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  1. Well over 10 years ago I had a conversation with Chi and commented how he had become so much more emotional and sincere in his performances , he told me it was always difficult for him to release his emotions on stage ,but with the help of his coach at BRB ( who had worked with him and Nao from their first Nutcracker at the Lyceum in London ) he found the way to be the artist he is today . I was appalled that BRB did not make a huge to do about his film "Mao's last dancer " not only did he act wonderfully his dancing was supreme . Nao Sakuma was always a joy to watch a supremely confident dancer with a technique to match . I wish them both the very best in their new adventures
  2. jack.b


    It is now on you tube ,mixed bag from the sublime to one IMO below average ,well worth a look
  3. Damage limitation, it does not look good when so many left or are leaving. The board will have to ask questions. Auditions were held last wee k ,late in the day as most dancers have already got jobs for next season . Also ENBS is loosing its director of dance and three teachers , the reports I got from the school show this year were excellent .
  4. I believe this year 12 dancers are leaving or have left the companythis year,the latest a principal,is Miss Rojo loosing confidence of the dancers by her directorship style. She has done wonders in getting great ballets for the company but if the dancers are leaving there must be an issue with the management. Aaron Robison is a good asset a lovely dancer but only 2 lead principal dancers !! Until perhaps the new defection from BRB (sorry Janet McNulry ) i admire these dancers they all work so hard and always give their all .
  5. As usual these competitions are won by , unemployable dancers with great technique but wrong proportion or too small to employ . The judges have a huge dilemma as they have to give points on technique,and some of the winners were really not what directors were looking for . the Gala was amazing : Legris .Guerin laccara ,Dino I think miss Rojo is a good dancer but please be musical you spoil pas de deux by balancing for ever and turning too many pirouettes,
  6. jack.b

    Alicia Alonso

    I saw it on Todo el Munro Harla I thought it was genuine sorry for the misinformation
  7. It was announced that Alicia Alonso has died at age 94
  8. jack.b

    Elmhurst Summer Show 2016

    How diisappointing was this prerfonrmace ,,the choreography of most of the items was poor ,Elite needs good performances a hard ballet to get across even with pr.os I was also not impressed with the standard of the lower school ,poor foot work and port de bras It is my opinion ,many will have love,d it
  9. jack.b

    Elmhurst Summer Show 2016

    3 hours ,perhaps cutting down the Flamenco might reduce it .Good luck for tomorrow ,looking forward to seeing the performance .
  10. A thoroughly enjoyable performance ,under the directorship of Samira Saidi the school is improving so much .I agree the first year men so good . second years in Scottish Dances by Bintley spot on and third years in contemporary and classical showed a clear understanding of both styles .Well done to ENBS teachers too .
  11. jack.b

    Prix de Lausanne 2016

    40 minutes of contemporary now classical ladies ,only 20 mins left !!
  12. The claque is a group of people who are paid to clap for certain artists ,this mainly happens in France or Italy .
  13. Private lessons with Petipa !! Please !
  14. Excellent Royal Ballet class ,I liked one of the young men ? Red bandana grey cut off tights lovely work .
  15. It is very difficult for UK students at this time, although many attend summer schools, to have intensive coaching prior to the Genée unless they pay a private coach, Lets see tonight ,I hope the best wins ,some losers have had great careers so if you don't win don't despair . Still disturbed about the coaching though !!A man coaching the men perhaps as in Prix de Lausanne