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  1. The Canterville Ghost 2018 by LCB

    I work round the corner from there so trust me, I know all about overpriced hipster coffee ...
  2. The Canterville Ghost 2018 by LCB

    My 'like' was for Dd's Strictly Dancing, not for her injury, which sounds very painful. In terms of tomorrow I think if she says in morning it is sore and affecting how she moves I think totally reasonable to mention she was injured. Otherwise maybe just dose with ibuprofen and hope that takes edge off any residual niggling pain? And good luck to mini pv! Pom poms are ready and waiting.
  3. I have three amphi tickets for sale £38 each face value for closing night of Alice roh- Francesca Hayward as Alice. pm me if interested
  4. I have 3 tickets G46-48 for amphitheatre 28th October 7pm with Hayward as Alice, looking to exchange for Mon 23rd if possible?
  5. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Applications normally go live August/September. Check their website. Prelim auditions start November through Jan. Finals in March.
  6. Dance on terrestrial TV

    It is available on iPlayer for 29 days I've just seen
  7. Anyone get No for JA's but make Elmhurst or WL

    I believe this happens quite often and know of students at Royal upper and Elmhurst upper who didn't get into their lower schools.
  8. Boarding at YDA

    Dancer123 - will PM you.
  9. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    I think only you and your DD can decide if it is worth carrying on. I do know of people who have had nos that in future were yeses. I also know of people who have had yeses at one point (JAs) that turned to nos at MAs. One year you might get a no, the next a yes. It does happen. But also it happens the other way round. Personally I think it is worth auditioning again if you are serious about wanting to dance vocationally and professionally, regardless of the result, as the auditions in themselves are always good experience. My DD is at full time vocational school. She didn't get further than swl for royal. It doesn't mean she can't continue with her aim to dance professionally eventually. N.B. Nothing is guaranteed in the world of ballet. Even if a student gets a place at white lodge they know that their yes that year might turn into a future 'no', as staying there is dependent on passing assessment in certain years.
  10. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Congratulations sunrise81. My DD got SWL for London in year 6 and for MAs but unfortunately did not get a place from the wait list. I have no idea how long the list is, and they don't give that info out, as I have asked! Fingers crossed someone gives up a place for your DD.
  11. Flexibility

    Agree with Harwel's very sensible comments. i would be wary of taking these comments as gospel. Also extreme flexibility is not the be all and end all in dance. It is dance after all. A good base line of flexibility can always be worked on and improved with exercises and stretching performed in a safe manner and under experienced instruction. Extreme stretches done when muscles are not warmed up and held for longer than 30 seconds can cause real damage.
  12. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Was she on the reserve lis or just a no? You wouldn't be expecting that call would you if so? It is interesting they seem to have more MDS still to give out. Last year it was very different. I wonder why?