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  1. It can be quite startling the first time you use them and are unprepared.... but on the whole I’m all for them! Unlike the vacuum suction loos (they don’t use water so are more eco-friendly) that someone mentioned above - I experienced them some time ago in Kings College London, and more recently in a service station, of all places. From the start they go all out to terrify plastered with instructions such as “WARNING - DO NOT FLUSH WITH LID OPEN!” which becomes clear when you press flush and it makes a deafening sound like Concorde in its death throes - I’m quite sure there is a risk of being sucked away never to be seen again should you be foolhardy enough to ignore the lid warning (or, in my case, more likely to simply forget!).
  2. Well it was, only you couldn’t watch it! 😁
  3. I had an email alerting me that it was up and it’s in my list of notifications - but won’t play! It almost looks as though it has been made private rather than public - but then I wouldn’t expect it to show at all. I can’t post a link as it won’t let me have one - it’s a ghost video!
  4. Is anyone else unable to watch the RB segment now up on YouTube? Everything else is playing fine so it’s not my broadband or anything.
  5. Cuthbertson was definitely in class so I guess we must just assume there was a change of plan.
  6. The Royal Ballet segment is (supposedly) now up on YouTube but I’m just getting “video unavailable” when I go to it *sigh*....
  7. Lost transmission again.... .....and we’re back but now no sound!
  8. Yes, I found myself longing for the RB’s more relaxed and upbeat take on it all. And I’m enjoying it 🙂
  9. I found the Bolshoi section rather flat and unengaging, somehow.
  10. And we have just had the Looney Tunes theme music.... 😂 I like this pianist’s musical choices! All played beautifully too.
  11. Sorry - it’s so frustrating when these things don’t work. it does look as if you might be able to link to the ROH live stream at 12:00 direct from their website - under News and World Ballet Day - scroll down. Still takes you to Facebook but fewer links to faff with.
  12. Yes, me too - it certainly isn’t obvious and took me a few minutes to locate.
  13. Not sure if this helps but on my phone there was a sort of TV screen icon on the live video top right, and I was able to connect to my Chromecast from there.
  14. Ah, that’s where I have heard Liam Mower’s name before! He was very good.