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  1. YBSS application 2018

    I wasn't sure about that. The woman from the office just said to me if you want to be considered for both send in both before the 11th March audition. Which I took to mean you needed to do that before if so. I would email her direct or call, she seems very helpful.
  2. YBSS application 2018

    They said to me if you want to apply regardless of whether they get scholarship do both, if only interested in scholarship place then just that application
  3. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    An email came yesterday - if you didn't receive one best to contact them! Good luck for finals 🍀
  4. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Two years ago when dd did it, ballet class, physio, tour of school etc, and they had lunch in canteen as well. I think from 9 in morning till mid afternoon. Good luck!
  5. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    London girls y9 nos came out last night. And yeses were in the morning.
  6. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Amazing news!! So pleased for you and DD. xx
  7. No! I thought it was some kind of mechanical lift platform like the one she comes down on when she steps through the window. Couldn't believe it when she told me.
  8. I was at the final evening performance and it looked packed in the auditorium. When I asked my dc who was dancing with them how the sylph disappears up the chimney she told me two of the cast haul her up by her arms, so there is padding on the inside of it because she invariably bangs her legs on it!
  9. The children were from Young Dancer's Academy in West London, they don't get any public money but they do a lot of fund raising and I think currently 50% of the students there are on some kind of scholarship/bursary. They have had the most incredible experience touring with ENB in the Autumn and performing at the Coliseum these past two weeks! P.S. It does deserve supporting as they are a fantastic vocational school but don't get any government support. There is a gala dinner with Darcey Bussell on March 8th which is for the specific purpose of raising funds for the scholarship and bursary fund - more details are on the school website https://www.westlondonschoolofdance.co.uk
  10. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Dancer and Nicola - so sorry to hear news 😟
  11. Questions about Lower School auditions

    So sorry to heat that AuntieNora. Lovely to see you sending good wishes to those still waiting. Hope your DD is ok. x
  12. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Two years ago when DD auditioned I think there were about 55 girls at Elmhurst finals for y7. Last year at WL I think they took around 60 for Y7 finals, from what I remember hearing on here? Good luck to everyone waiting!!
  13. Hi aileen Yes they have one more week. She is definitely going to be very sad when it is all over and they are back to reality. Getting a taste of company life has been so inspiring for her. I will ask her tonight if she has a favourite!
  14. Hello Aileen - yes they did the tour weeks with ENB as well in october. La sylphide is the first production that their school have been asked to provide children for ENB. Tring provides the children for nutcracker. It has been an amazing experience for the children and they have loved every second of it!