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  1. Lily_883

    I am shamed by my poor dévéloppé

    The thing that has helped me is thinking about where my knee needs to be. So, for développé à la seconde, I think of bringing my knee towards my armpit before I unfold the leg (while trying to keep the hip down). I quite often just repeat that movement to help build strength and think it has helped with my développés and grand battements.
  2. ROH have also published their schedule for the day here: 12.00pm: Royal Ballet class 1.30pm: Rehearsal with Charlotte Edmonds and Joseph Sissens 1.50pm: Rehearsal of La Bayadère with Lauren Cuthbertson, Natalia Osipova and Vadim Muntagirov 2.20pm: Rehearsal of Mayerling with Steven McRae, Sarah Lamb, and Laura Morera 2.50pm: Rehearsal of Draftworks 3.10pm: Rehearsal with the Royal Ballet School 3.40pm: Rehearsal of Winter Dreams with Tiago Soares and Marianela Nuñez 4.10pm: Rehearsal of The Unknown Soldier with Matthew Ball 4.30pm: Rehearsal of Aletta Collins new work with Mayara Magri 5.00pm: Rehearsal of La Bayadère with the corps de ballet
  3. Lily_883

    Ballet shoes for wide feet

    I have wide feet (a pointe shoe fitter once commented that they are almost as wide as they are long 😳) and really like the Capezio Hanami stretch canvas split soles. The suede pad under the toes is wide and flat, which is a big plus for me. I'm not sure of the width fitting - I just order them in my normal shoe size from dancewear.co.uk - but they're comfortable from the get-go. Hope that helps!
  4. Lily_883

    Music ideas please

    Possibly a bit faster than what you’re after, but I’ve always thought this would be a great piece to dance to!
  5. For the past few days, whenever I've tried to view the forum on my phone while connected to wifi, it looks like the image below. It works fine when I've accessing the site using mobile data/4g. My software is up to date and deleting cookies didn't fix the problem. Just wondered if anyone had any other suggestions?
  6. Lily_883

    Taking Ballet Exams as an adult

    I wore this one for my exam: https://dancewear.co.uk/cotton-bra-tek-support-leotard.html I'm usually a Bloch fan, but liked the adjustable straps on this one. The neckline/straps also worked with the body tights I wore underneath (which I prefer over normal tights to avoid any waistband digging in!).
  7. Lily_883

    dance fiction for children

    My favourite children's ballet book is Debbie Learns to Dance. Really lovely illustrations (which you can see here: http://meetmeatmikes.com/debbie-learns-to-dance/). I think it's out of print now, but I'm sure you'd be able to find a second hand copy.
  8. Lily_883

    Importance of pianist in an exam

    When I sat my Intermediate last year, we only had one practice with the pianist before the exam, after months of only using the CD. On the day of the exam, the tempo for one of the barre exercises was so slow I wondered if I had accidentally switched to half counts due to nerves! And it's not just the tempo that can differ; there was definitely some legato where I expected more staccato on some of the exercises, which is hard to adapt to. The pianist later mentioned that she had never listened to the CD. I was surprised to hear this at the time, but maybe that's normal practice? I guess if you're an experienced musician, you wouldn't expect to need more than the sheet music?
  9. Ha ha, genius or madman is right! Thanks for sharing these. I have fond memories of attending Renato's classes during a spell in London last year. Random question: any idea what music he uses? I recall some Jamie Naruschen and another regularly played album that I was never able to identify.
  10. I have ordered a custom leotard from LaBella dancewear before and managed to avoid any customs / RM charges. Not sure if that was down to luck or because their prices are a bit cheaper than Eleve (especially if you catch a promotion) and so the value of the goods imported was lower. In any event, I love the leotard I ordered so thought I'd share the link. https://labelladancewear.com
  11. Apologies if I'm sharing old news, but Louise Levene's review of Miss Hayward's debut was in the FT last week. Very much looking forward to the BBC documentary!
  12. Lily_883

    Flattering Ballet Skirts

    I'm also a fan of Flic Flac skirts. Beautiful designs and reasonably priced. I recently stumbled across this page and have just ordered some fabric and ribbon in an effort to make a skirt of my own. My sewing skills leave a lot to be desired, so I'll be extremely impressed if I end up with something wearable!
  13. I took Renato's class a few times on a recent visit to London and thoroughly enjoyed his teaching style. He comes up with some fantastic analogies! I have a whole bunch of them saved as notes in my phone for future reference. One of my favourite corrections was when he talked about how engaging the correct muscles and sorting out your alignment is your shower and everything else - port de bras etc - is just perfume i.e. you need to shower first and then you can spray your perfume. He expresses it better, but you get the idea!
  14. I'm with you, zxDaveM. I really enjoyed the first two acts last night. Lauren Cuthbertson has such a fluid and elegant port de bras, and I thought the music, designs and choreography were really beautiful. I will say that I wasn't particularly taken with the pdd between Steven McRae and Sarah Lamb - it seemed a bit clumpy, but I'm not familiar enough with the ballet to know whether that was down to the choreography or the performance. From where I was sitting, McRae's costume also made it look like his shoulders were up around his ears every time he raised his arms. I had such high expectations of the third act after the reviews here, but I can't say I was very moved by the performance. I was itching for some activity on stage during the film clips, and I'm afraid I find the short hair / grey smock / inverted movements combo to depict someone in an asylum a little clichéd. Each to their own. I'm planning to catch the cinema broadcast, so perhaps a second viewing with a different cast will alter my view.
  15. Yes, I made my debut as a ROH audience member this evening, and what a wonderful evening I've had! It was such a treat to be sat in the orchestra stalls (thanks to the considerate forum members who shared the Metro offer). I was blown away by Francesca Hayward and Marcelino Sambé - such a musical and effortless performance from both of them.