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  1. Balletfanp


    They are very wriggly....
  2. Balletfanp

    Prince Harry engagement… and wedding

    I wasn't intending to watch but turned over out of curiosity in time to catch him! Definitely the star of the occasion! And I have to say, her tiara is stunning.....
  3. Balletfanp


    We back onto woods, so we have had innumerable mice, voles, shrews etc. (often several a day). Birds galore (I think they have wiped out the entire Goldcrest population 🙁), including robins at Christmas and quite a lot of live ones which are “fun” to try to get out.... Squirrels, three rare dragonflies, a spate of slow worms (they found a nest in our garden), and a large raw turkey breast (I don’t like to think how they got hold of that....🤔😐).
  4. Marguerite’s red dress.
  5. Change of plan - no longer required.
  6. A shot in the dark - my mother-in-law, having been asked months ago if she wanted to come with me, and saying no, has now decided that she would like to - only it has now sold out! Stalls Circle seated for preference (she is fussy where she sits!) but any seat with a good view considered. If by a miracle anyone can help....
  7. Well, apart from the age gap aspect between Marguerite and Armand, it is quite a similar story as well, isn’t it?
  8. Last night was the third time I have seen Obsidian Tear, and I’m afraid it’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t hate it but it just doesn’t do anything for me, great performances notwithstanding, and Ball and Richardson really gave it their all. I adored Marguerite and Armand. I asked some people who had seen Nunez and Muntagirov last week if they had upped their game, and they said that they had. Because for me their performance came over loud and clear with so many nuances and expressions. Nunez was definitely not overwrought in this performance, just terribly moving. Muntagirov was gentle, loving, passionate and oh so tender it broke my heart. He does angry very well! And with his exquisite dancing, and Marianela’s too, it made for a wonderful experience. Certainly my surrounding audience members thought so too. My first time seeing Elite Syncopations, and I really enjoyed it but I’m not sure I would make a point of rushing to see it again, however I would be perfectly happy to sit through it as part of a triple bill. So many good performances it’s hard to pick any out, but Melissa Hamilton and Paul Kay did an excellent tall/short with a very appreciative audience reaction, and Beatriz Stix-Brunell glowed as she always does. A surprise stand out for me (because she doesn’t usually register that strongly with me) was Yuhui Choe, who positively sparkled. Overall a very enjoyable bill (but I might sit Obsidian Tear out next time! 🙂).
  9. I always assumed that as Manon is ill she is delirious and hallucinating about figures from her past.
  10. I did say it wasn’t a scientific count, more of a gut feeling! 🙂 I stand corrected.
  11. Forgot Nutcracker, and hadn’t clocked the Mayerling!
  12. Thanks for "'fessing up," Richard ☺. I would never say that one cannot express an opinion or a negative view - however, in the context of what you were saying, it came across to me as suggesting that the cast that was broadcast should not have been the one shown - something I suspect we all feel at some point, but at the end of the day it's a very personal view. If that wasn't what was intended, my apologies ☺. The Principals who seem to have had the lion's share in live streams in recent years are McRae, Nunez, Cuthbertson, Osipova and Bonelli (this isn't the result of a scientific count, though!). Lamb has actually had relatively few (Winter's Tale recently, plus in the Bernstein Triple bill, and now Manon). I think it is nice to see her getting a little more exposure. Interestingly, Muntagirov can still be counted as a "younger" principal at only 28 still (younger than Campbell, in fact, and not much older than Hayward, Nagdhi et al), but he does tend to be cast with the older ballerinas, and, successful as those partnerships have been, I would love to see him cast with Nagdhi in something classical (imagine their Swan Lake! No disrespect to Nunez....), or even Hayward in something like Romeo and Juliet - they were lovely together in The Invitation. I suspect, as well, we may well get someone like Nagdhi and Ball in the eventual R&J broadcast, or Hayward and someone....place your bets!
  13. BMC - the bit you missed at the beginning is here 🙂 https://youtu.be/x4QATQZdaFQ
  14. You can certainly praise the dancers you like, Saodan - I do myself! Just because you enjoyed a performance particularly doesn’t put other dancers down. Referring to Capybara’s post above, I took that to be a general observation. I have seen an example of it recently on the ROH website under the comments section about the cinema relay the other night. I can’t remember exact wording, but one poster raised the point that the younger principal casts never seem to appear in the cinema relays and that perhaps they should. A perfectly valid point. However, he then went on to further push the point by making negative comments about the performance shown and suggest that as he and others had enjoyed the performances of other casts more, they should have been the ones shown. Personally, I felt that was a step too far. Quite apart from the fact that others would disagree (and all other comments were glowing), it felt a bit mean-spirited, plus a preference for a particular cast or performance is a personal thing. When we compare performances we are usually comparing a dancer’s interpretation of a role, and those are always going to vary widely, which means our opinions as to whether or not we “prefer” one dancer’s interpretation over another are also going to vary. Myself, I like to see different performances and casts when I can (usually through the cinema), but just because I prefer one cast over another doesn’t mean that others aren’t going to enjoy someone else more. And I certainly wouldn’t suggest that my favourites should be the ones in the live stream (however much I might wish it!).