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  1. I’m selling Michaela DePrince’s book Hope in a Ballet Shoe for £5 if anyone wants it
  2. anondancer_15

    Capezio Leotatds For Sale

    I have 2 brand new (one with tags) capezio leotards size M for sale as I don’t wear them and have no need for them! £15 each or £25 if you want both it wont let me upload the photos so if you private message me I’ll attempt to send them that way! One is dark red camisole with Criss cross back the other is long sleeve black mesh with floral pattern
  3. anondancer_15

    Shin splints / compartment syndrome

    Thank you I will look into that!
  4. anondancer_15

    Shin splints / compartment syndrome

    Gosh I hope it doesn't take me 7 years i definitely would have given up by then! my teacher asked me if there's going to be a point where i'd have to leave the course because obviously i'm not getting a lot out of it right now and am falling behind rapidly, doesn't help that my peers are all 16/17 and i'm 20. i'm in bedfordshire, not too far from london so i've just tried to get referred to the NHS dance injury clinic in stanmore, which i'm hoping won't take too long and might actually be beneficial. i had my appointment with the vascular surgeon on monday and he had no idea why i was there as he's used to dealing with older patients with varicose veins, so i've now been referred for a vein scan but i'm almost certain it's a muscular problem but we'll see. thanks for all your thoughts!
  5. anondancer_15

    Shin splints / compartment syndrome

    The building was a bit of a building site for the first term as we moved buildings but it’s all finished now and it looks fantastic 👍🏼
  6. anondancer_15

    Shin splints / compartment syndrome

    Hi, hope your dd gets better soon! I had an MRI in January and it came back clear so luckily there’s no stress fracture. However doesn’t help me figuring out what is wrong. I also use rock tape but have to keep taking breaks from it because I’ve been using it so long I keep getting a rash/spots from it 😕
  7. anondancer_15

    Shin splints / compartment syndrome

    Thanks, but I don’t think it’s from jumping technique as I’ve been dancing for 15 years and never had an injury like this before. Last summer I started teaching aqua aerobics (basically jumping around on concrete poolside) and I think that’s the underlying cause and then going straight into full time training hasn’t allowed for recovery. We also don’t have sprung floors at college as it’s just converted office space. I haven’t seen a dance specialist but have paid out for sports massage, physio (private and nhs), osteopath and chiropractor
  8. anondancer_15

    Shin splints / compartment syndrome

    Hiya just wondering if anyone has any experience of severe shin splints (Ive had it for about 6 months now) or compartment syndrome? I’m seeing a vascular surgeon on Monday which I think is for compartment syndrome investigation. Also if anyone has any tips for coping with injury because I literally can’t cope with sitting out of dance for more than one day at a time it drives me mad! I’ve been injured pretty much since the start of my college course which is super frustrating obviously and I’m soooo fed up but also concerned that the course is slipping away from me and I’m running out of time, especially if I need surgery. I’m 20 so I feel like I should be nearing the end of my training and starting my career but couldn’t be further from it.
  9. I would recommend dancia because they stock multiple brands rather than just going to freed or Bloch etc! But shop around
  10. anondancer_15

    Wanted: Character Shoes

    Do you still need these?
  11. anondancer_15

    Dancebox College

    small world! hope she's enjoying it!
  12. anondancer_15

    Dancebox College

    Hi all, long time no speak! Thought I'd just let you all know that I'm now studying at Dancebox College who offer a diploma in dance alongside a Level 3 BTEC qualification which is equivalent to 3 A Levels. It is a fully funded course for those aged 16-18 and runs for two years as a sixth form alternative. We study ballet every day, jazz four times a week, contemporary twice, commercial twice, tap once and a theory lesson every day, as well as rehearsals for performances. The faculty is amazing with so much experience, and the facilities have just been updated into a much larger building which is going to be incredible when it's finished. There is an open day in a few weeks if anyone is interested, the college is located in Central Milton Keynes. More info: https://www.danceboxcollege.co.uk/ Any questions fire away! Fyi, I'm 19 and have already done a levels, so I had to pay for the course.
  13. anondancer_15

    new dance blog

    i originally wasn't going to post everything on this thread but i seem to be getting quite a lot of traffic from here so i'll carry on unless people want me to stop haha:') in the meantime, glad you're all enjoying it
  14. anondancer_15

    new dance blog

    james wilton review: https://adancerblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/05/workshop-review-james-wilton-leviathan/
  15. anondancer_15

    new dance blog

    new post! https://adancerblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/volunteering-mass-movement/