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  1. ...Osipova was meant to dance with him last time true, but was replaced by Lamb
  2. Blitzschnell comments en route back to Berlin ...loved it. Acknowledge some of the comments particularly Luke Jennings, but I felt privileged to see Hallberg, loved the Tudor and Ratmansky, like the modern pieces and Ave Maria better than I'd thought. Good on Osipova- she's a trooper and treating London to some good stuff. Careful people- too snippy and carping, and if I were her I'd decamp to NY or Munich! Appreciate what you've got...
  3. Having seen Hallberg and Osipova yesterday, I'm hoping for that combo in R&J!
  4. OMG - Ferri as Larisch!!! ...ok I’ll stop now.
  5. I should say I regard Marie Larisch as my fave role - I remember Merle Park - the shades to her characterisation - incredible.
  6. I know ...I still feel they could have come up with a fresh cast...I was hoping for Campbell or Ball plus Hayward. I’d have liked Osipova as Larisch and Naghdi as Mitzi K, and and Heap as the Empress.
  7. Heavens - I thought he was much younger!
  8. Very sad indeed....
  9. Many thanks for this. Never knew about the RB Apollo débacle either. A friend of mine - not a balletomane - far prefers theatre and opera because he feels they are both far freeer to experiment...he feels they are more “confident” as art forms. An interesting choice of word.
  10. Vanartus

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    I want to do nasty sister in My Brother, My Sisters...does that make me a bad person?
  11. ...perhaps the Royal should do the Bolshoi “Nureyev” - double homage!
  12. Firebird as opener to year of celebration...then....well my money's on Cinderella in 19/20...Symphonic too...perhaps BRB will team up with RB and do Dante Sonata....and possibly Façade...perhaps smaller pieces in Linbury...solos and/or pdd from Ondine and Sylvia....
  13. Oh - and I am now in "hands off my Wayne" mode. Woolf Works a masterpiece! Chroma, Infra, the new Bernstein, Obsidian, Livefire...and the pdd from Raven Girl : ALL WONDERFUL!!!
  14. It's not so much about political correctness but appropriate kindness. Widow Simone works because she's ultimately a good egg. Problem with the sisters is a) the term "ugly" and b) the fact the fact that the period costumes plus the choreography aren't the strongest mix in the Ashton ballet. Ultimately they're lonely and unhappy and spoilt and etc etc but there is redemption at the end. But it's hard to make it work.