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  1. Strangely muted evening. The expected running order was changed with Anxiety put in the middle of the bill rather than at the end as scheduled. So I couldn't sneak out as I'd planned. Think others had that idea too. Anyway glad I didn't as I actually rather enjoyed it, far more than the other times, and I thought the cast gelled well - really liked Campbell. The MacGregor was the opener and shortest piece at 19 minutes. I'm a MacGregor fan, and I found it fluid and lyrical. Beautifully danced. Very post-Woolf Works, a little bit MacMillan Requiem too, and really flowed with the music. Want to see it again. But my friend and neighbours hated it, and although the applause was warm, it was noticeably louder for the orchestra- never a good sign! The new Wheeldon looked great. Rather Fedorovitch/Symphonic Variations in feel, and it started strongly. But it meandered ...and the music was sort of faux Bartok which dragged on a bit and I sort of lost the plot (...well it was a plotless work, so I guess that's why...) ...but the dancing was superb. Tierney Heap a triumph! My friend and neighbours hated it even more than the MacGregor. And since they could only muster mild contempt for Anxiety, my corner of the Amphi was a little gloomy! Anyway I'm def done with Anxiety, would love to see the MacGregor again, and I'd also like to see the Wheeldon - it managed to be complex and a little superficial- want to sort it in my mind.
  2. Yes it was a disappointment...I saw it twice...so third time lucky?
  3. Ah I still regret the rejection by Manchester and other bodies not to consider the proposal of establishing a creative hub of Royal Northern College of Music, Northern Ballet Theatre, and the soon to be homeless Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet. And there was an Opera option (pre-Opera North) too. There was a plan to upgrade the Manchester Opera House, and the Palace theatre was considered too. But no money, no real desire, and there were concerns re identity of NBT being swallowed up. Anyway both Birmingham and Leeds had the vision, and NBT moved to Yorkshire. As a Mancunian it was such a missed opportunity...
  4. Sorry to keep banging on, but still no casting details for the new MacGregor and Wheeldon...
  5. Sigh. I wish I had got my act together and booked way back when. Sold out sold out...I keep checking but...sold out...
  6. “This is so incredibly disappointing, especially after being teased with such a sensational Act 1. Like everyone (mostly David and Natalia though) I was looking forward to this for months. I also have a friend who is coming over from the States for this performance! Such a pity. Anyway, I hope David recovers well and quickly and we will have to keep everything crossed for Manon in April. If anyone had to replace him, I am thrilled that it is Matthew Ball. His debut with Yasmine was sublime, just as his Act 2 with Natalia was on Thursday night. “ ....and if someone has to replace David Hallberg in Manon, I rather hope it can be Matthew Ball too!
  7. ...but still no full cast-list
  8. Ah well my dream of a small MacMillanisation of the repertory will have to wait....
  9. Re: Bernstein Triple - anyone got any news on casting for MacGregor and Wheeldon?
  10. Plebs???!!! For heaven‘s sake - get a grip!!!
  11. It was on her friends of Osipova Facebook page with a pic of her performance cancellation notice
  12. I’m interested to see the casts for the Bernstein Triple...wondering if Osipova will be in the MacGregor or Wheeldon. I note that she’s injured herself on tour with Polunin...🙁
  13. ...and she is so wonderful in it too.