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  1. Each row is not exactly the same but you can't see that from the front
  2. Juliet

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Thank you LinMM for your observations 😉 I truly believe there is a reason for everything....and there is much that goes on behind the scenes so to speak. There are plenty of great companies out there....and the experience my daughter is gaining is invaluable. But this was really for me to say to those with possibly results that are a little disappointing....your children have done so well already.....and not getting into WL at this stage is not the end of the journey. If it's what they want to do....keep going!!
  3. Juliet

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    What I will say is.....everybody's journey is different......and even if you don't make it at the beginning...it doesn't mean you won't be there at the end and visa versa. It's an emotional roller coaster.....one I still haven't quite recovered from yet!! 😂
  4. Juliet

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    I could write a book....trust me 😉
  5. Juliet

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Hi Sissondoublee.......I only post on here very occasionally and only if I have something valid to say. Yes my daughter was also on the waiting list. A place did become available as somebody turned theirs down. My daughter went all the way through..... Graduated last summer and is now with the Bayerische Stattsballett in Munich. Can't believe how time flies
  6. I don't think anyone is working behind the scenes to undermine Tamara......I think the places were available in Munich because Igor has had his own unsettling time following his takeover of Bayerische Stattsballett.
  7. Isn't Tamara a lead principal.....be interesting if she went too. Anyway.....not sure if I can be bothered with this now....I think you're winding us all up.
  8. Mmmm.....from what I can see....principals are are on the move too.....you don't get higher than that.
  9. No it doesn't happen here......we don't have that many companies in UK.....and the ones we do have....we cherish.
  10. I stand by what I say.....ENB is a top tier company. It's tough out there for dancers ATM. If you are happy where you are ... You stay put.
  11. Agreed that dancers do move around to gain experience and enhance their careers. But ENB is a top tier company. If all was peachy....then why so many leaving?
  12. Some fresh blood is healthy......but that seems like an awful lot of leavers....and from different ranks....interesting.
  13. Juliet

    RBS upper school accommodation

    Ha ha BillyElliott........several bottles of gin trust me!!! ???
  14. Juliet

    RBS upper school accommodation

    Hello. My daughter has just graduated from RBS and was at Pimlico for one term when it newly opened last year. The students tend to bus in....I'm not sure how long it takes.....probs about 20 minutes. It's a massive house and is shared by first and second years....boys and girls. You do share rooms.... There may be the odd single room. To start with students did their own cooking but because there weren't many cookers I think they brought in catering to make it easier for students. But yes you have the option of popping over to the ROH and eating in their canteen which is great because it's great healthy food and not too expensive.....and you get to share the lifts with your idols! it is supervised there..... You have house parents....I'm not sure how many. Yes there are laundry facilities. When you have done your 2 years at Pimlico you will be more than ready to move to Jebson house in Covent Garden where the house is separated into individual flats where you look after yourself but have 2 or 3 houseparents keeping an eye out...... Led by the fabulous Julie Dunn.... Who remembers that these are teenagers who occasionally need to let their hair down!! ?