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  1. WANTED - RAD Advanced 1 DVD and CD

    Hi Dancing unicorn, have sent you a pm ????
  2. Straceydor, try M&S. If you do a search using 'grey opaque tights' they should come up as an option
  3. Living at The Hammond

    Boogalou, I would order everything you can from other suppliers. With regard to academic uniform this could be school shirts, socks/tights only as the skirt is a specific type. With regard to dance uniform I would get everything other than the blue ballet leotard from other suppliers as they will be cheaper!
  4. Living at The Hammond

    Boogalou, mine started in year 9 last year, and I was also worried about them fitting into established friendship groups. I need not have worried as everyone was very welcoming, and they love every minute of it. Happy to help further if I can ????, as I appreciate its a big decision
  5. Living at The Hammond

    They go back to the BH the evening before term starts.
  6. Living at The Hammond

    Don't worry about personal alarms, there is a very loud house alarm that rings throughout the boarding house at 7am every morning ????
  7. Hammond final

    Congratulations to your dd Boogalou! ????
  8. wanted Hammond uniform year 9

    That is a good idea! ????
  9. wanted Hammond uniform year 9

    Hi, you may be sorted now, but if not I will have a few blue ballet leotards in size 2a, and the modern/jazz leotards in both XS and Small.
  10. Hammond uniform

    Thanks Pictures. They seem to be wearing leotards for their dances this year so I am guessing the shorts may not be required then, but I could be wrong.
  11. Hammond uniform

    Angel, we don't have black shorts as they weren't on the list last year, do they need for production this year do you know?
  12. Brand new, unworn Wear Moi Professional Pointe Shoes with: Square box Reinforced Extra Hard Shank Size 4.5 XXX The shoes are darned and come with pre-attached cotton ribbons and additional heel elastic. Never worn, and DD has now outgrown . Planet Dance sell these for £37.45 online (see link below), happy to accept £20.00, including postage, or accept reasonable offers. http://www.planetdancedirect.co.uk/Wear-Moi-La-Pointe-Reinforced-X-Hard-Half Please PM for further details.
  13. Hammond final

    Well done to all the yes' too ????
  14. Hammond final

    Big hugs to all the dd and ds' that didn't get the news they were hoping for today. They have all done so very well to get this far, and fingers crossed something comes up from the reserve list for them ????