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  1. I couldn’t bear to watch it last night and it looked as though the damage was far worse than it has actually turned out to be - thank goodness! Very fond memories of mine and my husband to be’s first holiday together in Paris when we first met - one of the highlights was Notre Dame and the climb up the towers. We went back several times and I hope we will do so again.
  2. To say nothing of Roberto Bolle coming out as Roberto Bubbles.....
  3. The brass section always jar on me. They let down the rest of the orchestra. Surely they can do better?
  4. It was actually from the official Benois site but through Google translate, so....
  5. Oh, and Kate Wheatley - missed her in the list! Nice to see our British companies represented.
  6. Came across this do thought I would start a thread. Congratulations to Vadim Muntagirov and John McFarlane for their nominations! <At a press conference in the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, the nominees for the International Ballet Prize Benois de la Dance (Benois de la danse) were announced. 28 artists from Russia, USA, France, Austria and other countries will compete for the victory. Six choreographers claim for the award: Juanho Arques (Birmingham Royal Ballet), Septim Webre (Kansas City Ballet), Manuel Legrey (Vienna State Ballet), Justin Peck (San Francisco Ballet), Fredrik Benke Reedman (Stockholm State Ballet), Christian Shpuk (Zurich Ballet). Anastasia Stashkevich (Bolshoi Theater), Amandine Albison (Paris Opera Ballet), Ashley Bauder (New York City Ballet), Eliza Carrillo Cabrera (Berlin State Ballet), Maya Makhateli (Netherlands National Ballet), Yuan Yuan Tan (San Francisco Ballet), Kaho Yanagisawa (Swedish Royal Ballet). Vyacheslav Lopatin (Bolshoi Theater), Audric Besar (Paris Opera Ballet), Andile Ndlovu (Washington Ballet), Daniel Simkin (American Ballet Theater), Daniel Camargo (Netherlands National Ballet), Vadim Muntagirov (Royal Ballet of Great Britain) will compete for the title of best dancer , Abel Rojo (Malpaso). In the Composers category, Matthew Pierce (The Wizard of Oz, Kansas City Ballet) and Kate Wheatley (Flame, Birmingham Royal Ballet) are nominated. In addition, four artists are applying for the prize: Jerome Kaplan (“Bayadere”, Berlin State Secretariat), John Macfarlane (“Swan Lake”, Royal Ballet of Great Britain), Robert Perdiola (“Harlequinade”, American Ballet Theater), and Michael Rayford and Liz Vandall (The Wizard of Oz, Kansas City Ballet). The award ceremony will take place on 21 May.>
  7. By the time we arrived at the ROH it was virtually impossible to get down to Covent Garden market and down Floral Street. We - and most others - walked the long way round. I’ve never seen so many people there and all the noise and chanting made it sound very aggressive, even if that wasn’t the intent. There were still some of them around and shouting when we went round to the stage door after the evening performance.
  8. Yes, Campbell is another who is always very generous with his time at the stage door.
  9. Yes, at the stage door he came out with a big case and said he couldn’t stay long as he had to catch a plane, but still graciously found the time to speak to everyone and pose for photos.
  10. A bit of a delayed report, but I was at the Osipova/Muntagirov performance on Saturday night (long journey home yesterday). I saw him with Nunez earlier in the run so the different performances made an interesting contrast. My mother-in-law wanted to see Vadim, but had been unable to come for his scheduled performances earlier in the run, so his extra performances with Osipova worked out well as she was able to attend this one (I managed to get hold of two fairly decent tickets!). I’m can’t say anything about Muntagirov, really, over and above what has already been said. Spectacularly beautiful dancing (more gasps from the audience!) and a very charming Basilio all round. It was interesting, though, to see the very different Kitris. Osipova’s Kitri was as expected - full on, dazzling, energetic and feisty. Nunez’s was also feisty and full of character, but in a gentler way, and beautifully danced (and the smile!). I was glad to see Osipova in the role and it is clear why her Kitri is held in high regard. I enjoyed her performance hugely but on balance I felt that Nunez had the edge for me as I enjoyed her actual dancing more. A personal opinion and I’m sure others will disagree. Someone mentioned in an earlier post that Osipova’s shoulders appeared tight and I couldn’t help but agree - they were almost up near her ears at some points, especially when she jumped. It’s a shame as it spoils her line. Her fouettes were amazing, taken at breakneck speed (how does she do that??) and fantastically controlled to boot, but her arms are almost crossed in front of her chest and tucked right in when she does them, and although breathtakingly impressive, for myself I preferred Nunez’s slower but more aesthetically pleasing fouettes. The partnership of Osipova with Muntagirov is interesting and works on a surprising level. It might be good to see them in more together. Their portrayal felt like Kitri was the wayward firebrand, with Muntagirov’s Basilio almost as an adoring, but slightly steadying influence! With Nunez the partnership seemed more “equal.” The rest of the main characters were almost the same casting as I saw before, but I have to say that Fumi Kaneko has now absolutely nailed that Queen of the Dryads solo - beautiful! Perfect control of that very difficult choreography. And having enjoyed Anna Rose O’Sullivan’s Amour before, it was lovely to see Isabella Gasparini’s performance this time - also excellent (please promote her, Mr O’Hare!). I too prefer Gary Avis as Lorenzo, I agree that some of the detail was missing from Mariott’s portrayal and the miming wasn’t as clear. I have to say that there was a row of Osipova fans in front of me, who cheered and clapped Osipova extravagantly in everything she did, but stubbornly refused to applaud ANY other dancer, Muntagirov included most of the time, although I think he had more or less won them over by the end and they gave him some rather grudging applause. I know that people have their favourites, and it is their choice to applaud or not, but to me it seems rude and incredibly narrow minded to think that only your favourite dancer can do anything well and worthy of applause. Ho hum.
  11. No criticism of your comment intended, Scheherazade 🙂 - I’m seeing that cast on Saturday and very much looking forward to seeing Osipova. Just pointing out that the one-sidedness of that section of the audience seemed rather miserable....
  12. I’m sure she was - but it does seem particularly mean-spirited to applaud no one else, especially since, if reports are correct, the whole cast was on fantastic form.
  13. ....and Vadim Muntagirov in Dance of the Blessed Spirits:-
  14. Links as promised: Reece Clark - Sleeping Beauty solo:- A
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