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  1. No, but she thanks various people for checking on her and bringing her things “to get the show done,” so I deduced from that that she was starting to feel unwell at the very least.
  2. Well, as though I couldn’t be impressed enough by last night’s performance, I now hear that Marianela was actually ill with a fever! She posted it on Instagram so it’s in the public domain. Remarkable that she could pull off such a sparkling performance under those circumstances. She is a perfect Kitri in every way. She and Muntagirov were spectacular - every time I think Vadim can’t possibly get any better, he does. There were audible gasps from the audience at some of his leaps - those incredible split leaps, and the scissor action variation on the usual cabrioles - wow! Yet still technically perfect, effortless and elegant. The chemistry between them was beautiful to see, plus the combined effect of their megawatt smiles was pretty dazzling. And they hit the comedy moments perfectly. The production itself - well, Don Q to begin with has probably one of the thinnest, silliest plots in ballet. I agree with Capybara that the prologue with the Don could be considerably pruned. On the whole, though, who cares when it’s the excuse for dancing of the calibre we saw last night? The whole cast were lively and vibrant and if I have a wish, it would be that the orchestra matched the zip and verve of the dancers - I felt they were a bit subdued and even plodding at times. Hard to pick out individuals as they were all excellent - but Laura Morera was blazingly good as Mercedes. Anna Rose O’Sullivan was the most sprightly and musical Amour, and Fumi Kaneko made the difficult Queen of the Dryads solo look easy. And let’s have a hand for those gorgeous Act 2 tutus - surely some of the most beautiful anywhere? The first time I have ever witnessed a standing ovation in the ROH but it was richly deserved and a privilege to be part of.
  3. Standing ovation tonight! Nunez and Muntagirov were on fire! More tomorrow....
  4. Well, I am - will be there tomorrow night! 🙂
  5. I don’t think Asphodel Meadows has been danced for a number of years, has it? So it would be reasonable to suppose that any photos existing would of necessity have to be older ones from the last run, at least in the ROH programme.
  6. Balletfanp

    Do you go to the Stage Door?

    I go to the stage door sometimes and have always found the dancers to be friendly and charming. There has to be some sensitivity applied; for instance, it’s usually obvious when a dancer is in a hurry and doesn’t want to be stopped - in which case, don’t - but as long as you bear in mind the fact that they are tired, others are waiting to speak to them as well, and don’t keep them too long, then it’s always positive in my experience. You do occasionally get people who interrogate a dancer for what seems like ages, at the expense of others, and the dancer’s time, which is a big No for me. And a particular person who is there occasionally who doesn’t speak to the dancers but photographs them without asking their permission, and tells everyone else (including children, excited to see their idols) that there is no room and they should leave! 😡
  7. Actually Mary, I’m with you there - I never quite “get” Bourne either! Ditto with the quality of the dancing - not bad, just not as good as elsewhere.
  8. Sad to hear - but, as a few have said, perhaps not so much of a surprise. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
  9. How lovely 😌. I too am reduced to a teary state by that final pas de deux, especially with Vadim. Agree with every word you say about him. And Ashton had a genius for stirring the emotions in an unexpected and unusual way - who would have thought that just adding pigeons, ribbons etc. could have that effect?
  10. Well, they do say the only bad publicity is no publicity.....
  11. Well, I was there tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had never seen Asphodel Meadows before, so went not knowing what to expect and with an open mind. I found it undemanding and enjoyable in a mild way. It reminded me of Viscera a bit, which I also found undemanding and enjoyable in a mild way... that sounds like damning it with faint praise, which I’m not - I wouldn’t book tickets specifically to see it again, but I would be perfectly happy to sit through it again in another bill. Ahh, Laura Morera - she is just so special. I’m not sure why, but I love it and I love her. She and William Bracewell were outstanding in Asphodel Meadows, even managing to eclipse Marianela (who was also excellent). Morera and Bracewell looked really good together and really seemed to connect with each other. I was also delighted to see Morera as the Gypsy Girl in the Two Pigeons. I was so looking forward to seeing her last time around - having been told that it was very much “her” role - but she was injured before I got to see her. I was so glad to finally see her tonight, and I agree wholeheartedly that it definitely is “her” role. She was fantastic - seductive, exciting, electrifying, with wonderful dancing. She and Muntagirov have a lot of chemistry together (loved them in Fille). Last time Fumi Kaneko took over and I really enjoyed her interpretation, but....there’s no one quite like Morera! And once again, Cuthbertson and Muntagirov were amazing - charming, funny and sad. It seemed to me that they had developed in the roles since last time. The last pas de deux was simply beautiful - heartwrenchingly moving. The corps were on great form too and danced with huge joie de vivre making it quite a spectacle. The only slightly weak link, I felt, was Tomas Mock as the Gypsy Chief - it wasn’t that he was bad but I just didn’t really feel anything from him. Others may well disagree. Of course, the Pigeon Factor lends a whole extra frisson to the last ten minutes or so - will they behave or won’t they! The walk down the stairs with the pigeon on the shoulder in particular has me on tenterhooks - it would be rather awkward for the storyline if it flew off into the flies, or started pecking around the stage (not unknown!) - to say nothing of being just a tad distracting! Well, I can report that the Pigeons behaved impeccably tonight, although the second Pigeon at the very end came in a bit late - just as I was starting to think there was a problem, it appeared! Phew! 😂 Excellent evening and an appreciative audience!
  12. The main webpage has now been updated with the cast changes, and I also received an email today informing me of them.
  13. I really enjoyed this production last time round.
  14. Also reminds me of a manager at work who persistently kept using certain words and terminology that were - let’s say, inappropriate.... the meanings of which he was clearly ignorant, and it was provoking odd looks and/or stifled giggles in meetings. In the end a friend of mine emailed him links to the specific words in the Urban Dictionary. They have not been uttered since....😳
  15. Balletfanp

    2019/20 season wish list

    Takada did (with Muntagirov as Lensky). I have a feeling Meaghan Grace Hinkis also played Olga in that run?