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  1. Dancing unicorn

    Audition leotards/What to wear

    I honestly think it depends on which centre you are with. We were with Manchester and the teacher there liked them to wear their JA white Leo for first auditions and then any colour for finals! When we got to Elmhurst there was a mix of JA’s and Elm associate Leo’s!
  2. Have you looked on the Just Ballet website? They hire costumes for around £45 per costume. They may have what you are looking for
  3. Dancing unicorn

    JA insight days - Leeds

    One of my pupils (and I) have just booked for Birmingham which is on a Sunday! Can you not do that one instead? Just a thought x
  4. Dancing unicorn

    A Level Dance or Dance BTEC

    I really love your enthusiasm! I would suggest firstly getting yourself to some proper classes. Just doing after school clubs just isn’t enough! Being in London this shouldn’t be too difficult to find some proper tuition. And then take it from there. That way you will see the level you need to be at to get onto any courses! Lots of children/teens spend years getting to a level to get into dance college and still never make it having had proper training!
  5. Dancing unicorn

    A Level Dance or Dance BTEC

    Hi Zelda and welcome to the forum. You say you’ve done after school clubs! Do you mean clubs that your school runs or do you mean a ‘proper’ ballet/dance school? Have you taken any exams and what genre of dance are you hoping to pursue? Ballet, contemporary or commercial?
  6. Dancing unicorn

    QE Hospital Birmingham - Sport & Excercise Medicine Clinic

    Fab to know pictures thank you. Hopefully we’ll never need it, but you just don’t know 😳😳
  7. Dancing unicorn

    Hammond and JA?

    Ok so assuming the above, prep school! And then assuming Manchester JA’s as that’s nearest to Chester! Manchester JA’s are Fridays and sundays, so would Hammond still allow that! Just a thought!
  8. Dancing unicorn

    Pineapple/Freddy dance stuff

    Hiya the pineapple hoodie and pull on skirt are both sold sorry but I’ll send you a photo of the other 2 items x
  9. Dancing unicorn


    Hiya is this still for sale please? X
  10. Dancing unicorn

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Hi we never had any sight of any references for dd last year they were sent straight to schools and we didn’t get any copy’s either hope that helps x
  11. Dancing unicorn

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Dd only wears Bloch zeniths! I’ve tried them too and now only like my older girls to have them! They are so comfy and hug the feet beautifully x
  12. Dancing unicorn


    Yes please I’ll Dm you x
  13. Dancing unicorn

    Pineapple/Freddy dance stuff

    Will take offers! Want gone 😁😳
  14. Dancing unicorn

    Pineapple/Freddy dance stuff

    Ok so degas leo, butterfly skirt, black warm up pants and shrug and dancers do it T shirt are all sold xx
  15. Dancing unicorn

    Pineapple/Freddy dance stuff

    I’m selling off lots of my DD’s old dance stuff (plus a couple of bits of mine!) All clean and ready to go. From smoke and pet free home. buyer pays postage Pineapple black & red trousers 7/8 £5 Pineapple white trousers 7 £5 Pineapple black trousers 9/10 £5 Pineapple cropped purple top XS £3 Pineapple grey and silver t shirt 7/8 £3 Pineapple white/gold t shirt 9/10 £3 Pineapple white keyhole type t shirt 7/8 £3 Pineapple grey and silver trousers 7 £5 Pineapple pink cropped trousers 9/10 £5 Pineapple black zip skinny trousers 7/8 £5 Pineapple grey skirt 7 £3 Pineapple black skirt 7/8 £3 Pineapple Royal blue crop hoody 11/12 £5 Pineapple pink frill top 7/8 £3 Freddy Royal Ballet pink trousers CHM £5 Freddy Royal Ballet pink top 12 £5 Freddy Royal Ballet pale pink top CHM £5 Papillon black trousers 14 £5 Dancers do it..... black crop top S £3 Starlite black knitted trousers AdM £5 Starlite warm up bolero AdM £3 Bloch pink cardy CHM £3 Bloch pink jazz trousers CHS £5 Just Ballet ladies black leotard AdM £8 Bloch ladies black leotard £8 Capezio lilac leotard 7/8 £5 Capezio pink leotard CHL £8 Capezio children’s pull on skirt CHM £5 Capezio black leotard Xs £10 Degas black leotard says 14 but probs fit 9/12 £15 Plume Navy leotard 12 £5 Wear Moi body CH3 £5 Fleece all-in one CH2 £8 can post photos if needed x