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  1. The year my dd did funding audition only people taken to physio were offered mds places initially. However some of these turned them down as they got offers elsewhere and they subsequently offered mds to people on the reserve list who hadn’t all seen physio. Good luck to all waiting.
  2. Normally end of March early April
  3. It sounds like what you are talking about is an associate class. So JAs is the junior associate class for royal ballet school, central have an associate scheme, as do Yda and Tring (their associate scheme is called CBA classical ballet academy). There is also London junior ballet on a Sunday at Artsed in Chiswick. Associate schemes will be more than just a class, they will be comprised of a ballet class but also some kind of body conditioning and learning some rep even. As such they tend to be 2/3 hours long. All of them will require your daughter to audition but royal is accepted to be the hardest to get into because of the numbers applying for that being so high. I don’t know what they all cost but they will all be reasonably expensive (isn’t everything in ballet!) If your daughter thinks she might be interested in ballet as more than a hobby getting into one of these schemes may be a good starting point. Good luck!
  4. You could try sanding it down with sandpaper - my dd has done this before if jet glue has left uneven surface
  5. Applied two weeks ago for DD for the Feb 2/3 London auditions for summer school so I think they are still accepting applications for the audition if you are able to get to London. DD's friend attended the London audition date before Christmas and has been told they have a place already so they are obviously sending out rolling results after each audition.
  6. I go regularly to the British library, and everybody’s bags are checked upon entry. The BL has a similar ‘open up’ ethos in that anyone can come in and sit in the public areas etc. I think if they deem it necessary to still search everyone’s bag it would make sense to apply this at the ROH.
  7. Totally agree. And let's hope the discussion shapes the framework for future training and recruitment of students.
  8. I don't know how long it is. DD had wait list last year but no place came up. Email came today though saying she has a place for this year so I guess it's worth applying again even if a place doesn't come up this year.
  9. I think vocational schools in the UK do not put a similar amount of hours in from a young age, as education and balance are seen to be important in the UK. However at 16 if the schools then seek out students who have had that level of intensive training above home grown students it creates an issue.
  10. Try any/all these things to see if it helps prolong them - Alternate pairs and air them overnight to dry. Use pointe glue to harden them where she tends to break them eg if under arch then paint it on the sole of the shoe in that area Spray the inside of the sole with ellnett extra hard hairspray after use and leave to dry over night try different makes and styles of pointe shoe, until she finds the right one likely to break them quicker! also check her technique if she is ‘sinking’ into the shoe instead of pulling up out of it, as that will break them quicker
  11. MA2 is Saturday morning from 9.30 at Covent Garden
  12. Yes London is a vibrant exciting and inclusive city. Depending on how old your daughter will be when you move here either she will be at the point of applying for upper schools as others have explained, or if not yet 16 would need to find some high quality training to do in preparation for applying to upper schools. it is different in the uk as most students wanting to do this would go to a vocational ‘lower’ school from 11-16, rather than home schooling and 5-8 hours in a pre pro programme such as in the states.
  13. DD did it last two times and tho they say that she had one she took that was the appropriate colour in case they needed it but most of the time everyone wore their own colours
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