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  1. I have ordered practice ballet skirt (not tutu) for a photo shoot. I didn't want to spend too much so found one on dhgate...after waiting ages for it to come, they sent me wrong size. I was so exhausted by the email exchange with the seller who did spoke only basic english that i have just gave up on returning the item and asking for refund or replacement.
  2. Pointe shoes for sale, never worn, not broken in. Ribbons and elastics are already sewn. Size B 4 1/2 Price of £22 includes signed for postage.
  3. i was not sure i was allowed to post it here but will do. The room is empty, great location and i am experienced ballet mum to deal with daily dance teen issues :-)
  4. I have posted on this forum previously but leave it here too. I am happy to be host family for dance student as my DD is currently studying overseas and i have free single room in Central London (SE1) whether on short summer/ easter school basis or long term. Safe, clean, pet free (just fish tank), can provide meals (i cook for me every day), very central and bus ride to Central, Royal, short tube ride to ENB etc. Can pm more details.
  5. could not agree more. My DD had routine that she made for holidays when every morning she was running few laps around the block/ park and then had stretching and conditioning for an hour at home. Then back to enjoying time with the family. Never even considered privates (even now at vocational school).
  6. We had it as a "family tradition" to go every year. My DD danced under various schools since 5 years old until her teen years and enjoyed it every year as a weekend out. As the years went by, the exhibition got worse in my eyes...the stands are poorly dressed, very little freebies 😄 even the people in the stand representing the college or product you have to chase to get information from as they are busy chatting with each other and taking selfies. This year even The Perfume Shop had a stand there?! I mean really? We used to get lot of nice discounted clothing and shoes back in the day....last years we only got 1 or 2 leotards from the whole weekend. Capezio didn't attend this year neither. Grishko wasn't selling anything (except pointe shoes) and i was interested in one of their warm ups - they directed me to website to buy it. It is fun to get some photos done with "dance celebrities" but that's about it. This year i went on my own as DD is overseas, but i used it as a reunion with some dance mums i know. I don't think i will go next year.
  8. Our school just requires pink...so I order non branded random convertible tights in bulk from China (10 for price of 2 in UK) and then ship them to my DD. For daily practice they are perfect and they do the job for performances she has Capezio seamless tights (pink).
  9. My friend from Czech republic and her daughter are taking part every year in their summer program. They could not praise it high enough. But i do not have feedback regarding competition. side.
  10. Good luck to everyone waiting for results. This time last year it was us and i am still recovering from the roller-coaster ride and stomach cramps. As Flora11 said, all those no's may well become yeses when the time is right just don't give up and carry on.
  11. You can get her to contact me. I had spreadsheet going on with all the schools we applied and their requirements. Photos including profile was done by ex ENB dancer (could provide contact) and that was the best decision i have done. I used to take them myself, but for upper schools i didn't want to let my DD down. I have good contact for someone (freelance cameraman for BBC) who did our audition video editing as our teacher just took took various videos and email them in. I could not even imagine to cut it all to 12 minutes. He did fantastic job including introduction and labeled all exercises and we met the audition deadlines. Both photos and videos had that professional touch and i could sleep at night that DD is presented in the best light at the initial stages. We even used those same photos for this year auditions for various summer programs and they did the job again. (all money worth spent).
  12. yes that i would understand and agree hence my surprise seeing it during ballet school auditions here in UK.
  13. I was shocked what I've seen last year during ballet school auditions. The make up by some is another level. It looked like some girls confused nightclub with auditions. From false lashes to sculpted HD brows...the works. Gentle natural make up, blusher and mascara should be enough. And neat hair.
  14. I have always taken waiting lists of any kind and any school as a no. I even told my DD that is no and we have moved on to another plan.
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