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  1. And sometimes they can make it disappear entirely! I think there must be a space for it behind the wall at the back.
  2. Just an update about this being screened at the ROH tomorrow (11/11). It’s being shown twice and there will also be a Q&A with Francesca Hayward, Matthew Ball, Valentino Zucchetti and Alice Pennefather.
  3. Depending on the angle you are looking at the stage, you can sometimes see the “weave” of the scrim, which is highly annoying when it is down for such a long time as in La Bayadère. It’s like watching through a net curtain. No wait, it is watching through a net curtain!
  4. We had a cursory glance into our bags by a harassed member of staff by the Piazza entrance (the door was held so you could walk straight though) and tickets were sort of checked by the door to the area where we were sitting in the afternoon. In the evening, there was no bag check but tickets were half-heartedly checked again. No tickets were checked after the intervals at any point, though, for which I was grateful. I hate having to fish about for my ticket once I’m in the building!
  5. I should add that Valentino Zucchetti was a total delight as the Bronze Idol in the afternoon.
  6. I found Hirano’s dancing to be lovely yesterday, if rather restrained. For me, he seems quite reserved so I do often struggle to get a sense of characterisation from him. It’s almost as if there’s a shyness or modesty about him. I find I enjoy him more in abstract roles. The connection between Solor and Nikiya was stronger for me in the evening performance. It was great to see McRae back and going for it without any trepidation after only recently returning to the stage. Takada was particularly expressive in Act I although I feel that tailed off in Act 2. I thought Naghdi was fabulous as Gamzatti; a powerful yet nuanced interpretation from her.
  7. I found the “experience” of going to the ROH was lessened somewhat by staff waiting all gloved up with vacuum cleaners as everyone streamed out last night.
  8. It wasn’t until my fourth visit this season that I saw it and even then it was only when a friend pointed it out to me! 😂🤷‍♀️
  9. It’s in the downstairs caff. It’s a big screen behind the counter/bar with a ticker going along a bit like on the rolling news channels. Rolling cast changes...
  10. I noticed last night that the “in” and “out” doors have been changed back. Someone is listening!
  11. I actually had a nightmare about this the night before last, not that it has ever happened to me but I’ve been close a couple of times – is there still a screen for latecomers to watch?
  12. It might be better and avoid confusion if they added the new levels to the seating plan, but I’m sure they have plans to update it.
  13. I thought their chemistry in Marguerite & Armand was fabulous. I hadn’t really expected their pairing to be so emotional (in fact I hadn’t given it a thought and had only gone because I was at a loose end) but I was blown away and so were the people sitting nearby. I’m definitely going to try to catch them in R&J. I’ve been very impressed with Corrales in Mayerling, so I hope to see him and Hayward as well. I am rather taken with both casts for Within the Golden Hour. I do love that ballet!
  14. I don’t know what happened on Saturday night but my ticket wasn’t checked at all even though there were staff on the door to the staircase. Maybe it was because I looked like I knew where I was going...
  15. It seems like it being shown as part of the Month of Sundays at the ROH on 11 Nov: https://www.roh.org.uk/events/dq4r6
  16. I don’t think so; it just shattered in the frame. I suppose it was roped off as a precaution.
  17. According to the staff member guarding the piazza entrance, a gust of wind had caught the door as it was closing, bending the frame and shattering the glass.
  18. The “in” and “out” is now very clear but they’ve changed the former “in” door to be the “out” door in the ladies, which has the potential to cause some severe door bashing to anyone coming out of the disabled toilet. A near miss happened on Monday at the rehearsal.
  19. I do find the new ‘levels’ more reminiscent of a multi-storey car park than a theatre! I was sitting in the amphi today and two ladies tried to sit in the row I was in, to some confusion as one of the seats was already occupied, until I peeked at their tickets and saw they said Level 3 and then in tiny writing ‘Balcony’. The door number looked to be the same, though...
  20. I have a ticket for the Royal Ballet School Summer Performance on Sunday 8 July I can no longer use. £6 Upper Slips Left BB14 - View obstructed by tier ledge, patrons in front may also obstruct view, padded bench with back It is a physical ticket so it would need to be posted. Please PM if interested.
  21. I noticed he did this at the Friday matinée, too – I took it to be a deliberate show of control, but I can see how others may have interpreted it as it was a very obvious hold.
  22. I have a spare e-ticket for Swan Lake tonight - D79 Amphi £29. It says restricted view but the view is still decent. Please pm if interested. I can email the ticket or hand it over in person as I will be there. I will return it to the box office later if there are no takers.
  23. Ticket has now been returned to the box office.