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  1. Hi all, I unfortunately can no longer make the first night of Bayadère with Nunez / Muntagirov / Osipova, and so have an amphi ticket looking for a good home. C78, £16, and it’s an e-ticket so can send right over. Please let me know if interested!
  2. TerpsichoreLondon

    For sale, Manon 1st May

    Ignore the above, ticket still free!
  3. Hi all, I have a pair of tickets (L42 & L43) for tomorrow's performance. Happy to sell together or individually. £25 each fv. Please let me know if interested, if not will return to ROH tomorrow morning. Thanks
  4. TerpsichoreLondon

    For sale, Manon 1st May

    Hi MAB, I'd like to take this, thanks - will PM you.
  5. TerpsichoreLondon

    For sale: ROH Amphi Manon tonight (13/4) Osipova

    This has gone back to ROH Box Office
  6. One spare amphi ticket for tonight’s Osipova/Shklyarov Manon - L73, £25. Can hand over the ticket or arrange pick up from box office tonight. Will return to ROH this afternoon if no takers.
  7. This has now been returned to ROH Box Office
  8. Also posted on Twitter - spare e-ticket going for tonight's Giselle. Amphitheatre G69, face value £35. Hope it'll find a good home - if not will return to Box Office later this PM. Drop me a message if interested!
  9. FYI - the Times review of last night just up and highly impressed by all involved https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dance-review-giselle-at-covent-garden-v7kkpkvxx
  10. I agree entirely - I thought it was beautiful, a much more musical and ethereal version of the lift than the usual. Just lovely. As ever, Osipova was unparalleled in the role, and I was absolutely in raptures over the partnership with Hallberg until the ill-fated injury. But Matthew Ball did wonderfully to step in at such short notice and I was glad to get a sneak peek of the upcoming pairing for Swan Lake. Emotionally, though, I agree that the evening felt somewhat cruelly curtailed, with Hallberg & Osipova unable to bring the intensity of Act I to fruition, and Ball & Osipova not having had the chance to build up the connection over the course of the full ballet. I'm looking forward to seeing the full expression of this partnership in Swan Lake - and keeping everything crossed that Hallberg will be able to perform next week and give us the Giselle we were all hoping for.
  11. Long shot I know... but I find myself in possession of two tickets to the opening night of NYCB's winter season on Tuesday, which I can sadly no longer attend. Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 7:30 PM Venue: David H. Koch Theater Programme: ALL BALANCHINE NO. 1 Apollo: Chase Finlay, Sterling Hyltin, Ashley Bouder, Lauren Lovette Mozartiana: Maria Kowroski, Tyler Angle, Daniel Ulbricht Cortège Hongrois: Sara Mearns, Russell Janzen, Lauren King, Emilie Gerrity, Savannah Lowery, Ask la Cour Seats: 2nd ring, D17 and D15 Tickets can be picked up at the Box Office on the night and are $80 each. If anyone would be interested, or knows anyone in NY who might be, please let me know! Thanks
  12. Agree with so many of these. Osipova and Ed Watson in Mayerling last season had me bawling - the final PDD just had an extra weight of inevitability in the tragedy; these two figures who are so clearly not long for this world. Marvellous! I also remember, alongside the Manons, Mayerlings, R&Js, etc. - a performance of Swan Lake with Alina Cojocaru & Johan Kobborg in which the Act II PDD had me practically on the floor. I can never explain why - it was just something magical in the air that evening. Indescribably beautiful, and sorrowful. I often find myself shedding a tear in Sleeping Beauty, too, often with a debuting Aurora. I think it's some vicarious feeling of the pride they and their families must feel when they get to finally wear that pink tutu and become a *proper* ballerina!
  13. Spare ticket going (L76) for Sylvia tonight; eticket so can send right over. £25 fv. If interested, let me know!
  14. Hi Geoff, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. Will PM you. Thanks