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  1. amos73

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    It was on their fb page - London based school so would guess London.
  2. amos73

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    I did see some London results posted on fb by a school so must be coming out imminently - good luck to everyone waiting 🤞
  3. amos73

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    And don't give up trying if a place doesn't come up from the SWL this year. DD had SWL for y6 Jas, y8 MAs and Y9 MAs and we had a call a few weeks ago offering her a place for y9 from September.
  4. amos73

    Departing Parent Envy

    This is just wrong! Why aren't they interested in protecting children? So sorry to hear what you and your dd have been through.
  5. amos73

    RBS Mid Associate auditions 2018

    Thank you! I really did not believe it would ever turn from SWL to we are delighted to offer a place.
  6. amos73

    RBS Mid Associate auditions 2018

    After a long road of nos and SWLs for associates had a call yesterday to say place has come up from the waiting list for DD London y9 MAs in September. Anyone who has followed our story will know this is the fourth time she auditioned for associates! DO NOT GIVE UP.
  7. Last year they did the extra audition because they hadn’t filled all their mds places. I think if they don’t use all the mds funding they lose it? It may be the same this year? I’m sure if you ask the registrar she will be able to help.
  8. Last year when they did this extra audition it was only open to candidates who hadn’t auditioned already that year. I don’t know if that’s the case this year?
  9. amos73

    Low levels of Vitamin D and dancing

    Dd had blood test for migraines and came up vit d deficient and was prescribed supplements by Gp
  10. amos73

    YDA y11 leavers destinations

    The official results have gone up today on YDA Facebook page. Well done to all y11 students and their teachers.
  11. amos73

    YBSS application 2018

    Hi TBG - DD is y8 now so last year in y7 she was one of the oldest in the younger group, I think it must go from y5-y7 in that group. Y8 would be in the next group up. DD had loads of fun and did get plenty of corrections. She thought some of the teachers were outstanding.
  12. amos73

    YBSS application 2018

    Hi TBG DD went last year. She was in the younger group then - she thought there was too much free time, although she had lots of fun in the free time, but she wanted to be dancing more (this year she would be in the next group up age-wise and they seemed to have less free time if I remember from the schedules). She didn't mention the class sizes being too big. Other summer schools she did were similar size. She did feel she got corrections and thought some of the teachers there were outstanding and she learned a lot from them. She had great fun and made loads of friends. It is a fab opportunity for kids at vocational schools to meet kids from other vocational schools. Lots of running around on the grass in the late evening sun etc. She got awarded a scholarship this year but unfortunately wont be able to take it up, but would still def apply in the future. I would be really interested to hear from anyone who does go, how this year's format compares, and if it has changed a lot under the new directorship. Hope this helps.
  13. Went with my 13 y old dd to the closing night. She absolutely loved Fantastic Beings, she felt it had humour and narrative (according to her they were some form of alien/insect type beings living below ventilation grates from the outer world). We both thought Crystal Costa shone in this dance, and she loved the transformative nature of the shaggy hair costumes once the dancers started turning and leaping in them. Approximate Sonata was stunning, hypnotising music, (dd loved the neon costumes also), all of the couples were wonderful but for us Precious Adams stood out. Would love to see her get some recognition in the ‘Emerging Dancer of the Year’ award. I felt there was a bit of an energy dip after the second interval (perhaps to be expected with a bill of four different pieces) and so maybe for that reason The Cage was the one I connected with least. Despite this Jurgita was incredible as The Novice. And then Playlist 1 and 2, what a joyful and surprisingly beautiful piece. Who’d have thought classical ballet to 4 to the floor house music would work?? Sadlers Wells rocked, and the encore where the entire company came on stage and had an impromptu rave was brilliant. We loved it!
  14. amos73

    YBSS application 2018

    Dd was offered a full scholarship for week one but unfortunately won’t be able to attend then. Hopefully someone from waiting list will get good news!