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  1. All fine apparently. Yes he's dancing. Audience cheered as usual when he came on stage . There is extra security. But so far all ok
  2. My daughters on the way home as just in first act. So will interrogate her then 😉
  3. Yes she is dancing. And yes I love watching her. But this was quite an impromptu trip out and as its already been pointed out performances are nearly always sold out. Although when it's only one ticket you're after you can get lucky. As I said I may see if it's possible tomorrow
  4. Noooooo.........I took one look at it and estimated an hour at least before I reached the front (conservative estimate). I'm here really to have some mother/daughter time. There's another performance tomorrow so may review the situation then.
  5. Well I went to the box office and the queue was a mile long. It was going to take forever to get to the front. I'm not sure if people were queuing to return tickets or queuing in the hope of picking up a cheapy. My daughter will report back if anything happens tonight. I think there is a general feeling of nervousness amongst the ranks. Hopefully all will be fine.
  6. Well I may be able to let you know what happens. I'm on my way to Munich now. My daughter is a dancer there. I haven't actually got a ticket for Raymonda but have a feeling I won't have a problem getting a return ticket! It's going to be an interesting weekend!
  7. Covering a couple of parts ATM..... But often gets thrown in!!
  8. I love it when people get excited about going to Munich...... As my daughter is in the corps there. Hope you enjoy it
  9. Thank you LinMM for your observations 😉 I truly believe there is a reason for everything....and there is much that goes on behind the scenes so to speak. There are plenty of great companies out there....and the experience my daughter is gaining is invaluable. But this was really for me to say to those with possibly results that are a little disappointing....your children have done so well already.....and not getting into WL at this stage is not the end of the journey. If it's what they want to do....keep going!!
  10. What I will say is.....everybody's journey is different......and even if you don't make it at the beginning...it doesn't mean you won't be there at the end and visa versa. It's an emotional roller coaster.....one I still haven't quite recovered from yet!! 😂
  11. I could write a book....trust me 😉
  12. Hi Sissondoublee.......I only post on here very occasionally and only if I have something valid to say. Yes my daughter was also on the waiting list. A place did become available as somebody turned theirs down. My daughter went all the way through..... Graduated last summer and is now with the Bayerische Stattsballett in Munich. Can't believe how time flies
  13. I don't think anyone is working behind the scenes to undermine Tamara......I think the places were available in Munich because Igor has had his own unsettling time following his takeover of Bayerische Stattsballett.
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