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  1. In the De Valois 1977 SB production the inclusion of the Ashton pdd was criticised by Mary Clarke. (I hope the sp of her name is correct.) She felt that it was stylistically wrong. Other critics felt Ashton had actually given Aurora something to wake up for and to. David Walker’s designs were liked but not loved, but the dress worn by Aurora for the Ashton Awakening pdd was described by one critic as being like an M&S nightie....hence my surprise at the Lila di Nobili (sp?) costumes from the earlier medieval production used for the gala.
  2. Really enjoyed it - too tired to type! My fave was the MacMillan - a real find. Otherwise I’d mention the pieces by Vaganova and Robbins as being of great interest. But I liked all...
  3. Wow!!! Am I going to enjoy this???!!!! BA fly me to the show on time!
  4. Thank you for this Duck, your reviews are always such a good read - I wish I had your sense for detail too. Won’t be down in Stuttgart until late July - have put in my ticket request for last night of Mayerling!
  5. Yes I saw it at SWRB too. Far prefer My Brother, My Sisters - it’s a far stronger piece choreographically. Playground was a great vehicle for Marion Tait and Desmond Kelly. At the time I thought MacMillan wanted to give SWRB at least one originally created tough piece to counterbalance some of their “Pineapple Poll” repertory. It had some amazing moments. Would like to see it again, but I felt it was a little dated back then. A sort of x-rated Solitaire. Whereas MBMS is amazing....
  6. ...the “surprise” - hopefully termination of Polunin’s guest contract! (...ouch!)
  7. I’m a huge fan of guest appearances - it can do nothing but good - and the SFB is a great company....and I think their contribution to the present RB run of Frankenstein was of real value too.
  8. I think that’s a good mix...and they’ll be getting their money out their new (2018/19) productions. But, I’ll have to wait another year to see if they’ll ever celebrate the MacMillan era with a triple bill featuring Concerto and the original one-act Anastasia. I think they’d do My Brother, My Sisters well...failing that Elite Syncopations. I can but dream ...
  9. I’m starting to feel a little guilty about not seeing it again, but the pull wasn’t strong enough to get me trek from Berlin. I also thought he would have pruned the start and beefed up the initial meeting with his creation. That disappointed me. Re marketing...I’m a basic (?!) Friend and have liked ROH on Facebook and I’ve never received any “buy this” marketing. All I get (and it’s interesting) are bits and bobs - some nice stuff re Woolf Works was the last one!
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