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  1. Beg borrow or steal tickets for Osipova - her interpretation is thrilling and not a little disturbing too. A very brave take on the role.
  2. Damn - I was rather looking forward to seeing the leather harness jiggle dance again!!!
  3. Heavens - he’s seriously messed up! (...I wanted to use the f word but wasn’t sure...)
  4. I’ve gone into full zen/cut-off-nose-spite face mode. I’ll just watch live relay in Berlin. I’ve bought great seats for San Francisco Ballet instead and will use my R&J allocation to try and get a crow’s nest view at Margot fest. Or I might buy a meal. Or...
  5. ROH emailed me to say Woolf Works dvd on its way...
  6. Sigh...”...ain’t no thing as bad publicity...” or however that old adage goes..
  7. I’m starting to be almost as disappointed with Zelensky as I am with Polunin. Even if he wants to remain loyal to him and still feels sorry for him, allowing him to dance is indulging him. I’m not sure how much he’s distanced himself and by association the company from Polunin’s views, or condemned them in the latest press release, but it’s not good. And I was shocked that the Times describes Zelensky as a friend of Putin which is depressing. Sigh...
  8. I notice that The Times UK has picked up on the story: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/cheers-for-return-of-sergei-polunin-ballet-s-bad-boy-fsrfhl98l
  9. Well. Even allowing for Google translate, he comes over as an arrogant tosser. Sorry. And using his ballerina as a quasi-human shield. I’m due to see the MacGregor triple bill in February, but after that I’ll give Munich a rest if he continues to dance. It won’t hurt Munich or Polunin, but it’ll make me feel better.
  10. He was my guilty pleasure. Loved him in Different Drummer and Winter’s Tale. In Onegin too. And any pdd with Nuñez.
  11. Funnily enough if I’d seen his Carmen done by his own company or Rambert or NB in a venue the size of Sadlers Wells I would have cut him far more slack. It just didn’t work for me in the context of RB and Covent Garden.
  12. I agree that his choreography is a possible issue, but he will have far bigger issues and challenges. I’m glad he’s name checked Ashton and MacMillan, and he’s right to look at those choreographers which are new and homegrown talent too. Good to see the pointer to women in dance. If he gets all of this done, then why not let him try a crowd pleaser one-act work (heavens that’s come over very patronising- sorry!) which he can do well ...I didn’t like his Carmen although Tierney Heap was amazing in the role and almost saved it, but it just wasn’t right for the RB nor Covent Garden. But I think he learnt a lot from the experience.
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