our experience of our 3 years of RBS JA’s was our happiest time in this crazy journey! And one thing we’ve said to dd along the way is ‘if this is the only thing you do, then what an experience’! We’re still saying this going into vocational upper school! Dd has had a bumpy ride along the way but is looking forward to a new start in a new school! And yes she’s always had the plan B of being a teacher!! A very good plan. Do a JA for a day, a brilliant taster - our first ‘if this is .....!’ Haha!!!
  6. Dancing unicorn

    Ballet skirts

    Love Lilly have a sale on at the moment!! 😜
  7. Dancing unicorn

    RBS Summer School

    One leotard a day at that age is plenty I would say at age 10. May be 2 for last day. One for practice and then one for showing of work. How exciting, I remember my dd doing WL SS! She absolutely loved it. What an experience for all our little dancers. Have a fab time everyone 🌺💐🍀
  8. Dancing unicorn

    Any current RB JA parents about? Question about the towel/mat.

    I think it depends on which Centre you are attending. Manchester with Miss Agar, she preferred a white towel for the children to lie on!
  9. Dancing unicorn

    IDTA Ballet Awards

    Fabulous news! Can you not google IDTA and look on their website!
  10. Dancing unicorn


    Hi heres an update of what I now have left of Hammond uniform 1x 34 chest blazer £5 1x 32” chest blazer £5 GIRLS/BOYS 1xAdult small drama polo £3 1x 28-30 tracky bottoms £3 GIRLS/BOYS 5x 36” V neck tops £3 each or 2 for £5 3x 34” V neck tops £3 each or 2 for £5 excellent for winter months!! Thanks
  11. Dancing unicorn

    What after junior associate auditions??

    You’re right there’s nothing in north Wales other than your regular classes! We had to travel to Manchester every week when dd got into JA’s! 3 hour drive round trip! But well worth it!! Cant you up his classes with his regular teacher or may be do private lessons with her and then just do loads of summer schools, courses etc. That’s what we’ve done over the years!
  12. Dancing unicorn

    What after junior associate auditions??

    MIDAS is Birmingham I think! 3 hour drive from north Wales each way!!!
  13. Dancing unicorn

    Vocational schools GCSE results

    We’re going to have to wait til 4th September for our results as we are out of the country on holiday! 😞
  14. Dancing unicorn

    RBS Summer School

    Please don’t worry about your dd not being able to do her own hair. By the end of the week I’m sure she will have got quite proficient at it! They really don’t have to have ‘the perfect bun’ for class. As others have said the older ones help and advise but I’m sure your dd will want to do her own and be like the big girls! I know my then little dd aged just 10 wanted to do everything herself!! She’ll have s fabulous time! Xx
  15. Dancing unicorn

    Errol Pickford RIP

    RIP Errol you will be sadly missed by loads of children who you inspired with your teaching. My own dd included. Gone but never forgotten 🌹🌹