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  1. Olivia Cowley did something like that a year or so ago where she got her fellow dancers to donate and sign their used pointe shoes and in return for a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society you were sent a pair. It was luck of the draw as to whose you got - I think that’s how it worked, anyway. I thought it was a great idea.
  2. Balletfanp

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Yes, I love both The Dream and M&A, but to have Symphonic Variation was the main reason I bought this DVD. I adore it, and with this cast..... 20 mins of pure heaven.
  3. I have to say, I enjoyed the RB Don Quixote when I saw it a few years ago, but then I haven’t really seen any other full versions of the ballet to compare it with. I thought it was colourful and fun - not exactly a deep story, but it’s the kind of thing that if you take at face value as a bit of light-hearted froth with brilliant dancing (depending on who is dancing it, of course!), you can enjoy it for what it is. I saw Takada and Muntagirov in the main roles so dancing excellence and fireworks aplenty!
  4. Yes, but with Nunez. He has danced it with Cutherbertson at galas before but probably the timing of this wouldn’t work - for him or for Nunez?
  5. Balletfanp

    Audience Behaviour

    I was distracted by the light of a phone constantly being looked at right across the other side of the auditorium. Whatever they are doing with it - filming, tweeting - they can’t know how completely obvious and distracting it is 😡
  6. Not the Teatro Real’s fault, but it was obvious once or twice that the stage must be slightly smaller than the ROH - the Corps ensembles looked a bit cramped on a couple of occasions, and I also noticed that some of the dancers were only just able to move out of the way of the main performers in the nick of time because they had less room. That said, none of this detracted from a magnificent performance from all the cast; and Nunez and Muntagirov coped with the Act 3 musical bloopers with style!
  7. I think it was the Teatro Real Orchestra but if I’m wrong, someone please correct me!
  8. The orchestra was a bit ropey in places too last night, especially in Act 3.
  9. I agree - certainly at a very special performance where it is richly deserved, like last night.
  10. I too was there, Jenny - and agree with every word. I don't think I have ever seen Marianela and Vadim better. I felt quite tearful at the end of Act 3. They absolutely brought the house down. Marianela’s technique was phenomenal - her control amazing throughout. Vadim absolutely nailed his variations, especially those double double tours - each lot bang on. And emotionally, as you say, they pulled out all the stops. A huge crowd waiting to see them outside. The whole company were on blistering form. The national dances really sparkled. I took the chance after Act 3 to ask the woman sitting next to me with whom I’d been chatting, what she thought of the Spanish dance, as a Spanish person. Her reply? “I’m so sorry, I’m actually French!” 🙄 But she thought it was fabulous, anyway!
  11. Sad news, I like her very much as a dancer and have always thought it a shame she hasn’t progressed further. Loved her Clara. But possibly she will have more opportunity elsewhere.
  12. It's official! Very happy about all of these 😀 http://www.roh.org.uk/news/the-royal-ballet-announces-promotions-for-2018-19-season?utm_source=social&utm_medium=twitter
  13. Balletfanp

    John Curry film

    I adored watching John Curry as a child and even took up ice skating for a couple of years (didn’t last - too scared of falling!). He was such a beautiful skater and artist and so talented - had he been allowed to follow his inclination he would probably have been a wonderful dancer with a real flair for choreography. I loved the L’Apres-midi d’un Faune too - but then I love the music. However, his take on it was beautiful. It was also unexpectedly moving and he was clearly a somewhat tortured soul. Found myself verging on tearful at times. Well worth watching and yes, it’s on iPlayer.
  14. Balletfanp

    Oliver’s story

    This is so sad. I have a family member with autism and there is too little understanding. Signed.
  15. Balletfanp

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    That’s great!