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  1. I’m sorry I’m going to misd this...I really would be pleased to have him find his “special” MacMillan role. I liked him as the boy in the Invitation and as Romeo too, sadly didn’t see his Des Grieux, but I feel Winter Dreams could be perfect for him.
  2. Not sure where this moan fits in so I’ll just moan here: I am NOT prepared to pay £55 including the 5% discount for a side amphitheater seat for any performance of R&J. So no Hayward/Corrales and no Osipova/Hallberg. OK - nose/spite/face but I’m sorry. What I will be seeing is the live broadcast of Naghdi/Ball in Berlin for €20. And the money I’ll save I’ll spend at Sadlers for San Francisco Ballet. Grrrrrowl!
  3. Such a good review - love your style! Would have loved to have been there...
  4. Such a pity - really sorry you lost out.
  5. 1) Politics I thought is not to be discussed on the Forum 2) Some of us would be willing to “endure” a second referendum 3) Baroness Bull spoke very eloquently in the House of Lords today re the effects of Brexit on the arts. 4) ‘nuff said! Nick
  6. Berlin calling! Wonderful performance - all leads including Gary Avis were stunning +++! Just a quick addition - loved Melissa Hamilton at her silky slinky best!
  7. Feel a little bad that I gave Unknown Soldier a miss, but it did mean I could channel all my enjoyment into Infra and Symphony in C. I thought Infra (it’s my fave short MacGregor) stunning. All were wonderful. Akane Takada as the broken girl was amazing. I love her more and more. So enjoyed Symphony in C / a real romp. Stunning! Loved all the female soloists - each one shone out...and Sarah Lamb delivered completely!
  8. LOL - I’ve left my ticket in Berlin for tonight’s show, perhaps I don’t need a replacement from box office after all! 😉
  9. Oh it’s Cendrillon btw. Nureyev 1986. And free cast list is legible and in small leaflet handed to each customer by greeter. #castlistisaright!
  10. Pleasant surprise - glass of champagne €12 at Paris Opera Ballet Bastille! So that around £11. Yep. £4 cheaper. #ROHrip-off!
  11. Vanartus

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    I’ve stopped going to the restaurant, no pre-show drink, only one interval drink with no snack, sit out the second. So yes I have cut back. And never a programme!
  12. Sigh...I read what he wrote on Instagram. Not good. I know one should keep art away from politics but in this case, I’m going to keep away from this particular artist in future.
  13. Please G this is photoshop or he’s hiding a big I hate just below...
  14. ...a new WW1 piece by Cathy Marston would probably have been worth the money though...but sadly Marriot falls into that category of RB dancers turned choreographers (Eagling, Page, Corder...) who weren’t awful but were never first-rate.