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  1. Nutcracker. 😂 Unless it’s ‘rested’ for 2019/20, like it was a few years ago.
  2. There were a number of cast changes. Jonathan Howells was Sancho Panza, Bennet Gartside was Lorenzo and Thomas Whitehead was Gamache. Romany Pajdak stood in for Itziar Mendizabal as one of the gypsy couple and Nicol Edmonds stood in for Reece Clarke in the fandango.
  3. Some more tickets were released for this at the ROH. The full evening programme on 17 May has sold out again but there are some tickets still available for Playground on 14 May and Communion on 15 May.
  4. Very helpful, thanks! I don’t suppose anyone knows who is in the role of Paris this evening?
  5. Cor, what a drama! We need to follow this case through to its verdict. I have to say that I’ve done similar in the past (picking up a coat, that is, not throwing a punch or three), although in this case it was definitely my seat (I had been sat in it before the interval) and I “assertively proffered” rather than slung the coat back to its owner as soon as I realised they were oblivious to my return. I had already suffered said coat encroaching further and further onto my lap during the performance because its owner had no sense of its size, my personal space nor the cloakroom facilities available, yet clearly didn’t want it touching the floor. Then again, I suppose it could have been some kind of precious, magical coat made out of mistletoe...
  6. Just seen on Instagram (no mention on website) that the ROH has been shortlisted for a RIBA London award following the Open Up work. I’m not sure which other buildings are shortlisted but noticed that the South Bank Centre (presumably for the work done to QE Hall/Hayward Gallery and whathaveyou) is one. https://www.instagram.com/royaloperahouse/p/BvMoxZcBFXl/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=rq75b1pht6c
  7. Sounds like the whole run is going to end up sold as standby. Shame they don’t do a Friends standby – I might be tempted to go for a fiver/tenner.
  8. Would that be considered a cut price student standby offer? Are those tickets usually £10? ”Dynamic pricing” 🤣
  9. Yes, nothing is ‘at a glance’ now.
  10. ‘What’s On’ via my phone has reverted to the new version again. 😩 It was too good to be true...
  11. I’ve still got the new home page with the swirly ‘Open’ picture but, thankfully, when I go to What’s On it’s back to the old page where I can see more than one production at a glance. Happy days!
  12. I tried to but got a message saying can’t receive messages.
  13. I’d love the ticket for 4 May if still available.
  14. I have a spare ticket for the ‘Crafternoon’ at the ROH tomorrow. It’s in the Linbury Foyer 2-5pm and the session is Masquerade Masks with the props department. It’s a paper ticket but I’ll be there so can arrange a hand over. Please send a pm if interested.
  15. Not to mention that these social media sites use algorithms which mean that the host page/account can often see its reach dwindle. I know there’s lots that I miss as the posts just don’t appear in my feeds.
  16. No, I got tickets the day general booking opened. It was just a straight rehearsal with a little interview with the dancers part way through and a Q&A at the end. Leanne Cope compèred.
  17. It was Anna Rose O’Sullivan and Marcelino Sambé rehearsing Romeo and Juliet with Leanne Benjamin. It wasn’t filmed.
  18. Regarding the cast changes – the printed notice had a couple of the dancers’ names misspelt. Apparently, Valentio Zucchetti was replaced by Lukas Brændsroød... I think that tells us everything about how they are treating cast changes at the moment.
  19. @Riva Likewise! Next time... I agree with your comment regarding Ball as Espada – my mum was most impressed by him and she’s not easy to please! I’m so glad I have a ticket for that cast later on in the run, as I think it will be a real treat. It’s good to hear that the first night was so well received.
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